interview RBX (June 2009) | Interview By: Jose Ho-Guanipa

   Just last month we linked back up with RBX again for an exclusive but brief interview to discuss his work on the acclaimed Marshall Mathers LP (click here if you missed it). Now we are back with an in-depth interview getting the latest on where he has been lately and his planned new release X2 The Digital Kush, a brand new mixtape in conjuntion with Napsac Sports Apparel. In the interview RBXchill discusses his past, family, the new project which is set to feature Sick Jacken and The Lady of Rage amonst others and much more.

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Interview was conducted in June 2009
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RBX // Exclusive Video Interview // Dubcnn

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Dubcnn: Whatís up yíall itĎs Jose with Dubcnn. Weíre here in Santa Ana, California at Napsac Clothing with my man Eddie and RBX. Weíre gonna get to talk to RBX. Heís dropping a mixtape pretty soon and heís also working on an album so wereí just gonna talk to him about his music and whatís going on with him.

Eddie: Right now we got this mixtape we doing, MIXTAPE, RBX mixtape we dropping June 26. Itís already out on the streets right now. Itís got a gang of features but Iímma let X elaborate a little more, but I just wanna thank Dubcnn for coming out to the Napsac Sports Apparel and Urban Gear to make this interview possible. So X go ahead and give them more information regarding whatís on the mixtape CD ďX2 The Digital KushĒ.

RBX: Well been workiní, constantly workiní and some of the overflow, some of the stuff that we had posted that was good music we needed to put that on the streets. So thatís what we did, we formed ďX2 the Digital KushĒ and we got X3 bubbliní, we got the Unanimous Project bubbliní, I got some things in the work. We still a little tentative, so we ainít gonna speak too much it. We workiní right here, we got Nap out here and he doiní what he do, we got Joaqí, so itís a good look. We striviní and we goní get it right.

Dubcnn: X I just wanted to ask you about your experience in the game. We just did an interview a little while ago with you about your work on the Slim Shady record. Youíve been involved in some of the biggest projects in hip-hop ever, Dr. Dre Chronic and Marshall Mathers LP. At the same time you kind of kept a low profile as far as not being in the limelight. Is that something you do on purpose?

RBX: Actually, no. Thatís just the powers that be. We donít wanna put no disrespectful things out there but that was just holding back to control Ďem type thing and now itís time for me to break out of the mold and do me without having somebody tell me or censor me or anything of that nature. So now we kinda breaking out of that mold. It wasnít a bad thing, itís the just the way sometimes it happens.

Dubcnn: Musically we know you have a lot of musical connection in the family. Your Dadís Bootsy Collins, your cousins with Snoop and Daz, Dogg Pound Gang. How did that influence when you were growing up as far as music and being around it?

RBX: Well honestly Bootsy is not my father. Bootsy is a close friend of the family, thatís like uncle Bootsy. We have the same last name so people threw it together like that was my father. My last name is Collins his last name is Collins, heís a close friend of the family but heís not my father. Snoop is my cousin. I will never say me and Snoop will never work together because that is my cousin but right now we keep missiní each other. He on the road or he miss me doing what Iím doiní so eventually we gonna get together and make it happen but right now Iím just pushiní.

Dubcnn: Tell us how you hooked up with Eddie and Napsac. Tell us how did that come about?

RBX: I did a show and I saw Eddie was out there tryiní to hustle. And my whole thing is trying to network with hustlers. I ainít into the name game. If you striviní for somethiní letís go get it and thatís how that came about.

Dubcnn: Wanna say anything about that?

Eddie: X pretty much said it out there. Basically we were doing an extravaganza media network and X stepped into the place and we talked and chopped it up, myself and Joaquin Scott. He liked the way we presented ourselves. Real recognize real. We know everybody out there tryiní to strive, chasiní these dollars and currency. And the way the situation is now you know your camp can be shady as shady. So basically we felt that we good real folks, myself and ĎQuin. ĎQuin over there, ĎQuin, Joaqí.

Joaquin: Mixtape, mixtape release party. Donít miss it, itís goiní down.

Eddie: So what we did, we talked to X, X took the calls, we sat down we chopped it up we tried to basically be real with each other, who we are as people, where we came from, our background and stuff like that. And the network came together, so now itís basically us putting each foot forward each day tryiní to make something strive for us as Napsac and definitely something for RBX to make it possible for everybody to come together. And as for that the package came and weíre still tryiní to perfect the package everyday, every minute. And from there on itís like X2, RBX Napsac, and Dubcnn just pick us our time. Itís what it is.

Dubcnn: Youíve been in the game for awhile, you were around before all the stuff, the internet, the digital downloads, the mixtapes and stuff. Now youíre kind of linking up with Napsac and doing that kind of thing. Do you think thatís where itís headed as far as music and pushing your stuff out there. How do you think the future of the industry is gonna be in terms of that?

RBX: I donít know. If you wouldíve asked me the question a few years ago I wouldnít think things would be as drastic as they are. Nevertheless, the concept is no woman no cry. So I just move with the stream. If this is the current thing you got to stay with the times. I got my homeboys that came from the old school whoís stuck in the old school ways and they suffering behind it. Out the trunk is still a viable way to do what you do but you gotta understand that thereís also internet, the Paypal so you gotta step your game up and learn all this stuff and you should be alright. I had got lost for a minute but caught up to speed and figured it out and now we moviní forward.

Eddie: Like X said thatís pretty what it is. Heís got all the knowledge from being around all the whole projects, and the whole mix, and the majors and just the whole flamboyant extravaganza and stuff like that. And us over here, everyday, Monday through Saturday, same location, same grind. Grind in, grind out. We tryiní to have X implement all his knowledge to us and as he implements his knowledge to us, no matter how it might come across we gonna try and take it in and utilize it to better us as a unit. Itís a good combination, it can be hard a times because we all got hard ways and thatís how we come at you but itís real. Thatís why Dubcnnís here doiní what we doiní and we gonna make it happen.

Dubcnn: Tell us about Napsac as far as what you guys do. I know this is a retail store and you got your own clothing line but I guess itís more than just clothes right?

Eddie: Yeah itís more than just clothes. Basically Napsac Sports Apparel, let me tell you a little bit
about the name, Nap is my last name and SAC stands for Santa Ana California. And like I tell everybody SAC was basically watched up and the hands switched it up and now they clean. But Napsac, Santa Ana, California thatís what it is. We basically sell clothing apparel here from Mitchell & Ness, from Reebok, Adidas, Monster, who else we messiní with, G3 thatís over there at Carl Banks, and Dallas Cowboys. Basically we sell clothing we have retail store people come through if we like a product we purchase it. We also do vendors, vendors and venues. We put shows together, we out there trying to get a lot of young actors and striviní artists a place to showcase their music, to have a venue. Maybe we put a gentleman like Mr. X or his caliber on a card and basically a lot of young artists come in so they can get showcased too. We also do a lot of stuff within the youth programs, with the kids and stuff. We also do custom uniforms for kids and stuff like that. Right now we workiní through the program for the city of Santa Ana where the city supplements them with a certain amount of money and then they come to the facility and they work for us and they credits and stuff for it. We got our hands in a lot of stuff right now and like I said itís Napsac Sports Apparel and Urban Gear and ití s just a 360 so thatís pretty much what it is. Joaqí my partner might wanna elaborate on it.

Joaquin: Get to Napsac in just a sec, back to RBX with this mixtape. If yíall for any inkling idea think that Xís bars ainít up, his bars is tight as a motherfucker. Iím telling you that, I got a good ear for rap music, this nigga shitís tight. But getting back to the Napsac, this my partner Nap, he created this movement in Ď05 right here in the city of Santa Ana. And we grind everyday with it. We wake up, we go to bed, we get up we do the damn thing everyday. Sunday weíre off here in the store, but we still grind on Sundays, believe that. Itís a movement man, we pushiní on it. Once again I wanna give a shoutout to Dubcnn for makiní it possible. Everybody thatís connected with Napsac, we doiní big things. We cominí to a city near you. Weíre keepiní RBX in heavy rotation, itís cominí, 2009, 2010. Iím listeniní to this mixtape so much I know the niggaís lyrics at this point. But he got some tricky stuff up in there man yíall need to cop it, go buy it. Itís banginí, itís off the charts. West Coast has never went nowhere, there is no such thing as the New West, Iím puttiní it down like that. X gave me the finger action he told me I could do this. Itís all gravy man, RBX man, one love out to him and nigga shitís tight, go cop that shit.

Dubcnn: Alright man thanks. So yeah, back to X. Just for those that donít know, what are you coming with on your new mixtape, your new stuff that youíre putting out?

RBX: The new mixtape is pretty much tryiní to get people back to know who RBX is, the rough lyrics, not bowiní down to nothiní, sayiní what I gotta say whenever I gotta say it, not fearing the repercussions, no censorship. And then I got ďX3Ē that Iím doiní and thatíll probably be the appetizer before the main course, whichíll be the ďUnanimous ProjectĒ, which Iím workiní on with Chily Chill and WestCoast Scratch. We got things brewiní bruh, I donít wanna say too much because nowadays the game is shifty and shady. When cats figure out what youíre doiní they try to block or whatever. So I donít say much I just do. Actions speak louder than words anyways, so thatís where Iím at with it. And Dubcnn peace, once again, itís all good, we do this.

Dubcnn: Couple more things before we close out. Any collabs or producers you worked with you wanna talk about?

RBX: Nah, not much. Iíve been told by some of the homies on the way up here donít even spill the beans just yet. As we get it together and itís all concrete, then weíll probably have to get together and talk about it.

Dubcnn: What about on this past mixtape?

RBX: I got the little R Kelly collab. on the intro and I got some Myke Nez on there, yeah, I got Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm. Other classic West Coast joints, ďThey Canít Be Mashiní No Natter How Hard They TryĒ, which is so real, I got Lady Rage on there; shit, itís nice, itís nice. You just gotta go peep it out, itís not to be played with. Itís a mixtape I threw out there, but we keepiní everything active and bubbliní and current.

Dubcnn: I know you did a lot of writing before for other people. Are you still doing that or has that kind of fallen to the back?

RBX: Yeah thatís kind of fallen to the back right now. We just focused on X for a hot minute so itís all good.

Dubcnn: I know in the past you talked about how you like to bring it with your music and youíre not really about too much else as far as being in the spotlight. What do you think about the new rappers now that are kind of the opposite?

RBX: Right, and thatís really making the industry suffer. But they donít care, they only in it for what they in it for. So the musicís fallen off, everything sounds like everything else. I know T-Pain came with the autotune but now itís like the autotune Iím like, ďOh my God these niggas.Ē Itís just no creativeness no nothing. And they get a little change and they know how to promote it and they promotiní all this garbage and tryiní to block all the real music now. ĎCause people get used to hearing that garbage and they thinkiní thatís what it is and thatís just not the case.

Dubcnn: Thatís pretty much it. So once again remind us when the event for the mixtape is.

Eddie: This isnít the event tape itís the actual mixtape, RBX. But we doiní a function on June 26th, itís gonna be at the Pressbox in Anaheim. Basically we got Dubcnn representiní for us, OC Weekly, we got some family over there at Joker Brand, whatís up Spanky, Cartoon, Estevan, all them good people over there. We also messiní with Street Low Magazine, whatís up Gilbert. We just picked up a new one working with us, Monster Energy Drink, so we got them goiní on too, Hood News over there, KUCI, if I left anything out, oh my host Mamacita, whatís up Mamacita over there in San Diego.

RBX: Whatís up Mamacita baby!

Eddie: Itís gonna be a good event, itís gonna be a good cause. We got Imperial Assassins, Myke Nez, featuring the man himself RBX, but itís a Naspac Presents collabo and thatís how we gettingí down. So come check us out June 26th, Dubcnníll be in the house, itís gonna be hot. And many more shows to come. We goní lace up all summer up to 2010, we just gonna be doiní this and thatís what we do. Napsac Sports Apparel and Urban Gear keepiní it real be original, itís what it do, Dubcnn. Jose what up baby!

Dubcnn: Alright thanks a lot to Napsac and to X.

Eddie: We got our hands in a little of pretty much everything Dubcnn. So once again this is Napsac just leaviní RBX scene, we still in front of the shop hanginí out. Got the train going by, keepiní it straight traininí and stuff, you know. This my boy right here, Ďbout to show some work, check him out.

Yoshi: Napsac, good store, good people. Yeah Iím here, heís [Eddie] getting me in the business and just representing Napsac.

Dubcnn: So how long have you been ridiní?

Yoshi: Itís barely been a year. Got friends at S&M hopefully theyíll wanna come here. Come and check out the store, and thatís pretty much it.

Dubcnn: Alright thatís whatís up man.


RBX // Exclusive Video Drop // Dubcnn

Download The Video: Windows Media
Download The Drop: Windows Media

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