interview Erotic D (August 2011) | Interview By: Eric

   Whether, it be Dr. Dre, Six-2, or The D.O.C., you will always hear this one name brought up in the conversation...."Erotic D". Despite being affiliated with all these names, Erotic has built his own presence in the music business. Deion, stage name Erotic D, has been in the industry for over twenty years and has just begun to work.

Taking a break from making his new album Sleeper Cell, which you can listen to and buy by clicking here, Erotic took time out of his day to sit down one on one with Dubcnn for an exclusive look at his next album and a few of the projects coming from E World Entertainment, Erotic's imprint.

For more history on Erotic D, you can click here to view our past interviews with him to get an inside look at Erotic D's career from Ruthless to E-World. We would also like to thank forum member, D-Nice, for helping us transcribe this interview. Please, be sure to stay tuned to Dubcnn for a more in-depth follow up, coming soon!

Interview was done October 2011

Questions Asked By: Eric
Transcribed By: D-Nice

Erotic D Interview
A Dubcnn Exclusive
By: Eric


Dubcnn: I am here with Erotic D, Dallas Forth Worth legend. What's up with you man?
Just out and about, taking care of a little business.

Dubcnn: So what's going down on the music tip?

I got a album coming out entitled The Sleeper Cell. I got out of jail on June 3rd and I promised everyone that I was gonna hit the ground running. My business partner kept me grounded and I wanted to make sure once I got home that I sent a clear message to everyone that I am a strong dude and a beast. It's very important for me to be back home and putting together this album. I will be out around 4 months when the album comes out this month, that is pretty fast.

Dubcnn: Damn. I mean you have always been a fast worker, what your vaults have to be in the thousands of unreleased material right?

Yeah it is in the thousands, probably the tens of thousands. I am always going back in the vault and finding songs and thinking to myself, damn when did we do that? This last time I was looking in the vault, I was looking for a possible song for Sleeper Cell.

I ended up finding a song called Game Over 2 with El Dog (El Dorado) that was meant for the Genacide album. The studio we work out of is open to alot of artists and some songs are used and others are not. That song was a banger and I never heard that track before, so we are gonna go back and redo the song and make it official for the Genacide album.

Dubcnn: So I see you and D.O.C. might be back cool again. Can you tell us the deal with that?

I was upset with D.O.C. for the way he handled some of our business dealings in the past and we did not talk for 3 years. In most cases if you are smart, you start thinking about how things are handled and that no one is perfect. When you are in a position to where things come through you, like let's say if I get a deal and I bring DOC in on it, I need to handle my business properly so D.O.C. can get what he needs.

Well that was what happened with us, D.O.C. got his deal and I expected him to handle his business because I came along with that deal. I just felt like there were things that were not taken care of and I kind of got at him in a few songs or whatever because talking to him was not working.

Once I got out of jail, I reached out to him and vice versa but just mainly on twitter. D.O.C. is in California and I will eventually be going out there, I just don't know the date. That and with my parole I want to make sure all the legal aspects are taken care of first. I want to make sure I am going out there for a reason, and not just to be hanging out and shit.

But yeah I reached out and told him everyone can't be perfect and everything can't always go right. Hopefully from there we can talk it out or do whatever, because we are brothers and that stuff is bound to happen. It may not be the last time that we are upset at each other because we are like family and family does not always see eye to eye.

Dubcnn: Yeah that seems to happen alot. Dre and DOC fall out, you and DOC fall out, and then everyone always seems to get back together.

For the record though, me and Dre have never had a falling out. It's a family thing and disagreements do happen. Just like I brought Six-2 into the situation and Dre would ask me how is Six-2 doing because we are all tight like that. It just took some time to let things cool off but we all know where our alliance lies with each other.

Dubcnn: What is the latest with Six-2's solo album? Because he had a banger in 09 right?

2008, Affiliated.

Dubcnn: Yeah, that shit was dope.

Thank you. We are currently in the studio and he has a song on Sleeper Cell. We are gonna do a video for Hustler's Eye and then Six-2 has a solo song on this album called High Powered. I think that song is going to trip some people out and make some people say these motherfuckers is back. It's not being cocky but it will have a sound to it like wow these guys really don't give a fuck and are doing their own shit.

It does not sound like anything that we have done before and I think Six-2 murders this beat and the beat does its thing also. Because of this song, Six-2's new album and my new album, I PROMISE you guys, they will be out around the same time. Because we worked so efficiently together to where if I produce a track and I want to write to it, it will be done within the hour.

Six-2 is the same way, he will be done writing the song by the time I finish producing it. Icing on the cake. When it comes to my album for example, since I am producing the entire album, Six-2 can have solo songs on my album. Because it fits and it is my album so at the end of the day, if we have 60+ songs between the both of us, we have enough material to put out both of our albums at the same time.

The music, the direction, the concept, is all totally different and new and I can't describe it even if I wanted to. It is all in my head and the pieces that I pulled together, the people I signed and are putting down, they all have a part to play in that. I can work with anyones skill set, like with Spidey, his main job is find loops, chop them up and I will decide what I am going to do with it. It is sort of like a assembly line of production because I produce music at a mind bending pace. Imagine if we have 5 producers doing music on a daily basis, so I promise you our 2 albums is going to be something that hip hop has not seen in a long time. We will be coming up with a combination of sounds and lyrics that you have not heard from us yet. And we have been in the game for a long ass time so I am saying alot.

Dubcnn: True, and I can't wait man. With all these projects coming down the pipeline, it looks like E-World is on the rise.

I appreciate that and nothing that you could say, could make me feel like you are kissing my ass. People like you and people who read this Dubcnn interview, you guys are the kind of people that I do this music for. All of your feedback is fuel, it's not fuel for the ego, it is fuel for creativity.

I want to send shouts out to those people that checked in with my wife while I was gone and people like this guy name Dre-Day, people from Norway and the Netherlands, London, France, all those people that supported me like I was right around the corner and all sent me welcome home letters.

Even people here in the states that did the same and checked in on me, I thank and appreciate you all. I hope you will enjoy it and I definitely know you will enjoy the stuff in the future but I feel like you will enjoy my new album as well. You have opened my eyes to the fact that I do have my own fans and sometimes it is hard to see when you stay humble.

Dubcnn: True, so before we go, on the outro tip, is there anything else that you want to say to anyone out there?

Man I want to say shout out to D.O.C., Dr. Dre, Six-2, Miss Allen, El Dog, and everyone that is down with E-World man. I want to thank everybody for their kind words and the negative words. It does not matter what you say, it is all fuel for the fire. Me personally I have not experienced too much negative about me, but it's all good to me because that lets me know that you are at least hearing the music. That is all I care about, because you are getting something out of it one way or another. If anyone wants to reach me man, reach me at eroticd@gmail.com.

Dubcnn: Sounds good man, appreciate your time.

I appreciate you.





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