interview ZIGIDY (October 2002) | Interview By:  Nima

Dubcnn.com got the chance to chat to Zigidy about his previous album, his upcoming collaboration album "Tha Zigilaytion", Bay area rap, his influences coming into hip hop and much more! Ensure you check the text and if you want there is the full interview in audio for download! Send Feedback to : nima@dubcnn.com

Firstly huge thanks to Zigidy for taking the time out to do the interview with the site! Please take the time out to support Zigidy. The interview was conducted on 14th October

Questions Asked By : Nima

Full Interview Audio Download : Here

dubcnn: First off, I'd like to ask what inspired you to step into the rap game and follow into the footsteps of many Bay Area rappers before you?

Zigidy : Man, basically its like I grew up around all the original bay area artists, knowwhatimsayin, Ray Luv and all them cats, from Santa Rosa California, grew up on all them, Mac Mall, Dre all them cats, JT, Black C and its like I just got love for the music man, knowwhatimsayin? And you know, I just wanted to come with my own shit, youknowwhatimsayin, just start rapping, come with my own shit, man, my own style, whatever you know?

dubcnn: Who inspired or influenced you most during your first days into Rap, and who did you lookup to?

Zigidy : Uuh, well mainly man, I mean who inspired me the most, I guess its like, uhh, you know JT The Bigga Figga, you know, 40 and B-Legit and all them man, sellin tapes outta the trunk man, it's like making something outta nothin, you feel me? I just wanted a opportunity to do that, and I just kept stickin with it you know, you know, the studio and all of this shit.

dubcnn: If you could go back, would you change anything to the way your career has been going, do you wish you would have done things differently?

Zigidy : Uhh, lemme see man, differently Nah, I would change alot less, youknowwhatimsayin, differently nah, I would go one road or the other. But, uh, would I change anything? I mean, really, I would probably got.... I mean not really man! I wouldn't really change nuttin we in the game bwoy you know?

dubcnn: Let's talk a bit about your debut release, Zigidy The Self titled Album. Are you satisfied with the album and with the way it has been selling lately? I heard you sold 2000 copies in four months! That's pretty impressive! Were you surprised?

Zigidy : Uh yeah I mean we sold 'em pretty much, I mean Sam Goody was sellin' em at like 15, 16, uh muthafuckin like Mom & Pop stores for 12, 13 youknowwhatimsayin, the Zigidy the Self Titled album, every rap you hear on that muthafucka, I had that shit sorted for years, just waiting to bust out, I had to just mature myself to release an album, you feel me, and do it business wise. If I wouldve done that shit way back n the day man it wouldn't have gone nowhere you know. Every rap on that album is all premeditated, and now the Zigilaytion is coming out, that's all premeditated too. That's just like the ideal of all the cats I wanna rap with. Im fully satisfied with that album man, both of them actually.

dubcnn:  You've been doing shows and hanging around with a lot of big names and bay area legends, do you plan on blowing up and going mainstream anytime soon, or would you prefer to keep that underground rep and stay G?

Zigidy : You know man, im keep it gangsta just like Black C say, imma keep it gangsta for life. Whether we sell half a million copies and be on MTV, or keep it 15 every time we dropp'em. Imma keep it bay in my blood for life, youknowwhatimsayin, whether we sell major or something, imma keep it real, its in my blood man, its in my blood.

dubcnn: You've always been a rapper who doesn't hesitated to put someone in his place when you felt he should, and disses were pretty common. Some people think you doin' this to get attention, what do you have to say about that?

Zigidy : Man get attention.. get attention... All about uh that Lil Fruitie Like A Smoothie track?

Nah, in general.

Zigidy : Oh just in general. Well I mean, me personally, man, we all grew up in the bay man, we been listenin' to this shit for years. First of all, I got game. Call me convinced or whatever the fuck, I don't need nobody's name to tell you how it is. I always tell the truth on thangs. That's my personal opinion on cats and how I feel. Ima say it anytime anyplace I want, I don't give a fuck whether I hurt there feelings or whatever the fuck, knowwhatimsayin. I don't need to prove shit about whatever, and that's already been proven, you know. Call me up, north bay. Fuck all that ima tell it like it is. If anyone has something to say, Fuck'em. I don't give a fuck. If you got something to say about me, say it!

dubcnn: And is the beef strictly on wax or would you take it to the streets too?

Zigidy : Nah man, nah! It has nothin to do with street shit. I mean me personally man, its like I don't have a problem with a goddamn soul. Whether they attack me, diss me or whatever. Its all game man, a million dollar mouthpiece. Take it personal, if you wanna whoopty woop or whatever, then of course. Any cat in the bay area thats real gonna handle theirs. But me personally man, I say wassup to cats, its all game on wax knowwhatimsayin, its all opinion, everybody got the right to speak 'em, you know.

dubcnn: Now about your new album, . What do you think of it, are you happy with the result? Do you feel like its better than The Selftitled album?

Zigidy : Yeah, I mean its not necessarily better, it's like on the first one, I didn't feature no big names, its like Richie Rich said back then "if its a solo album, then make it solo!" that's what the originally is! On this one, it's not even a compilation man, the Zigilaytion is a collaboration, coz I wanted to work with all them cats on that album. It came out exactly what I wanted it to be, knowwhatimsayin, plain and simple. Producers, knowwhatimsayin, I just felt game from all them cats on that album man! Black C from RBL, Dubee, Coolio, you know, 51.50 Tac man, it came out perfect man, put a lot of heart in that muthafucka.

dubcnn: I noticed SMOOV E is featured on a track. How come, despite the beef, you kept the track on the album?

Zigidy : I mean, its like this man. I kept my word, youknowwhatimsayin. We layed that track like back in February or some shit. Smoov E, he a cool cat you know, I ain't got a real personal problem with him. We got love for the same folks. I told him I was gone put him on, I kept my word you know? WE laced the track together, I aint gone hit on that. But the personal shit happenin with the shows, and some no shows, you know, whatever the reasons, but its you know just certain shit, that like finally was irritating me, I was gone pull his hoe card eventually so, you know.. whatever. I just kept my word, and kept him on the album, you know?

Nima : What about fans living overseas, are they able to cop it ?

Zigidy : Yeah yeah fo sho man, overseas man, directly right now the fastest way to order Tha Ziggilaytion, Zigidy The Selftitled Album or Westwayz Compilation by my boy Salvatore is click on the order file, 5050records.com and get the order file, or dubcnn.com. We in the internet stickin together right now and gettin ready for the release of Zigilaytion. So its most defiantly available. Just click 5050records.com, dubcnn.com.

Ndubcnn: Who else is on 5050records, and in which ways do you wish to expand it?

Zigidy : Well 5050 Records is like, I got myself on it, I want my folks up there, my cats got talent, my boy L.O. Gic, he produced most my album, you know, he a artist, he mostly a producer though, its game, we got another cat named S.P. Laya, he my folks, he also on the Zigilaytion, we got some other young cats, you know we just hittin the studio, feel me?

dubcnn: You were featured (amongst others) on Salvatore's Compilation called "Westwayz Vol.1". How did that go down? He told me Westwayz Vol.2 is coming in January, are you gonna be part of that?

Zigidy : Yeah yeah fo sho man, my boy Salvatore that put out that Westwayz Compilation, basically man, we started music together back then, its like this man, he sold his mothafuckin techniques and his mixin boards and went to buy a drum machine and a microphone. And we been doin forever, I support Westwayz Compilation to the fullest, we got Andre Nickatina, Ant D.O.G. from the Link Crew, its a dope ass album. And Westwayz Vol.2 is gone be even sicker, even more on 5050 records and Zigidy and shit, you know.

dubcnn:  And now the main question: When is the Zigilaytion droppin' ??

Zigidy : The Zigilaytion droppin, uhh its gone be like right now you can pre-order it, go download the order form, 5050 records.com, but right now real release date is gone be October 29th 2002, we been delayed a few months, to get our game straight, but that's how it is. October 29th, it should be all over the Bay Area, the whole westcoast, internet and all that shit. So peep it, its gone be a dope ass album playa.

dubcnn: Ok, we've come to the end of the interview, anything you want to tell the people, any shoutouts?

Zigidy : Yeah fo sho man, first of all I wanna say good lookin out to all the cats that were on the Zigilaytion you know, uh, loved workin' with all them cats, grew up on most of them. Wanna say wassup to all my 5050 cutthroats, all my lil homies and shit. Pretty much thats it man. Zigidy, 5050 records homie.

dubcnn: Thanks for taking your time, peace



Full Interview Audio Download : Here


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