interview SHADE SHEIST (January 2009) | Interview By: Jonathan Hay

   In a rare move, Jonathan Hay and Chad Kiser of Dubcnn travel overseas to collaborate with Uptown Entertainment and bring you this exclusive Shade Shiest interview during his international tour.

When you got producers Dr. Dre, DJ Quik, and Timbaland behind the boards on your new album, there’s no need to say more – or in the words of Shade Sheist, “If they co-sign it, then it's a wrap! So it's a wrap!”

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Interview was done in December 2008
Shade Sheist
A Dubcnn Exclusive
By Jonathan Hay, Chad Kiser and Uptown Entertainment


Dubcnn: What is PYO? The year of start and founded by?

PYO Entertainment International is a versatile multimedia company my partner N.U.N.E. and I founded in 2000. On the surface, we may just appear to be a record label but we are so much more than that! We specifically specialize in the distribution and education of independent artists. Essentially, we are a one-stop for talented artists and producers as well as a management company, manufacturing plant, film house, radio show and audio production facility. As artists and producers ourselves, we consistently work on projects that include movies, soundtracks, videogames, software and all relative forms of media.

Dubcnn: What is the future of PYO and your plans?

The future of PYO is expansion. Our goal is to open up offices across the world in hopes to educate even more artists and reach a wider audience with our own music. While most companies are content with establishing themselves domestically, our plans center more on international interactions. I mean, McDonald's and Coca-Cola aren't limited to the United States, right... so why should we be?

Dubcnn: Where have you toured?

I have toured so many places that I honestly can't remember them all. I know I'm not the only artist either! Off the top of my head, there is Japan, Australia, England, Canada, Spain and Greece. The PYO crew -- N.U.N.E., Eddie Kane Jr. and I -- were also the first Hip-Hop artists ever to perform in the country of Taiwan! To put this all in perspective, I am already on my third passport and have performed in almost 10% of the world so far. It has been an experience to remember forever!

Dubcnn: The title of your album is Informal Introduction OG…What does the “OG” mean?

OG in musical terms refers to the "Original" version of a track or, in this case, an album. After I record a song, I may want to go back in the studio and change a verse or add new parts. If I do either of the two, I have just made a new version of the overall track. The version before the changes becomes the OG version. Could be a classic, could be something you never want anyone to hear ever in life! *Laughing*

Dubcnn: Why did you release the album with nearly the same name as the MC Records' Informal Introduction, released in 2002? In addition, how significant is this album and its meaning to you?

Informal Introduction OG is my debut solo album the way I originally planned to release it. Informal Introduction is the version of my album that Universal Records released after swapping songs, reformatting verses and changing my track listing. II is a classic LP, don't get me wrong. I'm simply stating that I hadn't originally recorded the album to be released that way. There were benefits to it though, one of them being that I got to work with Timbaland on my first single! Both versions of this album mean everything to me; this project defined me in my prime. I put everything into making this one of the best releases from the West coast ever. It is the reason that people still remember me to this day -- not that six years was that long ago!

Dubcnn: Why do you think the previously released compilation by Damizza received little to no International press concerning your role in the album?

Because it was the first project that Damizza and I had ever released and we were still learning in the process of releasing material. There was no way for me to make an international presence on my own; I needed the assistance of my record label. My previous labels weren't all that great with handling my projects and that has been a curse of my entire career. In 2000, I wasn't even thinking about anything international. I was young and focused on my work in the states. It was a few years later that I realized how important having an international audience was.

Dubcnn: What are your plans for International Touring?

My plans are to return to all countries that I have already toured in but with the inclusion of many of the territories I have not. In January 09 I plan on returning to Vancouver, Canada for a show with Bishop Lamont and Crooked I. In the summer of 09 I will be debuting in Germany, thanks to the hard work of Uptown Entertainment Europe. In September 09 I plan on resuming my United Kingdom tour on the way to Ibiza or Japan for the holiday season.

Dubcnn: Why did you choose Germany to be your first stop on your European touring debut?

Simply, because I have never been there! I think it would be fitting to start my European tour in the areas I am new to then end in the regions where I am most familiar. I have always wanted to go to Germany to perform, so many of my peers have in the past. I'm overdue for it now!

Dubcnn: Do you think the German Hip-Hop fans will like your new album?

I think they will love my album! This is where I have to start acting like Kanye West. I don't make wack albums! I don't know how to produce garbage; it just isn’t in me to do! So yes, I think the German public will love it because it is smooth, it’s gangsta, it’s rap with a lil r&b, it's a well-produced project. If that isn't enough, Dr. Dre, Dj Quik and Timberland, the three most elite producers in the world, helped me throughout the entire process of making this album. If they co-sign it, then it's a wrap! So it's a wrap!

Dubcnn: It has been said that your name in Germany has not become popular as of yet...Why do you think this is?

That may have something to do with me never performing there before. How can they support an artist they don't know? I don't assume that Universal Records did their part in helping me establish myself in Germany. But as I always say, better late than never at all!

Dubcnn: Why do you think your hits in the USA have not been played on the German Networks? For instance, in the song “Where I wanna Be” most people in Germany believe it is all about Nate Dogg. Why is that? And the hit “Money Owners“, many Germans believe that is another Timberland hit, however, in the video your name Shade Sheist is all over the side of the building in the video. How is it that the people have been misled or misinformed on so many tracks involving you?

It’s the same answer really. If you never heard of someone before it's easier to identify with the artist you know, in these cases, Nate Dogg and Timberland. It is now my responsibility to get folks to know that these are my records and that I played the biggest part in making them hits. Again though, the record label is supposed to work alongside the artist in an effort to make him known and/or more popular in all areas. This wasn't always the case for me.

Dubcnn: Well, what is the next step in Shade Sheist’s career?

The next step is continuation. Produce more albums from the PYO crew and myself. Next up is a group album starring N.U.N.E. and myself, titled Movin Units -- 18 quality tracks from two of the most consistent artists on the West coast! I also plan on dropping my third and final G-Funk solo album in the summer of ‘09. After that I will produce nothing but conceptual albums under the moniker 'Shade Sheist'. I am still working on a motion picture at Universal Studios Hollywood inside of "The Bates Motel" from the horror movie "Psycho". Also, look out for my new fashion label coming real soon! Continuation is the plan!

Dubcnn: In brief, give the readers and inspiring vocal artists your take from experience on the differences between the Independent Game vs. the Majors.

Unless a major comes with some boxing money in the millions, I don't suspect I will ever sign to a major label again. My experiences from the period of 2004-2008 as an independent have far outweighed the prime success I achieved as a major artist. I like choosing my own songs, track listings and release dates. I like not having to worry if the company is doing right by you. I like looking out for my own best interest. It is a world of difference, the majors and the independent game! It would also require me to write a book in order to outline all of the significant differences between the two. But if you are really looking to get ahead in the music industry may I suggest that you "Put Yourself Out!"

Dubcnn: If anyone wants to get in contact with your European Management Company for interviews, booking and other request, who would they contact?

You would want to contact my European management at Uptown Entertainment Europe. You may speak to my managers Joe or Melanie who will be more than happy to help you. For most inquiries you can simply email or visit us on MySpace. It's an Uptown thang, baby!


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