interview YOUNG TREY - W.E.S.T. Radio Vol. 1

As Dubcnn previously reported, producer Young Trey has been hard work producing hits for some of the biggest artists in the West, as well as putting together his own mixtape called "W.E.S.T. Radio Volume 1". The project showcases songs that he produced for various artists, including The Comrads & Snoop Dogg, Westside Connection, Mack 10, Money Grip & The Swat, Da Hood, W.C., E-40, Too Short, the Young Hoggs, CJ Mac, and many more. Not only does the mixtape feature recent and brand new exclusive tracks, but he also has different artists calling in and requesting songs, making this project a full radio show experience.

The mixtape is now finally available for purchase exclusively from Dubcnn. Click below to order your copy today. We also got 4 exclusive Mp3's for preview, along with the final tracklist and cover.

"W.E.S.T. Radio Mixtape Vol. 1" Preview:

01. 60.1 Radio Drop - S.W.A.T.
02. Intro - Young Trey
03. Live Wire - Young Hoggs & Bosko
04. Song Request - The Game
05. Don't Get Outta Pocket - Westside Connection
06. Song Request - Money Grip of S.W.A.T.
07. Gangsta - Money Grip, Young Trey, Young Hoggs
08. Song Request - Dawn
09. Speak On It - Comrads & Snoop Dogg
10. Song Request - King Tee
11. Keep Hustlin' - W.C. Feat. E-40 & Too Short
12. Song Request - W.C.
13. Call 911 - Westside Connection
14. Song Request - J.Man
15. Ain't Got A Penny To Give - Young Hoggs
16. Song Request - Mack 10
17. From Tha Streetz - Mack 10
18. Snitch Report - Stacy Granite
19. From Tha Streetz (continued) - Mack 10
20. Song Request - Jamie D.
21. K to The M.A.C. - K Mac
22. Song Request - M.P. of S.W.A.T.
23. For the Money - Mack 10 Feat. ODB & Buck Shot
24. Song Request - DJ Crazy Toones
25. Hittin' Switches - Da Hood
26. Song Request - Big Les
27. Look At Us Now - Da Hood Feat. Butch Cassidy
28. Song Request - Big Kemo
29. Hoodsta Fo Life - Young Trey, K Mac, CJ Mac
30. Song Request - TJ Santana of Young Hoggs
31. L.A. Fo Ya - Da Hood
32. Song Request - Young Dre
33. Let The Games Begin - Mack 10 Feat. Fat Joe & Big Pun
34. Song Request - Wify
35. Chevy On Thangs - Young Trey

Click on the purchase button below to order your copy for only $7.00 (+shipping). The mixtape ships the same day!
Young Trey - W.E.S.T. Radio Vol. 1 Mixtape

If you need some beats from Trey, or you just wanna send a shout out, connect with him on his MySpace @ myspace.com/hoodstasncrime
Money Grip from The Swat can be reached at myspace.com/worldwidemusic

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