interview LIL EAZY-E  (November 2005) | Interview By: Inspire

Dubcnn.com had the chance to catch up with Lil-Eazy-E for an exclusive interview. Inspire asked Lil-E about his current situation with the Game and how he felt about him, his plans for the future of Ruthless Records as well as his own personal future. He also told us about the new upcoming album, "Prince of Compton", his thougts on Jerry Heller and much more We have both the transcript and the audio for you to check and please feel free to send any feedback regarding the interview to: nima@dubcnn.com

Huge thanks to Lil-Eazy-E for taking time out to answer the questions fans wanted to know! (Interview was done by phone on November 29th 2005)

Questions Asked By : Inspire

Full Interview In Audio : Here

Dubcnn: What is your current status with The Game right now?

Urm, shit. I don't fuck with him; we don't have any liking of each other.

Dubcnn: Alright. Some of the fans said that you were introduced into the rap game by The Game.

How? For one, it's hard to say that because of who my father is. How was I introduced into the game by Game when Game was introduced to the game by representing my father, thats kind of hard to go about. And the first thing that comes about, the first place that I ever was seen, as far as the nation and as far as who Eazy-E's son is, 'cause the streets don't know that Game walked around Compton tryna say he was Eazy-E's son or exploit to New York City that he was part of Eazy-E's family, which is not true.

So then therefore during All Star week which was like two years ago / a year and a half ago, I ran into Jim Jones and we did the video for Certified Gangsta's, and they've been looking for Eazy-E's son for the longest and there was somebody side-lining, I guess that they were hating on the fact of where to find me at, or didn't know me but claimed he did know me and therefore that was Game. And when they finally found me, they were excited.

So therefore, how did I get introduced in to the rap game, I was never introduced to the rap game by Game, I barely met Game around six or seven months before I got a deal. Game had no part what so ever of me being introduced to the world. When I was sixteen years old, I was in Double X L. I was Game's inspiration when Game was in the hospital.

Dubcnn: Okay, is that what made you change your opinion on him then?

Urm, no. That's not exactly what made me change my opinion on him. It could of been a whole West Coast thing coming out, but Game he himself know why he wanted me to get behind his back to his defence to make me fall out with him and the simple fact that what he does and how he represents my father and he's not true and loyal to what he says and stands by, you know what I'm sayin? So everybody wants to say how the West Coast has got unity out here, when there ain't no god damn unity.

The fans may look at it like that, and they might wanna sit there and do a conferance and everything for the fans and make it seem like that, but that shit is bullshit. Every nigga is for himself and every nigga is not loyal and Lil-E is gunna ride and do his thing and fuck Game!

Dubcnn: Aight, what did you mean when you said that the "Real Blackwall Street" doesn't like The Game?

It was a decision made by some street niggas, as far as his brother-in-law, his god-brother, his step brother and a couple of individuals. We're straight. Me and them are straight, them are street cats that grew up in Compton, so thats straight period point blank.

I got street credibility, so thats gunna push longer than some fuckin' ?? and some fuckin' entertainment business thing is gunna do, you know what I'm sayin? Niggas can't go back to the street, so therefore, hey, all that shit is bullshit to me. But to answer your question, he's not too cool with those cats. Like I said, he's a none-loyal nigga. His own brother, his own hood. You know what I mean?

Dubcnn: Yeah.

I mean, I'm affiliated with blue rag, they're red rags and everybody knows. There is times when we go out and party and this nigga dont wanna show up cause of the fact that his brothers and his other homies were around. So tell me how loyal this nigga is to his own people.

Dubcnn: Okay. Moving away from The Game topic, onto your album.

Oh yeah, the albums good, the albums good. I'm still working on it, I'm going in their with Dr. Dre, I'm trying to put together the N.W.A track with the original members, it's the new generation of the West Coast, you know what I'm sayin? So

I'm bringing it all the way real, and since the beggining of my album, D.O.C helped me with the beggining stages of my album and as a matter of fact, when my album comes out I'ma let you know that with you interviewing me, I'ma let you know yourself, with the questions and the things Game had to say, D.O.C wrote two songs on the album and in my earlier career ??, so therefore I write every single thing else on my album.

Dubcnn: Right.

My story, which nobody themselfs can sit there and interpretate in their own writing skills, their right stories that only me, myself can do. Like I said, I've got Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, so it's a real West Coast album. It's coming out late spring.

Dubcnn: I heard a snippet of the Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony track.

It's hot! Yeah, all the original Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony members, yup. I'm keeping it real Ruthless based, you know? The whole family.

Dubcnn: Thats good to hear!

Yeah, and I've still got my own group which is titled King's of L.A. with my own producer and another artist out of Compton, so you know, I'm keeping the whole family going. King's of L.A. is about a whole West Coast movement, keeping L.A alive, I'ma be the next home base for West Coast rap, you know what I mean?

Dubcnn: Yeah.

Which is what individuals expected Game to do, which fall out, because people are none loyal.

Dubcnn: Okay. How many tracks is Dr. Dre doing or done for the album?

Uhm, we're going in, me and Dre are going in, working at the top of the year after the holidays, so then we might go in there and bang out beats, who knows?

Dubcnn: Okay.

But he's going to be the last minute touches on my album.

Dubcnn: Alright then. When is your mixtape dropping?

Uhm, it was undecided, but I have a mixtape coming out for the fans pretty soon, so I'm going to give them that pleasure and give them that holiday gift so I got a mixtape coming out pretty soon for the fans, so be on the lookout for that.

Dubcnn: Aight. Do you have any contacts with the old Ruthless executives like Jerry Heller and if so, what are your thoughts on him?

Yeah, as a matter of fact Jerry Heller just called my manager, trying to contact me about business because I'm trying to put together an unreleased unheard tracks by my father and myself, like the whole ?? going on.

So about three weeks ago Jerry called me and before I got my deal me and Jerry had a meeting, so it's whatever - As far as business goes, we talk about a few things here and there so, you know. No bad feelings for the dude.

Dubcnn: Oh, that's cool to hear, because I'm a huge fan of your father, so it's good to hear that your trying to put together some unheard stuff from him. I know that will make a lot of the fans happy.

Yea, you know I had my things in the back of my head about a lot of individuals, but get business out of the way and you know how I'm gunna handle it.

Dubcnn: Is there going to be any new, unheard stuff from Eazy on the album?

Yeah, you see that's exactly what me and Jerry had a meeting for the first time, because he's supposed to own some old tracks which he never gave up, so we were talking about that, so that's the first time I met with him.

Dubcnn: How many tracks are going to be on the new album?

I'ma have fifteen tracks.

Dubcnn: And when will it be released?

Uhm, probably late March, early April.

Dubcnn: Okay. The Eazy-E movie you've got planned, is that still going down?

Yeah, that's still in effect, uh huh. So after my album you're gunna have some more shit on that.

Dubcnn: Alright, and is it going to be a major production or straight to DVD release?

Yea, it's going to be major, on the big screen. ?? the right way, so it's authentic and it's the true story and the true life and know that he aint ever met game in his life also.

Dubcnn: Okay, and does the CD come with a DVD like The Game's did?

Uhm, yeah. But mine is gunna be more street depth as far as the streets. It lets you know where my father was born and raised, I was born and raised in the same house in the same area, know what I'm sayin?

It'll just let you know more in depth about the day in a life of Eazy in Compton and what goes in Compton exactly. It's more realistic, it's more home based, I'm like the street CNN, so I'ma let you know how it really goes down, there's not a lot of hanging around from me, keep the truth to the fans.

You wanna hear all you wanna see, all the bullshit, people smiling and this, that and the other but I'ma let you know in my DVD what truthfully goes down in Compton.

Dubcnn: Okay, Do you write your own lyrics for the album, apart from D.O.C?

Of course, of course. And when my album comes out you'll see that I own one hundred percent of my publishing, so of course I write all my work. It is my life story, nobody can interprete my life story, it takes me a while, but I've been taught by the best, I've been taught by D.O.C.

It's all work ethic, you know what I'm sayin? I've been working on my album for a year and a half and I've been rapping for about three years, so it's work ethics to work up to here. For somebody who speaking that, it's kind of hard for somebody who doesn't own all publishing of their records, so therefore you tell me who's writing a lot of your records dog, you know what I'm sayin?

For a person who wanna speak that I don't write my own rhymes - So when my album comes out you'll see that I own one hundred percent of my publishing, yes, I write everything on my album.

Dubcnn: I heard somewhere that your sister helps you write your rhymes?

Nah, see exactly - see, now watching you see when I was in XXL, that was when I was sixteen years old. Do you remember that? For the rest of the fans, they wanna think that Game put me in the game and thats hard to believe, and that was mis-quoted I'm sorry -

My sister was the first person who learned how to write, when we were kids as far as being brought up to my fathers music, but yeah, my sister does not help me write my rhymes, I write all my rhymes and everything, I don't have nobody putting a hook, I dont have nobody let me borrow a song or anything, they're all my life stories.

Dubcnn: Okay. thats cool to hear. Are you interested in purchasing Ruthless Records in the future?

Oh yeah, yeah - I got a lot of plans for Ruthless Records in the future, so yeah, everybody is going to be suprised on what's going to happen.

Dubcnn: I can't wait for that. Will you be on any upcoming projects from Ruthless?

Urm, Ruthless just got an artist that I think they're working with, so I talked to him when I met him in the Bahamas, so theres things talking upon some things that are going down, so just see what's going to happen. So yeah, I should be.

Duncnn: Okay, that's cool. Will you be hooking up with people like B.G. Knocc Out and Gangsta Dre'sta when B.G. is out of prison?

Urm, I'm waiting for B.G. Knocc Out to get up out of jail, I know Dre'sta, I think he may have been put on house arrest.

Dubcnn: I think so yup, cause I've designed Dre'sta's website and written to B.G. in prison in the past.

Yeah, thats terrific! Our connection kind of fell off, so I'm reaching out to them, I know his little brother works at the studio that I mess with so I keep in contact with him and see how his brother is doing but I'm waiting for B.G. to get out to see whats going on.

Dubcnn: Yeah, that'll be cool - can't wait to hear that. Do you still have beef with Daz Dillinger?

Daz is whatever, he said some bad things about my name, which is not true in the streets because "snitch" is a real bad word to use. That's never what I was born and raised to be, so Daz put a bad rap on a nigga's name from some street shit that went down and not incriminating myself as far as speaking on it, but we're still off and it's whatever, you know? It's whatever, me and Daz, we ain't even talked, we haven't said any words - but it's whatever.

Dubcnn: Okay. How do you feel about people like G-Unit who are big in the rap game at the moment?

I mean, you know - as far as G-Unit records or 50 Cent, 50 Cent is holding it down. 50 Cent is doing what he has to do, he been working as a business man as everybody has seen, so as far as right now in the game, they're holding their spot right now and getting their light, you know what I mean? We'll see how far it goes, but that's what it is, you know?

Dubcnn: Yeah, would you ever think of signing to G-Unit records if you were ever given the chance?

Naw, I got King's of L.A. entertainment, that's all me.

Dubcnn: Alright. Is there anymore Aftermath producers working on your album other than Dr. Dre?

Urm, as far as some of the producers that came out of Dre's camp, they were trained under Dre like J.R, Hi-Tek, ?? out of D-12, you know what I'm saying? I wouldnt say that they were Aftermath producers, but they were learnt up under Dr. Dre, remember nephew from back in the day? So you know, I got a couple of family bases, but not exactly up under Aftermath, you know.

Dubcnn: Alright man, that's just about it for the questions, thanks for your time answering these questions that the fans wanted to know, and good luck with your album!



Full Interview In Audio : Here

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