interview CLYDE CARSON - Theatre Music

Label: MoeDoe / Black Wall Street / Capitol

Release Date: June, 2007

Features: Wyclef, The Game, Too Short

Production: Neff-U, Kwame

In early January, Clyde Carson's newest single "Two Step" premiered on radio stations across the Bay Area. The song generated a buzz in the streets and the internet, not only because of the hit potential, but because of the dope production which got people talking. Word got around fast that Dr. Dre was responsible for the beat, after people believed to have heard elements similar to Dre's production. Being who we are, Dubcnn had to step in to clear the rumors about Dre having any involvement in "Two Step". The actual man behind the boards is producer Neff-U.

Dubcnn spoke to Clyde Carson earlier this week to discuss the song and get the 411:

"My man Neff-U produced it. I've been hearing the rumors that Dre did it, but it's all good. That's just buzz you know?" Clyde told Dubcnn. "I don't know where that started, but it was Neff-U. He's been doing production for Dre though. It ain't gonna be a big name for me to work with you. Whoever got beats that sound good, I'ma pick that. It's the quality of the music that counts, that's why people think it's Dre, but at the end of the day it's Neff-U. As long as the beats sound good, you can be a nigga on the corner selling beats. I'ma come fuck with you! I ain't got no big name producers on the album, not one. The biggest name I got is Kwame. Everybody else is people I just met and just heard of." Clyde continued.

Now that we shed some light on the situation, you can go back and listen to "Two Step", because this heater is about to make a lot of noise in the near future. You can expect more radio and even video play for the song, as Clyde picked the song as the official first single from his upcoming album "Theatre Music", due out in June.

"The track ain't really got no hyphy sound to it, but our music never really had no hyphy sound" Clyde said about "Two Step". "My whole thing is, I always wanna make universal music. It really don't matter if it got a New York, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, L.A. sound. My goal when I got into the studio is to make a universal sound, not to make a regional sound. To make a sound that everyone and every region can feel. That's like a no-brainer. When you hear it, it just sounds good, you don't care. And "Two Step" just happened to sound like some L.A. shit, but it sounds good to every region. That's the main point." Clyde continued.

In addition to "Two Step", he also has a street single getting ready to drop which is not intended for radio play, as it's strictly for the streets. The track is called "Don't Get Your Hood Stomped Out", so be on the look out for the song as well as the accompanying video. Clyde then proceeded to talk about the guest appearances on "Theatre Music":

"As far as guest appearances, I got Wyclef. Wyclef is a good dude, he's humble. He just came in there and did it. It was an accident. I was recording in the studio and he just happened to come in my session. He heard the beat and just got on the track, it's like it felt into his hands. Other than Wyclef I got Game and Too Short. That's the only big names I got on there." Clyde told Dubcnn.

"Theatre Music" is shaping up to be one of the highlights of 2007. He's just one step away from making his mark in the industry and making Clyde Carson and Moe Doe a household name. The signing with Capitol Records and the recently arranged joint venture with The Game's Black Wall Street aren't hurting either. The future doesn't look too bad for the Oakland native. As you can see, he has a lot going on. Besides his music plans, he's also expanding with the "Hyphy Juice". Look for a new flavor coming out very soon.

Back to the "Two Step" song; don't worry if you slept on the track, Dubcnn has the song available for your listening pleasure (the song is also featured as one of the "Newest Joints" on top).

Clyde Carson - Two Step (Prod. by Neff-U)

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