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Diego Redd - "Hottest In West Or Whole U.S?

If you were an Up & Coming artist how would an endorsement from Kanye West register? Exactly, it doesn't get much bigger when the current "IT" man in Hip-Hop says; "One of the hottest out of the west or all over the United States"

Now if that isn't enough to make the world sit up and take note I don't know what is. Enter; Diego Redd, now if you ain't knowing - get knowing, read up and school up right here on the hottest talent out of Fresno, California.

At 25 he has already been in the game making records on a professional level for a decade however only now is he set to make the transition to the forefront of the public-eye.

So with 10 years of perfecting a craft and a verbal accolade from Kanye West surely it's time you respected the hustle and started to listen to the material that brought him that respect? Get ready then...

Over recent years he has had his share of major label attention and platinum artist affiliation; including working with producers including Scott Storch and artists such as Xzibit and Nate Dogg. Having a stint with Def Jam Records gave him the feeling that the situation he felt happy and most comfortable in was the self-made, independent route; and as such created the imprint; Rebel Music.

Having grown up in the gritty & tough westside of of Fresno, Diego Redd has witnessed and partaken in much of what you hear in the music we call Hip Hop - yet don't assume he encompasses a Thug image and is caught up with discussing what heat he holds or how much weight he moved this week. Diego Redd is a proverbial sponge, he soaks up what he sees and he lays it out for others to interpret; he sits between what some would call a "Backpack" rapper and what the mainstream is used to; exactly the kind of artist needed. He has real charisma, real emotion and when you hear him you can feel that passion that drives him to make music...the same passion that has earned him the accolades and the attention.

He first showcased all this talent last year when he released his debut album; "Living Proof" which featured artists including W.C (of Westside Connection), E-40 & Yukmouth; not bad for a first attempt. Since then he has been working even harder and in the fall of 2005 released; "Dog Eat Dog" his sophomore album which includes production from Kanye West [on "The Whole City Behind Us" - he replaces The Game, with Kanye's approval], Scott Storch, Clark Kent and others as well as Ludacris, Kanye West & 50 Cent as guest appearences. Kanye's verbal accolade makes an appearence as an album skit [available below]. The album encompases work from the Def Jam era as well as new material from his time with Hecktik and the Rebel Music camp; audio of which dubcnn has available below.

The future looks bright to say the least for this young artist, the releases so far have gained praise across the country giving this Fresno native the world at his feet...only time will tell what's next for Diego Redd, one thing is for sure; this is not the last time we will be hearing from him.

As ever dubcnn has audio for you to enjoy below, check it out and please take time to feedback over at the dubcnn community.

Diego Redd - Street Hustla
Diego Redd - All American (Feat. 50 Cent) (Hecktik Remix)
Diego Redd - In The No
Diego Redd - Incredible
Diego Redd - Kanye Skit

Most recently we have news that he has been in the studio with GLC (recording artist of Kanye West as well as San Quinn. This week he is scheduled to be in New York recording with R&B sensation Ne-Yo and Remy Ma as well as talking to labels; stay tuned to dubcnn for the latest. In the meantime visit Diego Redd's official site; Rebel 247. Our thanks go out to Diego Redd, Hecktik and Rebel Music as a whole.

Photo credit: Daniella Renee

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