Damizza Introduces Lil' Bams & Readies "The Mizztape"

news Damizza Introduces Lil' Bams & Readies "The Mizztape" - By : Rud - May 30, 2012

Damizza had a busy end to 2011 with the release of his long awaited book "Guilty By Association" for free via DamizzaBook.com. He then caught up with Damian ‘Damizza’ Young just before the end of the year for an Exclusive Interview where discussed the long delays and the controversy surrounding the book as well as disussing Mr. Young’s place in West Coast Hip Hop.

So far in 2012 Damizza has been investing time in aspiring young artists and just this month was behind the release of Man Of May from the young talent Fresh that featured the single At the Studio (We Just Havin' a Ball) featuring Butch Cassidy over production from Will Power for Baby Ree Productions.

Today we are back with more evidence of nurturing new talent as this Friday Damizza will drop his new release "Project X: The Mizztape" for free download on Dubcnn. We've been sent an exclusive teaser track from the release that features his latest prodigy Lil' Bams.

Lil' Bams - pictured - is the latest MC and flagship artist of Baby Ree. The label that has a long history of breaking new talent have teamed up with Dubcnn to drop the first music from the 17 year old Santa Barbar MC.

"I met him when he was 14 through my late friend Wino. (RIP) [and since then] I've been training him," Damizza said, "He's a part of the group Bams & Skipps - Skipps featured on Money On My Mind with T-Dre on M.C.S.B. - and the duo will have their own Mizztape in the summer, but today I'm so happy to finally have the opportunity to launch him on Dubcnn.com" he continued.

Bams told Dubcnn; "I do it for the love, and love is the willingness to do whatever is necessary. That's why Mizz is sending me plus, the shoes didn't fit so I brought my own." Checkout the bonus track from "Project X: The Mizztape" - which will drop this Friday - entitled "God Give Me Wisdom" that sees Damizza and Lil' Bams over a Los instrumental.

Damizza - God Give Me Wisdom (Feat. Lil' Bams) (Audio)

Enjoy and lookout for "Project X: The Mizztape" on Dubcnn this Friday!

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