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Bigg Snoop Dogg hit is up again to announce a new project of his, the Western Conference, which is going to be his attempt at bringing the West Coas back together, organize shit and take it back to the top. He also touches on his label situation and lets everybody know he's officially behind this West Coast shit. We have both the transcript and audio for you to check and feel free to send any feedback regarding the interview to - /


Conducted by: Nima (March 25th 2005)

Bigg Snoop Dogg
hits up again to broadcast a message. Tha Doggfather has been working behind the scenes and is definitely going to be shaking the rap game up real soon. It's a NEW MOVEMENT, definitely, to bring the West Coast back on track.

Snoop hit us up to let us know a little bit about what's coming.

"It's basically a movement. It's a muthafucka trying to put the West Coast in the proper perspective. As far as just unifying and organizing. And once I get with the players from the West that matter, that make a difference, that really need to be at this muthafuckin' situation, we will proceed to give you more information, and have you with us so you can check it all out with your own two eyes." [Audio: HERE]

Snoop Dogg is eager to get this West Coast shit cracking again, and as he said unifying everybody. He's going to be calling a Western Conference real soon, to make all this shit official, of course, DubCNN will be in the house.

This will also help to break new artists from the West in the game, who haven't shined yet, aswell as veterans still putting it down. "Definitely fucking with new artists, definitely. And this is basically just to help get over all the bitterness of artists that had deals, and can't make it, give them some love, and at the same time open the doors for them new acts!."

Snoop is well aware that it's hard nowadays to make it if you're not affiliated or signed to an already established artists. "It's like this. Dre or Snoop. Dre is fuckin' with none of ya'll. And I'm tired of niggaz trying on their own, doing their thang, and not selling. Every nigga that I rap with that ain't even from the West Coast somehow sell a million records. So why can't I do it for my niggaz at home? Even the niggaz that I don't like, that got attitudes wit me, that hate on me. I can suck it up and become a business man and show them that they shouldn't hate me but they should love me cause I'm a window of opportunity.".[Audio: HERE]

When I told him that alot of his fans were afraid he turned his back to the West Coast when he signed to Star Trak, he replied "I'm not signed to the Neptunes. I don't even know how that got out! I'm on Doggystyle Records! If you noticed everytime you see my video, you see my shit, it say Doggystyle/Star Trak/Geffen. It's a business move! After I left No Limit, I refused to be signed to anybody else! I'm a boss!" [Audio: HERE]

He also spoke on upcoming projects on Doggystyle Records. Soopafly's upcoming album is set to come out on there, aswell as possibly the D.P.G. album that's in the works as we speak.

But the main topic of this update is the Western Conference. This is more than just an event, or just a project, or just a record, this is a whole Movement. I'm not going to let the cat out the bag just yet, but I will bring ya'll more detailed info on this real soon. "The Western Conference. We need this! We need something to organize niggaz, unify, and have some type of leader that they can look up to in this game, from somebody who can really stamp they shit! I'ma put the plan together in the next couple of days as far as getting all the figures together that should be a part of it and run it past them. Once I run it past them, it's up to them to execute it!". [Audio: HERE]

You can also catch Snoop on tour with The Game right now nationwide. "We about to jump on that tour together. This shit is going to be a program that can work, if ya'll want it to work. If ya'll ain't with it when I come back home, cool! I'll keep doing me ya'll keep doing ya'll. But if ya'll with it when I come home, you gotta have your shit together!". [Audio: HERE]

This is just the beginning of what DubCNN and Snoop Dogg are going to bring you. Until we get the shit fully cracking, check out an exclusive drop from Snoop for the site below:

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