interview IV LIFE FAMILY  (June 2003) | Written By: Lil Jay for Westcoast2k

IV Life Records are the new up and coming label from the West Coast. With a combination of the best talent the streets have to offer and a nurturing environment IV Life are ready to become one of the major players in Hip Hop. IV Life's CEO Dell 'Dog' Rowels has brought together the best array of young talent ever seen on the west coast and connected them with veterans such as Big Tray Dee, Snoop Dogg and DJ Slip. IV Life Records are still yet to release a major record, "VOL2: Tha New Breed" will be their 1st major/big release. It's due for release this Summer and has been pushed back since March 2003 due to hooking up with the right Distributor. IV Life released an Independent album in 2002 titled "IV Life Underground VOL1" which featured old material that got bootlegged and some underground gem's like "Maintain" by BG Knocout & Kam and "Get My Bang On" by Snoop Dogg, Tray Dee and Too Cool. Originally IV Life were going to release the "IV Life Family Album" as their 1st big release. But VOL1 did so well in the streets that that they are going to release VOL2 as their 1st big release. The "Family Album" will be released next year.

IV Life Records reside in South Central LA, on Tha Eastside. The IV Life family consists of Too Cool, Young Buc, Tray Deee (from The Eastsidaz), J-Dog, Crisstyle, Jewell (Formerly of Death Row Records) with former Comptons Most Wanted member, DJ Slip behind the boards.

They are also affiliated with Goldie Loc and DJ Mike T (Official DJ for IV Life) of Comptons Most Wanted.

The picture to the left is the original IV Life Family, Leicy Loc (Drsta & BG's sister) and Lil heff have left IV Life and RED who unfortunately passed away.

IV Life gives back to the community! IV Life are for the people! they have an annual toy drive and a feed the children turkey drive on thanksgiving, IV Life Records supports the community that supports them!

The Fabulous IV Life Family has already built up a big following based on local shows and guest appearances on Snoop Dogg's "Doggystyle Allstars" LP with 'Squeeze Play' featuring Snoop and Big Tray Deee's "Generals List" LP with 'Clap Yo Handz' featuring Tray Deee, Bad Azz and Kokane. They have done various radio drops for major urban radio stations in California and Arizona. They provided the theme for Snoop Dogg's radio show as well as intro’s and theme music for Julio G’s "Westside Radio".


IV Life Records have a brand new clothing line coming soon and are releasing their 'Vol: 2 Tha New Breed' compilation this summer (2003). Featuring Tray Deee, Goldie Loc, Bad Azz, Jewell and more. Vol.1 already scored big-time in the streets, Vol. 2 is expected to do the same but on a worldwide level. The highly anticipated 'IV Life Family' album will follow later next year.

IV Life are giving away their new "VOL:1.4 MIXTAPE" at their forum www.4liferecords.com/fans. It's a Mixtape free to download for the fans due to the hold up of Vol.2.

For more information visit www.4liferecords.com.


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