interview THE (SIS)TEM: THE ORACLE  (November 2008) | Interview By: Jonathan Hay

   As part of our continuing "Woman's Touch" series here on Dubcnn we took some time to speak to the Music Supervisor of a group called The (SIS)TEM. The all Female Collective based out of Leimert Park's Underground Kingdom, Project Blowed consists of Emcees, Vocalist, Dj's, Producers, Photographers and Breakers.

In this interview we speak to The Oracle about her role in The (SIS)TEM and also about her own projects as well as getting her feeling on the current local Hip-Hop scene. The Oracle also has some words for budding female talent.

As ever, you can read this exclusive interview below and we urge you to leave feedback on our forums or email them to haywire@dubcnn.com.

Interview was done in September 2008

Questions Asked By: Jonathan Hay

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The (Sis)Tem Interview
A Woman’s Touch (The Special Dubcnn Series)
By: Jonathan Hay

Dubcnn: Staring off… big ups on the name “(sis)tem.” I love the play on words! What was the inspiration behind coming up with such both an innovative and creative name?

I first wanna give props to the foundation of The (SIS)TEM, which is Project Blowed. The name was created by a couple people, the legendary Aceyalone of Freestyle Fellowship and Badru of Project Blowed recordings, along with some other members of the (SIS)TEM. Acey and Badru, along with one of the core members of the crew, DVS 1, were the co-founders of the (SIS)TEM, as well. It’s a working unit, a group of necessary components that come together in action and form a movement, and that is what we are, a (SIS)TEM. Some of the dopest female emcees, Dj’s, and producers on the West Coast and then some. I say and then some cause our membership is growing daily. The word is getting out.

Dubcnn: One would assume that the name The Oracle was motivated by the movie, The Matrix. Is this a true perception? Share with us your personal meaning of “The Oracle?”

Well yeah, people always think that. But actually I got the name from the Bible. An Oracle is a divine utterance delivered to man. When I first started really grinding as an emcee, my name was Jayne Doe. But there was another person that was using that name and people kept getting us mixed up. I was reading the Bible one night and a passage stayed in my head. And from that point on, I named myself Oracle. My family and friends are always coming to me to get words of wisdom so I felt that it fit me perfectly. The funniest thing is being with a group of my friends at the premiere of “The Matrix” and the name Oracle was mentioned, and everyone looked at me like they had seen a ghost, like they could not believe that there is someone named oracle in the movie. I was like, I can’t wait till the movie comes out so I can sample it. It was also an affirmation that I picked the right name.

Dubcnn: Where are you currently located and your thoughts on the local hip-hop scene?

Well, I’m a pure bred Valley Girl. I was raised in North Hollywood and Pacoima, but I now live in Northridge. I used to catch the bus to South Central to have fun. That is how I discovered Project Blowed. Locally, I am in love with the scene. I am excited to see the variety of Hip Hop that we have coming out of LA. I love Pacific Division, Dubb Union, Terrace Martin, Problem, Uncle Chucc Thirsty Fish, Strong Arm Steady Gang, and of course The (SIS)TEM. There is a smorgasbord, of artist to choose from out here, so many I can’t name them all. The world is in for a treat once they experience this music.

Dubcnn: Describe what makes your scene relevant and what it is that sets your city apart.

This scene is relevant because the expression of the artists is so relatable. I think there is a misconception that LA is all Gangsta, and though we have that, there is still so much more. There are young kids all over the world searching for something in Hip Hop that they can identify with and “My City” has what they are looking for.

Dubcnn: What projects are you working on right now?

Well I am working with a new group called A.N.D What! It’s my pet project right now. The group consist of my 2 little sisters, Alic-ia and Digga, and their friend, Nia-lynn, they have a hot single called Bamboos, that is bubblin’. Currently, the (SIS)TEM-ADDICT Takeover mixtape is on the streets, and I have some tracks I produced, and some song I’m rhyming on featured on that project. I am also working on another mixtape called The adventures of Thelma & Louis with DVS 1 of the (SIS)TEM and hosted by JIJI Sweet another (sis)tem member, and the hardest working female DJ in LA. Along with my solo project, Reality Show. So much music to be made but I’m up for the challenge.

Dubcnn: Who are some of your upcoming features, collaborators or producers on your upcoming album?

I have a song on my up and coming album, that is produced by Terrace Martin, featuring Timothy Bloom, called Another Day. I also have some songs produced by Spontaneous of Spur of the Moment music, a song called I Know produced by, Hotline, a dope producer in NY, a song called, Little sister, produced by Mstreetz from the West Coast, and I have a song with the Legendary Brotha Jay from X-Clan, that I am really excited about. I also hope to be finishing up some work with Georgia Anne Muldrow. There are a host of other producers, that I will be working with, I am just waiting for something that connects with me.

Dubcnn: In your opinion, who do you think is the nicest female emcee of all time and why?

Wow, that is a hard question. I am a big fan of Boss, Nikki D, Queen Latifah, and Lauryn Hill. I don’t know who the dopest of ALL TIME is though. I don’t know that we have really seen the dopest female emcee of all time yet. But she might be hiding in the (SIS)TEM, I know another shameless plug, but I love my Crew.

Dubcnn: As you know, Hip-Hop is so competitive, how did other female emcees in the hip-hop game treat you?

It’s been all love. I haven’t had any bad run-ins with any other female emcees. Meeting other female emcees in the game is always a treat, because I don’t feel alone in the male-dominated industry. So, when I meet other femcees like me I show love, so I get the love back.

Dubcnn: Your song, “Bamboos” has that LL Cool J classic ‘Round The Way’ vocal sample, and overall has the old school feel to it – ya’know the golden era of hip-hop. How much creative influence does the old-school have on you?

The old school has a major influence on me. If you don’t know where you come from, you don’t know where you’re going. Old school is the Blue print for hit songs. Right now there is a surge of Old school hip hop hitting the airwaves, and I love it because that is where my heart is along with old school soul and r&b. My dad is a member of the Lakeside, an Old school funk band, and they inspired me to utilize the formula for good music.

Dubcnn: In this new era of hip-hop, do you think the art form is as culturally relevant as it was back in the day?

Yes, it is. Like I said before these young kids are searching for an identity in Hip Hop, and the old school presented Hip Hop as a culture. I would hope they do their history so they can know where the Blood, Sweat and tears of this game came from.

Dubcnn: Do you do any of your own production?

Yes. I produced a couple of songs on my project, and I am working on a couple more. I started with the SP 1200 and graduated to the MPC, thanks to Fatjack, the producer who let me sit under him and learn. Also DJ Pooh, who inspired me at a young age by just letting me sit in the studio and watch him. I lost contact with him so if he is checking this out, Thanks man! I am still learning and growing as a producer everyday, and I am excited to experience future growth, as I gain knowledge from producers like Terrace Martin and Dj Quick whom I would love to learn from.

Dubcnn: In my opinion, “I Know” is my favorite thing I heard from you, take the readers behind the music on that song…

I was in NY, in July this year and I was listening to the radio, and all the music was like, “ bash that n** in the head” or “Drop it H*”, it was a bit frustrating. My friend, Labba of Rebel music, took me to the studio and introduced me to Hotline. He played some tracks for me and I heard that track, and I was like, “I will kill that beat”, because it just spoke to me. I went back, wrote and came and recorded it the next morning. It’s like the track was waiting for me.

Dubcnn: What are you political and personal feelings towards Barrack Obama?

I am amped that there is a candidate that is promoting change, because that is what we need. I just want black people to really take the time to research his political views for themselves. I don’t want it to be just because he is Black. He really has a plan that I think will work for America as a whole and I hope that we as a people take the time and Vote for the Right candidate. Barrack has a hard road ahead of him, but he’s got my vote.

Dubcnn: Any final words for the readers here at Dubcnn.com?

I wanna thank Dubcnn first and foremost, for doing a feature such as this. This is so necessary right now, because, currently there is a lack of a “woman’s touch” in the game. I also wanna encourage any female emcees out there to follow my eternal motto. Work. Hustle.. Progress…, because those are the steps to success. And get that (SIS)TEM mixtape, you wont be disappointed.


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