interview TERRACE MARTIN (PART 2) (August 2007) | Interview By: Eddie Gurrola

Dubcnn is back with part two of our extensive interview with Terrace Martin. With his street album coming very soon, the second part of this interview will give you a feel for just how big this project is going to be! Terrace walks us through his thought process and shares his memories recording tracks from the album. We hear about his experiences working with Snoop Dogg, The Game, Mykestro, Problem, Tru Life, and Too Short, among others. Read on to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at Terrace’s new project before it gets released very soon on Dubcnn.

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Interview was done in August 2007.

Questions Asked By :
Eddie Gurrola

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Dubcnn: All right Terrace, start by telling us about the intro of the album. What was going through your head when you produced this one?

Basically, [with] the intro I wanted to set the first statement of the mixtape. I tried my best to combine everything that makes rap and that makes Terrace Martin, between hip-hop and a few different elements of it. [With] the sample involved with it, the Freddie Hubbard record “Sky Dive,” I chopped it up. I played mini-moog [on top of it.] I had my boy Marlon Williams come in and play some guitar, and [I did some] horns! I tried to capture that classic hip-hop feeling, but still with the live element on top [for] the intro – because that’s what I’m about. [Then I] had Snoop just do what he do.

Dubcnn: Now let’s talk about “Ridin,” your current single. You’ve got Snoop Dogg, Problem, and Scar from Atlanta on there…

[With] “Ridin and Rollin,” we actually recorded that song a few months ago. It was recorded at Record Plant. It was actually [done] in a few places, but it [originally] had a few things in the music that I wasn’t too fond of. The first time we did that record, I didn’t produce that beat. I was doing it for my album, but the whole thing for my album was that I’ve got to produce everything [on it.] But somebody came through with a beat, [and] me and Snoop got down on it.

It was hot then, but I wanted to capture that ridin’ feeling – Sunday afternoon about 3 or 4 o’clock when it’s starting to cool down [and] you’re coasting home. I just wanted to capture feel-good music with some 808, so the speakers could bust. Everybody can love it because it has both elements. It has the music and the 808 on the bottom. This whole tape is about combining different elements and making it [into] one thing – good music.

Problem on the hook [was] the glue, because it was [originally] a different hook. We finished the song in Atlanta, and the energy out there was crazy. Everybody was in the studio the night we did this record – DJ Drama, Scar, Daz, Kurupt, Snoop, [and] DJ Funky, who breaks all the hot records in Atlanta. It was crazy man – it was a crazy vibe. When I saw everybody’s head bob in that studio, [like] Drama and a few other cats that I really take advice [from] seriously, then that’s the one we went with. Out of five or six records, that’s the one we’re pushing right now. I hope everybody likes it!

Dubcnn: The responses have been good! Tell us about this record you did with Tru Life and Snoop Dogg called “Watch Me Fall”…

“Watch Me Fall” is a record about jealousy, [and] people that want to see you fall; see us fall. Tru Life is one of the young up-and-coming cats in New York, signed by Jay-Z. His record is executive produced by Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg, so we’re all part of the same family out here. [This] is an actual record on his [album] – I don’t even think he knows I’m leaking this record, but call me, we’ll talk about it! I think [this record] is a good statement for him.

I remember a few months ago, somebody released an old video tape where he was upset [with] a few people. He said some things that he shouldn’t have said, [but] we all say things that we shouldn’t say. What the people didn’t know that leaked it is that Snoop [and I] were already aware of it, we already squashed it, and I want Tru Life to get a real good look out here. I’m behind him, and my whole circle’s behind him – the Pound’s behind him. We love Tru Life – he’s a talented dude. We’ve all made mistakes.

Snoop is on that record too, and J Black is on the hook, servin’ ‘em! That’s another record that we cut in Atlanta, [and] we finished it in New York, at Battery Studios. I love Battery Studios in New York, just so you know. That’s another thing that I wanted to say. This whole mixtape was done in different places. I just wanted to get different vibes, you know what I’m sayin”? But like I said, J Black is on that record, servin’ ‘em, Tru Life is on there, servin’ ‘em, and Snoop is on the record. That’s what it is!

Dubcnn: How about this track you’ve got with Yung Walt and Too Short called “Bitch”? What was it like working with Too Short?

Man, Too Short is – Too Short! What are you going to say? If you look up the word “greatness,” you have a few names behind it, and he’s definitely one of the names you have. [His song] was the first record in my life [where] I heard somebody say [curse words.] Did he say that on the record? *Laughs* So, just having Too Short on the record, and then having Yung Walt [was great.]

Yung Walt is one of the cats around LA that’s really pushin’. He’s pushin’ that positive line. He’s got a whole movement called Ghetto Child behind him. We actually just started working on his album a few days ago. Yung Walt’s on the hook and [gives] a killin’ verse, and Too Short kicks it off. We’ve got the Chris Rock sample in the front of it. It’s crazy! It’s got that low end. Too Short’s from the Bay mayne, and they don’t play mayne! You’ve got to have that low end. So, you know, it’s a cool verse. It’s a fun record.

Dubcnn: How about this track with Mykestro called “Coast To Coast”? It sounded like a real fresh track, from what I’ve heard of it…

This song is for producers and MCs only! I mean, if you like it, you like it! But this song is all live instruments. Mykestro is on the mic, I’m on the hook, and that’s all I’ve got to say man! This song is one of those songs where all the MCs that are second-guessing Mykestro, [and] all the producers that are second-guessing me [are silenced.] It’s one of those. You’ve got to get one of those off, man. It’s fun! It’s friendly competition. I think songs like these separate the men from the boys. I think me and Mykestro are two of the climbing artists in Los Angeles right now. [We are] definitely pushing the line of not doing cliché [work.] I’m not mad at [clichés,] but we’re just not doing that.

This is one of those songs [made] to let people know that it’s OK to be different. You’ve got to work at it, [and] you’ve got to practice to be as good as me and as good as Mykestro. But nobody told you to stay wack! You know, you’ve got to practice. Mykestro practices wordplay, reads the dictionary, [and] he studies. I definitely practice chords and rhythms. I’m a musician first, and this song tells you that. It tells you that Mykestro is one with the ink pen. So, all those MCs that think they can give him a run for his money, maybe they should go and study. I wouldn’t even step in the ring with that boy right now! It’s crazy. I’d put all of my money on him!

Dubcnn: So this is both of your “A Games”?

Oh, this right here is the “A Game.” I’m proud of that song. That’s my favorite song on the whole mixtape. Shouts out to Sput.

Dubcnn: You’ve got a remix to “Joysticc,” originally from the 213 “Hard Way” album on the project. Mykestro and YN Vaughn are on this version. Tell us about why you wanted to re-visit this track…

I just wanted to do a remix because I think “Joysticc” didn’t get the look that it probably deserved. I don’t think that whole [213] record got the look that it probably deserved. I don’t know why [it didn’t catch on,] but I think that “Joysticc” was a blazin’ record that summer out here. It was played every day. Felli Fel played it so much. I just didn’t think it got that type of look.

So I said, look, it’s music, and I like the song. So I called up Mykestro, and I had him come out. I said “I want you to do a verse to ‘Joysticc.’” What’s up Warren? Warren killed it, but I wanted Mykestro to bring something different to the table. As a producer, sometimes you search for new, different sounds. So Mykestro came and did his thing, did a whole different approach, and I love it! Then YN – that’s like my sister in music, and in everything! We talk every other day. YN came and killed it! She’s a female vocalist, raps, everything – [and] she came and killed it too. I think it’s a timeless record. [It’s a] Prince’d out the gate, early 80’s type-feel record. It’s a good record. I wanted to re-visit it and give it another look, two or three years later.

Dubcnn: Maybe it will expose some new people to the record too…

Yeah, so they can buy 213!

Dubcnn: So you’ve got another Snoop Dogg and Game collaboration on here, called “To The Top.” Tell us all about this record!

We did this record for a VH1 thing that’s coming up. This record is crazy. This is Snoop bussin’, Game bussin’, [and] we were all in the room together. On “Gangbangin’ 101,” me and Snoop did [the music one] night, Game did it in Irvine, [and] Snoop did his vocals the next day. For this record, we were all in there from the ground up, with cameras on. Uncle Chuck [is on the song as well.] [He’s] one of my good friends, I’ve been knowing him since I was 14. Can’t nobody see Chuck man! But “To The Top” is a song about going to the top. Game and Snoop bust back and forth, [and] the beat is just monstrous! We recorded that song at Chatless Studios, [and] I mixed that record at my house. What’s up Game? Two T’s, get at your boy!

Stay tuned for part 3 of this interview, where Terrace continues tells us about his experiences recording his new street album.



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Full Interview In Audio : Here


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