interview SLAUGHTERHOUSE (March 2009) | Interview By: Jose Ho-Guanipa

   Dubcnn caught up with half of the group Slaughterhouse at this years Paid Dues festival. Crooked I and Royce Da 5'9 take time to speak with us about the formation of this supergroup, how they see the group developing and benefitting the industry as well as giving us an insight into the minds of four immensly talented MCs working together.

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Interview was conducted in March 2009

Slaughterhouse // Exclusive Video Interview // Dubcnn

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Royce Da 5í 9: Itís your man Royce 5 9 one quarter of the Slaughterhouse machine. Right now you checkiní out Dubcnn. Hip-hop my n-gga, hip-hop. Westside; one.

Dubcnn: Whatís up yíall itís Jose with Dubcnn, Iím here with one half of the group Slaughterhouse.

Crooked I: Two quarters, call us motherf-ckiní Curtis Jackson, 50 Cent. Thereís two quarters of the Slaugher.

Dubcnn: We at the Paid Dues Festival in San Bernandino, California and you know the show was off the hook, everybody loved it and the crowd was feeliní ya. So itís your first time on the West Coast, how have the vibes at the shows been so far?

Crooked: Vibes been good, and as we doiní this sh-t I need to say one thing, ďStreet HopĒ is in stores soon.

Royce: July 7th.

Crooked I: Is that 7/7? Oh my God, thatís lucky, thatís lucky sh-t.Ē Street HopĒ go get it. Iímma tell you this, all my fans, if you are a fan of what I do, please go and get this manís album, because itís the illest album Iíve heard since probably ďReady to DieĒ.

Dubcnn: Thatís sayiní a lot.

Royce: Thatís sayiní a lot cominí from him.

Dubcnn: Thatís right.

Crooked I: I donít be lyiní just because Iím on camera. I donít gotta lie about that sh-t. I motherf-ckiní pulled up playing his sh-t. Yíall canít hear it yet because ya gotta go buy it. Haha.

Dubcnn: So whenís that droppiní?

Royce: July 7th.

Dubcnn: When do you guys think the Slaughterhouse stuffís gonna be cominí out, some official sh-t?

Royce: Itíd be before June, itís definitely gonna be done in April. We gonna start out with an EP. Something that we can have physical for the fans to actually touch during the Rock the Bells experience. We plan on touring all summer, spending a lot of time around each other, just bonding. Making the shows get better and better with each show. Just being the machine that we are.

Crooked I: Yeah Ďcause like he said, machine; we not a rap group. What are we?

Royce: We a finely tuned, well-oiled, highly efficient machine, formed by four components of verse manufacturing. Itís an assembly line in the studio, itís a revolving door.

Dubcnn: So are you guys still working on stuff in the studio, are you doing recording still?

Royce: Our job never stops.

Crooked I: We will always work on music because this is our life, this is what we love doing. We will always work on music. The music will be infinite, we just need the fans to do the easiest job ever, listen.

Dubcnn: So speakiní on that, when you four are in the studio, what does it feel like?

Crooked I: I donít like rappiní in the studio with this dude.

Royce: Whatever.

Crooked I: You know why? ĎCause he say sh-t thatís hard for me to top, so then I just say f-ck it, Iím not gonna top the n-gga, Iímma just say what I say, you know what I mean? Hahaha.

Royce; And Iím off in the corner feeliní the same way about him. Itís the same exact, Dom said it perfectly, my sentiments exactly. Thatís how I feel when Iím in the studio with him, and Joey, and Ortiz. All of us feel the same way. We be in there, the competitive spirit is there, you never know who goní come out on top, you never know.

Crooked I: When they go in the booth I be like, damn, donít say nothiní that I canít think of. And then they say something I canít think of.

Royce: I get nervous when they get in the both.

Crooked I: I be like, ďDamn, why that n-gga say that? I shouldíve thought of that shit.Ē Anyways it is what it is, next question, next question.

Dubcnn: You guys are four big MCs on your own, together are there ever any ego clashes or disagreements?

Royce: Respect. We all have our respective egos but respect always supersedes that ego.

Crooked I: Exactly.

Royce: If you an assassin, and you in the presence of a well-known assassin, how are you gonna treat that man? You gonna treat him like an assassin, you not gonna treat him like no regular person.

Crooked I: I play my position. I know that Royce is a shooter on the roof. I know that Joey, he goní ride by you like rrrrach! Joel, he goní motherf-ckiní drop anthrax in your drink. I know this! I play my position like, ďYo, these n-ggas are killers on the microphone.Ē So what I gotta do, I gotta figure out how Iím gonna snipe somebody. Because these dudes are, look dawg, Iímma be real with you, before we formed Slaughterhouse, I was thinking to myself, this n-gga Royce, Joey, Joel, these n-ggas are a problem for me, you know what I mean? Like, ďYo these dudes are a problem.Ē Iím like damn, I gotta step my sh-t up, make sure. Next day we formed that sh-t.

Royce; Same here, I feel Iike I befriended the only three n-ggas that could have potentially posed a threat to me lyrically.

Crooked I: Thatís exactly what I was trying to say.

Royce: Iím a firm believer if you not with me, you against me. Iím a very territorial confrontational MC. If you pose a threat to me I just might come and get you, especially if you ainít down to work. When I befriended these n-ggas it was a big monkey off my back because I felt like I cornered the market by becoming allies with these men. I never would have before looked to have a problem with any of these MCs thatís with me because I know they pose a direct threat to me. And Iím like George Bush when it come to that, Iím cominí to get the oil, Iím cominí to get the oil baby.

Crooked: George Bush the Budden. And we gonna be executives at Halliburton, hahaha.

Dubcnn: You guys first linked up when you did Joeís song. Do you guys kick it outside of work and the studio? Is that how you guys kind of got together?

Royce: Hell yea, I came here a couple days early just to f-ck with Crooked, he came to Detroit and f-ck with me. Thatís what we do. Itís like, shit.

Crooked: Look Royce been here since Wednesday, our first show was Friday and Saturday. We been going crazy in Hollywood, some of yíall saw us. Some dudes wanna act crazy with the handshake shit and get out the club, yíall know who yíall are. Donít do that, donít do that, donít f-ckiní do that. But, anyway, thatís another story. Came out here, we kicked it, we had fun, and we gonna have more fun before he go. Because this dude right here, he holds me down in Detroit, and New York, thatís the cold part about it.

Royce: You already know. We ainít been out here this long for no reason. We got strength everywhere, you know what Iím sayiní? Itís a direct descendent of just being a real n-gga and f-ckiní with real n-ggas. Iím out here with Crook. Let me just go on the record and say Iím a paranoid n-gga, Ďcause Iím from the D and I feel so safe. And I jumped off the plane with just me and Kino, just me and my partner. I didnít bring nobody with me thatís gonna do nothiní crazy. So I stepped off the plane and I called this man. He came and got me from the airport, and Iíve been feeliní safe ever since.

Crooked: We got goons, hahaha!

Royce: He gonna put the right n-ggas with us. Let me just say, I feel so powerful right now. I feel like all I gotta do is make a phone call and anything happen in any market. Not saying that we promotiní violence or nothiní like that, but this game is a full contact sport, you never know what you gonna run into, you never know whatís gonna be said about you. A lot of these n-ggas is real loose with the mouth when it come to sayiní other things about other artists. Iím talking about ďinternet rappersĒ, which I guess we fall in that category for now. I just want to let n-ggas know Iím not buyin; it. Say my name Iím goní f-ck you up.

Crooked: Church.

Royce; I don't know about Joey or nobody else. Say my name Iím gonna f-ck you. I donít give a f-ck who you is. I got a lot of power, please donít play with my power. Like my big homie Busta said, ďRespect our conglomerate,Ē Ďcause we got one.

Crooked: See the thing is you canít abuse power, you know what I mean? I go easy on motherf-ckers because I donít want to abuse my power. If a motherf-cker step on my shoe I swear to God they will die that night, but I donít want to abuse my power. Itís like, ďYo he stepped on my shoe, he didnít apologize, Iímma let him roll.Ē But I let him roll. My dudes will f-ckiní go bananas. And thatís what he said, itís like, ďRespect us homie.ĒThatís it. Itís not about being tough, it ainít about being extraíd out or shit, itís about being grown men homie. And we are grown men. Donít even try to go there. You n-ggas startiní to talk about how yíall n-ggas is internet rappers, let me tell you something, on my life, if we catch you n-ggas on the West Coast saying anything about Slaughterhouse, Royce, Joey, Joell, n-gga if you say anything, any motherf-ckiní thing. Weíll see, well see. Yíall n-ggas be on YouTube with the pumpkin face, I swear to God, I swear to God. And thatís lucky, thatís lucky. If you on YouTube with the pumpkin face and you still breathing with your heart and lungs, thatís lucky. If you get murkíd I donít know nothiní about it, Ďcause thatís not what we do. But we will come to the funeral and throw black roses on your shit. Thatís just what it is.

Royce: thatís some MC shit right there, Iím stealiní that line.

Dubcnn: So a little while ago there were some rumors about you being in a situation where you were hurt. Were you guys up on that, in the loop, were they concerned? Did Crooked call you up to say, ďNah itís bullsh-tĒ?

Royce: Listen man, Iím in the loop with everything Crooked do. I hear rumors just like anybody else, you know what Iím sayiní? But I guarantee you that same day I knew what was good with my man because I wasnít goní stop until I knew what was good with my man. If me and Joey was about to get on a plane, it just so happened that we heard what we needed to hear and that was it, and I donít even have to go all off into that.

Crooked: It is what it is. And I wanna thank everyone who got any respect or love for me, you know what I mean, trying to contact me after that. I just want to thank Ďem. But other than that, Iím from Long Beach, thatís all I gotta say. That shit ainít nothiní, that ainít nothiní, thatís nothiní, thatís really nothiní, you know what I mean, thatís nothiní homie. A lot of people pay attention to that shit because a certain whatever happened online. But that wasnít the first time, but I hope itís the last time, I pray to God, you know what I mean. That ainít nothiní, donít even worry about that.

Dubcnn: Slaughterhouse kind of came up spontaneously. Do you think this is an in the moment thing or is this gonna be long term?

Royce: Itís gonna be long term.

Crooked: Youíre dealing with a four-headed monster.

Royce: We f-ck with each other on all levels so itís long term.

Crooked: Itís long term. Like I said, finding real dudes like Royce in this industry, in this industry, itís like a needle in a haystack. Itís full of... I ainít goní say that, Iím not goní say some sh-t.

Dubcnn: Do you think youíll have trouble juggling everyoneís careers and solo stuff?

Royce: Not at all. We out there together. Whoeverís album is coming out next is who we promoting as a group. We just keep doing it like that; itís like a piggyback.

Dubcnn: What are yíall trying to accomplish with Slaughterhouse in terms of hip-hop?

Royce: Trying to change the world. Thatís it, thatís the only way I can put it. We trying to change the world, we not accepting nothiní regular, we not accepting nothiní under greatness. We striving for greatness. We the best, we the best at what we do and we cominí together, four components that form a highly efficient, like I always say, highly efficient well-trained machine.

Dubcnn: How do you think hip-hop can bring some lyricism back to the mainstream?

Royce; We goní bring it back. We goní get people paying attention. Weíve accomplished so much over a five-month span itís only right. I think, speaking from a fanís standpoint, we need four people whose swag is on Mars, who canít think nothiní but outside the box. We donít think like everybody else think, we on some other sh-t, we just different. When you got four people like that together thatís thinking on that level, how can you not change hip-hop?

Crooked: Can I say something real quick? Look at this, peep that out. You already know Iím on that motherf-cker, ďFrom the Blood PumperĒ, the heart, you feel me? Iím on there, Tech N9neís on there, Siccmadeís on there. Yíall need to go fuck with this motherfuckiní CD right here, you feel me? Die Nasty. I donít want nobody to die nasty, but if they have toÖ

Dubcnn: I appreciate your time, thanks for your time.

Royce: Shout out to Die Nasty, you know what it is, real recognize real. Real hip-hop is right here. Shout out my man Tech N9ne, Guerilla Union, Murs, everybody that made this shit possible. Itís a blessing to be here. Slaughterhouse is a machine, one.


Slaughterhouse // Exclusive Video Drop // Dubcnn

Download The Video: Windows Media
Download The Drop: Windows Media

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