interview Jaheim  (February 2006) | Interview By: Yash

  Dubcnn sat down with the legendary singer Jaheim to talk about his new album Ghetto Classics, his rough childhood in Parkway Homes public-housing project , his desire to work with westcoast artists like E-40 and Snoop, he also spoke about the duet album with Cam'ron and so much more.

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Interview was done by phone in February 2006

Questions Asked By: Yash

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Dubcnn: How was it growin up in Parkway Homes public-housing project?

It was a disaster *laughs*

Dubcnn: Yea I can only imagine.

But it was kinda fabulous though ghetto fabulous. It's a memory, it's going down memory lane now!

Dubcnn: Can you tell us about some fun memory?

Trouble I used to get into trouble alot. Whatever the fellaz do man we was copy caters.
We did it all we was bad! Nobody could tell us nothing. Then one day I got sent away and learned my lesson.

But it didn't just stop all of a sudden it was a constant thing for a couple of years you know.
You can't put your hand on the fire and get burned one time because you get used to that fire burn but then I did some serious shit and I had to go away.

Dubcnn: Was your grandfather a big influence when you were growin up?

Oh yea my grandfather was definetly a majour influence on my music.

Dubcnn: When you were 15 you won Apollo Theatres talent show 3 times, did you then feel like you were on the way to becoming a big singer?

Yea I thought it was ???.

Dubcnn: So did alot of people approach you and wanted to sign you?

Yea alot of people but ive been through so much dealing with so many people and contacts before then so you don't really wanna put your trust to much but I met a couple of cats after the apollo that were like you don't need to go back there. So it worked out for the better.

Dubcnn: Did you have like one moment when u were young that somehow indicated that your life was about to change?

The moment that I heared the people scream I thought "Dam this is Scary but for some reason it's fun". This is a good chance to change my life. I had to practice day in and day out, working so hard.

Dubcnn: You have also tried acting, is that something you plan to do more of in the future?

Is there something I plan to do more of? Yea I wanna do acting I want to get into showman ship want to make my live show so crazy to where you know ladies are just off the chain. Just lovely and don't want to go home.

Dubcnn: How was it working with Jadakiss and Cam'ron?

A lovely lovely expirience man I felt like I was working with family.
He from the projects i mean from the hood im from the projects aswell the yankers.
So I went out to the Yankers and I vibed outthere with Jadakiss and Styles P and Sheek Louch
at D Block studio and I did some stuff with Camron in the hood.

Dubcnn: What happened to the "best of both hoods" album idea (duet with Cam'ron)?

I'm just waiting for Cam to hit me up when he hit me up well you know what it is...we gone drop it like it's hot!

Dubcnn: Can you tell us about your new album?

The new album is titled Ghetto Classics. Why? Because I just love the ghetto so much.
The classical part came from the Luther camp. Luther camp came into play the classical strings and the live base and the live guitar and all that stuff. It's like starting back all over again.

Dubcnn: Is the sound similar to the former albums?

Yes it's pretty much the same thing but you get the classical part the particular Jaheim records.

Dubcnn: So Who's handling the production besides Luthers team?

uhm KG and I got my own inhouse producers.

Dubcnn: Any featurings on there?

I got Styles P and Jadakiss.

Dubcnn: How much do you charge if an independent artist would approach you for a hook?

I don't deal with the business part of things like that because I might be in a good mood I might charge nothing. So you just do a favour for a favour. You do something for me I do something for you.

Dubcnn: who's your favourite artists from the 70's and 80's?

My favourite artist from my generation coming out were Luther, before the Luther era was Sam Cook. Today I gotto say....it's hard because everybody working right now so it's hard to say right now.

Dubcnn: Would you like to work with anyone from the westcoast?

Yea all of them! Snoop, E-40, The Game and 50! Anyone of them man I'm a team player.

Dubcnn: Will you be goin on tour in europe soon?

Yea actually im coming out yall way..

Dubcnn: When are you coming?

Like in March i'll be in the uk.

Dubcnn: What does Jaheim do on his free time ?

Free time for me just chilling with the fellas man or I might be cudling up with a lady somewhere.
Tryna have a good time. You might catch me bowling or playing pool just somewhere in the hood just chillin.

Dubcnn: Can you tell us how you come up with a hook or song do you listen to the beat first or it just comes to you when you doin somethin else?

However it comes to me I just write it. If the hook come to me I write the hook, if the verse come I write the verse. Then I put the whole thing together.

Dubcnn: Do you smoke weed?

I used to but I quit man you know we got a big career ahead of us. We got these young kids coming you need some fresh pipes you gotto be available for them.

Dubcnn: Do you have your own proteges and your own record label?

Yea I got my own record label been around for the past two years and got our own artist his name is Left Guns. He's a hiphop artist I'm sure you probably heared of him.

Dubcnn: Yea I heared him but I had no idea he was your artist.

Yea so we got alot of stuff he's working on his project now.

Dubcnn: Any last words?

Oh yea man Valentine's day cop this for somebody you might have missed a christmas gift now you can make up on Valentines day you can have like 10th Valentine but this album's gone definetly be a winner. So think that everybody need the spiritual healing man so come on out February 14th and cop this album man because it's definetly what's hot!


Jaheim Gave Dubcnn.com A Shoutout! Check That Here

Full Interview In Audio Here




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