interview SNOOP DOGG (November 2002) | Interview By:  Rud

Dubcnn.com were given the fantastic opportunity to speak with Snoop Dogg about his new album (Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$), his future plans with his label, album leftovers, wanting to do a film about a superhero from the hood, Suge Knight, Kurupt, touring in Europe and more! We have the audio as well as the typed transcript available for you to check out. Any interview feedback can be sent to : rud@dubcnn.com

I want to firstly offer my thanks to the people over at Capitol/Priority Records for getting us the interview time with Snoop and of course Snoop Dogg himself for taking out some time to speak to us! (Interview was done by phone on the 19th November 2002)

Questions Asked By : Rud

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dubcnn: There were a few leftovers from your debut album Doggystyle such as "The Original next Episode" & the track "Doggystyle" can we ever expect to hear these released?

Snoop Dogg : Um, i dont own those - Death Row owns those - so, im pretty sure Suge Knight will put them out when my album comes out or something, you know how he work!

dubcnn: Some tracks were left off The Last Meal such as "Purple" & "No Bacctrackin" do you have any plans to releases something along the lines of a "Lost Tape" collection?

Snoop Dogg : I might put that out, I might put out a "Snoop Dogg - Lost Tapes" out - cause there was a cupla songs that didn't make my album that I thought were real dope - that coulda been great songs for an album, they just didn't make my album - so - yea i like that idea

dubcnn: A few years ago you premiered the "Street Life" track with Tupac on Westwood's radio show in the UK - are there any plans to release that in the future?

Snoop Dogg : I don't know wassup with that one, cause, you know like I said I don't - me personally - if you know since pac been dead I have not put out none of his music cause that aint how I get down - like other people are using his shit to make money off of him - that's disrespect to me so I wouldn't - I don't think I would do that unless his moms ya know, wanted to put the song out, that's the way I would do it.

dubcnn: How do you feel about the new album "Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$" and how it has come out?

Snoop Dogg : I feel real good about it, I think its gonna be a great album and everybody's gonna love it and appreciate it - you know its got a lot of great songs on it, different producers and its the Snoop Dogg sound its just a brand new millennium!

dubcnn: There is a wide range of producers of producers on the album, were you not concerned it may upset the flow of the album?

Snoop Dogg : Na, im not concerned with how the album gonna come off - cause I feel like I put in my best work and normally when I go into the studio with the right spirit and the right attitude and feel good about it, its gonna come out alrite - and people are pretty much accepting the first single so if they accept the first single they gonna pretty much accept the whole album.

dubcnn: Does the increase in bootlegging these days worry you?

Snoop Dogg : Bootlegging been going on since I been in the rap game, so...I love it...because if somebody's bootlegging your shit that means they really want it and that means they're putting um...emotions out there with your shit that normally you wouldn't get - numsayin' - so that's a good thing, so continue to bootleg my shit - I love it!

dubcnn: Do you intend to release the other Neptune's produced track "Beautiful" as the 2nd single?

Snoop Dogg : Yea, because I like that song, I think that will be a perfect song for the new year with the proper video - Yea im shooting that video in Brazil - and I like the Neptune's sound they know what the fuck they doin!

dubcnn: Are there any plans as to what you'd like to see as the 3rd single?

Snoop Dogg : Oh for the third single? That's what I really don't know...I gotta listen to the streets and see what people are loving and what's selling it - hopefully radio will pick up something and start playing it and I'll go from there

dubcnn: Who can we expect to be the next release off Doggystyle Records?

Snoop Dogg : Umm...you can expect Latoiya Williams - coming out - she's also featured on Jay-Z's new album "Blueprint 2" and she's on my album. Also Soopafly, Mr. Kane...uhh...213, I got a kid named Delano and Daz Dillinger.

dubcnn: Is Daz Signed to the label!?

Snoop Dogg : Yea

dubcnn: So can we expect a solo project or is he just on there as a producer?

Snoop Dogg : Um, naw, he'll be rappin' and doing what he does - you know - it'd be like a Doggpound album...hopefully Kurupt'll be home by then...

dubcnn: Oh so your expecting him back in the near future?

Snoop Dogg : Oh yea - he gone have to - you know how it is, when your lost you don't know what you doin, you misguided an undecided and right now, Suge Knight & Death Row Records is under a lot of investigation and im knowing that eventually Kurupt's not gonna want to be a part of that and we'll open our arms to him and let him back in.

dubcnn: Who is signed to Doggystyle Records?

Snoop Dogg : Um...Mr. Kane, Latoiya Williams, Soopafly, RBX, The Lady Of Rage, Daz Dillinger, Delano, Charlie Wilson of the Gap Band...and 213

dubcnn: Can we expect the 213 release soon?

Snoop Dogg : Umm, it should be out next year around this time

dubcnn: You've spoke in the past about Latoiya Williams and how she is very soulful...What can we expect from that release?

Snoop Dogg : Um, its gonna be very soulful, its gonna be a great records were gonna get some top notch producers and it's gonna be one of those records that sounds like an old Aretha Franklin album.

dubcnn: Do you have anything to say about Suge's reaction to "Pimp Slap"

Snoop Dogg : I mean, I've spoke on it already I said what I said I don't wanna dwell on it but I had to address him because he been getting away with alotta shit and everybody been scared of him so I just wanted to let everybody know that he's a bitch.

dubcnn: Regards Doggy's Angels - can we ever expect a sophomore album from them or have they broken up?

Snoop Dogg : I think that they broke up, it's sad but um....

dubcnn: Yea "Pleezbaleevit!" was a really great yet overlooked album

Snoop Dogg : Yea, thank you man, I appreciate that, I put my heart and soul into it - I'd love to see them get back together but that's on them - you know how women are! I think it was overlooked because, for one, the movie "Charlie's Angels" was out and they was giving us alotta flack with it and I don't think that people were really understanding how you know - that three females could sound as good as males - and really overlooked and didn't pay attention to it but it's gonna go down in history as a classic record.

dubcnn: On "Pimp Slap" you also address Xzibit, has that since been resolved?

Snoop Dogg : Umm, shit, I ain't talked to no one - everybody I said something about on that song - I ain't talked to none of um.

dubcnn: When Xzibit was in Europe earlier this month he was shouting you out on stage so from his point of view there seemed to be no animosity...

Snoop Dogg : There's no animosity towards me...I just had to say it cause it was true.

dubcnn: Have you got plans yourself to tour in Europe?

Snoop Dogg : Oh yea, definitely, I'll be over there probably like...uhh...February or March - its essential they be having me over there.

dubcnn: Ja Rule appears to be talking about you on the track "The Pledge RMX" - was that resolved or...

Snoop Dogg : I didn't hear my name on there - I mean - if you gonna get at me you need to say my name - I ain't with all that trying to read between the lines when people talk about me

dubcnn:: Can we expect to see you and Dr. Dre working together again soon?

Snoop Dogg : Im thinking that we are, im hoping that we are but you know...it's on Dre, it ain't on me - numsayin' - im wide open.

dubcnn: Are you set to be on the big screen again anytime soon?

Snoop Dogg : Um, yea im planning to shoot the "Starsky & Hutch" movie, they offered me the part of Huggy Bear so - we got that thing together to start shooting that one.

dubcnn:: I saw your MTV interview with Adam Sandler where you spoke about being fans of each other and you talked about possibly working together - you even mentioned a film you wanted to do about a "Superhero from the hood" can we expect you two to work together soon?

Snoop Dogg : I want that characters name to be "Super-nigga" and I want Adam Sandler to write it and direct it for me so hopefully that happens - yea we talked, me and him talked again about a month ago and um...hopefully we can make it happen, I don't wanna bombard him but uhh - I just want him to take his time and write something sick for me!

dubcnn: Thanks for taking the time out to do the interview with dubcnn Snoop and good luck with everything

Snoop Dogg : Thank you man, I appreciate you - Good Lookin Cuz



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