interview EPADEMIK (October 2008) | Interview By: Jonathan Hay

   Little did we know what we were in store for on this sunny southern California day in Orange county when we caught up with Ca$his for a quick minute. While talking a little about his new album and upcoming tours, Ca$his mentioned his man, Epademik, telling us about their song "Mr. Know It All" which was just added to Shade 45 (Eminem's Sirius Satellite radio station).

With that being said, we dug a little deeper into the existence of this crazy emcee named Epademik – because after all, if Ca$his co-signs for him, then he's must be doing something right!

So we hit up Epademik and found that the conviction he portrayed was raw emotion with a purpose – reminding us of a time ten years back when a white emcee from Detroit took the world by storm with his raw lyrical skill -- never biting his tongue on any topic.

Could Epademik be the next one to carry that torch? You decide for yourself. Epademik gave Dubcnn the exclusive to his first single "Aired Out" - Download it below. You also should check out his hilarious Dubcnn Shoutout -- it's unlike any other you’ve heard!

As ever, you can read this exclusive interview below and we urge you to leave feedback on our forums or email them to haywire@dubcnn.com.

Interview was done in October 2008

Questions Asked By: Jonathan Hay

Epademik Gave Dubcnn.com A Shoutout! Check That Here
The Epademik Interview
By Jonathan Hay
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Epademik - Aired Out


Dubcnn: You have a song that you recorded with Ca$his that was just added to Eminem’s Sirius Satelite Radio station - Shade 45… Tell us more about that song – and how that happened.

Ohhh yeah Mr. Know It All! The way that song unfolded was Arkane hit me up and said that Ca$his & I need to do a collab. I was with it of course. Originally Ca$his was gonna just toss me a verse that was laying around until I hit him with the song idea of Mr. Know It All, then he said that we have to link up and knock the song out in true emcee fashion! Big ups to my good friend Arkane for pushing the issue to get the collabo done and for looking out for me on all aspects! So I called Serf Show and told him about how Ca$his and I were gonna do a track together and I needed a track worthy to be beasted on! No kidding, I had three tracks to choose from that night. Serf is an incredible producer. Ca$his and I linked up the next day and we knocked it out, then I had my friend Joe Arnold (Project 1) come to the studio and lay the hook down. The whole song came together so fast like it was meant to be! The crazy part about Mr. Know It All being played on Shade45 is that I didn’t even know about it. Last Thursday night I attended an open mic event in Santa Ana and my homies Xstreem and El the Self came up to me asking me about what plug do I have with Shade45? I was like “What the hell are you guys talking about?” At that time, they told me that they’ve been hearing Mr. Know It All on Shade45. Shout out to all the Shadyville DJ’s & Bogish Boy Dj’s!! Who would’ve thought! That’s dope.

Dubcnn: How did you even meet Ca$his…

Here’s a funny story for you, the first time I met Ca$his, I was at a studio and when I walked into the control room Ca$his was in the booth and he looked through glass, smiled all big, and came running out with his hands up. Arkane and Rikanatti were like “what the hell” and when Ca$his came in to the control room he looked at me puzzled and said “Oh man you tripped me out, I thought you was Em!” (laughing) I had no choice but to reply with “Well, you know all us ‘white rappers’ look the same.” The comparisons, the damn comparisons. (laughing) Just the other day I was on the phone with Ca$his and in he middle of the conversation he stopped and said, “Yo G you’re really trippin me out right now cause the way you say certain things reminds me of Em.” Ohhh gawwd… AHHHHH enough with the comparisons! At least he didn’t say I reminded him of Vanilla Ice or Snow…INFORRRMER! *laughing*

Dubcnn: Have you heard any rumors about Eminem’s new album?

Yeah I’ve heard it’s gonna be ridiculous. I hear that Slim Shady is back with a vengeance. Hip-hop really needs a verbal cleansing right now. Who better than Eminem to tackle that task at this time?

Dubcnn: Ca$his is currently shopping your project to Shady Records right now?

Actually it is on its way to Eminem courtesy of Ca$his as we speak. It’s a good feeling when an artist who is signed with a quality label like Shady is endorsing what I’m doing. He’s really helping to put me in opportunities to further my career to the next level. I mean think about that for a second… I am one person away from one of the biggest hip-hop artists of all time. That’s crazy, right? You’d be amazed at how many people give Ca$his music to pass on to Shady Records. So for him to take the time to actually ask me for my press kit and send it is a real good look.

Dubcnn: If you sign with Shady Records, what would be the first thing you do…

I think I would have to spend any advancement money on tattoos, guns & jewelry! Isn’t that what all the new rappers do (laughing). On some real shit, I would continue with my grind in making music & rocking shows. I would definitely have to take a trip to Detroit and New York to meet everybody and get to work on a larger scale. Sleep is for when you’re dead! I would want to start marketing my name on a bigger scale. Visibility is everything.

Dubcnn: When you went to Interscope to drop off the Ca$his album, what was that experience like…

Yeah, I went up to Interscope with Cashis and Rikanatti to drop off his album to his A&R Manny Smith. First, let me start by saying the drive up there was a mind altering event as always with Ca$his. My car had quite the aroma for a few days (laughing). When we got to Interscope we were suppose to hang out and meet some new people there, but it turned out that Jimmy Iovine called a mandatory meeting and was doing what bosses do when things aren’t going good… cutting off the fat! So that kinda sucked but at least I was able to meet Ca$his’ A&R and hand him my press kit and talk for a quick minute. It’s been great to see and hear all the great responses from everybody who has seen my press kit. They all say that they’ve never seen anything like it! I always laugh when I go to these labels head offices cause there’s always somebody sitting in the lobby all wide eyed at anybody walking through with hopes of seeing some famous artists.

Dubcnn: When you said Jimmy Iovine called a mandatory meeting and cut off the fat… what does exactly mean?

The word of that day was “YOU’RE FIRED!” Turns out people were making bad business decisions I guess. Better them than me… (laughing)... man that’s fucked up huh? I’m such an asshole.

Dubcnn: Has your music been shopped anywhere else?

My press kit has been submitted to Universal, Atlantic, Interscope, Geffen, Aftermath, Def Jam NY & Def Jam South, Bad Boy, Epitaph an it’s on its way to J Records & Epic.
Consistency is the key to success. The way my press kit got to Geffen is kind of cool. My good friend Serf Show (producer) passed it on to his manager (Chris Streets) and he was so impressed with the press kit and the music, that he personally handed it to his friends at Geffen. It’s amazing how many follow up calls my team has made and continues to make. Out of sight - out of mind, so I make sure I’m constantly in their view. I’m doing fine because I have a great day job and my own business, so I’m not a starving artist. So it’s not like I’m desperate for the first thing that comes my way.

Dubcnn: You mentioned Rikanatti a minute ago– have you worked with him yet?

I have a track that is produced by Rikanatti and Arkane on my latest project Backpack Hustle. Rikanatti has some beaters for me. Trust me, it’s gonna be real super duper and official! As soon as I get them done I will definitely let Dubcnn know.

Dubcnn: What about C Major – you got anything with him?

Nothing yet, but I’m positive we will work on something soon. I’ve been around C Major a handful of times in the studio, cool ass dude. He really knows his stuff in the studio, especially when he’s breaking microphones there *laughing*. Plus he has some real dope beaters.

Dubcnn: What other artists have you worked with…

As far as real major artist, I have not worked with too many. I feel like upcoming artists shouldn’t have to rely on some other signed artists name to get recognition. If you’re dope, then they’ll eventually come to you. I truly believe that real recognizes real. Besides some of the rates these major artist try to hit you with is dumb dumb. There are some established artists that I think are quality emcees that I would collaborate with if the opportunity presented itself.

Dubcnn: I hate to get going back to Ca$his, but since you are on the inside – do you have any information on when his album will be released…

That is confidential information sir & if I told you then I’d have to kill you... with a dull spoon *laughing*.

Dubcnn: Ca$his – what do you think of Epademik?

Ca$his: 'Ep is prolly the coolest dude in the 949. He doesn’t try and fake it, he rep south county hard.. And really expresses what it's like in a way I haven't heard anyone else do before. Plus he do some of the illest graphics... And he got an insane grind to make it....

Dubcnn: Yo EP - Tell us about your graphics…

Oh, yes my business. Union Sign Co. I have an extensive background in graphic design and also sign making. What’s really cool about it is it has allowed me to create my own album artwork, posters, flyers, stickers and banners for my music career. Talk about saving a ton of money on promotional stuff and it also allows other artists out here to see how they too can improve their visual game at shows. I’ve always felt that to become a reputable artist you have to have everything already dialed in, especially your promotional stuff and it has to be comparable to what the major players in the game are doing. I learned a while ago that do as much yourself that you can, because if you don’t you’re pocketbook will get drained super fast! So any artwork you see on the MySpace page, cd artwork… that’s me! This has allowed me the opportunity to create artwork for other artists and DJ’s such as Dj Arkane (Shadyville/Bogish Boy), Dj Jemani (WOLVES Ent.) Krumbsnatcha , Ca$his, Supreme Line & Brix to name a handful.

Dubcnn: Besides graphics, you also do studio engineering – so basically, you are like a walking multi-media company *laughs*?

That would be a great commercial! Ep’s one stop hip hop shop! I spit rhymes, I design and deliver it all on time! I am extremely proficient on Pro Tools, which has enabled me to record all my own material at my own studio. You can ask Dj Arkane, Ca$his and Supreme Line and they will vouch for me on that. I’m really excited right now at this point of my life with everyone that I have been meeting and networking with. After all these years of blood, sweat and tears it’s finally starting to pay off.

Dubcnn: So you have many irons in the fire, so to speak…

Hell yeah! If you’re not keeping busy and progressing then that means you staying stagnant and getting passed up! Hip-hop is within me, it’s not some costume that you just put on and take off when you like. It’s a culture! I think that’s where a lot of artists get it twisted. I feel that if I’m not doing multiple things, then I’m not doing my part in every aspect of my music career. Gotta keep it movin!

Dubcnn: With the hip-hop game being so competitive – and beefs always arising… have you had any problems thus far with emcees?

No beefs as of right now. I’m too focused on my career to deal with any sort of beef. Don’t get me mistaken, If a beef arises then I will BEAST on whoever it may be. I’m a hip-hop head, an emcee and I take my penmanship & freestyles extremely serious. I started out freeing and battling so it’s like second nature to jump right back into it if needed.

Dubcnn: What projects are you working on right now?

My most recent project is an original mixed album titled Backpack Hustle. It’s mixed by the almighty Dj Arkane of course. Check it out on my MySpace page . I’m halfway through my next project called Addicted to the Grind. If I’m not recording, or writing everyday I feel like something isn’t right. I love music, it’s a part of my life and it’s that outlet I need to vent any & all emotions. I like to have a few projects going at one time, so I don’t get bored and stagnant.

Dubcnn: Tell us more about the exclusive song, “Aired Out” that you blessed us with here at Dubcnn?

I felt like it was time to air myself out to the world since everybody else raps about how tough, dope & rich they are but nobody ever speaks about how they really don’t have it like they say they do. I have to keep it real from the doormat, feel me? The track was produced by Steve Dang, he’s my friend…. on MySpace. (laughing)

Dubcnn: Last words for Dubcnn?

Yeah, it’s time for all of us Westcoast heads to step our game up and flip the script on the industry! Hip-hop is ever evolving but it always comes back to the basics and I am going to do my part in helping to create good hip-hop music that the entire hip-hop community will be proud of. Let’s get it together fellow artists! Be sure to check me out on MySpace and at Epademik.com . Feel free to hit me up on the MySpace, I actually read all the messages and respond back, so don’t think that I have some random marketing person on my page. Lastly, I want to send a shout to my brother from another mother T Dubb! Bad Seed all day! Also thanks to the whole Bogish Boy movement, Bogish Boy Dj’s, Shadyville DJ’s, Wreckless Angels and every artist in the OC that is active with me! Oh yeah… thanks to you Jon Hay and Dubcnn for allowing me the opportunity to let the world know about me and what I have going on! This only the beginning, trust me on that.


Epademik Gave Dubcnn.com A Shoutout! Check That Here

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