interview MC BREED (PART 1)  (October 2007) | Interview By: Chad Kiser

Known for his “More Bounce To The Ounce”-inspired debut, "Ain’t No Future In Your Frontin", the legendary MC Breed catapulted to fame at a time when it was unheard of for an emcee out of the mid-west to breakthrough. MC Breed opened the doors for artists like Eminem, D12, and even Kid Rock to be seen and heard by the masses.

Breed recorded with several of the west coast’s finest throughout his illustrious career, including Warren G, Too $hort, Ant Banks, 2Pac, D.O.C., Rappin’ 4-Tay, and Spice-1 to name a few. Shortly after he exploded on the scene, he made a move to L.A., where he formed a lasting friendship with the D.O.C. The new friendship found Breed in the studio with The Chronic creators: D.O.C., Dr. Dre, Warren G and Colin Wolfe. In fact, his 3rd album, The New Breed, included the assistance of D.O.C., Warren G & Colin Wolfe, and featured the late 2Pac on the hit single "Gotta Get Mine".

Later, you could find Breed hanging out with Too $hort and his Dangerous Crew, where he did several collaborations with the Oakland mack including "Never Talk Down", "We Do This", "Buy You Some" and others. He also featured with M.C. Pooh ("Don’t Cost A Dime"), Spice-1 ("Ballin"), Ant Banks ("Money Don’t Make A Man" and "4 Tha Hustlaz"), as well as having Dangerous Crew producers Ant Banks, Shorty B, and Pee-Wee work on a few of his solo efforts like Big Baller, Funkafied and Flatline.

In Part 1 of this exclusive Dubcnn interview MC Breed talks about coming up out of Michigan, his view on hip-hop today, what it was like working with people like The D.O.C., Dr. Dre Warren G and 2Pac as well as much more. We also get the scoop on a possible new album involving MC Breed and Colin Wolfe. Be sure to stay with us and check out more with MC Breed during Part 2 of this exclusive interview.


Interview was done by phone in October 2007

Questions Asked By: Chad Kiser

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Dubcnn: What’s up

What’s happenin?

Dubcnn: Let me take you back to 1991..


Dubcnn: Flint, Michigan. MC Breed & DFC.


Dubcnn: How were you able to hit nationwide and bubble up at a time when the east coast and the west coast was really hoggin’ the spotlight?

By being totally different from the east coast and the west coast! And a bunch of luck, too! Actually, not even luck, man, God was on my side for sure! I’ma tell you man, it just went from a friend to a friend to a friend, and it just unfolded. I didn’t sound like nobody.

Dubcnn: Talking about being from Michigan, what are your thoughts on the way Eminem, D12 and them cats represent your state?

As far as Detroit is concerned, they got it covered. They been doing a real good job at that. I got a lot of respect for them.

Dubcnn: How do you feel about the current state of Hip-Hop?

*sighs* You know what, man? Music is in a state of emergency, dog. I mean we at Defcon 5 right now! This shit out here is incredibly wack! I’m not the best rapper in the world, and I never said I was and I will never say I am. That’s just not me. I got a lot of balls, but I won’t take it there. The thing of it is, is there’s a lot of wack bullshit that’s getting played simply because the radio station is getting paid.

Now, I listen to radio every now and then, but it’s becoming biased. When they decide to play some original shit that I’m used to, and some of the music that really makes sense, and not the music that’s degrading to people in general, then I’m back to fuckin’ with them. When they decide to come back to that then I’m with it. Other than that, I’m just staying out, man. There’s so many people putting out wack bullshit that it’s pathetic, and they’re just letting it fly! They don’t care.

Dubcnn: Now, you had a track about the industry called “Seven Years”. Are these record labels still bullshittin’ the artists?

Man, these record labels will try to get more than they’re supposed to! So in other words, they’re stealing! And it’s just been like that for years.

Dubcnn: Fairly soon after you blew up, you came out to L.A. and had hooked up with the D.O.C. Tell us about meeting up with DOC and forming that relationship.

I had a manager named Rodney G who used to live with Suge and DOC. And he would tell me about hanging with them cats, and I would brush him off like, “Man, you don’t know no DOC, man, get the fuck outta here!” So, he had flown DOC into St. Louis for this show I was doing, and bam! That’s when we met, and been best friends ever since, dog! That’s my guy right there! As a matter of fact, I just talked to him today.

Dubcnn: Were you around for the recording of the Chronic?

Oh, yeah! It wasn’t like it is today, bro. There wasn’t no heroes back then, man, we was in the studio doing it!

Dubcnn: Did Dre have you record anything for the record?

Most of the pre-production music I recorded for my 3rd album during the time frame you’re talking about, was with Warren G at Dre’s crib out in Malibu, where he had this house that sat right on the water. We mixed most of that album at Dre’s crib. The inspiration for that album came from listening to all of that Dre shit, man! If you listen to it, you can probably hear some of that Dre shit in it. Cuz Warren G, Colin Wolfe and D.O.C. were the same people working with Dre that was working on my album, you feel me?

Dubcnn: How did feel to work with those guys, who had also had a big hand in the development of one of the most influential records out there?

Well, what would you say if I told you that I just got back with the same names that you just mentioned, to do another LP? That’s how I feel about it, like I have to go get them again!

Dubcnn: And if what you’re telling me is that it’s happening like that, then that’s gonna be a fuckin’ dope album!

Dog, I got it in the makings right now as we speak. It’s a done deal! Me and Wolfe done already started.

Dubcnn: Gotta Get Mine. All over the radio at that time, on BET, MTV and all that. What brought you and Pac together for that song?

Me and Pac had been knowing each other for a minute back then. I was getting my very first tattoo at this parlour on Sunset, and Pac was in the other chair getting THUG LIFE on his stomach. He asked me what I was doing out here, and I told him I was recording. He told me he wanted to drop something with me, and he wouldn’t let me leave that damn parlour until he was finished getting the tattoo! After we left the parlour, we went to the studio, smoked a gang of purples, and did the damn thing.

Dubcnn: What can you tell me about this unreleased song you and Pac had called “Survivin’”?

Daaaamn, you know about that? You really wanna know something? What you just said, “Survivin’”, that was the original name of that song because me and Pac had originally done that song for an album I was working on. I ended up selling it to Ant Banks because Pac was going through that shit, and I couldn’t get it cleared. Banks ended up putting it out on one of his records, and now it’s called “4 Tha Hustlaz”.

Dubcnn: So that song on Big Thangs was originally just you and Pac?

Yeah, with 2Pac and Too $hort.

Dubcnn: We hear a lot of people talk about Pac and his work ethic. What was it like working with him from your perspective?

I was impressed with the way he recorded! He was the type of guy who could go in there and do it in one take. For instance, we did this song called “Comin’ Real Again”, and I was telling him I just wanted him to talk during the hooks, and he would do that shit in one muthfuckin’ take! Also, it would take Pac like 35-40 minutes, at the max, to write a verse or a 16. At the max now, you know? So when he was in the studio, man, he was in there workin’! Pac was the shit! It was a sight to see, to see him recording.

We was down in L.A. and doing this song with Coolio. It was me, Pac and Coolio. I think we was at Echo, but anyways, Wino did this beat for 2Pac. We was in there, so I dropped a verse, Pac dropped a verse, and Coolio dropped a verse. And Wino looked at Pac like, “How much you gonna pay me for this track?” And Pac just snapped! He was like, “Fuck this nigga! Erase that shit!” He just went stupid! And I was like damn, cuz that was the first time I had ever seen the dude blow up. It wasn’t the last though. I was there the night he shot them cops in their ass down there in Atlanta.

I had went down there for a show, and I was on my way out to get my people, and then all I heard was tat-tat-tat-tat-tat. And that what it was, was that incident between Pac and them cops. I ended up leaving, but I heard about it the next day. But that was my guy. There’s a lot of history behind me and Pac, like the Andre Rison thing, you know what I mean? How we did the video at Andre Rison’s crib, and now Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez is gone, the house is gone, you know what I mean? It’s kind of crazy!

Dubcnn: Let me get into some of your albums and some of you work here…


Stay tuned to Dubcnn for an exclusive Part 2



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