interview KRUSHADELIC (November 2007) | Interview By: Noncentz

Dubcnn has once again connected with Krushadelic for an in-depth interview. Krushadelic is a member of the Dangerous Crew and the rap group Underground Rebellion, West Oaklandís hottest and most consistent group releasing music since the early 90ís. In this interview, he talks about the projects heís been working on, including a new solo album, 2 new books, an Underground Rebellion album, and more. Enjoy!.


Please note that this interview was conducted by a Dubcnn Community (Dubcc.com) forum member. He and a team of members have been heavily discussing and promoting the work of the Dangerous Crew as a whole. Thanks go out to; Lamont, Raiders, Akcranker, SJ, GP and EazyE for their help and support in bringing the Dangerous Crew back into relevance. There will be more from the Dangerous Crew on dubcnn over the coming weeks.


Interview was done by phone in November 2007

Questions Asked By: Noncentz (Guest Contributor)

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Dubcnn: Whatís up Krush?

Whatís happening, playboy?

Dubcnn: Before we get off into this new album you got coming out, letís rehash a bit and let everybody know where youíre from?

West Oakland, California! Killafornia! (laughs)

Dubcnn: How long have been in the game?

I been actually rapping for about 20+ years, but I been putting out records for about 17 years, going on 18 years now. The first record came out in 1990. I started out with the group Underground Rebellion, and we still putting out records under that, but Iím doing my solo thing too. We was the first group up out of West Oakland, and we opened the doors for a lot of people like The Whoridas, Saafir, Billy Bavgate, Steady Mobbiní, etc.

Dubcnn: What have you been up to since the last time we talked? [Part 1 | Part 2]

I been up to a whole lot of different things. I actually wrote 2 books that Iím about ready to release. Theyíre going to come out in 2008, after the album. Iíve also been putting the final touches on the album and things like that, besides trying to get my life together on some personal stuff. During the mist of all this, I had lost my momma and my grandmomma, so itís been real, real tough on me. Thatís why itís taken a while for this album to come out, cuz I had been just reeling from that situation. I had to kind of step back from the music for a minute to try to get my personal life together. It was hard, and itís still hard everyday. But I know that this is what I need to be doing.

Dubcnn: My condolences definitely go out to you about your losses. I know thatís hard.

No doubt, man. I lost them both within 2 weeks of each other.

Dubcnn: Damn.


Dubcnn: Well, tell me about these books that youíre coming out with.

The first book that Iím coming out with is like a ďHow-toĒ book, as far as the business and everything. Thereís so many young people getting into the music business right now, but they donít have the education on the game. They donít understand that itís really a business, and thatís why itís called the music ďbusinessĒ. Itís a lot more than talent thatís going to get you where you want to go, and keep you in the game. Thereís a lot of knowledge and experience that goes with it. So Iím calling that book ďEdu-game-mentĒ.

The other book that I wrote is more based on my career. Itís not a biography, but itís based on my career, on like how I got started, how I survived in the business, the people I met, relationships that I built that turned into more of friendships that just business. I talk about my trials and tribulations like losing my momma and my son. It also tells the story about the whole Dangerous Crew situation, like how I got up in there, the behind the scenes type of stuff that we did out on tours, and what we did in the studio, as far as me working with people and being a young producer in that position. It also goes into me working with people in New York, like Camíron. Itís a little personal, but itís also about a lot of fun and itíll be interesting for people. Itíll have a lot of photos and things like that too.

Dubcnn: Both of those sound hella interesting! When can we expect those books to be available?

You can expect them in the 2nd quarter.

Dubcnn: And what was the title of the second book?

Iíve been flip-flopping between titles, so as of now, itís still untitled. Itís already done, it just needs to get pressed and then itíll be out there.

Dubcnn: Ok, cool. Now, being a rapper, producer, CEO, and now author, how do you find the time to accomplish all of these things?

Itís real hard, man, Iíll tell you that! But I guess that since Iíve been doing it for so long, itís just kind of like a natural thing to me. The easiest thing about me rapping, is that I am a producer, so Iím always making beats. I donít have to really go out and search for other producers and go try to feel their vibe and all of that. Iím able to get my own thing done and get songs together. Both of those things are difficult, but when I create a beat, Iím always thinking of rhymes in my head. On the CEO end, I was kind of forced into that situation like most of the independent brothers are, in just trying to get your music heard. You just become the CEO eventually, in trying to do that. You can have people invest in you and this and that, but if they don't have no real drive to go through the lumps and bumps that this industry gives you, then it falls on you as the artist, if you want to fulfill your dream. I mean, my first record I put together was with my lunch money.

Dubcnn: Talking about your very first project, when did you put that out, and how many projects have you been a part of over the course of your career?

My first project was called ďLetís Get FunkyĒ, and that came out around October/November, 1990. Since then, Iíve put out about 25 projects. Actually this record I got coming out will be my 25th project. As far projects Iíve been involved in, itís somewhere around 60-70 projects probably.

Dubcnn: Damn!

And thatís just going off the top of my head. If I really sat down and started counting them, Iím pretty sure itíd be a few more than that. Like with Andre Nickatina, Iíve worked with him on 10 of his projects right there. Then you got artists like the Too $hortís, Goldyís, Camíronís, Junior Mafia, Conscious Daughters, Saafir, Whoridas, E-40, and the list goes on and on. And through working with them while we was all trying to come up, I was able to have relationships with them that preceded the ďBig SuccessĒ.

Dubcnn: And what is that relationship that you have with all of these artists?

Itís relationship that was born out the humbleness of all of us trying to get on. We helped each other get to where we are. A lot of people are trying to get in now and build a relationship with them, and theyíre not sure what you want from them. They donít know if youíre a genuine friend, or if just trying to use them for a situation. When we first came in, we was all real humble, and so we all still real humble to each other when we see each other and deal with each other.

Dubcnn: Who are some of your favorite artists youíve worked with or produced for?

Thatís a hard question! (laughs) I value all the artists Iíve worked with across the board, and Iím not really a star-struck person like that. I really value the people like Too $hort. Heís a living legend right now in music. And itís certain things like that, when you can get credit for working with someone like that, or a E-40, or Chaka Khan even. I can find things in different people that made it fun or special.

Dubcnn: Ok. Whatís the name of your label?

Armada Entertainment.

Dubcnn: Who are the artists on your label and what can you tell us about them?

Myself, and I have Jullie-D, who I dropped a project out on him late last year, and weíre working on another one for him. Heís also the other member of my group, Underground Rebellion, which weíve done 10 projects with that together through the years, and we about to come with our new one called ďBlood CousinsĒ. And then I have my other artist, who is 16, called Young Bari, and his album is out right now called ďHere I ComeĒ. Iíve had him since he was 12, just kind of developing him and grooming him, and heís just ridiculous on the rhymes and concepts.

Dubcnn: Whatís the name of your upcoming project?

Ghost Rider.

Dubcnn: What can we expect with this album?

I had come up with the concept and idea for this album back when I did the ďHyphadelĒ album, off the Marvel Comics character, and not from what they be saying on the street. It just so happened that they coincide together, so itís kind of working good with that. But I think this album is one of my better pieces of work production-wise and lyrical-wise. I touched on a lot of topics on this one. Through losing my momma and grandmomma, itís given me another outlook on life, like on the song ďPoint After TouchĒ. Thatís my ďDear MamaĒ-type song. But itís still also a party album.

I got some Hyphy songs and I got some club songs. I got a ridiculous club song with Too $hort called ďLook At MeĒ. I got Chaka Khan, Keak Da Sneak on there, Mistah F.A.B. Nickatina, I got a few songs for the ladies, like where I flipped the ďTender LoveĒ song and gave it a little T-Pain flavor. I think itís a real solid album! Itís more than what you would think would come from a Bay album.

Dubcnn: Any last words for the fans out there?

Yeah, go buy that album because you wonít be disappointed at all! Just because itís independent, donít let it fool you. Itís running with the best of them out there. And keep supporting the Bay Area music!

Dubcnn: Alright, Krush! I appreciate you reaching back out to us and letting us in on the many projects you have coming out for us.

Yeah, no doubt!



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