interview GLOBAL CITY  (December 2004) | Interview By: SGV

Dubcnn.com had the opportunity to talk to aspiring rap group Global City. The 4 artists reppin' for the latin community answered all of LatinaBeatz questions concerning their current album, the upcoming stuff, their background, their shows, that latin HipHop community and much much more. Please send feedback to: sgv@dubcnn.com

Huge thanks to Global City for taking the time to answer the questions. (Interview was done by phone in December 2004)

Questions Asked By : SGV


dubcnn.com: First I want to say thank you guys for the opportunity to ask some questions and learn a little about Global City. Are we ready?

Oppose: Ready when you are.

dubcnn.com: Okay, so tell me, how did you guys come together?

Oppose: Me and Transcend go way back, we were actually dancers back n the days. We didnít really rhyme at the time, just dancing, that was our art of expression, the art of dancing. I didn't realize, Brainwave was a lyricist too at the time. When I found out about that, especially growing up in the same street, we just started collabing making songs. We didn't come up with the name Global City at the time; we just started writing songs. 2 years into that Transcend came into the group and we just got together and wanted to make this happen, thinking, "what could we do with this?" "Where could we take our vision?" We needed to connect with our friend DJ Resy, who we had known from other people.

DJResy: With me, the Global City came about February of 2000. I had seen Transcend at a new years party for Cotton Mouth Clothing in Los Angeles. Transcend was promoting a club we all knew as Latin Quarters. They gave me the opportunity to bless the turn tables, 2 weeks later get a call saying they got a group called Global City and a got a show coming up, and are looking for a DJ. "If you're willing, we would like to have you come on board." Of course I agreed, our first show was in Bakersfield, since then it's been lovely.

dubcnn.com: How did you guys come up with the name Global City?

Transcend: Global City came to me; I wanted something that would represent all of us, from our heritage, Immigrants, migrating from Mexico, Peru, Nica, Chile. With Us having that first generation experience growing up in Downtown LA connecting from the concrete, people, smells, music, multi-dimensional experience. Global City felt right; it's an expression of our terrain we were all born in and raised in, International experience of a highly urbanized congestive city. So with that emerged the Global City!

dubcnn.com: Why the name of Four Corners to the Block? Any relation to the name of the group?

Brainwave: Four corners to the block, first it is 4 members, kind of like we building blocks, and we are building up.

Oppose: Meaning that everything's got so deep, different cultures intersecting we all meet.

Resy: Basic foundation of what Hip-Hop is about. Ground roots, what started out as graffiti, break dancing, then went in to Hip Hop, which is what we are doing with this. Dj'ing, emceeing, we had Vicious Circle back in the days; we had the dancing aspect, now we just connecting the 4 corners. We are transcending the four corners to make the Global City.

dubcnn.com: Do you guys use your real experiences in this album? Write your own lyrics?

Oppose: Of course! We are speaking from our hearts, experiences from growing up, positive, negative, in an inner-city. At least for me, when you are born in that situation you don't even have to sit down and write, it just naturally comes. You already lived it, some energy speaking to you to just do it.

Resy: If you have not picked up the album, take a look at the album, read all the titles on the songs, it will answer that question.

Brainwave: Sometimes when I write I re-enact something that happened, reflect on what I went through.

dubcnn.com: Tell a little about your album, any influences?

Transcend: I think us 4; we come from a very musical background, sounds from everywhere. Example, Brainwaive, there is a lot of texture, like the old school LA Pachuco feel. Like how it’s connecting to the past and the present time of hard hitting Hip-Hop. I think the fact we allow our moods to go off in what we write about, not just 1 style, its us being us in the moment in time. We know what we want; we want to represent all our influences.

Oppose: Like Transcend said earlier, being children of immigrants, easy to connect with other groups of similar backgrounds that bring their lifestyles into their music taste. We are all influenced, not just from the Latino side, but also the Middle East, Europe, where ever, we are very open minded, we receive that, having an open mind that helps in the creating process. If not with lyrics, then with beats, lean and use other peopleís cultures.

dubcnn.com: Any special guests or producers?

Transcend: We wanted people who we were close with, connect with, musically and life style. "Its Going Down" it was an honor to have Jack of Psycho Realm produce the track along with Daz Hope on the chorus. "Shit Gets Ugly" Produced by Cynic from Street Platoon featuring Cynic and Crow, along with Young Voz, look out for his shit soon. Then the very talented Pantera blessed the chorus, on the guitar J Dubs the producer for "The Roof" on Mun2 Television. On the track "Let it take you" we got a black cat named Ira who busted the Ray Charles soul feel. The homey Chris did the live bass on "Lengua Lystics."

dubcnn.com: One of the tracks that seems to getting a lot of buzz is "HeartBeat" why do u think that is?

Oppose: I think the reason is, first song that was put out as a video everyone's considering it as a single, thatís how people first starting knowing bout Global City through the track Heartbeat, in every track, every song, if you like Heartbeat, you are going to like the rest of the album, it will move you.

Brainwave: I think itís the bass, we added a heartbeat hook

dubcnn.com: Resy, where do you get your beats, sounds? What is your process?

Resy: the process for that, there isnít a process, where it comes from, it depends on the emotional state of mind I am in at that time, if I am in a good mood, maybe I'll pull out Average White Band. Sorrow mood or other mood; pull out some Miles Davis or Charlie Parker. There are times where I am sitting listening to music, I hear something and I would love to freak that or use that. My ear is always to the street; I am always about or around music. I am like a computer; I swallow it like a sponge and remember it. My musical background goes back, to my dad being a back step drummer to The Midnighters, they had a song called Whittier Blvd., One of the biggest cuts, stuff like that inspires me, my music goes back to old school Spanish rock, 60's 70's, its blues, jazz, funk, classical sometimes, my crates are 25 deep. All kinds of music, I try to take everything and collaborate make it something.

dubcnn.com: Is it to early to say or expect a Second album? And if so, any collabs?

Oppose: Next album is in process, picking out beats, brainstorming, but our main goal is pushing this album FOUR CORNERS TO THE BLOCK, more then what it's pushed, focus wise we are jus picking beats for the next album, but 100% is Four Corners to the Block

Transcend: Absolutely a Second album in the works right now, I think we found our place, where we wanted to go. We arrived to find our mission in this music lifestyle. As for collabs, we got a track with our boy KrazyRace, another Hispanic Emcee doing his thing coming up, going to be banging! I mean its still in the works, we got some ideas of who we want to bring on next, We know a lot of talented people

dubcnn.com: Will the style be the same? Different? Any chance of a Spanish album?

Oppose: NOPE! Not going to be the same, we are very much over achievers, we want it to be different with every song, just like with the first album, every track is different, with the Second album, we are gonna keep it in a different directions, vibes, beats, we may come out with some reggaeton, shit ya never know!
Now for the Spanish concept, of course, I feel that every member has 100% has the capacity to do it in Spanish, we are hungry to represent our people form Latino America, we want to show we can do it, and do it right.

dubcnn.com: SOLO PROJECTS? Any ventures outside the group? Or changing roles?

Transcend: Definitely, I think all us being very artistic in our music, gonna be natural to just have that happen, allow ourselves to explore our own individual self in this hip hop music, I think its necessary because that is Global City. Intersection of all of us, that is what your are getting. We all know its not just One of us making this happen, its exciting.

Resy: Beyond doubt Global City doing will be doing guest appearances on other artist's albums, coming up soon, 10 west collabo, If You don't know bout 10 west, 10 west is a DJ crew, production crew, I have with my man Miloe, my man Flea. We are looking to producing our own cuts, beats, artists, start something new.

dubcnn.com: Resy, You have a part in One of my favorite songs on "Four Corners to the Block" called "Puro Pinche Pari" can we expect to hear more of you on a future track?

Resy: Truthfully my part in this process and culture of hip hop has been from day One, I use to break dance, I tried getting in the graffiti, that's where Resyone came from, from that to dj'ing, when I saw I was able to do it, now for rhyming, its brand new to me, I would love to do it, I want to do it some more, I sit and write, Iíll battle anyone, I make it be known, I am a DJ first and fore most, I still represent my crew, if it sounds good then ill put it out there.I understand not everything I write is gonna be cool, itís a work in process, I definitely think you will be hearing more of me

Oppose: Right now we have been brainstorming for us individually on our next album for a solo song, it pushes us to the test, I see it as a test. First album everyone got together, now with this it also helps us out in the future if we decide to do a whole solo album. Helps it out by letting us know what we can do individually by ourselves. How creative we can be on that solo tip.

dubcnn.com: What is your take on "LATIN HIP HOP" any misconceptions? Stereo types?

Transcend- I think first off what confuses people and what misleads people is when you put a label on something that ultimately defines it, letís say, if u call it "Latin Hip hop", is that supposed to be a sub set of Hip Hop? I don't try to fiddle with labels, I know we are gonna sell records cause of our look, but our music is what makes us. I am not concerned with labels; I am concerned with our music and where itís going. I think itís a good time for Latinos to step it up and be them selves. There is an explosion, example: Psycho Realm, Street Platoon, Kemo, etc. I think we need to step it up for the West coast, itís not always bout gang banging and jail life that's not what we project.

Oppose: I am gonna be very honest I am going to speak from my heart. It doesn't bother me; I don't waste my energy. It does get tiring for me to be considered Latin hip-hop; it starts to separate what hip-hop is. There is no Black, Asian hip-hop, its just hip-hop. For me I am just a Latino contributing to hip-hop. When people say Latin hip-hop or Chicano rap they start creating their own world. That's how people who actually believe the hype. May start to not want to listen or think Latinos don't have potential cause it doesn't sound like black hip hop or they think because we are Mexican or Latino, I am not going to talk bout Low Riders and Hood rats. People, in my rhymes, are going to know I am Mexican, {I} represent my music. Donít see me as Latin hip-hop; see me as a Latino contributing to hip-hop.

Transcend: If you call Latin hip hop, it confuses the next generation. It doesn't pay homage to the fact that Latinos been here since it started. {With} Blacks doing hip-hop it was more marketable would have been tough for the Tony touch of that time. Kind of dilutes and takes away the proper dues to the graffiti writers, break dancers from rock steady, and the rappers from that time. There is only the term Latin hip-hop, for the simple fact it is a more marketable term for big corporations.

Resy- I think what more then anything what we need to focus on itís not Latin hip hop, but that its hip hop in general, that's where the capital letters are at. Its on the hip hop it self. Itís not on Latin or A Black label, with us we are Global City we represent all aspects. We represent graffiti, break dancers, LA, that's what it is.100% just hip-hop there is no label.

dubcnn.com: What advice do u guys have for upcoming groups?

Oppose: For me, not to sound corny, but keep doing what youíre doing. If you are hungry and ambitious, nothing can touch you or the negative things you hear. If that isn't a fear, I think for youngster or anyone coming up, you need to get informed learn as much as you can bout this business and what direction you want to head into. Itís not bout grabbing the Mic and getting on stage. There is going to be a lot of things you will encounter, people trying to back stab you, use you for money, read bout it, ask bout it, its not easy. People think we just write rhymes, some peopleís struggle for years before they make it. Itís not easy plain and simple. Don't get in this if you see it as a trend, I see a lot of youngsters that feel to be apart of hip-hop. You got to be on stage or Emcee, its so different now then how it was back n the early 90's. Now no one is really hungry anymore, do it because you really want to do it.

Transcend-just stay true to who you are, music is a big industry, for us Global City is representing a segment of society that's already highly negativity stereo typed of identity, best advice represent what your about

Brainwave: Not everyone is in this for a record deal. Some come in to just kick lines. I think you need to realize what you are doing, for me personally, this is the hardest thing I have had to do. Came into this as a hobby, but now I am learning on the business side and responsibility. Just be true and kick dope shit.

Resy: I'll continue on what Transcend said. Ya know we all surround our selves with people who may be negative or positive, but as long as you stay true to your music, and bring positive out in what you do that will come out in lyrics, no one can bring you down. Also got to understand your music is not for everyone, some will like it, some won't. You get knocked down, but you got to get back up. Keep creating, just like being on the streets, streets will knock you down, if you get right back up, no one can take nothing off you. I think number one, what it takes is understanding and respecting what youíre doing, has been around for a long time. For me, I D.J., if that is a route you want to venture in, you got to give respect to the underground, Old School, Grandmaster Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore, etc. Those are the cats that allowed us and showed us the way. More then anyone Jam Master Jay, I remembered when I heard Sucker Emceeís. I use to grab his vinyl, copy and mimic his scratches; I knew I could do this. I wanna say in my 13 years I been doing this, I been very blessed surround myself with positive people. Back in the late 80s, West Side, being friends with Frank V, Ernie G, Proper Dos. To 91, 92 linking up with The Psycho Realm, with Jack and my man Duke, {and} at that time, Brown Man Joe AKA Ferruco. That was my foundation that was how I got my start. A lot of cats don't know that I use to DJ for Psycho Realm that was my first vision, time, and taste of being on stage rocking 2 turn tables. From that moment on, that gave me an itch, still burning in me, I will be 40, 50, still be doing this. Itís something that's in my blood and I can not give it up no matter what. I know cats who been doing this just as long as I have and start to get rid of their records. I could never do that, giving away a record is like chopping off a limb.

dubcnn.com: Seeing you perform the energy that you create individually and as a group, the presence you guys have, what does it feel like to see the feed back from the crowd?

Oppose: for me it makes me feel all the work Global City has put it in, the response, that's what we live for, without the money involved, it makes you want to go back to the lab and put out another album you're teaching you're lifestyle to the audience, hearing and seeing the crowd feeling it. All the sweat and tears finally being appreciated, makes us want to give more.

Transcend: I see it that we are basically modern day prophets, tell our stories, we have a responsibility on stage, ask your self are u just going to tap dance or entertain, how we project our self's and please our crowd is what we put all our energy in. Hip-hop allows us to have that role not only are we entertaining but connecting at that moment.
Like when we did a border town, T. J.{Tijuana, Mexico}, with Psycho Realm, Street Platoon, Kemo, it was exciting for us to go there give our energy and get so much back. People over there are hungry for that.

Brainwave: I think we all agree its a great feeling, I know I get it. I think we get confidence to want to do better and give more. Also tackle bigger things, within the group, I see we will play a big position with hip-hop. Even business, for me, bottom-line a great feeling.

Resy: All I ask for is the continuous support from the fans we have gotten. Their energy is what takes us to the next level of what we are doing. We started sitting talking bout it, now to see a whole audience react to our music, itís incredible. Itís a crazy feeling to know people can sit there and relate to our lyrics. We see them relate and respond to our kicks and our snares and expressions while we perform, its a crazy feeling. My thing is, as long as the support comes from the fans, I think you will hear more Global City on the next level, a higher level. We do our music for them and that's what it is!!

dubcnn.com: On the subject of Fans how important is it to have that communication?

Transcend: Its key, that's just 1 basic element in this culture since its birth, hip hop is an experience, the difference with hip hop, it carries more than just sounds, carries turn tables, graffiti, break dancing, lifestyle how we live from inner city, no one thought hip hop would last, that it would die, and now we are making money off this, one of the biggest selling in pop culture. We do what we love to do and we share it. We don't act like Elvis... we are you, you are us, we just share what we got in terms of our music and what's personal to us

Oppose- when we go out there and interact with our fans/audience, our mentality is not oh .." we're Global City" like to say we are higher then them, we go out there as fans to meet fans, we still gonna walk around meet people collect their energy and who knows, use that in a song or inspiration of a lyric, we connect with people who were raised the way we were, and those who don't know what its like, we are very approachable, we are regular people

Brainwave: I think its important, the fans are the gas that keeps us moving, I see myself as hip hops biggest fan, not only as a artist/performer, giving hip hop something good, like a fan

dubcnn.com: IS there anybody n the hip hop community from old school, new school, group, artist, producer, any of you would want to work with?

Oppose: Anybody that moved me basically, if it was a poet, graffiti artists, producer, Emcee, doesn't matter I am not gonna get into names, to many to mention

Transcend: There is a lot of names there, I would love to do some heavy ass music with Nas, Black Thought. Even outside of hip-hop I would work with Estero, I want to do some dark music with her, just travel with it, producerís musicians that we really appreciate

dubcnn.com: Brainwave: I would like to have done something with Big Pun, Fat Joe

Resy: Me being a DJ, a collabo with Krs-one, The Teacher, Diamond D, Diggen In The Crates crew, the whole Boot Camp Click, I would love to get in a production with Jack from The Psycho Realm, I think I would run out our time with names. Understand I been doing this for 13 years, there is many artists that have inspired me. I can name groupís form the West Coast to the East coast, whatever we can to do elevate the next level of hip hop. Keep it alive for another 20, 30 years. I am all for that

dubcnn.com: Who have u guys performed with and what is your most memorable venue so far?

Resy- We have been blessed to share the stage with many of very notable underground artists, Self Scientific, 2Mex, we definitely shared a couple stages with Psycho Realm and Street Platoon, Krazy Race, Kemo, we did a show in Oakland called Hip Hop in the park with Zion I. Besides hip hop stages, Burning Star, fortunate to share a couple stages with members of Ozomotli. I think as a group, where we are at right now, we been very blessed to perform with them. For me, the future is unscripted, the possibilities are enormous. Who knows you may see Global City doing a show with Metallica or something, who knows. It is all a collaboration with minds, body, soul, music.

Oppose-My memorable time was our first show in Bakersfield, very first time Global City did a show, start of this whole process, obviously biggest 1 was The Psycho Realm release party for book story 2, man the El Rey theater in LA was to packed!, that place has never been filled ever for a concert until that night, then there's the moments who others may think aren't moments to be remembered at all, like Global City performing in a mechanic garage, with 2 mic cords that were 2 feet long, no matter what, that still molded us, we could have given up but we are ambitious, we kept on going. On a side note we did the voices for the "cholos" on Grand Theft Auto -San Andreas! Check it out!!!!

Transcend- I think the Key club that was actually our 3rd show, another at a swap meet, we didn't have anyone in the audience, we were facing towards the stage backwards, picking out people, calling them to look at us Sheriffís came in and we started rappen to them

Resy - Every show is memorable, every show is a piece of the pie, we take something from every where we play, my thing is looking forward to working with other artists, any one out there who is doing this that wants to work with Global City, hit us up Global City performed at The Conga room for the Belmont Tunnel I know that's something people from Los Angeles, as well as graffiti artist community are very much involved with in keeping it, what did that mean to perform there.
The Belmont tunnel for me was very spiritual, like I said my foundation, being in this game for so long, the way I got started n this game, I use to break dance, graffiti tagging, Resyone, I was hitting the RTD busses, graffiti is very close to my heart, so when I found out they were trying to tear it down for some apartment complex's and all that, I know we got mass people coming in to this country we need the space, but I think we need to keep something sacred to our heart and that is what LA is all bout, Graffiti, Los Angeles, Hip hop is a big representation of hip hop and these streets for someone to take that away, you are taking a piece of our heart, that's why that show at the Conga Room was huge, it was a big thing, I needed to be apart of that.

Transcend -It was a dope show, Underground Economy, Mark the poet, Lisa J, original k day, D. J Orator, from Divine Forces radio all there with us

Oppose: The Belmont Tunnel, this show was for all the graffiti artists, it's history, land of our ancestors for graffiti in A sense, for Global City to do a show, it was the best thing, they are there for us, we are coming back to them, I grew up knowing bout the Belmont Tunnel, walked past it every day, back then you wouldn't see so much graffiti, You would see our dads playing soccer, all that vibe and past that happened, for the honor for us to be apart of that? Forget the money you canít put a price on that, that's our lifestyle

dubcnn.com: What do you want people to get from your music?

Transcend: I want them to feel smell and taste, our experiences of us, people like us, who have past on, locked up, I want them to take a travel with us. When I first heard our CD in its entirely, I really felt like I went through an experience, of just kicking it and living in Downtown LA, rear to the West Side 310 area, The life we live among the freeways, beaches, relatives, ancestors, I want them to know we are just sharing a piece of our lifestyles.

Oppose - Also people that were not born, or raised how we were raised or people who are born in our situation but are still intimidated to hear somebody come out with lyrics n your face speaking reality, that and for the young who are coming out, example my own daughter, I want to teach her through my music.

Freddy: I want our music, Global City, West Coast Latinoís, I can say there is not that many groups that are not on a gang banging level, people like u, not everyone gang bangs, I want to kill the stereotype that its not only bout that, I want someone who hears the album to be like. Wow I lived that

dubcnn.com: Where can people purchase Four Corners to the Block?

Oppose: For the entire So Cal people

Graphics- Los Angeles

FatBeats- Melrose


Music Revolution- Whittier, -Anaheim

Sounds of music-Whittier

Contact info for bookings or shows www.GlobalCityCrew.com

Right now we are updating it, going to get paypal, whole website is going to be redone, for the Internet crazy mother fuckers who knows MySpace, on that u can check out 3 tracks from our album, our video, make comments, whatever u want
Also we got global city shirts, STICK AND MOVE is going to be doing the clothing, we got male & female attire, every shirt is going to have a sticker with it, kind of like a package deal
We have sent our CDs to all over the world; we have been dealing direct, so if you are not able to get to the stores, you can contact us direct until pay pal comes in effect. We will give u the address and all that

Oppose: Last comment we would like to thank You LatinaBeatz and DubCnn for this opportunity to be on a well-informed hip-hop site.

Personal Level, everyone that has helped Global City from Niture- our sound guy, Mace who did the album cover, it took late nights till we were satisfied, 10 west crew, Lee, Miloe who also did our logo, shirts, Everyone who has been apart of us, friends, family at every show. My last thing is you like us or you hate us, we are still going to do this. We want to unite everybody, get off all this bull shit labels, and call it hip-hop! Donít be afraid or ashamed how u grew up, speak about it! Love to all the fans, producers and lyricists, who have contributed to our album. Global City coming soon on that next album!

Global wants to thank dubcnn.com for doing what u do!! And everyone hearing us out!

dubcnn.com: Thanks guys for sharing that info, I know we will be looking forward to seeing and hear Global City represent Hip Hop!




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