interview FRED KNUXX  (June 2006) | Interview By: Nima

  Dubcnn recently had the opportunity to speak once again with East Coast up and comer; Fred Knuxx. We discussed his background and history, his recent material and mixtape, winning a mixtape feature from DJ Kurupt in a contest, his opinions on himself as an MC as well as analysing what's next for the Delaware native.

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Interview was done in June 2006

Questions Asked By: Nima

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Dubcnn: You're from Delaware, which is not exactly known as the Mecca of Hip-Hop. Tell us a little bit about you coming up and how got into rapping.

Well in Delaware the hip hop scene wasnít as big as New York or Philly. So you have to work extra hard to be seen or heard. I started at a young age when I first heard Slick Ricks ďChildren StoryĒ. I was around 6 at the time and I knew right there that I wanted to rap. I wrote my first rhyme and I used to battle my cousin all the time. Then when I turned 14 I took it more serious and been grinding ever since.

Dubcnn: How long have you been rapping now?

It feels like forever. (haha) But I been serious about rap for almost 10 years nowÖ..

Dubcnn: Tell us about the DJ Kurupt mixtape contest that you won last year.

Basically it was a contest where he put 25 unsigned artists all across the world on a mixtape and had people go online and vote for their favorite artist. I ended up winning the contest. Afterwards there was a coward out there that tried to sabotage my victory and put dirt on my name because I stopped associating myself with snakes, but Karma caught up to him so its all good.

Dubcnn: You recently released your mixtape "The Repo Man", what does that mixtape represent to you?

It represents the rebirth of real hip hop again. Dj Kurupt hosted it and Dj Nickels mixed it. Itís real classic mixtape material. I got Fat Man Scoop on the intro, Paul Wall shouted me out on there and all. But music wise it takes you back to the key elements of hip hop ( Mc, Dj, and the MIC) Its been getting some of the best reviews and I feel like this could really solidify me as a force in the game. I didnít have too many features on it because I wanted the world to hear Knuxx, but I do have Eddie Kane Jr., Streetz and Young Deuces, Dom 1 and my boy Hollywood Huff some legends in my state come and bless the tape.

Dubcnn: Tell us a little bit about the production on it, is it jacked beats or original production?

It was a good mixture of both. I had a 4 minute live freestyle over 8 Wu Tang Clan beats. I had a 3 beat Premo blend to some Dre beats on there. Far as original production goes, I had my in house producers ( X-Plosive, Young Beatz and Legacy) bless me with tracks. And I had my boy El Sheriffo from Sweden bless me with a banger called Diary pt. 1.

Dubcnn: What topics do you touch on the mixtape?

Man I touched every topic from Bush and this crooked government, (Dear Iraq) fake rappers, (Hood Lames) uplifting my people, (Man Listen) story telling, (Diary) my first rap (Throwback) to just being the future of rap (The Future). So as you can see I touched a lot of topics and in between all that I had freestyles where I just attacked the beat and dope songs. This mixtape definitely shows my versatility and the funny thing is I only put like 2 cuts from my album on there.

Dubcnn: The dubcnn visitors have heard several tracks from you, and you sound like a raw MC. What do you think is your strongest asset on the mic?

My honesty. I donít try to be like someone else and spit about shit I never did or lived. I just give the listeners me and thatís why my fans relate to my music. Everybody canít be a killer or the biggest dope dealer on their block. Iím not afraid of putting me out there like I said on the beginning of my song KickStand ďI got a confession to make, my rims ainít spinning yet/ That will happen dog once I get a bigger checkĒ Stuff like that people can relate to more than I got all this Ice and I killed 100 niggas in 1 verse - haha!

Dubcnn: Which artists have you had the chance to hook up with until now, and who are you looking forward to working with?

Well I just met E 40 and his camp not too long ago. I would love to work with legends like him, Nas, Andre 3000, Snoop, Jay-Z cats that have their own place in hip hop. Also I would love to work with my favorite artist like Kool G Rap, Krs One, Dre, Ice Cube, Bone, Luda, Busta and RedmanÖ

Dubcnn: What would be the ideal major deal you could imagine for yourself?

I would have to have creative control, great budget, good promo and a guarantee that my album wont be pushed back until 2000 and never - haha! All I would really need from a major is financial backing for my label Starcore and my team can make history. Distribution is always nice.

Dubcnn: Are you the type of cat that easily gets into rap beef or are you trying to stay out of it?

I would rather stay away from beef because itís pointless. You have millionaires beefing with millionaires. Only in hip hop will you see that stuff. I mean a little competition isnít bad but to take it to the next level is just stupid. At the end of the day we are regular people who have families to feed, so why let ya ego get the best of you. I would never hate on another man trying to feed his family unless someone is putting my family in danger. But today in rap, beef is just another marketing strategy and is used to boost album sales. Thatís pathetic too because the fans get caught up in the hype and most of these rappers throw shots knowing damn well its just a gimmick.

Dubcnn: Selling crack is the big thing to talk about in rap songs right now... Negativity in general is being embraced by the mainstream. How do you view that?

I mean if you came up around that environment and lived that lifestyle before, talking about what you seen or done is up to the rapper. Itís the fake CB4 rappers that mess it up for the real cats because they see dollar signs and perpetrate a fraud to sell records. They might as well be in Hollywood because 80% of the industry is actors. Labels will sign a prep school student and make them become thugs LOLÖ I think hip hop should be more diverse. Itís almost like if you have substance in your music you get black balled by the industry because the business side of hip hop only wants to pollute the listeners with garbage to keep our people in bondage. When was the last time you heard the radio support positive music?

Dubcnn: So this being your second mixtape, what's the next step for you?

I am doing heavy promo for this mixtape still. After that I want to release my album The Big Deal. That will come out independently on Starcore/TMG. I also have a DVD called The Press Kit thatís almost finished. On top of that I am still in heavy negotiations with labels at the moment, so if there are any other serious labels that want to throw their bid in Yell Back At meÖ Info@fredknuxx.com or hit my business # up at 866-454-4124. (serious business only)

Dubcnn: Alot of people rap, and are trying to make a living off rap nowadays. What would you do if it doesn't work out for you? Do you have a plan B?

I donít even think about that because Iím living my purpose and Iím only focused on the outcome of that. I have other ventures that brings money in but rap is my passion so Iím confident that things will work out for me as long as I follow order and keep God first.

Dubcnn: Is there anything else you'd like our viewers to know about you? Any last words or shoutouts?

Yeah I want to thank all the viewers that took the time to read this interview and all the fans that support my music. I want to thank Dubcnn for showing a east coast nigga some love and always riding for me. I ride for yall too. The Repo Man Taking The Game Back is out now. Go get your copy ASAP. You can go to my myspace page and order it www.myspace.com/fredknuxx and also check out www.fredknuxx.com . Shout out to Starcore (SLS, Proud, The Gift, X plosive Beats, Young Beatz) Natural, Classik, D. Grayson (DEís Party King) and the whole state of Delaware. Itís too many of yall to name and itís too late tonight to try. LOL



Fred Knuxx Gave Dubcnn.com A Shoutout! Check That Here




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