interview C-BO  (March 2004) | Interview By: Yash

Dubcnn.com chopped it up with C-Bo just 3 days before he went back to prison for a 14 month sentence. He spoke about his upcoming solo album, The Thuglordz album, how 2Pac just reached out to him from the sky, his ties with Bangem Smurf, the true reason why he dissed 50 Cent and so much more. Please feel free to send any feedback regarding the interview to yash@dubcnn.com

Huge thanks to C-Bo for taking time out to answer the questions fans wanted to know! (Interview was done by phone on March 30th 2004)

Questions Asked By : Yash

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Dubcnn: What made you move from this Hustlin to start rappin?

I always knew muthafuckaz rappin n shit but I was you know groomed as a youngsta. I came home from correctional facility youth authority you know me and my potna was getting money you what I mean his first blood cousin was the clique you know E-40 and them so me watching them we knocked the game.

Dubcnn: What made you concentrate on the rap career instead of the usual things that you were used to?

Shit when we first put the "Gas Chamber" out you know we sold like 70 000 copies! That there was like this is what I need to put all my focus and all my extra time into.

Dubcnn: Is most of the things you rap about in the songs true?

Yea most of them Im saying you know I ain't gone say I did everything I say what I do you know what I mean. My homeboy might have did it I might have hurt somebody overhere that done something you know in these streets Im like a street news or somethin...like a news reporter for the hood or something like that.

Dubcnn: Na I mean on the luxury tip you know on that "Enemy Of The State" you always speaking on that 20 inch rims and everything..

Yea foshoe you know all that type of style we riding out here maaan!

Dubcnn; Who do you prefer working with out of all the producers and rappers you done songs with?

Yukmouth, Killatay man everybody E-40 umm you know Im spreading everything with all my folks that doing something.

Dubcnn: How did you get intouch with Rhythm D from Ruthless?

Just being in LA you know I moved to LA to network because most of my sounds is more of a gangbangin you know what I mean so I went down there to lockdown some toes far as all the LA rappers Jayo Felony, CJ Mac of so on and on.

Dubcnn: Yea you were gonna start a group I heared with WC, Jayo Felony and CJ Mac what happened to that?

I went to jail it's a whole bunch of stuff that came alot of people just doing you know to many different thangs. Hopefully one day we gone sit down and make it happen though.

Dubcnn: Are you and 40 water cousins?

We sort of like we come from ???? you know my homeboy from the hood that I started the lable with Awol Records from the begining is 40 blood cousin first blood cousin. You know we kinda like family..

Dubcnn: Why aren't you guys doing more songs together? Will you do that in the future?

Aw shit man I don't know sometimes 40 be busy and Im running around in and out of state or something. So it's really hard to connect together when he's up north Im down south in LA and my independent thang I gotto steady runnin around with it.

Dubcnn: Wussup with Young Meek is he gonna drop any more solos?

Right now he been working in the studio but I don't think he really focusing on putting another album out right now. Probably next year or 2006 or something he might comeback with one.

Dubcnn: How did the first one he put out go? How many units did he sell?

Should be about 20 000 or something I don't know.

Dubcnn: How u feel bout the internet and does bootleggin bother you?

You know bootleggin is killing us you know straight up bootleggin is killing the world you know fuckem we don't...I ain't got no love for no bootleggers. *Laughs* I don't give a fuck! *Laughs again*

Dubcnn: *Laughs* What artists are you feeling right now?

Let me see..Twista thats my favourite Twista,

Dubcnn: Anyone from the westcoast?

Na Im talking about as far as artists period..

Dubcnn: Name someone from each coasts that you feeling...

Shit man hmmm Domination Big Swing out of South Queens South Jamaica Queens Bangem Smurf Im feeling them guys out of New York. Like I said Im feelin Twistas album. You know Lil Flip thats a good potna of mine there's alot of people so you know everybodys working hard man.

Dubcnn: Can you tell us what happened when Fat Tone was gunned down and you miraculously escaped any injuries?

Life man it ain't like it's the first time I've been in that situation and a blessing from God you know mothafuckaz rolled up and started shooting out of nowhere you know we got away from that shit.

Dubcnn: How is Fat Tone doing right now?

Aw he doing good he doin good

Dubcnn: How you feel about George W Bush and his war on terror?

FUCK BUSH! We don't give a shit about Bush!

Dubcnn: You did a song with former G unit member Bangem smurf and dissed 50 cent? Now many people think yall did that to get attention... Tell the people the real deal behind yall goin at 50?

Naa see Bangem Smurf and them I didn't start fucking with them until after I had dissed 50 Cent. When I dissed 50 Cent Bangem Smurf and them 50 was still cool with them. I dissed 50 Cent because he came in the game big mouthing and I hear on the streets from the streets that he got a snitch jacket.

That he told on a couple guys you know what I mean so me being in the streets me going to prison me being on the yard I don't deal with snitches you feel me so I threated him in the rap game just as he coming to the yard in prison with a snitch jacket until you correct it until you let a mothafucka know the real you know what I mean heeey youz a snitch.

And Bangem Smurf and them I guess they checked my background my files on the streets on the westcoast and they found out I was a real nigga so they called me you know I flew them out to California immidiately!
They weren't all scary and everything they came I picked them up in my 500 rode around smoked, did some music then I flew them back to New York and thats how we connected.

Dubcnn: Could you tell us what happened when they put you in jail after recording the album "Til My Casked Drops"?

Well they feel that umm me being from the streets and shit that mothafucka thats living in the suburbs talking about the hood and whats going on in the hood they see me in the hood talking about whats going on in the hood and me moving alot of people in the hood you know alot of people following me listening to what Im saying so they felt like I was a you know political type of mothafucka you know that could make a bunch of mothafuckaz do something. So they felt like they should stop that.

Dubcnn: Was it because you did some song and you mentioned all that or?

Yea I got on Pete Wilson for the 3 strike how they got the strike law going out for the polly grass incident and how he used her death to gain fame on his little 3 strike and whatever the fuck know what I mean. So he was mad at that and it was alot of police mad because I used they names mothafuckaz that I knew personally.
They knew me personally so they felt like I was a threat to them. All that type of shit. They just tried to quiet me up.

Dubcnn: You know when Brotha Lynch Hung Dropped "Blocc Movement 1" you were locked up how did you record the songs?

I was incarcerated he came down and did the songs I wasn't there so I was gone I wasn't in the studio with him.

Dubcnn: Will you do another volume with him?

Yea we tryna work on that right now.

Dubcnn: What producers have you been working with lately for your solo album and on the Thuglords album?

Mark Sparks he outta eastcoast North Carolina Jelly Roll out of Snoop Doggs camp he did stuff for Snoop, Method Man and other cats you know.. Shit Rhythm D, Bosco..Blaqtoven I got some new cats Chinese cats out of Sacramento called the Track Addicts.

Dubcnn: How long did it take to record the Thug Lord album?

Probably about 2 weeks to a month.

Dubcnn: Dam thats fast.

Dubcnn: I heared Spice 1 was gonna be in the group originally what happened?

I don't we just lost ties with Spice know what I mean he moved to Vegas or whatever you know we lost ties.

Dubcnn: Tellem about the album..

Shit it's me and Yuk to the face on it mayn you know what I mean we got a few of my artists on there from Westcoast Mafia. You know we also did a solo song a piece on there. We tore the album up back to back

Dubcnn: I heared some snippets the shit was bangin!

Goodlookin goodlookin.

Dubcnn: Will you do a tour afterwards?

Im due to go back to prison in 2 weeks so April 2nd I be back incarcerated for 14 months I caught a guncase out in Los Angeles......

Dubcnn: Dam are you on The Regime album?

Ofcourse yea yea..

Dubcnn: Can you give us a release date for that?

I don't know what the release date is for that man..

Dubcnn: You have any favourite memory with 2pac?

Aw yea for sure my nigga Pac snatched me mayn. You know he just came up out the sky and snatched me man you know *laughs* without me even knowing Pac he just came and was like hey Im feeling you man I want you to fuck wid me rap on my shit. You know Pac is the only nigga that has really done anything for me just reached out without it having to happen you know what I mean. All respects to this rapgame and everything all this Thugshit go to Pac mayn fuck the rest of these niggaz mayn.

Dubcnn: How many songs did you record with 2pac?

3 songs 2 only came out.

Dubcnn: Are you gonna release any the..do you have any of the other songs?

Na man could nobody find them..prolly Suge Knight got them or I don't know where they at.
You know ain't no telling Daz probably got them Pac mom probably got them. It could be anywhere... WHOEVER GOT THEM THEY BETTER COME HOLLER AT THE LOCO put that in the muthafucka..

Dubcnn: yea

Yea Ima buy that muthafucka Im coming for it!

Dubcnn: You know C-Bo I bought this album called "Desert Eagle" but I felt the album was lacking and later I heared you didn't authorize them to release the songs. Could you speak on that?

If you don't see Westcoast Mafia on the back of it man don't cop it!

Dubcnn: Are you cool With Daz and do you have any more songs recorded besides "Crippin"?

No we ain't got nomore songs recorded but me and Daz is straight!

Dubcnn: Aw man you should do more songs that shit was tight.

Thats wussup thats wussup.. then man we need to do that.

Dubcnn: What would you be doing if you weren't a Rapper?

I be on the block pumping man 50 states wide made with it mayn *laughs*
to many connections.

Dubcnn: Do you have any music videos coming anytime soon?

Yea we shot a video for Thuglordz me Spice 1 and Yukmouth we redid Spice old cut
"Trigga Gots No Heart" remixed that shit shot a video to it then I got the Westcoast Mafia Gang album in April I shot a video to that too.

Dubcnn: Who do you want to work with in the industry that you havent worked with so far?

*takes a deep breathe* shit nobody really man I just ..???.. I would like to work with everybody you know but I ain't got no special person outthere I would like to work with.

Dubcnn: Don't you wanna crossover and do something thats not Gangstarap?

I don't know man probably some reggea shit before I pick any gangstarap in the industry I'd really fuck with the Reggae cats they be on some gangstashit. *laughs*

Dubcnn: Who do you think is the most underrated Rapper/Producer in the game?

Man let me see umm man it's a whole bunch of them man westcoast is flooded with underrated rappers man comon you know what I mean theres just so many of them muthafuckaz man I know so many good muthafuckaz that.. just like me man WC, Yukmouth you know it's alot of us underrated we should be shipping platinum out the door. You know period so it's all politics to this shit man it's nothing but Im still eating so..

Dubcnn: Have you recorded any songs for your solo album?

Yea I started on my solo record man

Dubcnn: Can you speak on that..have you recorded with anyone in particular?

No nope just solo.. But Im'a put a few people on there Lil Flip, Scarface, Too Short,
I've got all them cats I've been talking to you know what I mean. Young Bleed I finna put a few people on there.

Dubcnn: You need to do more stuff like "Enemy Of The State" thats my favourite album.

Yea I had alot of people on there tight man huh?

Dubcnn: Yea the beats everything was so tight.

Aiiit lets do that!
Lets try that then. shiit

Dubcnn: What projects will be comin out in the near future from WCMafia records?

Thuglords is coming March 30th. Westcoast Mafia Gang, E-40 presents Bosco is fire with awhole bunch of people on there got DMX, Lil Jon everybody on there man. Umm We got Lil Cyco coming out, Gotti Gotti, Killa Tay, C4 the compilation, there's alot of stuff coming out just finnished a movie out in Vegas called reporcussion so we finna bring that to dvd..

Dubcnn: What you doing in the movie then? Are you acting or is it real shit?

Actin..Real shit Real shit na I mean it's the first movie I ever shot first movie I had to act. It's so funny and shit *laughs*

Dubcnn: Aw dam it's gone be tight. Will it be available in stores?

They doin it right now editing it right now gone take a couple months to get the editing down. Hopefully mid summer man it will be out.

Dubcnn: Will you be on any mixtapes besides WCM mixtape?

Aw yea Lil Flip Fourleaf Clover umm Close G Im on they mixtape Im on another mixtape in New York a few mixtapes in New York I can't remember dude name look for the Silverback Guerillaz.
Anything with Bangem Smurf Big Swing Domination Guerilla gang im with that.

Dubcnn: You have alot of Fans in Europe and we want to know If we will ever get the chance to see you in concert here?


Dubcnn: In Sweden, England, Germany or somethin..

If they feenin for me I done been out there man all they gotto do is call me man like hey find somebody with some money man Im comin.

Dubcnn: Will Westcoast Mafia Records make any songs dedicated to Roger Troutman jr ?

Yes we will thats my boy. Im working on a couple of songs that he produced. Remixes from his original father.
*Baby makes noise in the background*

Dubcnn: How old is your baby?

4... its a girl.

Dubcnn: How many kids you got?

Shoop one *laughs* matterof fact I got one.

Dubcnn: Thats enough huh?

heck yea!

Dubcnn: Which album do you feel is your best work?

"Gas Chamber" or "Tales From The Crypt" "Til My Casket Drop" yea it's one of them.

Dubcnn: *Laughs* no it's "Enemy Of The State"


Dubcnn: How did the whole beef wit mr. doctor start?

Man that weren't no beef that was like you know the nigga tried calling my neighbourhood. Some little young cat you know..He from the hood you know tryna make a name for himself.
He been hiding eversince he did that album nobody has ever seen that boy

Dubcnn: How has the 'enemy of the state' reputation been on you as a regular person and as a rapper?

Good one hundred everybody know that.

Dubcnn: What do you think about Killa Tay as a rapper?

Shit that niggaz hot that niggaz one of my favourite rappers period..

Dubcnn: Do you know when the new one is droppin?

He working right now he's tryna wrap it up right now. Gone probably drop in the summertime.

Dubcnn: Could you name the entire Westcoast Mafia records roster artists and producers?

We really ain't got any producers we fuck with alot of people with they own camps.
But as artists we got Killa Tay, Lil Cyco, Gotti Gotti I hope I don't miss nobody...Silverback Guerillaz mayn...???....All of them Westcoast Mafia

Dubcnn: Why aren't you doing more songs with Mike Dean and Mike Mosley?

Well you know people do they own thangs man be hard to get in contact with people. You gotto keep working just can't keep waiting on people.

Dubcnn: Are you still cool with them?

Me and Mike Mosley ain't cool nomore..Me and Mike Dean is.

Dubcnn: Do you have any advice for young up and coming rappers?

Don't be scared to get outthere and network man it's about who you know it's about who you knoow maayn.
Foreal you know what I mean you gotto get outthere and meet you know...Tough to say mayn.

Dubcnn: What do you want to say to the C-Bo fans outhere?

Man stick with it mayn keep fucking with me I ain't gone let yall down Im finna keep steady dropping this heat know what I mean they can't stop me they can knock me for a minute but I will be back know what I mean!



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