interview ARABIAN PRINCE  (September 2008) | Interview By: Chad Kiser

Dubcnn is bringing you an exclusive interview with original NWA member Arabian Prince. After helping NWA put people in the Panic Zone and giving them Something 2 Dance 2, Prince ultimately decided to go at it solo, and has had a very successful journey. Most people recall Ice Cube as being the first to leave the group over finances, mismanagement and creative differences, but actually Arabian Prince aka Professor X was the first to leave due to those circumstances.

Arabian Prince sits down with Chad Kiser and discusses life before N.W.A., getting connected with Dr. Dre, Eazy-E and Ice Cube to form the pioneering gangsta rap group, why he chose to leave the group just before they made it big, and gives us some info about his new projects Professor X and Electro Funk Xperiment.

So join us for another peek back into time, as we go old school on you once again! As always, we encourage you drop your feedback and comments on the forums or by e-mailing feedback and comments to chad@dubcnn.com.


Interview was done by phone in August 2008

Questions Asked By:
Chad Kiser


                                                      Arabian Prince Interview
                                                          A Dubcnn Exclusive
                                                     By Chad Kiser aka Noncentz

Dubcnn: For those of us who may not be familiar with you, give us a little intro on the Arabian Prince.

I go by the name of the Arabian Prince, aka Professor X; old school west coast electro music producer/artist and founding member of the rap group N.W.A. I produced hits for Bobby Jimmy and the Critters, J.J. Fad(Supersonic) and a lot of the early west coast groups.

Dubcnn: What were you doing prior to joining NWA?

Back before N.W.A I was one of the early DJ's on the west coast and helped to start the West Coast Electro movement. I came up doing DJ sets at schools, small clubs and roller skating rinks in Compton and around LA with Egyptian Lover, Dr. Dre, DJ Yella, Unknown DJ and a lot of other west coast DJ's

Dubcnn: How did NWA come together from your standpoint, as far as everyone getting connected?

I used to do a lot of shows with Dr. Dre when he was in the World Class Wreckin Kru back in the early to mid 80's; we used to hang out and chase girls at the beach and work on a lot of tracks. One day Dre mentioned that he was tired of doing the same old music and not really getting the money he thought he was worth, and I agreed to that. He said he had met Eazy, who had some money and wanted to start a label, and was wondering if we could help out. We sat down with Eazy and it was a wrap! Ice Cube used to live down the street from Dre and was in a group called C.I.A at the time. So, when we put the thing together, Ice Cube came along.

Dubcnn: What were those early recording sessions like?

The early sessions were fun, but long hours. I remember sometimes we would stay in the studio for days at a time, but we always had a good time recording the hits. We used a studio in Torrance called Audio Achievements.

Dubcnn: You left NWA just before Staight Outta Compton came out. Why?

A lot of people ask me that, and it is simple: I was the only member who had a solo career before the group, and I knew how much money we were supposed to be getting. We were not getting paid right and I was not about to get ripped off a second time, so I bounced. Biz is biz and I knew I would make more money as a solo artist; fame ain't shit when you not gettin paid.

Dubcnn: No doubt! What were your thoughts on the response and attention that were soon garnered by N.W.A? Was there a sense of resentment, or second thoughts about leaving the group?

No resentment at all! I was cool and still am cool with everyone. As I said, biz is biz, and the same reason I left eventually became the downfall of the group.

Dubcnn: Being that you were the first one to bounce, what did you make of the subsequent N.W.A "break-Up"? Did you see that coming?

Yes, I did. If you are selling millions of records, but don't have the millions to show for it, are you just gonna hang around just because you got a name and fame? I think not, you’re gonna wise up, bounce and get paid.

Dubcnn: Were you around for the Fila Fresh Crew, and if so, can you tell us how they became involved with the N.W.A & The Posse project?

Let me clear that one up for you, the N.W.A and the Posse record was a bootleg put out by our former record distributor Macola Records; the other groups on there like the Fila Fresh Crew were just thrown on there to make it an album. The only record ever put out officially was just called N.W.A and it was an EP.

Dubcnn: Do you have any contact with Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Yella or D.O.C.?

I talk to Yella mostly; Dre, Cube and D.O.C. very rarely, only if I bump into them somewhere. I talk to Ren, he is working on new music right now.

Dubcnn: When Eazy passed, what was going on in your life at that time, and did you go by and visit him?

I saw Eazy the week before he went into the hospital at Yella's Birthday party. It was strange because he didn't look sick at all. I was out on tour in Europe when he passed away so I did not get a chance to see him.

Dubcnn: What are your thoughts on Eazy and his impact on rap music?

Eazy was the homie! He had an idea to make street music and it worked big time! I think he will always be remembered for his contribution to rap and hip-hop.

Dubcnn: Do you have any memories from that moment in time that you'd like to share with us; about Eazy, Dre or Cube or something that we might not know?

I can just remember the impact that N.W.A had on the world back then, it was a crazy time for us because we had the government, the police, and gangs all coming at us, just for doing funky music and telling it like it is. I can remember there was a time we could not even get off of an airplane without a terminal full of police waiting for us.

Dubcnn: That’s crazy! Tell us what kinds of things you’re doing now?

Stones Throw Records just released my anthology this month, so I guess I am back in the scene. I am also finishing up a Professor X album, which is my alter ego name. The sound is more of a Kraftwerk-style, and I am working on My Funky Lil Anime animated hip-hop group project.

Dubcnn: Tell us a lil' bit about your new project.

Back in the 80's I released a song called Professor X (Saga). It was a pretty big single around the world, and I recently put out a second single called Statix, which did well also. So, because of the fan base for Professor X, I am releasing an album in a few months called Electro Funk Xperiment.

Dubcnn: That sounds dope! We’ll definitely be checking for that! That’s all the questions I have for you this time around, but we’ll connect again soon!




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