interview SCARFACE & THE PRODUCT  (February 2006) | Interview By: Yash

  Dubcnn got real indepth and personal with Scarface, Young Malice and Willie Hen. They told us about the groups debut album, how they hooked up with eachother, Scarface had a few words for Lil Troy, Face spoke about the time he recorded "Smile" with Tupac and possible unreleased tupac material, Willie Hen spoke about the Bay Area's Hyphy movement, why Face and Malice might even move to Sweden?!, Face told us about leaving Def Jam and why he will never work with Devin the Dude again, they told us about working with Tone Capone and John Bido and Scarface spoke about Deathrow records plus if you really want to know who The Product are, you need to check this indepth 30 minute interview out.

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Interview was done by phone in February 2006

Questions Asked By: Yash

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Dubcnn: Can you tell the Dubcnn viewers a little bit about yourself?

Young Malice: Ah yea I'm from Jackson Mississippi and I met Face when he was out here on tour for "The Fix".

Dubcnn: Oh so that's when you hooked up?

Young Malice: Right this might have been like 2002 and dude heard me rhyme and it was just on from there man. You know I just been around dude for a minute but we just finally did The Product project when we ran into Willie Hen.

Dubcnn: So how many songs did ya'll record for this album?

Young Malice: We recorded at least 20 something songs.

Willie Hen: The album is gonna be cut down to like maybe 14 you know making it nice and solid.

Dubcnn: Willie Hen how did you get involved in this project?

Willie Hen: Shit you know I've been working with Tone Capone out here in the Bay the legendary producer. Who did "I Got Five On It" but also "Mary Jane" for Scarface and "Smile" for him and Tupac. You know he's always been Face's "go to guy". Him and Face was vibing one day and he played a song that me and him did, Face was like man get that dude down here.

A week or two later he had flew me down to Houston just to meet up and you know that's how I ended up being on the Geto Boys album when I did the hook.

I flew down and I was right in the studio as soon as I got there and Face was doing some songs on the Geto Boys album and he was like come up with a hook to this and from there I guess a couple of month later he decided he was gonna do a soundtrack and that's when he recruited me back down there and that's when me and Malice met you know what I mean?

Like during the time because he did like an independent film and he was responsible for the soundtrack so I think that was some of the last Def Jam stuff he was doing and I went down there it was me Malice and for other dudes that he summoned to do this project..

Young Malice: It was for the independent movie called Consequences.

Willie Hen: You know out of the whole collective group I guess me and Malice he thought was the best, our flow or our voices you know something that made him decide he wanted to do a little more with us. That's how The Product came about.

Dubcnn: What made you choose that name for the group?

Willie Hen: It was fitting I mean we all a product of our environment. Malice is a good example of the type of dude you might run into if you're fucking around in Jackson I'm a good example of the type of dude you might run into if you out here in the Bay and Face is a good example of a Houston G.

Young Malice: There it is!

Dubcnn: Will you guys do any solo projects after this album?

Willie Hen: We got solo projects in the works right now. We even got some stuff we did, we got a whole..

Young Malice: Some big stuff on the table man BIG STUFF!

Willie Hen: We got a rap group/gang that we're waiting to put on.

Dubcnn: Tell us about the album. Who's handling the production?

Young Malice: First and foremost we got John Bido, legendary for doing all the Geto Boys stuff and all the Face stuff.

Willie Hen: "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" and all that stuff.

Young Malign: We got Tone Capone his name speak for it self we actually got Brad, he produced a couple of tracks that's already enough to go buy the album you know you got tracks produced by Scarface so that's worth buying the album itself.

Willie Hen: You got Young on a little co production...

Young Malice: I did a little production work myself.

Dubcnn: Dam I didn't know you produced too?

Young Malice: That was my main thang a couple of years ago but I mean once I started touching the mic that was it!

Dubcnn: Do you have any features on there or it's just you guys and Face?

Willie Hen: That's it..

Young Malice: I mean we have a couple of vocalists.

Dubcnn: Do you have Devin The Dude on there?

Young Malice: No actually Devin wanted to be on it but we never got around to really...

Willie Hen: Our schedule conflicted. Devin was on tour when we went out he was in the lab.

Young Malice: I love Devin though I see Devin all the time.

Dubcnn: What artists do you truly respect for their artistic work?

Willie Hen: Face, Malice, San Quinn, Jigga, 50, I like the fact how that guy 50 builds songs,
I mean I consider myself to build songs and I like how other rappers build songs.

Young Malice: You crazy with it homie you crazy!

Willie Hen: I mean my favorite rapper right now is Malice! Malice and San Quinn!

Dubcnn: What's Malice favorite?

Right now I got to say Willie Hen haha! *Everyone starts Laughin* and Face. But Jay Z was one of my main influences that made me wanna get into the game and I love Nas too, I met Nas and he a real good dude.

You know Nas got a lot of roots in Mississippi man and for him to be where he at is inspirational to me. I love San Quinn because he's a real cat, he's like a real professional.

Dubcnn: Yea he's real tight but underrated though.

Willie Hen: Quinn is here right now. He's doing an interview on this other phone right now.
I'm up at Quinn's little label, we were chilling this morning and he told me I could come in and use the phone.

Dubcnn: Willie you're from the Bay but your style is kind of stemming away from the Hyphy sound, which is what's hot out there. What do you think of the Hyphy movement?

Willie Hen: I'm all for the Hyphy movement my whole opinion on that is I don't feel like we all have to go like that just to get listened too. I mean I'm all for it I can get hyphy but...

Young Malice: That nigga is Hyphy!

Willie Hen: I mean I could take over that whole thang *everyone laughs* but you know what's beautiful it just shows the whole Bay Area spirit it shows the spirit of the bay!
What I mean when I say that is, if the majors ain't looking at you then fuck the majors do what we do we been independent, we been selling our own records we ain't never been looking for no major deal.

Back to the business then they start looking again so do what we used to do then they will start looking again. That's what the Hyphy movement is to me. It's for the kids and that's beautiful but as a dude that's been in it for a decade I'm looking at it like you know what I'm saying.

Not letting the major determine what they do but me personally I'm trying to give it a little more game from my experience I'm a worldly dude.

Dubcnn: Right right, have you guys dropped any independent stuff?
Like have you dropped any albums that were in the streets or sold mixtapes or something?

Willie Hen: Yea we got some stuff on Big Boss Records BTT Entertainment you know that's me and Malice little imprint...

Young Malice: I mean in this situation man we made a Lebron James move, we had music in the streets bro. But I mean just working with dude, going from where we was to working with dude you don't have to say to much fam your talent speak for itself.

Dude wasn't even fuck with a nigga if it wasn't something serious. He wouldn't put himself out there like that man that speaks for itself?

Willie Hen: We basically did go straight to the league I ain't never dropped a solo album, Malice never dropped a solo album.

Young Malice: Straight to the league man and we playing baby, we playing on the court this time!

Dubcnn: Who were your influences growing up? What made you get into music?

Willie Hen: Me growing up I had like Mac Dre just when they had "Too Hard For the Radio" I thought that was a real professional. Sugar Hill Gang that was one of my influences.

Young Malice: Yea I used to like the rapping dukes man "the Ha".

Dubcnn: How do guys feel like working with such a legend like Scarface? What's it like being in the studio with him?

Willie Hen: Shiiit It's a trip but to tell the truth it's almost like family though. Once you realize this a dude like he ain't gone let you even be star struck for too long to tell the truth.
I mean he gone start cappin and shit it was really like a family experience it's like a blessing to tell the truth.

Young Malice: I mean you have to sit down and really analyze who you working with realize that it's a lot of cats that like to take your opportunity and run with it.

Willie Hen: I mean he real serious about the craft and I mean if we ain't bringing it he would send us back he would clown you.

*Scarface calls in*

Dubcnn: So Face is on now?, How you doing it's Yash from Dubcnn.

Scarface: What's happening homie I just...?

Young Malice: I told him you don't get up till' like 2 B.

Dubcnn: Yea he told me you wake up late.

Scarface: *Laughs* No I was in a guitar lesson.

Dubcnn: Just go ahead and tell them about the album and what the first single is called...

Scarface: I think that the product album is brilliant collaboration between 3 different people with 3 different opinions, from 3 different parts of the world.

Dubcnn: What's the first single called?

Scarface: The first single is called I'm a nigga.

Dubcnn: Right and have you guys shot a video for the first single yet?

Yea we shot a video the other week.

Young Malice: Yea the video is a killer too!

Dubcnn: When is that coming out?

Scarface: I think we gonna put it into play now.

Dubcnn: Would you consider doing an album with Bushwick Bill?

Scarface: Yea.

Dubcnn: I heard that song "I Neva Snitch" it's banging can you tell us about the situation with Lil Troy?

Scarface: Huh?

Dubcnn: That I Neva Snitch song!

Scarface: Oh I don't know nothing about Lil Troy. You know I heard Lil Troy is getting his momma and some more snitches to say some foul ass shit you know whatever I'm a nigga so if he wanna see me nigga see in these muthafucking streets.

Young Malice: He don't wanna do that...

Scarface: Where you live at?

Dubcnn: I live in Sweden .

Scarface: Shit you live in Sweden how is this Lil Troy shit getting out there?

Dubcnn: Shit I don't know the internet.

Scarface: The internet? Is that right? Dam that's crazy...

Dubcnn: It's Crazy yea...

Scarface: I mean that muthafucka is a nobody trying to make a name for himself now fucking with me. I'ma give him what he looking for! *Laughs*

Dubcnn: Are you cool with Suge Knight and them? Because you used to be on Deathrow compilations and stuff.

Scarface: Yea I fuck with Suge! Yea that's my dogg.

Dubcnn: Where do you stand when it comes to 50 Cent? Do you think he's a snitch, do you have any beef with him?

Scarface: The nigga ain't never put me in none of that shit so I ain't tripping.
Whatever 50 got going on it's between 50 and whoever he got it going on with.

Dubcnn: What would you say Young Malice and Willie Hen got that make them stand out?

Scarface: The truth! They got the truth I mean a lot of muthafuckaz make music to be like you know... There be songs that come out right now that I be like GOD DAM man did my 7 year old make this shit? I got a 4 year old that rap better than 98% of these muthafuckaz.

Dubcnn: Could you tell us how it was working with Tupac? What was it like when you recorded the song "Smile"?

Scarface: I mean like me and Tupac was jammin'!

Dubcnn: Is it true like he wrote his lyrics real fast?

Scarface: He was real fast, he was super fast...

Dubcnn: Did you guys record more songs? Did you record any songs that haven't been released yet?

Scarface: Ah you never know...

Dubcnn: Def Jam south are you still working with them?

Scarface: No I'm no longer with Def Jam south...

Dubcnn: Ok what label are you on now?

Scarface: I'm not on no label right now...

Willie Hen: Underground railroad.

Dubcnn: Are you cool with Rap-A-Lot?

Scarface: Yea everybody cool.

Dubcnn: Because they're putting out "My Homies" Part 2. I was wondering if you were involved in that?

Scarface: No I wasn't involved in that...

Dubcnn: Will we see you working with Devin The Dude again?

Scarface: Ah that will probably never happen again either!

Dubcnn: Oh you're not cool with him anymore?

Scarface: I mean we all cool but it's business man you know what I mean. This shit is business you know it used to be fun.

Dubcnn: Yea that's what Willie D told me...

Scarface: Then you look at the payoffs of this shit and realize god dam I did all the motherfucking work! Shit ain't nothing against Devin and all but I do records with nobody.
I feel like if I sit down and make some history with somebody I'ma have to be compensated though. PROPERLY!

Dubcnn: People say like Scarface is the king of the south, when you retire who would you like to see be the king of the south?

Scarface: *laughs* I don't give a fuck about that shit. All I give a fuck about is the pay day.
All the titles and shit I don't give a fuck about that shit cut me the check!

Dubcnn: Will we see a new product album after this one?

Scarface: I don't know you got to ask Willie Hen and Malice.

Young Malice: Hell yea! This shit was too much fun man working with dude man. That's big bro man. He the only nigga that can guide a nigga the way we needed to be guided.
Because no one else could even handle us dogg!

It woulda been a real conflict you know. Just working with dude was a blessing man. Everything worked out how it was supposed to work out. It was all fun when we did the album. There was no stress it was easy plus it was professional.

Dubcnn: Will you go on tour after this album is out?

Scarface: Oh yea we plan on working.

Dubcnn: Would you like to come to Sweden or Europe ?

Scarface: Man I'm dreaming about that. I'm ready to come out here anyway.
I'm finna move to Sweden !

*Everyone starts laughing*

Willie Hen: What's the best club in Sweden ?

Dubcnn: We got a lot of beautiful women... You know J Ro from Alcoholics live out here in my city.

Scarface: So he's hitting one of them Swedes?

Dubcnn: *laughs* Man we got the best looking women I'm telling you. The women are so beautiful here you gone love it.

Willie Hen: *laughs* hey can we book that show now?!!

Dubcnn: Give me a price and I can look into it.

Willie Hen: Hold on man *laughs* give him a price man what we need?

Dubcnn: If they made a movie about your life, what actor would you see playing your part?

Young Malice: I like to play my own part...

Dubcnn: If you had to choose an actor who would you choose though?

Young Malice: I woulda chose my niggaz either Brad or Willie Hen!! *laughs*

Willie Hen: Shit I'd choose Will Harris play my part...

Dubcnn: What about you Face?

Scarface: Yea I think I would use umm...

Young Malice: What about the dude from Hustle and Flow?

Willie Hen: Terrace Howard?

Scarface: *laughs* but I like a old school mutherfucker to play my shit. Like Isaac Hayes or somebody!

*Everyone starts laughin*

Young Malice: Excuse me but if I had somebody to do a movie about me I'd get a muthafucka like Samuel L Jackson to do my shit.

Dubcnn: When is the album coming out let them know where they can cop it?

Willie Hen: February 21st in stores everywhere hood near you!

Dubcnn: Ok do you have European distribution too?

Willie Hen: Shit we should huh?

Dubcnn: You got a website people can order it from?

I know they got it at CD Universe now and Cd Baby and all of them.
You can preorder it right now at www.cduniverse.com.

Dubcnn: Last question now... If there is a heaven what do you think god will tell you when you arrive?

Willie Hen: *takes a deep breath* Man I think he would just be like you done well my son now it's time to kick back.

Scarface: *Laughs* Only god will know... Nobody else!



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