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  Dubcnn took time out to lean towards another genre to speak with the acclaimed writer and producer Robin Thicke who is gearing up to release his debut album. Time was short however the artist who is signed to the Neptunes "Star Trak" imprint has already made a name for himself writing for artists including Usher & Michael Jackson amongst others. We discussed the debut album, his influences and much more in this teaser introduction interview following the video feature we released last year which can be downloaded below.

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In November Dubcnn was privileged to be invited to a private gathering held by Star Trak and Interscope Records Rap Department entitled the "Wanna Love You Girl" lounge which showcased Robin Thicke. The affair was hosted by the Vice President of the Rap Division, Kevin Black. Dubcnn was allowed to make an Exclusive Video Feature of the event.

Interview was done by phone in February 2006

Questions Asked By: Inspire

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Dubcnn: How would you define yourself as an artist, as a whole?

Well, I would hopefully define myself as a great artist *laugh*, but I think the key of being an artist is to not put boundaries or ?? on yourself, and I've been inspired by Hip-Hop music, Rock & Roll, Soul and Latin music and I don't even know where I'm going to be tomorrow and I definately don't know what my music is going to sound like.

Dubcnn: Alright. Who has influenced you as an artist?

Urm, Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, Marvin Gaye, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimmi Hendrix, Prince - all kinds of people.

Dubcnn: Aight, have you written any songs for any other artists apart from yourself?

Uh huh, I've written for people like Usher and Christian Aguilera, Mark Anthony and Michael Jackson, you know? People like that.

Dubcnn: Cool. How did it feel to work with Lil Wayne on the song, "Shooter" ?

It was great, actually - I didn't work with him, that song was on my first album and he ran in to my manager in New York City and he asked him if I thought it would be cool if he put it on his new album and rapped on it, and I said yeah that would be great - So he just did it and a couple of days later I heard it and that was it - and we still had never even met.

Dubcnn: You had a recent performance on Jay Leno with him, how was that?

I think it was very special, we had an amazing time and we had amazing chemistry and the response that we got was magical.

Dubcnn: Aight. How did you first hook up with The Neptunes?

Well, urm, they were fans of my first album, and I'm obviously a huge fan of their music - and when they were starting their new record deal up at Interscope, their new record company - "Star Trak Records", they asked Jimmy Iovine what he was going to do with Robin Thicke, he said he's working on his new album and you guys should hook up and a few months later we were in the studio hanging out and organically, we just kind of made friends and started making that song together.

Dubcnn: How does it feel to be on the "Star Trak" label?

Uhm, well it feels nice to just have the protection of being connected to the Godfather or something, you know you have protection when you've got Pharrell in your corner, but besides that - I had a dream long before I was with Star Trak to make great music, and no matter where I'm at, I'm always going to be trying to achieve that goal.

Dubcnn: Okay. How many tracks did The Neptunes produce on the album?

Just one.

Dubcnn: What other producers will be producing on the album?

Well I actually produce and write all of my own stuff, so that was the first time I've ever worked with a different producer.

Dubcnn: Okay cool. When is the album set to come out?

March 21st [2006]

Dubcnn: Will we be able to hear you on any other upcoming projects in the near future?

No, I think this album is going to have a lot of exciting music on it, it took two years to make and I'm hoping people will really get their money's worth and experience something special when they listen to it.

Dubcnn: Okay. Who else will be featuring on the album, as in artists?

I have a different song on my album with Lil Wayne and I have one with Faith Evans also.

Dubcnn: What other artists are you listening to at the moment?

No one. *laugh* I've been working too hard, I just listen to my own stuff.

Dubcnn: If you had to chose three of your all time favourite albums, what would they be?

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club [The Beatles], What's Going On [Marvin Gaye] and Ready To Die [Notorious B.I.G].

Dubcnn: Alright. Where do you see yourself career wise in five years time?

Uhm, I see myself rich, fat and lazy - and married with fat kid's - I don't know, hopefully just making more music and healing the world and you know? That old chestnut. *laugh*

Dubcnn: *laugh* Okay, it was kind of a short interview, so before you go, do you have any last words for the fans?

Just to say, keep your head up, peace, love and sexy.


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