interview WC (September 2002) | Interview By:  Rud

Dubcnn.com recently got the chance to speak with WC about his new album (Ghetto Heisman), his new video, his opinions on bootlegging & the increasing commercialism of C-walking, the WSCG situation, his future plans, his upcoming DVD and other Westcoast issues. We have the audio as well as the typed transcript available for you. Any interview feedback can be sent to: rud@dubcnn.com

Huge thanks to the people at Def Jam for offering us this interview and to WC for taking the time out to speak to us! (Interview was done by phone on the 18th September 2002)

Questions Asked By : Rud

dubcnn: What can we expect from your 2nd solo release : Ghetto Heisman

WC : Ghetto Heisman, man expect a gang of ghetto oriented ass activity going down on there on the real....the song of the album is bangin, we got a few collabs on there, on this album...I did a few more collabs than I did on my last few albums, actually I didn't do many collabs on my last few albums...but on this one right here I got, Snoop Doggy Dogg of course on the 1st single, I got my hometown collabs, I got Cube and Mack on there (Westside Connection) umm I did a song with Case - flip the script for a wider audience - but we kept it Gangsta ya know, rick rock did the track, songs called "Flirt" - umm I got Scarface on the album, yea face is on there, song called "So Hard" - its off the chain! I got one of my artists on there by the name of Doctor Stank that im working with he's got a deal over at MCA , he off the rick wit it. I got Butch Cassidy & Kokane on the album as well, I got MC Ren on the album too, man Ren brought it...sounds like some NWA type shit - song called "Wanna Ride" yea its bangin - you gonna hear the explicit off the chain mix on the album - shits off the hook!

dubcnn:  The first single "The Streets" - when we first heard it it was just you with a few verses...

WC : Yea just me with a coupla verses on there, it was just a teaser cause ya know the albums coming out and it was really something to put out to detect what kind of reception we were gonna get - I always wanted to take the production to the next level...we went out and grabbed Scott Storch, he's up outta Dre's camp - he produced it yea, you can hear dre's signature all on the muthafucker! *laughs* its bangin though and when I put it out - everyone was so used to me putting out the funk oriented singles out the gate to where it was shocking everybody - some people jumped on it some people were hesitant but umm after the 3rd go around or what not on that record everyone was like "damn - this is so big" numsayin - the reception on the radio was man...overwhelming it was like everyone was really fuckin with the record now and I was just like...originally Xzibit was on it yea but Xzibits single was dropping the same time as my singles dropping and we both have Nate Dogg on there so you know I wanted to get down, but we couldn't make it happen but it was all good though - cos its a great record, ya know. So what we did was we said OK we'll have Snoop on there, cause that was originally the remix, we were gonna have Snoop on there and then I was gonna add my verse - then we did the video, then the shit was off the chain! Chris Robinson did a helluva job, I brought him my ideas of what I wanted to do and he took everything to the next level - I got the Ghetto Olympics jumpin off in the video...the Video's set to premiere tomorrow on 106 & Park - mufuckas bangin!

dubcnn: Everyone was saying how original the video is and a complete change from the usual in a club...did you come up with the Ghetto Olympics concept?

WC : I shot the idea to Chris [Robinson] that I wanted to do some Ghetto Olympics type shit and he was like "Yo, I always wanted to do some shit like that man!" - I don't just take credit...Chris tried to holla that shit, I was like "Naa, we both did ya know" - he came with alotta activities & events and shit that jumped off in the video and he's one helluva director man and he showed his ass - I appreciate what he done...he looked out

dubcnn: Do you have any plans for a 2nd single?

WC : Yea yea I do intend to release a 2nd single, but right now, imma let the streets be the judge...concentrate on this one right now - because umm the records still got legs - I feel you though, we gonna start loadin up early on the next single definitely.

dubcnn: How do you feel about the increase in bootlegging - does it worry you...

WC : It does, cause im an artist - I don't want my shit out there early, too early, I always wanna get a buzz out there...but you gotta look at it like : if they not bootlegging you then thats a sign that your shit aint hot - nobody really wanna hear you - I want it to sell cause its like...a business - but umm...you gotta look at it like, people gonna do what they wanna do - they got bullshit bootlegs out on me right now where they grabbed a cupla songs and you know they done went and grabbed songs from my guest appearences ive done on other albums back in the day! *laughs* and then got a photo from a magazine or some shit and they selling then outta trunks, parking lots, cheque cashing stands and shit like that - but its bullshit though - old records ya know. They grab "The Streets" and one or two records they got a hold of and they tell everybody they got the new Dub album - its amazing cause some of those records are old as fuck! I dont even consider those muthafuckas [songs] ranking right now and its funny to see how the hype be blinding people - you hear people rolling down the street saying "Yo I got the new Dub album - that muthafuckas bangin" - god damn - wait till the real one comes out man!

dubcnn: In your opinion is this your best release so far?

WC : Yea, yea, yea - you gotta realise that every record is done at different times, this is the best one for right now for this time and day - every album is my best album but people be like when you 1st drop thats your most classic record...like Public Enemy I dont think they can ever out do "It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back"...but im quite sure that in the air when each time they dropped an album they felt that the album dropping was better than the last one but umm fans always have they choices. But me, as an artist feel real comfortable with this one right here and I do feel this is some of my best work to date

dubcnn: Whats happening with the "Maad Circle" - are there any plans to get together for a 3rd release?

WC : Naa, I mean it was good for back then, umm i ran across Coolio the other day at a show and it was good back then but now were pretty much on 2 different paths - but um its all good but I would like to collab on a record with him [Coolio] on his record you know just for old times sake but the Maad Circle thing...you know - we become bigger than that - it was good at the time, perfect for its time in fact the record was ahead of its time.

dubcnn: Whats happening with the Westside Connection - we heard alot of rumors a while back about a new album and with the recent shows and the "Connected For Life" video it started the talk again...

WC : Yea, yea...you know - we always call each other up to get down on records - we did a song on my album called "Walk" - were doing another record with Cube...we do records when the timing is right, money is right - numsayin *laughs* - we gonna jump - we'll make it happen, we have spoke about doing one and having fun in the studios here, we got about 7 songs done

dubcnn:  Your finishing up a DVD with FortressDVD, what can we expect from that?

WC : Yea, the name of that is gonna be "All that Glitters....Aint Gold" its gonna be about the blood, sweat and tears in the business behind the scenes - that goes on inside this rap game - the behind the scenes blood, sweat and tears not just what you see - the nice cars, the rent-a-hoes all the other Bullshit - imma show you the real - thats what were workin on right there, for alot of upcoming artists that wanna get in the game they really need to challenge their thoughts - do they really wanna fuck with this right here - were gonna show the cool shit as well...the rewards of this shit right here.

dubcnn: How do you expect the DVD to do - promotion etc?

WC : Yea, thats gonna be good, cause ya know - we aint just niggas with cameras *laughs* nigga witta camera ya know! - we talkin bout something on there

dubcnn: Do you have plans for a US tour or even father a field?

WC : Most definitely, just gotta find the right tour cause nowadays its hard to find the right one

dubcnn: Whats your opinions of the commercialism of C-walking?

WC : Man...I got some shit with CJ Mack called "C-Walk" - thats my way of giving back to alot of Gz that have fallen in the game and behind the gang violence out here and um to give back we gotta explain the origin of this right here along with CJ Mack - of where it came from and how its affecting the rap game right now and just people in general. they tryna ban it [C-walking] in schools and shit like that and everything theres alot going on right now with seeing artists doing it, seeing bitches in bikinis doing it in videos you know...its like damn thats a form of disrespect - but um I really dont trip because I can sleep at night with a clear conscience knowing that um valid, I can get out there and do it, cause i came up among that environment and that's how we got down, but to alot of people out there who are getting down and doing it, I just want them to check their feet and be careful because not only will a blood approach you and ask you - whats happening with the dance - a Crip will too. so you gotta be careful

dubcnn: Have you got any upcoming collabs/guest appearances happening, we heard your collaborating with Ren on his upcoming album...?

WC : Yea fo sho, i got that cracking. I got a record out now on Scarfaces album, um I just did a record in the studio the other day with Dre, yea we did a song dunno if he'll toss that one too me or keep it in the archives - umm I dunno. Also I got the track we did on Macks album, um...Cubes gonna be working on a new album in a minute, im gonna be on that...shit what else we got going on...I did some on the Capone album too yea...

dubcnn: Whats happening on the Westcoast at the moment...is there as much artist problems as were led to believe...

WC : I really don't know, I really dont know - whose beefing with who or whats what. Muthafuckas be talkin but then again at the end of the day...believe 10% of what you...believe 10% of whatchu...umm...how can I put this...of whutchu hear and believe...um....90% of what you hear and 10% of whutchu see. *laughs* I hear muthafuckas talkin shit and it could be true ya know - but ya know media twists shit, medias fucked up man, medias fucked up. I really dont know though, niggas been beefin since day 1 in this rap game you know. People alot of the time try to take words and twist them and all that old shit...

dubcnn: How about the feelings regarding Kurupt & Tha Row?

WC : I Really dont know...I dont know how his homies feel about that shot, cause im not from Doggpound, me and Kurupts straight! I aint got no problems with Kurupt I ran across Kurupt several times - we chopped it up, I ran across him with Suge - I aint got no fuckin problem with Kurupt doin his thang...long as he's happy man im aight...ya know.

dubcnn: What are your plans after Ghetto Heisman?

WC : I wanna jump on this big screen...yea tryna jump on the big screen i mean if you look at my past I done got down on the big screen before I just never persued it cause I was always so hands on with my music, I opened up "Set It Off", Friday - hit Cube and Chris Tucker for big worm, I been on TV several times from "Moesha" to "Sister Sister", I done appeared in some MBO specials, um I got a couple of independent films out there, I got down with Ice-T, those should be available over there in europe ya know. Im just really tryna get back into the film thing because thats what I can see myself being involved in when there is no more rap - as well as handling other shit that im doing. Im tryna get a Doctor Stank album out, he's an artist ive collabed with on my album over at MCA as well as starting up on a new album I wanna get the next one out swift, I dont want a big delay in between.

dubcnn: Before the Maad Circle you did the Low Profile record with DJ Aladdin, have you worked with Aladdin recently or have things changed?

WC : Things have changed yea because umm...he's doing his independent thing...I ran across him in the studio with King T, I was there hollering at [King] T doing something for his record...Aladdin came in, this was about 6 months ago, he told me about an independent project he was doing and we spoke on getting together and doing a record - ya know - doing a song, he was wide open, i was wide open, it was all gravy, all gravy - it was real big so ya know...I really feel tho that we both moved on...

dubcnn: Who is the producer you feel has brought the best outta you and why?

WC : Umm...id say Flip, yea Flip for Audiotone Productions. Id say Flip because his tracks man...just aint one dimensional they just dont sound 1 sided - numsayin - he can give you a Westcoast feel track as well as an Eastcoast feel track and turn around and hit you with some down south shit, numsayin, Flip definitely for Audiotone Productions, he done fucked the game up! I got blessed with 3 of them on the albums, Flip did the track with Ren, yea he did "Wanna Ride" so his shit sounds hard with that lil rock feel as well as the gangsta shit

dubcnn:  Where do you see rap in 10 years?

WC : Where do I see rap?....umm, rap'll be here forever man, its something that been here since day 1 they just didnt label it rap - back when Jazz artists was doin it. Now that that stamps been placed on it its official now and it generates alot of money for all these companies and alotta these youngsters are into it so heavy to where...anytime kids get involved in some shit its like its a wrap - its over with. Just like rock & roll this artform is making alotta money for alotta people and I really do see in the future this shit really not being as...as...corporate, I think they'll be more outlets for people cause you see right now they downloading to computers and shit getting shit they want and people finding ways of doing shit and pretty soon peoples gonna ...um...have radio stations out here where mufuckas can listen to shit they wanna listen to and not have to listen to the shit on the radio. They dont wanna listen to all that pop shit 24/7 on the radio, mufuckas can listen to what they wanna listen to or listen to other records other than whats on the playlist thats where I see rap going in the future man - I see shit being more...I see a lane opening up more for other artists.

dubcnn: Recently we heard Cube has joined Aftermath - have you spoke to Cube about it?

WC : I dont know nothing about that, imma see Cube tonight though, I dont know nothing about it, I know last time I spoke with Cube was a cupla weeks ago - nothing was official but he was over there talkin to Dre but nothing was official he said, I aint spoke since, ill see him tonight - maybe he'll tell me he has signed - im hearing it from everywhere though. It's good though - look at the talk, that would be a good move looking at the talk already!

dubcnn: Thanks for taking the time out to speak to dubcnn - is there anything you'd like to see to the people checking the interview?

WC : Its all gravy man, thanks for having me - appreciate that fa sho...I just wanna let everbody know go get the album October 22nd...Ghetto Heisman...October 22nd - Keep It Ghetto!




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