We had the opportunity to speak with Napoleon the Legendary Outlaw member who left the group in good terms! He is getting ready to drop his solo album entirely produced by Tupac's producer Johnny J and is one of the favourites to win the tournament called 16 bars. We spoke to Napoleon about his album, his trip to Mekkah, who killed Tupac, The Outlawz, his group United Slaves, The Realest, what he thinks of Eminem producing the latest Tupac album, upcoming projects, him planning to retire soon and so much more. If you're a fan of The Outlawz and Tupac you don't want to miss this indepth interview!
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Huge thanks to Napoleon for taking time out to answer the questions fans wanted to know! ( Interview was done over the phone on June 5th 2005 )

Questions Asked By : Yash

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Dubcnn: How does being a Muslim influence your role as a rap artist?

Well really being a muslim umm as far as my role is to be honest and trying to practice Islam rap music is against our religion you know what I mean?

So that's one of the reasons why Im slowly but surely trying to get out of the rap music industry.

Dubcnn: Did you ever have conversations with Pac about religion?

Naw I never had a conversation with Pac about religion. When Pac was here we all believed in God but you know religion wasn't on our favourite topics back in the day.

Dubcnn: Can you describe your expirience when u went to Mekkah?

Maan, When I went to Mekkah man it let me know the religion of Islam is the truth. It's just the things that i've seen that for example if you walk around the collars like a black box that we believe islam is...

When you walking around this you walk around 7 times you look up at the sky and see thousands of birds going around the same way that we're going.
They did never ever drop no mess on nobody you know it's the feeling that you get outthere man I can't even explain it, it had me in tears though... Happy tears...

Dubcnn: Yea dam, must have been great. Who did you go there with?

I went outthere with a group and a friend of mine his name is Abdullah he hooked me up so when I got outthere out of 3 million people I ran into 2 people that I knew in Jersey that I ain't seen in years so when I got with them it was on!

Dubcnn: I heared you are in a competition called 16 bars can u tell us about that?

Yes...16 bars is a show that these guys are putting together where they trying to give the first round that Ima hold is Underground artists that's coming up trying to make a name for themselves they don't have a record deal but they about to get a record deal.

They just starting over and what you do is you go there and show them your talent and perform then America get to vote whoever they feeling is the best and the second roll is the people that sold 500 000 to 1 million records it's gone be some name artists. Then the third is gone be big big artists that sold millions of records.

So the reason I got into the competition is because basically I'm starting all over man then when I was with The Outlawz now that Im going solo I gotto put myself in a roll as if I'm a new artist and it also get publicity from it so..

Dubcnn: So when is the ending and when are you gonna be on TV competing?

They pushed it back to August the exact date was June 28th but they had to push it back to August Im waiting for the new date.

Dubcnn: Alrite we gone let them know so they can vote for you.

That's right I appreciate that.

Dubcnn: Can you tell us about your mixtape?

I think it's a friend of mines his name is Tiny he started a record lable called Loyalty.
He's out of Arizona and I know he put a mixtape together and his a good friend of mine so he prolly got my name on there and a couple of my songs and things like that on it so that's the only one I know of or it could be the US mixtape?

Dubcnn: Oh it's the United Slaves mixtape I think.

United Slaves is a group that I have and it concists of a group Amar, Aman, my little brother and this cat from Watts named Bad Luck and a brother from Philly
named Platinum and this guy from Ireland named Shane and if I forget anybody I hope they forgive me.

But we came together and started United Slaves and did a mixtape that we put out but we also have an album that's produced by Johnny J. After I drop my album we gone drop that album God willing.

Dubcnn: When is your solo album droppin because it's been pushed back a few times?

We still in the process of closing the distrobution deal being that I'm signed to a production deal Im signed to Johnny J Im signed to his lable he trying to find the right deal that's gone market and promote me right instead of just going to any lable and they just put the album out and it don't end up there you know what I mean?

We trying to go with the deal that's best for us and it should be getting closer.

Dubcnn: Who you got featured on there? I heared Lady V was featured on the single?

We got Val Young I don't know if it's gonna be the single but it's a tribute song I did for Pac, we have Aman of you know the US, I got Val, Barrington Levi a reggae guy,
I just talked to Freeway so he's gonna get on the album, I got Jon B and you know underground cats.

Dubcnn: That's tight. No Outlawz on there?

No The Outlawz they didn't make this album man but they're my brothers though I talked to them the other day and they're doing good aswell.

Dubcnn: Yea I know I talked to them and they had nothing but kind words for you ..

Yea same here.

Dubcnn: Are you planning to shoot a video for the first single ?

We plan on doing about 2-3 videos the video that I shot was the tribute for Pac but we don't concider it as a first single.

Dubcnn: Do you have any stories to share about when you were with Pac like something crazy that happened or something cool?

Haha it was so much cool things that happened when I were with Pac it be hard to just talk about one thing but one thing that I can say is that the brother was a beautiful brother you know he did had a good soul alot of people don't know when

I tell them that Pac was very disciplined when we used to have to sneak outside to go party and things like that they be shocked. Like oh my god I didn't know he was like that he really had alot of love and he was very disciplined he raised us good you know what I mean.

Dubcnn: What do you think of Eminem producing most of 2pac's last album?

I guess that's what his mom wanted and that's why the fans really can't knock it and Eminem he got love for Pac he always shouted out to Pac that's why the chose it to go down that way.

Dubcnn: What Did Think Of the new Outlawz Album?

I didn't hear the new Outlaw album but I heared it was nice it's just that lately i've been studying so much into my religion that I ain't had time to listen to music or buy these new albums bro.

Like I barely know what's going on in the hiphop scene I met a brother who told me that album was hot so I'm going to check it out.

Dubcnn: Do you speak to Fatal now and then hows he doing?

Naw I ain't talked to Fatal in awhile, I was trying to get in contact with him but it's hard but hopefully he doing good.

Dubcnn: Because somebody emailed me can you ask Napoleon if he's going to do an album with Fatal is that possible?

Naw after I drop this US album I'm getting out the music industry so I'm through with it man I just gotto drop the solo album, drop the US album then Im gonna move on. Practice my religion the way I'm supposed to.

Dubcnn: What projects can we hear you on? Have you recorded anything for anybody else this year?

Oh I did something for The Releast that's a good dude man good cool friend of mines, couple of underground cats from Loyalty entertainment my man that got the independant record lable outhere I did songs with all his artists but other than that I've just been laid back man.

I'm a family man, I got another baby on the way you know I just been spending time with my family.

Dubcnn: alright congratulations.

Thanks man.

Dubcnn: Who would you say you have the outmost respect for that is in the game right now?

Man it's not like ummm I kinda respect everybody to the ??? ??? but musically that ain't really anybody that I umm you know Freeway he's a good friend of mine
we're like brothers you know Fat Joe I respect him alot because I know he come from the streets so I know he probably one of the real cats in the music industry that's blessed.

Dubcnn: Are you cool with Suge Knight and what you think about people who say he had somethin to do with murder of Pac and Biggie?

That's umm only God knows you know what I mean? I don't get involved when I hear people talk that stuff but yea me and Suge is cool but I don't get involved with all that stuff because only Allah knows who really killed Pac and things like that.

Dubcnn: Yea I spoke Nuttso a few months ago and we were thinking it was the government and they blamed the power and that was Suge Knight at the time...

I don't think it's the government, I don't know only Allah knows but I don't think it was that I think us in the African American community and in the music industry had seen something happen and be like oh my god the government did this.

Everything is not a conspiracy like that you know what I mean?
Most of the people that kill us is our own people government don't walk around killing blacks or hispanics it's our own people that's killing us.

Dubcnn: Wussup with Kadafi's family are they doin good are they ok?

To be honest Kadafi moms eversince the incident I don't talk to her I have love for her and wish her the world but unfortunately she don't feel the same about me.
So I don't really know how she's doing at this point I know she took her son's death real hard and that kinda made it like some kind of hatred towards me and my family. But hopefully she's doing ok.

Dubcnn: So do you have any last words for the fans bro?

I just wanna say to the fans I appreciate all their loyalty I appologize for not dropping an album but in a minute I'm gone give it to the fans man.
I appreciate all the love peep my website or and I appreciate the love I'll keep it moving for them.

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