interview E-SWIFT  (June 2002) | Interview By: Westcoast2K

Westcoast2k interviewed Likwit producer and Tha Liks member E-Swift as we discussed his new album, the Vapirz project, the Roger Troutman Tribute album and much more.


WC2K - What were your first steps in the music business and how did you guys hook up?

E - Just hangin out, You know, we had interest in music so we just got together and started makin demos at my house. Just lettin people hear it, then they got in the right hands and got signed to Loud Records after a year.

WC2K - Did XO Expierence sell what you expected?

I mean I was expecting it to do more, but it did good for us. Just built another step for us, we're trying to reach the top.

WC2K - What is the current status of the "Vapirz"? Was it put on hold after kurupt signed with tha row?

No, its not on hold, we just finished it up right now.

WC2K - When Is It Coming Out and On What Label?

By the end of the year, we just finishin it. We puttin it out on DNA Records, Dogg Pound and Alkaholiks Records.

WC2K - Can You Talk About it? Like Whos featured, and whos producin on the album?

Just Me, Im producin it. And this guy named John Wells, he's like a young producer, he did a couple songs. But pretty much me. It has Kurupt, Daz, Alkaoliks, Defari, all Likwit Crew Cats on it. Its coming out real soon so check it out.

WC2K - What are some of the topics you people address on this album?

Oh we cover everything from havin a good time, party down to how crazy it is in the streets all over the world, to lovin your kids, being in messed up relationships, you know...

WC2K - So are you planning to release a solo album?

Yeah I got a solo album coming out. It should be done in the next couple months. Its coming out on Street Soul Records, thats my label. But Im still debattin about what Im gonna sign with for distribution.

WC2K - What About Tash I, is he releasing another solo album?

Yeah, we doin his album right now as well. Everybody's busy workin on a new Alkaholik album, so we're in the studio non-stop

WC2K - I Heard he's releasin an album with Kurupt, is that true?

Yeah, thats called DNA, thats the name of the album. We got the Vapirz and DNA, two different albums.

WC2K - . You produced a track on the Roger Troutman Tribute Album, right?

Yeah, thats right.

WC2K - You ever had a chance to work with Roger in the studio?

No, I never had a chance to work with him in the studio, but we done like a couple shows, and he's a great dude. So we had an association with funk and stuff. He's a real good man..We all gone miss him. Thats why we got a chance to put together this album. So everybody can pay tribute to him. It should have done a while ago, but it took a while, to make sure the album wouldnt rush, because this is a tribute album, its gotta reflect how people really feel about the mans life. So, it took a minute, but its ready to go now.

WC2K - You guys have any expectations for that album, Maybe Sales Wise?

I think anything in sales gonna be profitable and we gonna be proud of that, because we didnt really put it together to make money and get rich. We wanted to pay a tribute to somebody who built the foundation for West Coast Funk And Hip Hop. And that was the priority. Whatever it does, we gonna be happy with it. Everbody could tribute to it at time, with their hard work for the project. We satisfied how it came out so whatever it sells, its gonna be definitely enough to make his family happy.

WC2K - And Are You guys planning to release a Likwit album?

Yeah we gonna put together a Likwit crew album pretty soon. We just tryna finish our main album first. Then everybody collectivly we gonna put together a whole Likwit crew album, with Xzibit, Defari, and Us, Phil da Agony, Lootpack, and whoever else.

WC2K - Oh Yeah, Whens That Phil da Agony Album Coming out?

Hopefully he'll be out in like July, August. We lookin at August.

WC2K - You got any other projects that youre working on right now?

Im workin on whatever man, beatz for a lotta people. Takin one day at a time. I got songs thats gonna be out on a lotta diffferent albums, like Snoops album. You know, just different things, like a couple Rock projects.

WC2K - And what about the Golden State Project?

The Golden State Project is still being worked on. Its not finished. Xzibit focuses on his album.

WC2K - How Did u Guys hook up with xzibit?

He's just a hungry cat man. We saw his talent cause he definitely gets slept on. So we put him out there, let him do his thang, and he right came along and helped and blew him out the water.

WC2K - What About King T. Are You on his New Album?

Yeah, King Tee's new album too. We're actually in the studio with him today finishing up the last 2 songs for his album. So, definitely check out the King Tee album.

WC2K - Whats His New album Called? Is it Thy Kingdome Come?

Its called Ahhhhhhhh.......??? Kingdome Come or somthing? Like Kingdome Come or somthing like that.

WC2K - What artists have you not worked with, and would you like to work with in the future?

Hmm, who I havent worked with that I like to work with. Nas, yea I like Nas man. Man, basically everbody thats wanna work with me. I appreciate like everybody. Im not really after this one same cat, because everybody that appreciates our music I like to work with.

WC2K - You got A favorite Alkaholiks Song?

My favorite Alkaholiks song, probably is...Damn I got so many, I like Make Room. Yea, it was like the foundation that broke us out.

WC2K - What do you see yourself doing in 10 Years?

I mean, Im gonna be producin, Im gonna be like the Quincy Jones of Hip Hop. Im gonna be producin till the end. And, I'm a business man too, I got this label thing crackin, so Īm gonna be puttin out other artist. If I find a group thats worthy to just puttin on my time, you know. I'm all thats gonna be involved doing music somehow.

WC2K - So You Got A Message For All the fans and supporters out there?

Just Keep doing your thing. Keep checkin out Tha Liks, look out for tha Alkaholiks, supportin that real West Coast Hip Hop. And dont not nothin get you down man, just keep coming with that banging music.




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