interview MESSY MARV (February 2012) | Interview By: Nima Etminan

   Dubcnn connected with Messy Marv aka The Boy Boy Young Mess for - believe it or not - our first ever interview. After causing a lot of turmoil and controversy last year due to his feud with Too $hort, Mess returns now on the musical tip with a throwback album titled "Da Real Frank Lukas Dat Neva Wore A Mink Coat".

Marv explains to us why he went back to the '93 Mess on this one and why he's going to stick to it for the future. We also speak about him connecting more with his fans and involving them in his everyday life (for those who don't know, Mess has one of the most loyal underground fan bases I've ever seen). He also talks about being falsely accused by JT The Bigga Figga and other peopel publicly and sets the record straight. Make sure to check out all that and much more in this exclusive interview.

Interview was done February 2012

Questions Asked By: Nima Etminan

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Dubcnn Exclusive – Messy Marv 
By: Nima Etminan

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Interview Audio

Dubcnn: Mess, you're on dubcnn right now to talk about your new project that dropped today.

Messy Marv: My nigga! I just dropped one, "Da New Frank Lukas Dat Neva Wore A Mink Coat". It's me to the face, I'm rocking. I got my partner from the Bronx, Dott Meyers on one track and we're rocking! We're #33 on iTunes right now. The record hit stores today, it was the St. Valentine's Massacre day number 2. The video to "You Gotta Pay Me" hit today already so I'm blessed, I feel good and I'm rocking up on shit, the only way I know how! What's popping!

Dubcnn: For those who might wonder about the title of the album, why did you call it "Da Real Frank Lukas Dat Neva Wore A Mink Coat"?

Messy Marv: I titled the album that just based on Frank Lucas and his situation when he snitched on the police. So coming from the game, I put it in perspective to where I'm snitching on these police ass niggas. Meaning that I'm telling the game on these suckas. It was a couple of niggas that lied and slandered my name real tough, like I was paying lil kids to knock muthafuckas down and all this shit is documented on AllHipHop.com.

This nigga got on there lying, saying that I was a murderer and implicated me in robberies and involving me in criminal organizations, all kinds of shit. This muthafucka was talking me and was lying like fuck, so I put that nigga out there. I just based my album on these sucka ass niggas out here lying on real game, these police ass niggas.

So on the Intro of the album I'm calling niggas out. It was another nigga that got on YouTube and said I got I gave him some money to knock somebody down. That's conspiracy to commit murder, you feel me? And he was lying like a muthafucka. So I did this album based on Frank Lucas and his situation when he got down on the police. That's how I'm getting down on these police ass niggas and telling the game about it. These lying ass niggas, you know?

Dubcnn: You mentioned that your video "You Gotta Pay Me" dropped today and when I heard it, it took me way back because it has that vintage Bay Area sound to it. What made you go for that?

Messy Marv: The fans have been telling me for so long: "Mess, we need that old Mess, we need that '93 Mess!" So, I brought the old Mess back. That's Proof Avenue on the beat and he brought it back to the 90's one time. It was just based on where I am now and where I was in the game for a minute and how these hoes used to treat a nigga when I didn't have shit. Now that a nigga doing half ass good and a little bit better than he was doing, I'm putting them boots ass bitches out there man. And I think I did a wonderful job doing it too! *laughs* Fuck these hoes!

Dubcnn: Now something that always comes up when people talk about you is your location. People wonder about where you stay at, in the Bay, Kansas, Florida…

Messy Marv: You know what I told myself this year? I was going to share more of my personal life with the people and with my fans. So I started a tumblr (theboyboyyoungmess), I started a instagram (@theboyboyyoungmess) and just giving the people snapshots of my life, because I'm a real private dude. So I told myself this year that I was going to do that and I've been doing it. I'm a little bit everywhere, I have a home in Miami, a home in Atlanta, L.A. and I'm everywhere. I'm a single parent too, so I'm doing the daddy thing.

Dubcnn: I think it looked like a part of the video was filmed in Antioch, CA?

Messy Marv: You know what, Vinnie Minton shot the video, a remarkable ass muthafucka right there. He shot Bailey's SF Giants video and Bailey's 49ers Anthem video. We shot some of the video in Atlanta and we kind of pieces the shots together because I was back and forth in airplanes and shit. So some scenes are here and some scenes are there but everything came together real good. The shit look crazy, bruh.

Dubcnn: A lot of your records have specific concepts to them, like the Kokaine Ballads that dropped last year had a different theme than this Lukas album. What can we expect from you next?

Messy Marv: Well Kokaine Ballads was just that, I came with all ballads and I was on my coke shit the whole album. This album I'm still on my coke shit, I'm on my '93 coke shit. What I'm up to next is "Servin' Bars Of Coke" and it's going to release in a few months. It's going to be 15 volumes and I'm going to stick with this '93 Mess. Like I said, Proof Av' is bringing that sound out of me, the boy Young West from Seattle bringing it out of me and West Coast Stone from Seattle. So I'm sticking with this '93 Mess and "Servin' Bars Of Coke" is going to be on some coke shit but on a different level, different topics. But I'ma be coke'ing like a muthafucka though, straight up. *laughs*

Dubcnn: I was reading some of the comments on your video and I saw people discussing your relationship with San Quinn. What's the current status there? I saw some comments being exchanged on Twitter that made it seem like you guys were on a positive note?

Messy Marv: You know what? Me and Quinn is me and Quinn. Two grown men that come from the same area, grew up and grew apart. I've always supported Quinn and over the years, Quinn always supported me. Grown men have disagreements and we disagreed. But other than that, I ain't got o problems with Quinn. I wish him the best and hopefully Quinn wishes Mess the same.

Other than that, our conversation on Twitter was just based on him reaching out to me and me saying "What you got up bruh?" and him saying what he said and me telling him to get his muthafuckin' money. Based on that, the fans went brazy! That should tell you a lot, because me and Quinn are definitely a staple in the Western edition of the Fillmore, San Francisco area. Like I said, we grew up and we grew apart but we're still representing from two sides of the coast.

Dubcnn: We aren't even going to get into everything that was going on between you and Too Short, from what I'm told that's all in the past now. But I remember at the time, JT The Bigga Figga responded and dissed you as well. Have you had a conversation with him since then?

Messy Marv: You know what? The whole interview that JT did on AllHipHop.com… he slandered my name. He assassinated my character. He implicated me in a lot of things, lying like fuck though! Talking about me paying little kids to knock muthafuckas down and saying that I was paying for protection for the Bloods and that at the end of the interview he says that he was telling the truth - even though he was lying like fuck.

So this new Frank Lukas album is just based on that and Homewrecker that got on YouTube and said the same things, lying like a muthafucka though. So nah, me and JT ain't spoke. JT, he bootlegs niggas man, he just does things out of spite of having nothing in his pocket. JT has been bootlegging my albums, the nigga all on IODA using my picture and putting a gang of niggas on the albums like Game and all these muthafuckas putting that shit up there trying to cross game with me and whoever else is on them albums, not being compensated for it.

So nah, I ain't have no conversation with JT, I'm probably not gonna have no conversation with JT and that's what it is. That's how I feel. I don't fuck with JT. JT is the police. He's a lying ass muthafucka, he's a thief, he's the police man.

Dubcnn: Let's stir the interview in a more positive direction. I remember a conversation I had with Warren G a while back where we were talking about music and he said "Messy Marv, that's my favorite rapper!" How does that make you feel? Do you have a relationship with Warren?

Messy Marv: That makes me feel real good, man! That's G-Funk, Rest in Peace Nate Dogg! Shouts out to the whole D.P.G., Kurupt and all the DPG's. I got love for Warren man, he reached out to me and one time we were supposed to get something done but we didn't get it done based on conflicting schedules. But that makes me feel real good, Dr. Dre's lil bruh saying that? That's big business! All them dudes, Baby Hump, good peoples. That makes me feel great mayne, let's do it Warren, get on my line, G-Funk!

Dubcnn: Alright man, I think we covered everything we needed to talk about, is there anything else you want to let everybody know?

Messy Marv: For the record, I ain't got no beef with Too Short. Kind of like me and Quinn's situation, two grown men spoke on two issues and disagreed. Other than that, like I said in my last interview, we ain't got no problems. Go get that new Frank Lukas album that just dropped, the "Servin' Bars Of Coke" bout to drop, go get that Kokaine Ballads, that's coke music all the way through.

I just started the new label BGI, the Scalen Music Group, ya'll make sure to get a bar of that. I got the new clothing line, Scalen clothing, the Champagne Socialist line about to jump off and about to pop off.. Man I feel good, I'm in good spirits, I'm healthy and I'm working! Other than that… Big B's, C's up, shouts out to the pimps and every nigga across American that's out here trying to get some money. Getcha issue, daddy! Go buy my shit, because it's motivation mayne, for the eardrum, nigga! You need to get out here and get it.

Shout out to EMPIRE Distribution, we locked the digital deal and EMPIRE got me all over the fuckin' world on everybody's iPhone and Androids and shit. Ya'll get up on EMPIRE Distribution. Shouts out to dubcnn man, the West Coast's muthafuckin' eyeball! *laughs* Ya'll got your eyes on everything shaking in this muthafucka man. Ya'll keep up the good work, I appreciate you calling!

And for all the fans that wanna know about the E-40 situation and me signing with Sick Wit It, that was not a rumor. E-40 was protecting the best interest for his situation and his label. Me, being Mr. Controversy himself and E-40's been doing his thing for ages, he was protecting his best interest in that situation. But it wasn't a rumor, we were going to lock it, but it didn't lock. I still got love for 40 Water, I love the Bay Area, this shit is in me. This Fillmoe shit is in me, this Frisco shit is in me. Don't listen to these suckas, cause they hating! Let's get this shit right and get this money.





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