interview FRANK NITTY BIRTHDAY PARTY - Club Incahoots

Who is Frank Nitty? You don't know? We gotta school you on that then, because Frank Nitty has been a significant figure on the West Coast for the past decade. If you don't know who Frank Nitty is, ask your favorite rapper. He'll know! Known for making it happen behind the scenes, hooking up features for artists, shows, distribution deals, and much more, Frank Nitty has been grinding hard. He recently celebrated his birthday at club Incahoots in Riverside, and countless people came out to support.

Sly Boogy, Bad Azz, Pomona City Ridaz, MC Eiht, Chocolate, Hood Surgeon (Dr. Dre son), the Low Lifes are just a few of the people that you're gonna be able to check out in an exclusive 30 minute documentary of Frank Nitty's birthday that we have exclusively right here for ya'll on dubcnn.

Peep game, ride with Frank Nitty for half an hour, find out what he's about and why he is who he is, see live performances from Sly Boogy (We Thuggin'), Bad Azz (Wrong Idea), the Pomona City Ridaz and more, interviews and backstage footage of the birthday party, and much more.

For those who can't view videos or are on a sidekick, we've also got the transcribed version of the interview parts of the footage so ya'll can read that. Enjoy the show, and stay tuned, because you're gonna be hearing way more of Frank Nitty in 2006!


Frank Nitty Birthday Party - Video Footage (30 minutes, 108MB) (ft. Sly Boogy, Bad Azz, Pomona City Ridaz, Hood Surgeon, MC Eiht, Low Lifes...)

(Shouts out to Justin Remington of SoCalUnderground for his camera and editing work)

Footage Transcription

Frank Nitty Introduction

What's up internet world? All my people on myspace! All my people out there browsin' through the internet, I got a real live live exclusive for my n-gga Nima, dubcnn.com, Yash, wassup bwoy I told ya'll I was gonna come with some real footage for ya'll, just to let everybody know how I'm doin' it! A real small part of how I'm doin' it for my birthday. Ya'll be on the lookout!

Ay and if you can, download this sh-t in your computer and watch this sh-t again! Comin' from your boy Frank Nitty for those who don't know who I am, here goes a little little bit of what I'm feedin' you. So understand game while it's all in your face off safety, West Coast, Operation Save The West Coast, and God bless the negative. Check it out!

Frank Nitty Talking

Wassup wassup boy? This Frank Nitty, this is my muthafucking birthday party, I'm about to go out and have a real real good time, you gonna see alot of footage of everybody networking, everybody doin' their thang. Everybody should be happy, I got it all set up real nice, real fresh, it's gonna be alotta movie cameras running around, I'ma pull up on 'em, in the lil Phantom Rolls Royce, real quick! I got all my people down, I hope my nigga Sly Boggy comes through, he's a request that I wanted to come through, my nigga Bad Azz, you might see Lil Half Dead in the house, my nigga Chocolate, Pomona City Ridaz, my cousin Weasel Loc might be in the house... Let me see who else.. my commitee might be in the house, you might see my mom in the house, the Low Life Gangstas, official, is gonna be in the house... Just a gang of people man comin' through showin' me love, keepin' it all on the spiritual up and up, I'm just gonna keep God in my heart and my soul, go have a couple toasts, and let everybody know that I'm tryin' to do my thang this year! This is an introduction to my whole gameplan. Everybody, ya'll have fun when you watch this footage, you'll know a little bit more about me, and just remember, this is just my birthday and there's much more partyin' to do, on a positive level! God bless ya'll, and be on the lookout for me, cause I'm comin' real big on ya! Pow!

Second of all for all you slow ass rappers out there that ain't got no game, I'm the one that gets you your feature money. And if you need a show, I might get you a show, dependin' on how clean your shoes been for the last 2 months! And if you been fuckin' with niggaz but they ain't fuckin with you no more, I might get you a distribution deal! So it all depends on what kinda saw you got, that's how I am, I'm not no punk, I love to fight, but I love righteous niggaz. I don't like niggas who think they hard, that's why I don't hang around. I ain't been on no tours, cause all these fake ass niggas go on tours, they be jokin' too much...

Frank Nitty Speaking On Sly Boogy

Sly Boogy... Shit when I moved out here to Riverside, it was just alotta buzz. I was basically trying to figure out who is who for the 909, and out of all, him [Sly Boogy] and 40 Glocc came out as the top of the food chain. I just wanted to work with that cat, I heard his song on the radio and I was like "I'm diggin' that!" So, when I first knew somebody that had contact with him, I was like "I'ma hook that nigga up man and let that nigga know, I got alot of love for him". Actually the first time I even got in contact with him, I had some money for him, so that just goes to show that my business is right. He's definitely one of my favorites out here in the 909, so for my birthday party I made a couple calls, got at my homegirl Lollipop, we had a conversation and I wanted him to come represent and get down!

Frank Nitty Speaking On Bad Azz

Frank Nitty: Shit man, Bad Azz is my muthafuckin' nigga man! He's the one who made it possible for Frank Nitty to be who he is. For me to have that game, to reach out to other people, and just give them an opportunity. I thank Bad Azz for that man, he brought me in this muthafuckin' game, so I just took it upon myself to go different directons and try to add on to what he's trying to build. Niggas can't fuck with that nigga man, lyrically, nothing! That's like my Ace Boon Coon. People always asked me who my favorite rapper is, and with no hesitation I'ma tell you from the jump Bad Azz is my favorite rapper! He's my best friend, my business partner, he's everything! We talk about God togeter, I go to his house, we cookin' breakfast in the kitchen, we do everything together, we been on tour together. I love that nigga right there to the fullest, to the day I die! That's my nigga right there! Alotta people don't really understand Bad Azz, but I'm one of the very few people that do! I'ma ride for him like that, that's how it goes!

Frank Nitty Speaking On Pomona City Ridaz

Frank Nitty: That's a real rider for you right there! Weasel Loc, Ha-Ha, Pimpin' Young, known as the group Pomona City Ridaz. I always told Weasel and I always told the rest of the homies that whatever I do I want ya'll involved in it. So hopefully they'll come get down at my birthday party cause I like that real crip shit! You might see a little performance by them... That's my niggas right there homie. Now that I'm comin' up, if I had anything to do with any of them niggas cracking, I'm gonna make it happen. Weasel Loc, Ha-Ha, I ain't forgot about you! And my nigga Pimpin' Young. One of the realest Pimps out here on the West Coast that I know of. Matter of fact one of the only muthafuckas that I really see puttin' it down, so you gonna see a little bit of them!

Final Words From Frank Nitty

Dubcnn, Yash wassup boy I told ya'll I was gonna come with some real real footage for ya'll! It's like, all the homework that I did, it's like it pays off! I've been doin' positive for so long, that just seeing all the good people here it kinda puts like goosebumps.. You know when you go to church and you hear that good testimony, and sometimes you just feel like "Damn that was the best feeling I've ever felt".

Other People Talking About Frank Nitty

Interviewer: What exactly does Frank Nitty do? We all wanna know, what the hell does Frank Nitty do?

Weasel Loc: He makes it happen cuzz. He gets his money, he's a humble gentleman, I love him cuzz! He's a real rider man and I got love for him cause he's a respectful G man, and the G stands for genuine. Although he is a gangsta! Wassup nigga?! Nitty! It's your C-Day!

Hood Surgeon: Connecting the West Coast! Believe it man! My nigga Frank Nitty dogg, and that nigga's the man! Believe that shit! Believe the hype homie! Real talk! We finna take over this West Coast. New faces of the West Coast, new generation man, all you old niggaz make room for the new niggaz dogg. Gotta do it way big homie! Man! Much love homie! Big nigga out the West Coast, Frank Nitty dogg, real talk! Connectin' the West Coast, believe it!

Bad Azz: For everybody that don't know, I helped invent ya kid! You know what I mean? Like I'm a protege of Snoop Dogg, he's a protege of Bad Azz. I brought him from my corner, California, Long Beach, 15th and Coronado St. Jr. High School right after elementary! So we go back like pyjamas with the feet in them. Me and Nitty go back before he was Nitty Gritty. I won't tell you what he was, but he had more like a government name. Somethin' that his momma used to call him. I watched him turn into Frank Nitty Gritty, Grittystyle Entertainment, I'ma tell you what he did! My guy took a little bit, and BAM, he blew it up to alot! So ya'll watch out for him cause he's a force to be reckoned with, and we ain't goin' NOWHERE till God call our cellphones! Yeah!

Weasel Loc: I been fuckin' with Frank Nitty for years and years. He's been affiliated with the Dogg Pound, and I've been watchin' the Dogg Pound grow since the beginnin' of their career the Death Row days, and I've been watchin' my nigga Frank Nitty, Bad Azz and all of the Low Life Thugs and Gang Members do their thug thizzle fo shizzle cuzzo! And Nitty been gritty with it ever since I've known the nigga man! I'm his big cousin Weasel Loc, straight outta Pomona City, we ridin' on them, and Nitty is the shitty nigga, and I love him and he's all to the G, it's his C-Day man!

Fingazz: My man Frank Nitty, we go way back man, happy birthday to you. You know I was gonna come out and support! Street Light representin' for Frank Nitty. We're like brothers to be honest with you, we're like brothers, I love him like a brother. We put it down, building together, I got mad love for you, Flossy got mad love for you, everybody at Homeless, Diamonique, we all love you man! Happy Birthday!

Chocolate: It's like this, alotta people know my name but don't know the face, which is cool though. But like Nitty been a major help for the past 7 years of my career, alotta my money comes through this cat, so I just... I thank God for this cat. That's all I could say about that. That goes for the radio show, the radio station, the studio and the artists. My nigga been there from day one and I love you my nigga.

Pimpin' Young: He's the only nigga that knows how to get it done! Whatever it is, he'll get it done! Frank Nitty can be a manager, a CEO, a car sales man, whatever we need him to do that day he gonna handle it and get it done and be the best at it mayne! So we only fuck with the best on the west, Frank Nitty for president, ya dig?

Sly Boogy On Frank Nitty

Interviewer with Sly Boogy: So you tell me a little somethin' about Frank Nitty, Nitty Gritty, what you know about the boy?

Sly Boogy: Well you know what, todays festivity is his birthday party, and Frank Nitty requested that I come through, and give him a performance. So this is what I'm here for. And also to pay respect to Frank Nitty. Happy Birthday my nig! My nigga hooked me up with a show, the first time I met him. My first impression of this cat, was this nigga is a hustler. Yes sir! This nigga's a hustler, he's a paper chaser. I hadn't even known him for 3 days and he put some money in my pocket. Big ups to Nitty Gritty ya'll! Real recognize real baby!

Blow: About Frank Nitty man, he's grinding man. Everyday, all day, everywhere. And I gotta keep sayin' it like that, cause he's eveywhere! When you talkin' about good work, hard work, that's who you're talking about! This dude right here man! I don't know no other real dudes in this game man that's serious about what they do, that's real about what they talk about and that get it done. So whatever you're trying to do, whether it's promotion, distribution, when you're trying to get a record done, features, whatever it is man, don't sell yourself short man cause Frank Nitty will get it done, and that's what it is.

Big D (Wild 96.1): To everybody out there that's watchin' this Nitty Gritty, understand that only a few are chosen! We been doin' this for over 25 years my nigga, everybody that's in here that ya'll been choppin' it up with, we represent for this man right here on his C-Day my nigga. It's only a chosen few that get that recognition. We doin' the damn thing, holla at yo boy, Westsiiia nigga!


Thanks to Frank Nitty for this dubcnn exclusive!

To hit up Frank Nitty directly, go to http://www.myspace.com/franknittylbc

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