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The Regulator is on his way! Warren G is about to bless the rap game with new beats and rhymes in the next few weeks. You can expect "The G-Files Mixtape" which will serve as an appetizer, followed by the new studio album "The G-Files".

To give our visitors a little preview of what you can expect from The G-Child, Dubcnn linked up with him for an exclusive interview. The new album was originally scheduled to drop in October but has been suffering from delays. "We had just started with the first single and it was too close to the release date so we had to give it time to build." Warren said about the push backs.

We dig a little bit deeper into "The G-Files" and talk about various things surrounding the new project. Warren also gives us an update on Nate Dogg's condition and how he's doing. He then speaks his mind on G-Funk fans and their unconditional love for the golden era

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Questions Asked By : Lil Jay

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Dubcnn: Warren G, you're with Dubcnn! What have you been up to?

Warren G: Just chillin man and working on this album "The G-Files". Putting it down trying to let everyone know what time it is. It's game time, Warren time!

Dubcnn: You used to hit up our forums on Dubcnn but we havent heard from you in a minute. You should check in sometimes!

Warren G: It's all good, I mean I like coming to the forums and checking you guys out. It's just sometimes the haters drive me away. Everybody on there show me a lot of love but then you got 2 or 3 muthafuckers who wanna run they mouth, so I just try not to listen to what they say. But it's all good, I mean I got alot of love for Dubcnn! What you guys are doing is a good thang man.

Dubcnn: Around that same time, you talked about starting your own website and offering your entire catalogue and unreleased songs, but that never really took off as far as I know?

Warren G: I haven't got into it man, you get sidetracked you know. I started doing films and TV shows and stuff like that. But it's still coming buddy. I ain't going nowhere, I'ma drop a Greatest Hits and I got "The G-Files" that I'm working on right now which is off the chain. I got a single out right now with Ray J called "Crush", which is blowing up all over the airwaves. You know people are loving that. And I got the followup single that's coming up right behind and that's when I'ma really knock them upside their head.

Dubcnn: "She got her own Ringtone", is that the second single?

Warren G: No that ain't the second single, I got something in store for everybody. I'ma just let it do the talking when I drop it.

Dubcnn: You're about to return with a new record called "The G-Files". Tell me about this project.

Warren G: It's an incredible project, it's music you can dance to, sing to, smoke to and just enjoy yourself. It's not an album with just a bunch of sad songs, it's a party album. It's about having fun. You know like I said, that's what it's about especially in these days and time with you know the way things are going out here. People want to feel good, they don't want to be stressed out. I got alot of good songs and a lot of young artists on there, a lot of upcoming talent that's on the album. And the people I work with like Snoop, Cube and everybody else is going to be part of the record. We gonna put it down for the West!

Dubcnn: As far as the album title goes, is it just a wordplay or what's the inspiration behind it?

Warren G: It's the "The G-Files", because if you check my files it's nothing but good up in my files. Ain't no sucker in my files, you can look it up. I mean you can go to Long Beach and ask them anything about Warren or you can go to New York or Germany or Paris and ask about Warren G and it's gonna be love. That's what's behind "The G-Files", nothing but love! Look up my stats. And I'm known for carrying big gats! Naw, I'm just bullshittin! *laughs*

Dubcnn: The album got pushed back a few times, why is that?

Warren G: Well we had just started with the first single and it was too close to the albums release date so you got to give yourself room and give it time to build. So that's what we did, we gave it time to build and now it's doing its thang, it's blowing up and that's what we wanted. Now it's going down! It's an independent release on TTL Records. It's a great album and it's just as hot as anything out. Just because it's independent it don't mean that it has to sound independent, it's packed with a big punch with alot of great music!

Dubcnn: We've seen other Hip-Hop pioneers like Ice Cube praise the independent game. Are you more comfortable going that route?

Warren G: Yeah man, I love it because I can do what I want to do and I don't have to answer to nobody else. I do me and don't have to answer to nobody else, I can put whoever I want on my album. With a record company it's hard to really do what you want to do because you got A&R's and people that don't know about music that want to tell you what to do, when you're the one that made the music in the first place. That don't make no sense!

Dubcnn: Speaking of A&R's and people behind the scenes... you put out "Return of the Regulator" on Universal, but it seems like a lot of things went wrong there.

Warren G: Man I love that album because that's a great album and a great record. I mean I was with a new company and there was a miscommunication as far as me as an artist and who my fanbase is. So they weren't able to reach the fanbase that Island / Def Jam reached. I mean you go through that type of thing sometimes, but you know what? You're always able to bounce back when you can make hit records and you got a good track record. You can always bounce back and that's what I do. I do great records so I can bounce back anytime.

Dubcnn: When you say you bounce back, do you still feel like you have something to prove as an MC and/or producer?

Warren G: No, I have nothing to prove. I done proved myself and I've sold more records solo than 98% of these artists that are out right now and selling records. But they will never reach that status because it's not the same industry anymore. I've sold a lot of records and I'm happy and I still sell records. I still got a 5 million people fanbase out there. They might not be able to reach me without going through a major, but they will be able to reach me on iTunes and through the internet. So that's a good thing.

Dubcnn: Are we going to hear anything on this album that's totally new or different from your previous projects?

Warren G: Of course, because as you get older your production gets better. So the production I got is incredible. I got alot of great people on there. Man trust me, if you heard "Crush" then you know what's up, the record is hot.

Dubcnn: I read that you even got the Twinz on there!

Warren G: No, I haven't talked to The Twinz about that, but we supposed to talk and come up with something on the record. I mean they are my dogs, you know. Of course if they want to get down on the record it's nothing but love.

Dubcnn: Speaking of the Twinz and the G-Funk sound in general, I wanna get into something where I hope you can share your opinion because you're responsible for a lot of that music. Some of your fans and West Coast Rap fans in general are still stuck in that golden era. Do you feel where they are coming from or do you think it's time to move on and get with the times?

Warren G: Hey, I mean I feel them. Those were some good times, you know. But it's coming back again, it's gonna come around again. But right now what the industry is going through, it's going through a bunch of BS. There's a lot of records that.... No disrespect to nobody, but it's a lot of bullshit ass records out there that's being played. It ain't that real shit that we're used too. Like a Warren G, a Jay Z, Snoop and Dre, records like that. What's going on these days ain't the same as it was back then. People are just throwing music out there and not even really taking their time to perfect the beat! Because I still got love for the streets, it's Mr. Warren G! *laughs*

Dubcnn: So you share some of their opinions?

Warren G: Oh man for real! That's what it is man, the industry is crazy now.

Dubcnn: Because a lot of the older heads don't even check for new music anymore. All they listen to is the old Warren G, DJ Quik or Dogg Pound...

Warren G: Well if they true to Warren G, check for Warren G! My shit is still good! Don't get it twisted, I still make that good shit! That's what I do. I mean, it's still there as far as me. "In The Midnite Hour", people that heard that record... that record was incredible. It was independent, but it was an incredible record. This album that I'm about to drop is incredible also.

Dubcnn: Yeah, it's already been 3 years since you put out "In The Mid-Night Hour". I think music wise it was a lot of great material on there, but somehow it got slept on majorly! Or do you think that you've reached every Warren G fan with that album?

Warren G: No. No, I didn't reach them all. If that was the case then people wouldn't be asking 'when are you coming with a record?' cause they would have been satisfied already. When you do an independent record you can't reach everybody that you want, but I'm for damn sure try to reach everybody out there. But it's all good, I got a new technique and a new method.

Dubcnn: What's that technique?

Warren G: The internet! *laughs* and Dubcnn!

Dubcnn: You helped countless rappers at their early stages. You put Bishop Lamont all over the "In The Mid-Night Hour" album, before anybody else. And we all know about you introducing Snoop to Dre. Can you even be proud of yourself, being the humble person that you are?

Warren G: I mean I'm very proud and that's what I'm about and that's the type of person I am. I'm all about helping folks and making sure they are alright. I mean, don't nobody help me. But it's all good, you know what I'm saying, I'm just that type of person. On this new record I'm being responsible as far as trying to help these artists get somewhere as far as getting a deal and getting a look. That's what it's about and that's why I got them on the record and hopefully they will blow up.

Dubcnn: Is that because people don't reach out to you or is that just your personality?

Warren G: I mean I just stay in the cut man and just do me. I don't ride nobody's balls or nothing for anybody to work with me, but they respect the game when I call and they act accordingly as far as whatever I need it's me. It's all good.

Dubcnn: We've been hearing about Nate going through some problems with his health. Not trying to get too personal with this, but is there anything you can let us in on how he's doing today?

Warren G: I mean we're praying for him that he has a speedy recovery and that we can get him back into this music and get his health right and just make sure everything is right with him. He's recovering, but it's a slow process. I mean two strokes, that ain't no joke. It's going to be a long road. Right now we're helping him get on his feet and get back in the game.

Dubcnn: Are there any other projects that are coming up for you in the near future?

Warren G: I shot my pilot to a reality show, which is called "The G-Files" also. People are really going to get the chance to see who I am and what it is I do and how I do it. They're going to get a chance to see some cool stuff. Everything that you always wanted to know you will be able to see. It's going to be music related and personal. Just everything about me giving people the chance to really see who I am. It's going to be big. But I really can't talk too much about it, because it's not all the way set in stone with the companys yet. I mean, it's big and I'm doing alot of stuff with TV and the music.

Dubcnn: And maybe another 213 album?

Warren G: Yeah! As soon as we get Nate back up on his feet, that's it. 213 for sure!

Dubcnn: So to finish this off, what would be the question that you would ask Warren G?

Warren G: Why am I so talented? *laughs* Well Warren, you're talented because you're a good person and you got a good heart and you're a great dude. So there you go! *laughs*


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