interview N.O.R.E.   (September 2007) | Interview By: Eddie Gurrola

Dubcnn recently connected with N.O.R.E. to discuss his new album “Noreality,” which is in stores now. In this exclusive interview, we go into detail about the “Noreality” album, as well as his upcoming “Global Warming” project, which should be hitting stores in February of 2008. We also speak about the West Coast, his recent collaboration with Kurupt, and his plans for recording with Crooked I. Read on to find out about all of these topics and much more.

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Interview was done in September 2007

Questions Asked By: Eddie Gurrola

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Dubcnn: What’s up, we’re here with N.O.R.E. You’ve got the album out now, “Noreality.” This album has seen a lot of title changes, so why did you decide to stick with “Noreality”?

It’s actually not a title change. I actually came in and started recording the album. The album first and foremost was called “Global Warming: 11368.” What it was, was I realized that I made a lot of records – I did like four records a day. Sometimes you do an album, and you use 14 and you throw the rest away.

So me, I sat down and I said “You know what? [I’ll] separate the albums.” I had four major producers [meet with me.] I had Cool & Dre, Scott Storch, Pharrell, and then I had Swizz Beatz. So, I wanted to make one album real hardcore, because you know I just did the reggaeton thing. What I really wanted to do was go back to my hardcore roots and say, “You know what, let’s do the hardcore shit.” Then I’m gonna turn around and give you more. I’m gonna give you crazy singles, and I’m also gonna give you some more hardcore shit.

We’re gonna drop an album in December, January, or February that’s gonna be entitled “Global Warming.” That’s the original album that I made. I kept recording because I figured, “You know what, this is my first [time] independent, so why not go independent independent and do two albums?”

Dubcnn: So what can we expect from the sound of “Noreality?” You said it was going to be all hardcore hip-hop. Tell us a little bit more about that…

Well that’s basically what it is man. I really sat down [and] wanted to get back to the “N.O.R.E.” album, from what you love me for. Then I also wanted to let you know that I still have great relationships with great, big producers. One of the number one producers out there, Swizz Beatz, he came in, he wanted to [get in on] this independent culture. So he lent his helping hand, came in, did the beat, [and the single] is on the radio, blazin, it’s going crazy in the streets.

Dubcnn: Is there going to be any reggaeton on this album at all?

Absolutely not *laughs*. I’m gonna continue to do reggaeton through my man Big Nado, but other than that, I’m gonna chill with the reggaeton for a little while.

Dubcnn: What can expect from the album lyrically? What type of topics are you going to be covering on here?

I’ve got a song called “Drink Champ.” Of course, that’s absolutely, positively the truth. I fuck with every crew from G-Unit, to Murder Inc, to Terror Squad, to The LOX, to whoever - I’ve [drank] with everybody. I can drink everybody under the table. I’ve got a song on there called “Pop A Pill,” [and] I’ve got a song on there called “Cocaine Cowboys.” [The album’s] about different topics, and I’m just going in and showing my artistic, creative ability.

Dubcnn: You mentioned you had Cool & Dre, Swizz Beatz, and Scott Storch producing on the album. What would you say was your favorite collaboration on this album with a producer?

My favorite collaboration as of right now? Me and Pharrell went back in, and we’re doing it over. So as of right now, [my favorite collaboration is with] me, T-Pain, and Scott Storch. That’s going on the “Global Warming” album. My favorite collaboration from this album is with a producer named Tony Heath, and it’s called “Throw ‘Em Under The Bus.” It was me, Jadakiss, and Kurupt. Then I’ve got a second favorite. My second favorite is “Sour Diesel,” the producer is [Dame] Grease, and [it features] Styles P.

Dubcnn: For “Throw ‘Em Under The Bus,” did you guys all get in the studio together to record that one?

Absolutely not. I tried to get in the studio with Jada, [and] I tried to get in the studio with Kurupt. Me, I love to record in Miami – I rarely go to New York [and] I rarely go to LA. If I had a choice, I would rather go to Miami. So, I couldn’t [get] them to Miami, so I sent Jadakiss the record, and he did it in Yonkers. I sent Kurupt the record, he did his in LA. They sent back the record, and it’s a smash!

Dubcnn: So you’ve got Kurupt on this album, and I know you did something with The Game as well.

That’s on the other [album.]

Dubcnn: Who else are you feeling from the West Coast right now?

I feel everything West Coast man. At the end of the day, I used to be so nervous of the West Coast, especially after the thing that happened with Biggie. You know, I was just thrown off. But when I went to the West Coast and I spent a lot of time on the West Coast…I feel the Yay Area, my boy E-40, ya dig? And you know, I really, really, really like LA. I really like seeing artists.

The West Coast and the East Coast usually [weren’t] rockin’ together, and with the South taking over, it opened up the doors for New York artists to work more with some West Coast artists. And I’m down for it! I’m down to be down with the West, and I’m sure that the West is down to get down with me. They know I’m a real person, [and] they know I’m not fake.

Dubcnn: Do you have any more collaborations coming up in the future with West Coast artists?

Crooked I! I’m looking to do a track with Crooked I. I’m looking to do a track with a couple more West Coast rappers, but right now that’s who I’ve really got my eye on – Crooked I.

Dubcnn: That sounds great, I’m looking forward to hearing that one! You’re on an independent label now, but before you were over at Def Jam. It seems like moving to an indy label is becoming a popular trend among established artists, so are you happier to be independent?

This is my first time going independent. I’ve had 50/50 joint ventures, meaning 50/50 profit splits. But this right here, it’s really all independent. Even when I had the 50/50 profit split joint ventures, the label always had their own [people for] radio, marketing, [and] video promotion. This is the first time we’re doing it all fully on my own. All independent. I hire outside people who work radio, people who work press. This is my first opportunity to make a whole lot of money off of me, as opposed to the label making a whole lot of money over me. Right now, the radio and video are playing, strictly because of us.

Dubcnn: You had another album for Def Jam recorded called “One Fan A Day.” Is that ever going to see the light of day?

It’s not going to come out. They got it in their vault, and they were actually going to release it, but I [changed] that by doing a mixtape with Green Lantern called “Cocaine On Steroids.” If you want “One Fan A Day” go get “Cocaine on Steroids” and go get me and [DJ] Big Mike’s “King Of Ignorance.” You’ll get the “One Fan A Day” album between those two mixtapes.

I definitely don’t have beef with Jay, Jay is good, Peedi Crakk is good. Tru Life is with me, I’m also cool with Kanye West. I definitely don’t have no beef with Jay.

Dubcnn: What are your plans after this album? You’ve got the other album coming out in February, but are you doing any other projects in the meantime?

Definitely man. We’re sitting down, me and Capone, and we’re gonna work on an album. We’re gonna work with my boy J-Ru$$, he’s on the single with me and Swizz Beatz, called “Set It Off.” He’s getting a buzz right now, so we’re gonna do whatever. That’s my plans. I’m really trying to be a CEO this year.

Dubcnn: That sounds real exciting. Is there anything else you want to say to everyone on Dubcnn?

I just want to tell everybody to please get that “Noreality” album [in stores now.] It’s fully independent, [so] support the artist man! I got love for the West Coast, so you’ve got love. Go out there and get it, from your boy N.O.R.E.


N.O.R.E. Gave Dubcnn A Shoutout! Check That Here

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