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  Dubcnn has once again aligned with the King of the Westcoast; the man that brings it together, that pushes the boundaries that others fail to attain. Snoop Dogg is back on dubcnn for his most indepth interview ever - not just online, we believe its safe to say he's never spoken to any other outlet in such a candid way. In this interview which totals over an hour we spoke to Snoop Dogg about everything imaginable - this is another dubcnn exclusive interview not to be missed. Due to its size we will be splitting the interview into four parts; below is Part 2. Stay tuned for Part 3.

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Interview was done on July 24th 2006

Questions Asked By: Nima

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Dubcnn: That's all postive shit that you're saying, it's a positive movement, I hope everybody gets with it. Because, you know, the Western Conference that you did, it was a real good idea. But I felt like, after a few months, alot of people kind of forgot about it already...

Nah, nah it ain't forgot about! Because if it was forgot about, you would've heard about a lot of radical diss records.

Dubcnn: I mean you know Spider Loc and Game were both there..

Man fuck that bullshit man, I ain't with all that bullshit man! Him and Game, all that shit, I ain't with that! I done hollered at Game. They need to cut that shit out. Because it's nothing, it's petty. First of all Spider Loc ain't sold no records, so he need to be cool with everybody right now. G-Unit cannot save you, cuzz. This is the West Coast nigga, you need to go according to the plan, and the plan is ain't nobody tripping with nobody.

So I'ma say it like this, any nigga that's tripping on the West Coast gotta deal with me. I got everything out here, so it's just like that. So nigga fall in line or fall out. We not having that out here, we worked too hard to get the game back in our corner to where people are looking to hear some
good music. They not looking to hear no diss music. Anybody can do that, nigga you don't move nothing with that!

See now you tearing up the fanbase on the West Coast, now they gotta pick between you and him! As opposed to pickin' both of ya'll! What makes more sense, if a nigga have to pick you or you, or pick both of ya'll! When they go down south to buy a record guess what, they not buying one, they buying all of them! It's not by accident why Snoop the only nigga that sells a million records on the West! The rest of you niggas get 9 videos and all this exposure, and still can't go platinum! I ain't even gotta put a video out to go platinum. Muthafuckin "Real Talk" got 2 million hits right now. You hear what I'm saying?

Dubcnn: I hear you.

So I'm just trying to pass on some good shit to these niggas, and sometimes I gotta go into smash mode, because when I'm too nice, they don't respect it. So I just try to take off a little bit and let niggas know that we don't have to be violent all the time, because the West Coast mentality is
violent. That's our natural habitat, to be like that, so why can't we be different sometimes, and create a peaceful movement for ourselves. We all wanna be tough, ain't nobody gonna fuck with us! They gonna be scared to make a nigga mad, they gonna be scared if something’s gonna happen if they
don't fuck with a nigga. Don't put the fans in that situation. Let them have the right of refusal to buy your shit and to love your shit, just because it is what it is. Not because they have to worry about making somebody mad.

Like back in the past, niggas used to be like "I wanna be down with you Snoop, but I don't wanna make Suge mad." Fuck making niggas mad man, if you trying to eat and you wanna be down with a nigga, come on nigga get in! I had to realize that too because I used to be on that same page, like I told Ja Rule and them one time, "I can't fuck with ya'll niggas if you fuckin' with that nigga Suge. I don't give a fuck, if he become your friend nigga, nigga fuck you." That's the way I felt! It was like, I had to learn to say "You know what? Your friends is your friends. My friends is my friends. I can't make you not like a nigga that I don't like. If that's your homeboy that's your thang my nigga. Just don't bring him around me!"

But that comes with time, it ain't no shit for the young niggas to accept. Nigga my enemy is my enemy when I'm young. But as you get older you start to understand, like "Hold on man, the real enemy is that muthafucka that's gonna lock my ass up and not be there for me." But guess what when we get locked up in the West, every nigga on the West Coast that got a problem with each other, soon as we get locked up, guess what. We all gotta be together. Cause when we go to jail we all on one team, that's BLACK.

So you better train your mind now with all that negative attitude that you pushing, so when you do something to a nigga, and you hurt him, and you go do your time or what not, that same nigga that you seen, all his homies in there, they gone become your homie and you all on one page. Then you really feel stupid, cause you're sitting up in there with a nigga that you done something to, or his neighborhood, and now you gotta be cool with him. You thought it was like that on the streets, but it's different in jail.

Dubcnn: You said you really trying to bring the Black & the Brown together too.

First of all I gotta bring the black together. Once we get together, then we can step to the brown. But at the same time, I'm the only nigga that has stepped to the brown, so I'm not bringing all of the blacks to the brown, I'm bringing me to the brown, I'm bringing them ME and letting them know that we should have some type of peace talk or some type of communication where I can put some browns in the game. Just make it a little easier so it's not so much tension, and it's gonna be easier to do thangs together. Like how it used to be in the 80's, when the Mexicans was our homies!

I don't like the fact that we clashing with them, them the homies, I got alot of Ese homeboys that I fuck with. They our brothers, they our homies, so why we clashing with them? But nobody realed up and stood up and said "What's happening?" I'm willing to stand up and say that, "look, we need to
be together man." I fucks with B-Real, I fucks with Cartoon, Esteban, all of them I fucks with. For real though. Joker Clothing, all of that, I've been blowing that shit up! My video "Ups & Downs", Cartoon tatted me up!

So it's like, we do this real shit man, because we feel like we are the generation that speaks our mind, we're not gonna lay down. So me being the leader out here on the West, I know and understand that you can not bring the West back, without the Bloods and without the Mexicans. I got the cripping! *laughs* I got that wrapped up, but I still gotta have some Bloods in the game, that's doing it the right way, a lot of them, not just Game. But 30 or 40 of them that's popping records, that's doing their thang. I gotta get some Ese's in the game, that's popping it, some hardcore, Surrenos, some real muthafucking mexican gang bangers in there, busting! Females and males! You understand what I'm saying?

Dubcnn: Have you worked with Omar Cruz yet?

No I ain't met cuzz, but I shot him a shoutout just because. I ain't gotta hear you to know that I'm fucking with you. That's what niggas gotta start taking in admission is that they ain't gotta be fucking with a nigga to be a fucking with a nigga. Just cause I don't fuck with you don't mean I can't shoot you no love and say "nigga I love what you doing and how you do it!" I know that record right there [My Peoples], it's throwing everybody off that I don't fuck with, that's hearing they names out of my mouth, like "God damn! Snoop Dogg gave it up for me?" I seen the nigga, the lil albino kid from Xzibit's group, what are they called?

Dubcnn: Strong Arm Steady. Krondon!

Yeah, I seen cuzz, he was just like on some other shit, but just to hear his name come out of my mouth is like... it's some other shit, you feel what I'm saying?

Dubcnn: You didn't just shoutout your homies, you gave a shoutout to a lot of people, even new shit like that La Coka Nostra, that's some good shit that's getting together.

Yeah I went from the I.E., to San Diego, to Pomona, Pacoima, Long Beach, Watts, the Bay, everywhere! Just letting niggas know, California is not just Compton, Long Beach and Watts, niggas think that's all it is! It's more to it than that. It's areas out here in California that's really hot like a
muthafucka, they just need the spotlight and it's gonna really take off! Like Atlanta got a spotlight right now, all that shit blowing up right now. But it's all Atlanta, same as Houston, 5th Ward, 3th Ward, 9th Ward, Southside, Westside, it's all blowing up because it's a movement! You understand what I'm saying? It's a straight bonified muthafucking rap movement.

Dubcnn: You hooked back up with Crooked I yet?

I ain't never really had no problems with cuzz.

Dubcnn: I mean have ya'll worked together recently?

Nah, me and him ain't never really like... To be real with you I ain't never really liked cuzz' rap-style.

Dubcnn: You serious?

I'm being real with you! It ain't never moved me like that. He wasn't like... To me, nigga, I had Kurupt on my team back in the days, cuzz! So if you weren't fuckin' with Kurupt...

Dubcnn: Crooked I can flow, he got the rap style down... He been waiting like eight years to put a record out, and he's still got a following.

Yeah but the thang is with him though, his base. Whenever you representing Long Beach, you can't go against Long Beach. So he fucked his off right there, off the top, even though I forgive him and I'm on that page... It's some niggas from the hood that's like "Nigga you not even from Long Beach!
And we let you claim Long Beach, and you diss Snoop Dogg for this nigga Suge?" So it's like, he fucked is off like that. A nigga like Tray Deee or Goldie Loc, they really from Long Beach, so niggas really from the hood can get away with shit. If you ain't from the hood, you can't get away with shit
like that, cuzz, and think it's cool!

And I'm not tripping, but it's still niggas that still feel like "Man, fuck that nigga." I'm putting it real right there so you will know what's happening. But people do what I do, so if I'm not tripping, ain't nobody tripping. I'm just saying, that is still on niggas brains, because it's like, you're not even a real nigga, from the hood. And you went rolling with this nigga Suge, and try to push that Death Row shit against Snoop Dogg, knowing that Snoop Dogg is the muthafuckin' man!

When I did that Pimp Slapp'd, like I said, you're just crumbs on my table, he knew exactly what I was talkin' about! Like I said, I check niggas, I was dissing Suge, but I was checking them. I wasn't dissing them, even Kurupt! I didn't diss him, I checked him, I let him know like, ya'll better know! On
that song I tell Kurupt "Nigga you better keep it crippin'" See I'm an educational person, at the same time when I'm dissing Suge, I'm checking ya'll. But you know like I said, I forgive everybody. So if Crooked I is reading this or hearing about this, I love you the same way I loved you when I first met you. No disrespect to you, I'm just being real. I didn't like your rap style in the beginning, because I had a nigga like Kurupt, that you couldn't fuck with! My mind was "nigga this is D.P.G.C.!" Then I had a nigga like Bad Azz! You couldn't fuck with cuzz. I had niggas coming from the underground like RBX, you couldn't fuck with cuzz.

Like I said, when I'm fuckin' with niggas from Long Beach, you really gotta be from Long Beach man. I need to see your TRW to see which school you went to, how many homies you know, I need to know what's happening with you. He don't have no TRW with me. That was the bad vibe of it all. But I never really dissed cuzz when he was on that shit with Death Row. I heard a couple of records where he got at me, but I was like "You know what? I'm not even gonna kill him like that. Cause if I smash him, he's done! Done. Finito." So I knew in the back of my mind that he wasn't thinking for himself, that somebody else was making him do this shit. Like if a nigga is pushing your button, got his hand up your ass like a puppet, telling you "Okay now say this, now diss him" And realistically, I feel like he never wanted it with me. I feel like he wanted to be with me.

Dubcnn: The thing was, at the beginning, ya'll fell for Suge too for a few years! I think he just went through that learning process, and now that he's out of that situation, he understands why he was wrong. He's putting out a DVD too called "Life After Death Row".

Oh he is?

Dubcnn: I think he just had to go through that learning process that a lot of artists on Death Row went through in the early 90's, to get to where he is now.

Yeah, see but he's from the second team! He's not a first team player to me. He's somebody you grabbed off the bench after the first team was already established you feel what I'm saying? To come clean up and really show them lyrical content, from the second team. The first team gotta be all heavy hitters, big weighs, some niggas that got that base where they know 500,000 people gonna buy their record. See a nigga like him, he needs to be in a group with two other niggas, to where niggas forget about his solo shit, and just look at his lyrical shit. You feel what I'm saying?

That way, all his past is forgotten about, and it's all about his future. Like he off to a clean start, he got two bad niggas, and he sounds good, bla bla bla, niggas just forget about that past shit. That's just a seed that I'm dropping, hopefully he'll read it and learn what to do with it. That's the new move, to put niggas in groups, and then bring niggas out solo. Get in a group with two more bad niggas, the baddest nigga gone always shine! Right now, Western Union, that nigga Bad Lucc is shining like a muthafucka! And he the only nigga without a name!

Dubcnn: I know and it's funny because I've known him for a while, and it's just crazy to see him hook up with ya'll. We had pushing him on the site for a long time. To see him come up like that was great.

Yeah man, Soopafly put me up on him on the solo tip, but I was like "Damn Fly, let me see him!" And when I see him I was like "Yeah he's dope, he can put it out solo" and then Damani he was always Soopafly's homie, I was always fuckin' with him he'd be on the sidelines, coming to the studio just listening. I was like "You know what? You niggas need to be together cuzz, all three of ya'll. It's a good look for you too Soopafly, as a producer, and as a aritst, cause you never really get yours. So you get with these two niggas and then that way you can blossom, all these great ideas you be having, now you can give them to some young niggas that got fresh fly shit! And now it's brand new!" That's what I do man, like I said I master my connections man. That's what I wanna do, mastermind connections, bring people together.

Dubcnn: How did you put that Warzone together? Goldie Loc, MC Eiht, and Kam. How did that combination happen?

Well first of all, me and MC Eiht, we done hooked back up. Eiht was like a childhood friend of mine, me and him battled in junior high school like in 1985. So we got a lot of history together. My thang was, whenever I got in the position of being able to help people, I always wanted to. And I felt like he never got his, niggas been saying "gyeah", stealing his shit, I was like "You know I'll get with my homeboy, so niggas can know where this shit came from." I went and got him and went back in the studio with him, making a few records.

Then, DJ Pooh brought me Kam. You know Kam always been my homie from the Eastsidaz days back in the days, but Pooh brought me some new music he had, and I was like "Wow, that shit sounds good!" So I was like "I'ma get with you Kam!" Stop him from signing with somebody else, and bring him here with me. Then with Goldie Loc, Goldie Loc's always been my homeboy. I was just feeling like "You know what? You too dope to be just sittin' on 15th street in the garage, making that local music. Let me get you back on the program."

Once I got all three of them in the room together, I just started making records with them, together, and we never had a name, we just like like fuck, it's Eiht, Kam and Loc. We gonna do it like this. Then we did a song, and somebody said something about a Warzone. I'm like "Nigga, that's the
group!" We was on it from there, cause everybody's living in a warzone, Long Beach is a warzone, Compton is a warzone, Watts is definitely a warzone.

Dubcnn: What do you tell people who say MC Eiht is washed up?

Shit... He's finna drive you niggas off with this one! He actin' up on that "Candy" single! The nigga sounds better than ever man, on some real shit. It's like when you get with Snoop Dogg, he refreshes you, the nigga sounds great right now.

Dubcnn: You sayin' he's better than on "We Come Strapped"?

Man the nigga sounds great man. He sounds great. It's like niggas is pushing him, cause you know Goldie and Kam don't play! I'm in there doing the hook, so you know niggas gotta come with their tripple A game! It's been nights when the nigga Eiht done wrote a rap, then he done heard the other niggas shit, he erased that shit, came back and did a whole other verse.

Dubcnn: How come The Game wasn't at the Cali Iz Active video shoot?

I don't know! I don't know, but that's my nigga. We still love each other. I got a song on my album called "Gangbangin' 101" with me and him on it. I ain't gotta say no more!

Dubcnn: You know a lot of people are doubting his credibility because of the Change Of Heart tape that leaked and other stuff like that...

You can hear Snoops answer to that question as well as more talk regarding The Game, Battlecat, "Blue Carpet Treatment," going back to the hood, having yes-men around him, a lot more on Dr. Dre and much more in Part 3. Stay tuned to dubcnn.



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