Azad Right Releases Incredible "A Piece Of Mine" EP

news Azad Right Releases Incredible "A Piece Of Mine" EP - By : Rud - June 20, 2011

Every now and again an artist is put in front of you that completely suprises you. Today's intoduction did exactly that to me and I expect he will to you.

An artistís narrative is what makes him or her either intriguing or dismissible before the music is even heard. In urban music, there isnít much that hasnít been portrayed, embodied or talked about already and that makes coming with something new and fresh harder with every passing day.

Every once in awhile, someone bucks the trend of dissapointments and showcases an ability to put a genuinely interesting slant on the culture with an opportunity to influence the masses in a positive way.

This Venice, California artist - the son of a divorced-blind poet, classically trained pianist and violinist with a Bachelorís degree of Iranian descent - is exactly that someone: Enter Azad Right.

"A Piece of Mine" is his debut release, six tracks of no big name features or production just real music from a genuine individual - first up we want to give you a teaser from the EP, the introspective "Spiderwebs" which will ensure you go on to grab the rest of the EP.

Azad Right - Spiderwebs

"My story is something that people should know about. Hip-Hop culture has grown so much and I'm living proof. Ten years ago, an Iranian-American rapper was an impossible career choice. In 2011, I plan to make it my reality" explains Azad - on the basis of this EP we see no reason why Azad Right wont go on to really make some noise this year - see why by downloading "A Piece of Mine" below.

Azad Right - A Piece Of Mine (Free Mixtape Download)

Enjoy the free mixtape and ensure you keep checking back on Dubcnn for more news and media from Azad Right. In the meantime check him out on Twitter.

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