interview SPIDER LOC (May 2008) | Interview By: Nima Etminan

Dubcnn linked up with the self proclaimed "n-gga you love to hate" Spider Loc. The Baymaac/G-Unit rapper talks to us about his current label situation, whether he's dropping an album on G-Unit and talks about his new mixtapes.

Spider also speaks on Snoop Dogg and his feelings on the video where Snoop tells Spider and Game to fight 1 on 1, as well as who else heäs feeling from the West Coast. He talks to us about his mixtape grind, the evolution of the game and much more.
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Interview was done by phone in May 2008

Questions Asked By : Nima Etminan

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Dubcnn: We're right here with Spider Loc. What's up with you man?

What it do? I'm just baymaacin' man...

Dubcnn: I believe you have a new project coming out called "The Nigga U Love To Hate"? Tell us about that.

Yeah, June 24th, "The Nigga U Love To Hate". They gave me some issues with the title at retail, so the cover is gonna read "The One U Love To Hate", but the the title is still "The Nigga U Love To Hate". Spider Loc featuring the Baymaac camp. I got Butch Cassidy on there, Turf Talk, Kartoon, and a couple of more West cats on there, my nigga Big S from New York, 6 Tre Tha Gangsta he from Down South, new Baymaac artist. We got the "Connected Vol. 3" mixtape coming soon too.

Dubcnn: Why did you choose to go with that title?

The nigga you love to hate? It just fits my position, who I am and how other muthafuckas who consider themselves competition feel about me. They have a blutiful time hating on the Loc, I am the nigga they love to hate.

Dubcnn: Is this a mixtape?

Mixtape, street album, whatever you wanna call it. All original tracks.

Dubcnn: You dropped several mixtapes in the past few months, can you give us a quick recap of what you got out right now?

Yeah, we got the "Connected Vol. 2" with DJ Nik Bean and Felli Fel that dropped this year, "The King of R&B", "Global Warming" with DJ Woogie, and I got a "Jackin' For Beats" mixtape coming soon too, that's gonna be hosted by Gangsta Granny. That's a bunch of tracks over beats that are already out.

Dubcnn: Let's talk about your label situation, you've been on G-Unit for three years now, what's the situation there?

Man, slow motion for Spi! I'm still a signed artist over there but it's slow motion. I've been out here on this independent grind trying to see what it do, I can't really answer what's going on with the G-Unit situation. I'm as clueless as you are.

Dubcnn: So there are no concrete plans of a Spider Loc album coming out through G-Unit Records?

No sir!

Dubcnn: Does Young Buck leaving G-Unit influence your relationship to Buck?

From my understanding, his situation is different as far as the group is concerned, but his association with the company hasn't changed. It definitely hasn't changed how I feel about him.

Dubcnn: You always stay in peoples mouths, not only because of the music but also because of controversial stuff. How do you feel about your image?

The image that I truly am, I love it. The misconceptions that people develop, I've learned to deal with those as well. Half the muthafuckas that think they have an idea bout S-P-I don't have no idea about my image.

Dubcnn: So what's your true image?

My true image is the west kept secret, the nigga they love to hate! I'm what the average West Coast rapper is rapping and talking about what he is. I'm what they're pretending to be. They're basically looking at my life and finding lines that apply to themselves. Me and a few others, but I'm the epidemy of what the West has been trying to represent for the longest.

Dubcnn: Do you take the time to go online and read what people say about you?

Not much. If they don't put it somewhere that's directly related to me, most of the time I'll miss it. I catch a lot of shit on YouTube, but outside of that, SpiderLoc.tv, I check on my MySpace and things of that nature.

Dubcnn: How do you feel about the internet?

I love the internet, it gives you access to so much that's so far away, so quickly. It's hard to dislike it!

Dubcnn: Snoop Dogg recently put out a video wanting to set up a Spider vs Game fight, what did you think about that?

Man, I don't understand why a nigga thinks it's cool to be clowning with my name in his mouth about some muthafuckin' fighting. I don't know and he don't know no rapper that's done touched on more rappers than me. A squabble ain't shit, you can't name another rapper that done put his hands on more entertainers than Spider Loc - not saying that's something I'm proud of. But I don't know why he wants to take that opportunity to acknowledge me, when you can't tell me about nobody that this nigga done touched! He's had various dissing situations throughout his career, and he ain't put his hands on nobody. He wouldn't give the homie Jayo a head up fade.

It's a nigga that grabbed Snoop's wife's ass at Snoop's house and the nigga didn't take the fade! I forget the homie's name from Insane, it's a little white boy from Insane, I don't know if he actually grabbed her ass or not, but when her ass got grabbed and she made a big hoot-n-holler about it, this is who the crowd blamed it on. He denied it, so they made the big bodyguard nigga Fabian take the muthafuckin' fade. He had to get on the basketball court and go head up. The little white boy knocked Fabian up his chest and pounded on him, Snoop's bitch ass didn't even take that fade.

I ain't got no problem taking a fade with nobody who wants a fade, but why hasn't your bitch ass taken a fade with Suge, you mark ass nigga? Doing records called "Pimp Slapp'd" and ain't never slapped nobody! Old hoe ass nigga wanna speak on Spi. That's how I feel about that shit. If the nigga was really about something, he got my number! I ain't got your number nigga, you got my number, you could have holla'd at me nigga! A nigga just talk goofy on the internet and when you see a nigga it ain't none of that! They bow down to the Loc, niggas know what it is out here!

The nigga don't know me, he only knows of me, and he knows he better keep hiding behind the microphones and the internet and the bodyguards with that shit. It ain't no more passes, when you see me in traffic it ain't no more "Oh what up Loc?" or "Rollin' coastin'" or none of that. Keep that hoe shit, you mark ass nigga!

Dubcnn: Aight, let's get back to the music, what do you have lined up for 2008?

It's gonna be a mixtape per month man, for 2008.

Dubcnn: Where are you trying to go with this, what's your goal?

I'm feeding the ears, feeding them music! My whole lifetime that I've spent rapping, what has made me stand out in crowds is that I have more to say at a higher quality level. So since there is a mixtape circuit that artists are utilizing, I just want to exemplify the fact that I got a lot of more to say at a higher quality level. So I keep flooding them with music. Everybody got a favorite Spider Loc song.

Dubcnn: It looks like artists are having difficulties releasing actual albums and instead keep dropping street albums or mixtapes, what do you think of that evolution?

I'm watching it as it happens man, I'm watching the game change right before our eyes. We don't know where it's headed, but I'm excited about seeing where it's going. I know that the purists are gonna ride to the top, so I just wanna be around when the transition completely does what it do. No matter what it is, albums, mixtapes, street albums, Spi is gonna be present and keep on dropping quality music,

Dubcnn: Is it frustrating to wait such a long time to put an album out?

Yeah, as much as you can imagine. It's very frustrating at times. But then when I put it all in perspective and look at my time before being on G-Unit and my prospects of putting out an album, it was an intangible prospect. The fact that my life is better to such a degree because of G-Unit, helps me to deal with the frustrations of the industry. I'm still able to make music and to get it out to the world. The actual situation that we all were expecting, it hasn't quite developed as soon as we had imagined, but I still can't complain. I'm in a far better situation than I ever have been.

Dubcnn: Who are you feeling right now on the West Coast?

I'm feeling the Baymaac camp. Outside of that, my nigga Kartoon. That's about to where it stretches to. Outside of that I ain't feeling too much.

Dubcnn: You messing with the New West?

I fuck with the True West, I don't give a fuck about no New West.

Dubcnn: Are there any upcoming collaborations that we can expect that you have going on right now?

Just me and my Baymaac camp and an artist up out of Houston, Tx, by the name of Tre, we did a record for "Nigga U Love To Hate", it's called "In These Streets". It's off the hook. Me and Turf Talk and Kartoon got a record called "Street Life" that's also on "Nigga U Love To Hate". I've been hollering at the nigga Mistah FAB lately, we're supposed to do some work soon. I hook up with niggas that's pushing the grind.

Dubcnn: Is there anything else you'd like to let everybody know?

Check out the videos on the YouTube, the "Boss OG" video, "Just Askin'" video, "Serial Lyricist" video, "Blutiful World" video of course. If you need a video shot, holla at Crash, he's doing them for the Loc.



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Full Interview In Audio : Here



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