The Game recently wrapped up his Doctor's Advocate European Tour, before heading back for a mini US Tour starting this week. The Compton rapper and his Black Wallstreet entourage were on the road almost the whole month of December touring different European countries like the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, and many others.

Dubcnn was in the house to cover the shows in Hamburg (Germany) and Zurich (Switzerland). We also got to speak to Black Wallstreet members Juice, Game's tour DJ Kris-Stylez, and BWS video producer TayDoe and get some words on camera for the Dubcnn audience.

Check out this exclusive Doctor's Advocate European Tour special feature with a review, photos and video of the performance as well as the exclusive video interviews with the BWS crew.

Stay tuned for the Doctor's Advocate European Tour DVD directed by TayDoe. He collected footage from all over Europe, the shows and behind the scenes. Expect to see the DVD coming your way early 2007!


After DJ Kris-Stylez finished his set and had everybody hyped for the face of L.A., The Game finally hit the stage and started off the show with the Doctor's Advocate's album intro, "Looking At You". He had his protege Juice performing with him and backing him up, but they were far from being the only ones on stage since Game had his whole entourage up there doing their thing.

With only two albums out, it's remarkable how Game could perform an entire night full of hits. Mashing up material from these two records, Chuck Taylor bombarded the crowd with an impressive array of tracks like "Westside Story", "Compton", "Higher" and of course the album's lead single "Let's Ride". Though his set was high energy, he proceeded with a tribute to two of his biggest influences, 2Pac and Biggie.

Game definitely knew how to rock the house and entertain a crowd, especially with antics like forgetting the lyrics to "Start From Scratch" because of too much drank (see video), or going through his usual G-Unit bashing on tracks like "How We Do" and during his smoke-breaks.

Since lot of the tracks were cut short, the concert found an early end a little bit more than an hour later. Game closed the show by pulling females on stage to perform his new single "Wouldn't Get Far", followed by the zoo party on "One Blood" where you had half the house share the stage with Game and the aforementioned females.

It's easy to see how Game's confidence on stage increased over the last two years, and his fans love him for it. He easily won over the audience, with such a charismatic performance there's no need to ask why.

Here's the complete set of the night:

Lookin At You
Westside Story
Put You On The Game
Scream On Em
Let's Ride
How We Do
Too Much
Where I'm From
Start From Scratch
Hate It Or Love It
Doctor's Advocate
Wouldn't Get Far
One Blood


You can download and watch the video by clicking below. You have two options:

Complete Footage with Performance, BWS Interviews and Drops...

» The Game's Performance and BWS Interviews (74 MB, Windows Media)

...or Footage in separate files:

» The Game's Performance (35 MB, Windows Media)

» BWS Interviews (40 MB, Windows Media)

» Juice Shout Out For Dubcnn (3 MB, Windows Media)

» DJ Kris-Stylez Shout Out For Dubcnn (2 MB, Windows Media)

» TayDoe Shout Out For Dubcnn (2 MB, Windows Media)


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Enjoy this exclusive feature, and make sure to pick up the "Doctor's Advocate" album if you haven't done so yet. Also be on the lookout for more Dubcnn & BWS features in the future!


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