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  Dubcnn has once again aligned with the King of the Westcoast; the man that brings it together, that pushes the boundaries that others fail to attain. Snoop Dogg is back on dubcnn for his most in-depth interview ever - not just online, we believe its safe to say he's never spoken to any other outlet in such a candid way. In this interview which totals over an hour we spoke to Snoop Dogg about everything imaginable - this is another dubcnn exclusive interview not to be missed. Due to its size we will be splitting the interview into four parts; below is Part 2. Stay tuned for Part 3.

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Our thanks go out to Snoop for allowing us to speak with him to provide you, our readers, with the interview you have all been waiting for. As Snoop said last year;
"Dubcnn: Where they give it to you raw & exclusive"

Interview was done on July 24th 2006

Questions Asked By: Nima

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Dubcnn: You know a lot of people are doubting The Game's credibility because of the Change Of Heart tape that leaked and other stuff like that...

Aw come on man! We've all done shit that we ain't proud of today! But shit, that's part of life! I know some tough niggas that done did some shit that wasn't super-gangsta in the beginning of their careers, when they first started! That's part of life! It's all about what you doing now man! You can check a lot of niggas TRW and see who's real and who's fake, who's really living up to what they saying they do! It's a process after a certain point because you become a grown man and you really wanna live. Realistically, as I listen to Game as a rapper, niggas don't wanna fuck with that nigga! That nigga is hard than a muthafucka! On some real shit! On some gangsta shit! On some lyrical shit! On some giving homage shit! All that, that nigga bad than a muthafucka!

Once niggas hear his new record... I heard most of it. That nigga ain't got not one diss song on there! That threw me way the fuck off like I just knew this nigga was gonna be dissing somebody. This nigga crazy than a muthafucka, he gone diss someone. But that nigga ain't say nothing about NOBODY. You feel me? He got records on there where he's really educating the people on he grew, the way he feels, that's why I fuck with him! I wasn't even fuckin' with him for a minute! Cause I was like you know what? I ain't trying to get between you and 50, nigga! Because I was fuckin' with 50 before I was fuckin' with you. So I could never cross a nigga just cause he from the East Coast. That's why I wasn't fuckin' with Game, I was like "You know what? You too controversial, now you making me seem like I'm a sucka, cause you dissed him cuzz, and I fucks with cuzz. I don't get down like that." So I told him like if you dissin' cuzz, I can't fuck with you!

Then he came at me like "I need you on my record dogg." I was like "Alright nephew, let me hear it." I played a little basketball game with him, he came by the studio and brought his record, I got on that, and then I was like "Hold on, let me make us one." My nigga Terrace [Martin] made me a beat, for him, and we ended up makin' that muthafuckin' "Gangbangin' 101." It's one of the hardest songs on my record. I'm talkin' about Gang Banging 101. Every Blood nigga and every Crip nigga in L.A. gonna love this shit for ever!

Dubcnn: Terrace Martin, he been on the team for a few years, but we've just been starting to hear about him on some records...

Yeah but he been really doing shit for a long time!

Dubcnn: I met him on the Roc The Mic tour in like 2002 or something.

Yeah he's been making heat, that's what he do! So niggas is not thriving for that spotlight, they more concerned with making that hit record. That's what he was more concerned with, he was never the nigga that wanted his name blasted on every song, he was just into making hot shit! That's what I love about him, cause nigga you gettin' your craft down first. Fuck having your name screamed all on a record if you ain't really doing shit! I don't want niggas screaming my name unless I'm doing some HOT ass shit.

Terrace, he's a student of Battlecat, so he comes from the school of Battlecat. Alot of these niggas is Battlecat understudies that ended up becoming big, because Cat gives niggas room like that. Cat, he's a real nigga too, cause him and DJ Pooh are the only niggas that I know, that would give another producer they muthafuckin' drum files! All of them!

Dubcnn: I know Goldie Loc had Battlecat's MPC!

That's what I'm trying to say! That's how real niggas is, they GIVE other niggas a shot to become something! Like "Ok I'ma give you my drumfiles, you get cracking and make some hot shit." Niggas like "Nigga you just saved the day! You gave me all that good shit in there!" That's that shit!

Dubcnn: You got Battlecat on the new record?

He got a song on there he did with me called L.A.X., with me and Ice Cube.

Dubcnn: The features sound crazy man. I mean I read on MTV, it said R. Kelly, Janet Jackson, Ne-Yo and all that shit, but now you saying you got all these West Coast cats on there too... You got any solo songs on there?

Yeah I got a lot of solo songs on there man. It's like I'm in a stage right now where I have meetings with people, and I gave my peoples like eight records to play for them, just to see if I was gonna use these records on my album. These records are getting great reviews, like everything that I let people hear, it's getting great reviews! I ain't getting no "Nah, actually this is kind of weak. That's wack." Nigga's been like "That shit is hot!" I'ma have to figure out what the fuck I'm gonna put on this record! Cause I got so much shit now, it's like some of that R&B shit don't fit on this record. It's gonna clash if I got super-gangster shit goin' hard on a bitch, and then "Hey girl, I love you." *laughs* That shit clashes, so now this is the hard part, the editing part, so this record really sounds like something.

Dubcnn: So what route you going for?

Gangsta. Back to the hood.

Dubcnn: People gonna be happy to hear that.

I ain't been in the hood for a minute, they seen me go pop for a minute, R&B, all that other shit, but it's like "nigga, go back to the turf man!" Dirty finger nails, hair not braided, khakis on for four days, drankin' 40oz, fuck some champagne!

Dubcnn: Fuckin' with Dubcnn...

Exactly! Off the top! You know when I got this 40oz in my hand this O.E., you know I done took it back home! Fuck some champagne, nigga we bringing 40oz to the club punk! Just so we can bust one of you niggas upside the head with this thick ass bottle! *laughs*

Dubcnn: You crazy.

That's real! That's how I'ma have my record release party. It's gonna be all muthafuckin' 40 ounces, we don't want no champagne. I'ma have bitches and everybody drinkin' 40's nigga! It's gonna be so hood up in that muthafucka. It's like a straight hood house party, with all blue carpet on the muthafuckin' floor! Every nigga from the West will be there, I want it to look like some blue'd out shit, like "This nigga Snoop Dogg is a fool!" He got 40 ounces in the club, no champagne, everybody gotta drink 40's! I did it one year, at my house, like a little BBQ I had for my record "Tha Last Meal", had everybody drinkin' 40's, had all them white folks at the pad drinkin' 40's and shit. That shit was live than a muthafucka. 40 ounces and chicken.

Dubcnn: I hope it's gonna work man. You saying that everybody says that the new songs is off the hook. Now some people would say that's because when you're a superstar, you got a lot of yes-men around you, and you don't really have somebody like the D.O.C. anymore, who just really lets you know what's good and what's not, like on Doggystyle or The Chronic.

Yeah, but I gave my record to Dr. Dre. That's the same thang, so...

Dubcnn: He probably gonna be honest with you.

Exactly. He's the only nigga I be nervous about. On some real shit, everybody I don't give a fuck about, but him, when I play him my shit, I'm like a little ass kid. I get nervous like "Man, I hope this nigga likes it!" I gotta wait for him to tell me what he feel about it, and it's becomes like a waiting game with him. But if he likes it, trust me, muthafuckin' everybody gonna like it. He's one hard muthafucka to please! God damn! God damn it's hard to please that nigga man. On some real shit, like damn! Whooo.

Dubcnn: People just wish he would try to use his power and position in the game to help out some West Coast artists.

I know, muthafuckas is sayin "If he was to do what Snoop Dogg is doing, it would be way more West Coast artists in the game!" Even if he was doing half of what I am doing! But see, Dr. Dre is not like me. Dr. Dre is perfectionist. I'm dirty, I'll fuck with some niggas who's shit ain't all the way together, who ain't got the sound right, or who's mic ain't right. His shit is like, you got to be 100 with him. I fuck with niggas 75, 35, 40, and I give them a shot and bring them up to 100.

He's at the end of his career where he don't really have that much time to be developing and spending all that time creating. That's why all the new acts that he gets never come out!

Dubcnn: Rakim left him, so it's gotta be something wrong!

All the new artists that's with him, either they never come out, or when they come out, he don't do they whole records! It was never a time, when you was with Dr. Dre, and he didn't do your whole fuckin' record!

Dubcnn: He only did like six songs on Busta Rhymes shit.

Are they the ones that stand out or are they just six songs? That's just a real question, like what do you mean by that. How many of them songs are become singles? How many of them songs is gonna get 5 mics? How many of them songs is gonna really help Busta Rhymes do what he trying to do! To me, the best produced tracks on Busta Rhymes album is Swizz Beatz, DJ Scratch, other niggas man, not Dre. Sha Money, them niggas came with it!

But I know that Dre's mixing, made they shit sound the way it sounds! So they can't have full credit, when I know what his mixing sounds like. Like the song with Stevie Wonder on Busta Rhymes album. Sha Money did the beat, but I know Dr. Dre made the muthafucka sound the way it sounds.

Dubcnn: I know, when you listen to it you think it's a Dre beat!

But Dre didn't do it, Sha Money made the beat and Dre brought it to life. That's what Dre is really exceptional at. He's really exceptional at taking some shit that's 100, and making the shit look like 200! He don't fuck with shit that's 65-70. He only fucks with shit that's 100. So the producers that Busta selected gave him some 100. But like I said, back in the days, if you had Dr. Dre as your CEO, why the fuck wouldn't he produce your whole record? He would thrive to do that!

So it's like, that energy isn't there no more. My first record he did the whole thang, his first record, whole thang, D.O.C. whole thang, Eazy whole thang, N.W.A. whole thang. His energy man. When he did the whole thang, look at his results! 3-4-5 million. Eminem's first record, whole thang.

Dubcnn: Don't be saying that man, you saying Dre is losing his energy, what's gonna happen to Detox?!

I'm not saying he's losing his energy, I'm saying that the drive ain't there. I know what the drive is. The drive is, him calling me, and me bringing every muthafuckin' West Coast artist that there is to him, at his disposal, to make this record sound like something. Get all the niggas that ain't from the West out of there. And that ain't with no disrespect. You need a West Coast muthafuckin' record. Period. And I told him that! Because you can do that! You're Dr. Dre! You don't have nothing to prove by getting out these niggas that ain't from out here! You would look way better, if you support the West, and have West Coast niggas on your muthafuckin' album, for that Detox, and bang it like we did on the Chronic!

Dubcnn: Exactly.

But that's my Godfather, so sometimes I can't talk to him like that. Because he only does what he does, and my visions sometimes are my visions. But I know if he was to do it like that, instant 4 million sales off the top.

Dubcnn: They would love it man. They loved the Up In Smoke Tour.

Yeah, because it was all West! Except for Eminem. But it was all West. Like you said, people want Dre to support the West more. That's the only way he can, is by putting niggas on his Detox record, and making them make his record sound like it's supposed to sound! Other than that, it's just gonna sound like... I don't know what it's gonna sound like, I ain't heard nothing. And I've been hearing about this record for four years!

Dubcnn: That just sounds like a dream right now, the record you talked about. I don't think that's gonna happen.

It can happen, and I talk to him about that. He tells me he wants to wait until he gets his shit rolling, then he wants me to bring them in. But I'm like "Nigga you need to get them in, to GET your shit rolling. You need to have a vibe of where you're going, and then you can say "Well I don't need ya'll no more, I need him, or I just need him." But you need that energy in there from niggas that love you.

It's like, he's never done a song with E-40 before. He never did a song with MC Eiht before. He never did a song with a lot of muthafuckas from the West, that I know if they had his beats they would KILL that shit! They would only make his shit sound that much more better, and him as a producer, he would blossom! But that's just my opinion, and I don't know everything, I just know what I know.

Dubcnn: We gonna see what happens... Maybe one day!

No it's gonna happen... To be real with you, that record ain't coming out unless I'm on it!

Dubcnn: What would a Dr. Dre record be without a Snoop song? That doesn't work.

I can't see it working... That ain't no disrespect to Dre, cause he's the shit without me! He was the shit before me. But it's just a chemistry that muthafuckas is looking for right now. Don't run from it, run to it, it's here! I'm on Geffen Records, that's the label that's right next to Interscope, that Jimmy Iovine runs, so I'm here with you baby! Use it!

Dubcnn: Dre's always going to be able to do what he wants to do, I guess it's just about getting his mind right.

Yeah! And using the right pieces to the puzzle to make the puzzle look like it's well connected. Because all the work I'm doing for the West Coast, could not compare to if Dr. Dre was to say "You know what Snoop? Ima stamp you. All these West Coast acts Ima give you one beat, each one that you put out." Now what the fuck would that do? Tell me! You know what it would do! It would make muthafuckas like "Damn! We got a beat from Dre?!"

Dubcnn: Everybody dreams about it, and I know he got a lot of beats... I feel him too because he's done reached everything you can reach so he can choose what he wants to do. But it would help so many people if he chose to give out more.

Yeah, and at the same time, when we get so far in our careers, we gotta know when to go back. Like on this next record, I could go wayyy pop, or wayyy R&B and forget all about the hood, and I would probably sell more records! But I know and understand that if I don't do this hood record, I'm might not be able to be here ten years from now, with my real people that love me. You gotta give them people back, cause they're the ones that made you. We love Dr. Dre for making that street West Coast gangsta music. We love him for that.

So, Dre, if you're reading this, come back home my nigga. Let's put this shit together and let's get this Detox record sounding good, it would open up so many doors for these West Coast artists!

Dubcnn: So you're basically shitting on everybody that said you sold out after the R&G record, right?

I don't think I sold out!

Dubcnn: But you shittin' on the people that said that you sold out.

Yeah yeah! Because people wasn't seeing that Snoop Dogg is chameleon. He's adaptable, he's able to get down in any environment. I wanted to show people that I don't have to go hard on a bitch every muthafuckin' record, I don't have to disrespect to make hot records, I can make hot records with a nigga like Pharrell and get on another tip. Not only that, that muthafuckin' "Drop It Like It's Hot" is one of the muthafuckin' most gangsta records I ever heard and I ever been on! To be real with you! When that shit came out, pshh, man please! Every nigga from the West, the East Coast, the South, everywhere was bowin' down to a nigga like "Nigga you did that." That's why I jumped on the R&G tip because I felt like gangsta ain't going nowhere, let me go R&G real quick. Just to show niggas that I'm a chameleon, that I can do it all.

When a nigga did that, yeah a few people said "Yeah he went soft, he did this he did that." But then I dropped "Ups & Downs" right before the record was over with to let people know "Hold on! I been through ups and downs my nigga, this is what it is." That made muthafuckas really thoroughly feel me. That's why when I put that Dogg Pound record out, now it's like "Yeah he's back in the hood again." Now the "Blue Carpet Treatment" niggas is hearing about the singles and the unreleased music that I'm dropping and the shoutouts and the West, and this and that. So I know what I'm doing, I walks my walk.

Dubcnn: I really didn't think it was gonna happen again after I heard the record with Justin Timberlake. I thought okay, this is a different Snoop Dogg now. But you seem to kind of be going back to the old, Snoop DOGGY Dogg.

You can hear his answer to that as well as what he had to say on working with Pharrell, why he doesn't get Dr. Dre to do his whole record, and what he thinks of people claiming Dr. Dre steals beats from people without giving them their proper credit. We go into detail regarding the production of The Chronic and other Death Row albums, as well as Snoop's views on Dr. Dre, Daz and others as producers.

Snoop Dogg explains why dubcnn is a good way for him to speak his mind compared to other internet companies, and we end the interview with some more words on Spider Loc, 40 Glocc and Crooked I.

Also, for those wanting the final answer on whether Dr. Dre has production on "Blue Carpet Treatment" or not, you will get your answer in Part 4! Stay tuned to dubcnn.



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