interview SLY BOOGY  (July 2003) | Interview By: Westcoast2K

Westcoask2K talked to one of today's most talented West Coast MCs, Sly Boogy. In this exclusive interview we discussed the history of the Black Spooks and how he later hooked up with Sway & Tech to do the "Judgement Day" project. Read and find out on which major label he is releasin his next album, his opinion on today's Hip Hop state and much more.


wc2k - Sly whats the good word?

Sly Boogy - Im just chillin man, life is good.

wc2k - First off props for the "Judgement Day" album , its off the chain. Major blessings player.

Sly - Thanks homie, appreciate it.

wc2k - For everyone who dont know you, introduce yourself and let em know where youre from.

Sly - Well Im Sly Boogy out the I.E., for those who dont know, thats the Inland Empire but I think most people should know about the IE by now. And Im comin into the game with a brand new album, "Judgement Day", its in stores now so go and pick it up.

wc2k - How did you hook up with Sway & Tech?

Sly - I hooked up with Sway & Tech when I went on the Wake up Show with my crew, the Black Spooks. We went on and Freestyled, took a couple of cuts to the show and after that we were gonna work on a project together but it didnt happen due to creative conflict of interest so we started workin on the Sly Boogy project. That was the time we did "Walk With My Dogs" and "Fatal Mistake". Me and Tech were in the studio and he came up with the line "Steppin To Sly Would be Your Fatal Mistake", so he was like why dont you just use that as the hook and Bam it was there. We released it as a cd single. So thats basically how we hooked up.

wc2k - Did you feel any pressure recording your solo with Sway & Tech pushin you?

Sly - Not at all! I never felt any pressure.

wc2k - Right, wanna talk about the History of The Black Spooks and how it all went down a lil bit?

Sly - Well "The Black Spooks", that started a while ago, like in 95. Its basically me, Dirty Birdy and Dj KMP. We got signed to Perspective Records, which is Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis imprint. And we finished the album in almost a months time. But we got word back that Perspective has folded and they told us that our album wasnt gonna be released, so thats what happend with the Black Spooks. But after that we still recorded and tried to do the Black Spooks thing, but it didnt happen, it didnt happen the way we wanted to. So we ended up on separate ways and started workin on seperate projects.

wc2k - If it never saw the light of day, do you mean commercially, or was it just underground?

Sly - Yeah it was just underground.

wc2k - So what happend after Birdy told you he was gonna start his solo project?

Sly - Well after Birdy said he was goin solo I started workin with King Tech in the studio, we started workin on the "Judgement Day" album.

wc2k - And what year was that?

Sly - That was....man...around 2000,2001.

wc2k - Do you plan on doing another Black Spooks album?

Sly - Possibly, I doubt it will be under the name Black Spooks because that name got snatched up by some other group that was signed to A&M I think. And we was kinda upset about that. They went under the name "The Spooks". You know The Spooks right? They had a single out, I think it was called "Things I've Seen" or something like that. So we was upset cause it kinda fucked our program. And we didnt want people to be confused, and get us twisted with them. So if there is another collaboration it would be under a different name.

wc2k - So Why should people go out and check for you and cop your new album?

Sly - Well they should definitely cop the album, for one cause I think the content is very captivating. I think that alot of the songs on there are very interesting, they have content that may have shock value, very entertaining. I think lyrically it has alot to offer, for those who like beats it has alot to offer and for those who just like Hip Hop music, it has alot to offer, theres alot of shit on there that you can get into. You can just put the CD in and let it play, its kinda like a rollercoaster ride, its like a kaleidoscope to ride for styles, as far as lyricism. And as far as beats, its like all of the beats are totally different, every song is distinctive.

wc2k - How did you come up with the "Judgement Day" reference?

Sly - "Judgement Day" came about me and Tech were sittin in the studio throwin around names. We were stuck on "Ebonical Slang", I had laid the intro to the album and Tech thought that "Judgement Day" would be the perfect title for the album so we just rolled with it, we rolled with that. It goes like "Some of you niggas is lame/you dont belong in this game/so you better make way cause its Judgement Day Im Comin!". Meaning, all you mothafuckas that are in the game and really aint makin no contribution to the game, Im coming. So like Sway said, we finna raise the standard, we finna raise the bar and we finna make it hard. So I tried to come up with a tight story behind the whole Judgement Day shit, but you know...thats the real story right there. Thats how it came about.

wc2k - You told me the other day you had your own name for you solo album that you came up with. What was that again?

Sly - Ohh...ohh damn the other title that I have wanted...(laughs). I havent even told Tech, but it I hope nobody don't bite it. It was "Uncle Sam's Black Nephew". But Imma definitely save that one, Imma save it for another album.

wc2k - You tried to get down with Dr. Stank for your solo. But why didnt that go down?

Sly - Well, basically I was in the studio most of the time workin on my album, Stank was in the studio workin on his album. We hooked up and collaborated on a couple songs for his album. We were supposed to do some more work together but it just didnt happen. It just didnt happen. But me and Stank gonna work together and some more shit.

wc2k - You used to do the underground thing, and now you're gettin airplay on major radio stations and get to work with big names. How do you feel about workin from small to big?

Sly - Ohh it feels good. I think its a blessing to be able to get airplay and get support from DJ's. Theres alotta support coming from Power 106, KMEL and it feels good, cause they really supportin the Sly Boogy project.

wc2k - You made a few Power 106 drops, do you feel those helped get the word out about Sly?

Sly - Ohh yeah definitely. Defnitely, cause I think the more people have heard the drops the name has been imbeded in their heads, the more they listened to them. PLus it raised curiousity, so yea they definitely did help.

wc2k - How did the whole process go down? Did you have your own freedom to do your own shit and chose your features?

Sly - To chose features...Uhh, there was freedom but the thing is the features we have on there was people that Tech felt would make the album a little bit more interesting. The situation we're workin with right now is cool, we approached alot of people for features but you know, people are busy, and when you're workin with a limited amount of money its like you cant drop so many bombs. So we get to work with what we have as far as features. But alot of people are givin us love now though.

wc2k - Where there any artists you wanted to work with but it didnt happen for that reason?

Sly - Yeah we tried to get Ludacris, he did stuff. We tried to get Nate Dogg. And who else...we're tryin to get Sean Paul on some shit but I dont know if thats gonna happen. I dont know, but I would like for it to happen. But alotta people are kinda like, if Im workin with a new artist they kinda wanna see how that artist is gonna do. So I dont think its gonna be like that forever.

wc2k - What was the promotion and distribution for your album like? I heard so many people say they couldnt find the album anywhere.

Sly - Yeah I get emails too, sayin they cant find the album. Honestly, Imma be honest with you, I really dont know what the fuck is goin on. This shit is irritating cause I got alotta people hollerin at me wondering where the fuck they can get the album. And I think its pretty god damn ridiculous that they cant find it and it aint accessable, you know what Im sayin?? Its just ridiculous.

wc2k - But are there any places you can tell people where they can find it?

Sly - You can go to www.friscostreetshow.com and order it. And theres a couple of mom&pop shops you can go to, but thats about it. Thats the only places I know of. But friscostreetshow.com is your best bet.

wc2k - So I guess thats a big problem for you. You got the CD out, tons of people want it but they cant find it.

Sly - Yeah man, its a big problem. Because people are lookin for it and its like, Im thinkin Woah shit, if they cant find it they gonna lose interest and they gonna move on to the next shit, and I dont wanna that to happen.

wc2k - Definitely. So you think the album will sell mostly by word of mouth if there is limited promotion?

Sly - Yea because there is no video, so the only exposure and promotion is radio and internet. We had samplers though that we passed out, we had posters, we've been doin shows and shit, so thats all we really have right now as far as promotion tool. I wish we had a video, but unfortunately we dont have one cause that would help out a lot.

wc2k - Are you planning to shoot a video for "California" in the future?

Sly - You know what, I would really like to, but I dont think theres enough money for that right now. I really dont know, I cant really speak on it, but my assumption is there aint enough money.

wc2k - Do you hope your music will bubble up out of the LA Area, or would you be happy just stayin local?

Sly - I definitely wanna bubble out, I want to circulate around the globe, I wanna be global. I dont wanna be limited to just one locality. I wanna be global, definitely.

wc2k - You got plans for the 2nd single?

Sly - We aint too sure yet but the next single is tentatively supposed to be number 5 of the album, which is "Ridiculous" featuring Saigon. But what you think you got any ideas?

wc2k - Yea I think its a good choice, "Ridculous" is off the hook. Thats prolly one of my favorites from the album together with "Walk With My Dogs" & "One Night Stand". I love the story from "Walk With My Dogs", I was always thinkin you could make a bomb music video to that story. I dont know about "One Night Stand" though haha.

Sly - Haha yea, we cant really play that on the radio, I dont know what the ladies would think about "One Night Stand" (laughs). But umm, its tentatively "Ridiculous" with Saigon. And thats supposed to be droppin here soon. Saigon is a cat that people dont know, he's a cat from the East Coast, he's from New York. He's one of the sickest, sickest mothafuckas coming outta New York.

wc2k - Yeah I've heard his mixtape. That was tight, and he's mad slept on just like you.

Sly - Yeah man, its frustrating.

wc2k - So talk about the Californa Remix man. How did yall get those cats on one track?

Sly - Ohh man you heard it!!! Shit is real bigg. Peep this, we got the one and only E-40 Fonzarelli on it, Jayo Felony, Roscoe...Man Roscoe is sick, you heard his album? He's so fuckin sick. Then we got Kurupt, and I think theres gonna be 2 versions. The one in the Bay has San Quinn and Mista F.A.B. And the one out there, I dont know for sure but I think Crooked I is gonna gonna jump on it. Both version feature 2Pac.

wc2k - How in the hell did yall get 2Pac on there??

Sly - He was in the studio with us man!!! He's alive dogg really, 2Pac was right there in front of my eyez!! (Laughs). Nah you gotta ask Tech that one, I dont know it might be an old verse or somthing but I can give you Techs number and ask him, he hooked that up.

wc2k - I heard you're already workin on a new solo album?

Sly - Oh yeah, the next album is the bigg album, its gonna be the major album. "Judgement Day" is just the appetizer and the next album is gonna be the first course. "Judgement Day" is more of a mixtape album. I rapped over used beats like on "Jackin 4 Beats", and we put the Wake Up Show Freestyles on there so its more of a mixtape to let people know. But the next album is gonna be big, I dont have a title for it yet but its definitely gonna be heated. The texture of it is gonna be a little bit more smooth, its not gonna be as rugged and grimey as "Judgement Day", but its definitely something to look out for cause I have a lot to offer. I dont wanna let the cat out the bag too early...but...oh well fuckit, you're gonna be the first to know, we just hooked up a deal with J Records. So next time you gonna see Sly Boogy on a major label! Its official and hopefully we can make it crack over there, if not we'll take it somewhere else. Sway and Tech hooked that up, its Bolo Entertainment / J Records.

wc2k - Aint Tyrese and all them on there? You think they ready for your heat?

Sly - Man I dont know. Thats what I wanna know. But we gonna see, we'll definitely see, because Im a handful, I dont know if people know yet, but Im a handful.

wc2k - You got any features on there?

Sly - Yea we got Raphael Saadiq, we got Ms. Roq from the Chronic album, we got TQ, then we got Jayo Felony and Kurupt on a couple of cuts, we got Crooked I, we got Noelle. Oh we also have Freckles. I dont know if you heard of Freckles, but she's one of the coldest riders in the game. I dont even know where she's from but shes cold.

wc2k - Mind give a comment on todays Hip Hop state?

Sly - Hip Hop right now? I think that radio, the payola,all that man...what was that movement again? There was a movement in New York, I think it was called "Turn Off Your Radio" where everybody turns off their radios every Thursday. It was some movement in NY. You heard about that? I think it was the "Turn Off Your Radio - Movement" if Im not mistaken. I think we all need to do that. Everybody in the United States needs to turn off their radio until they start playin more shit and quit all the politics, all that payola shit, leave that bullshit behind and just start playing some other shit, some new shit. Cause its messed up right now that alot of people record dont get played. Alotta other people have contributions to make too, and I think its unfair to those people when you cant get your shit on the radio. Niggas put they heart into this game, but thank god for the internet though, thats great promotion.

wc2k - What do you think is the reason that West Coast Rap is in a Slump right now??

Sly - Honestly, I think its just all the politics. Its like somebody told me the other day, it dont matter how talented you are no more, it really dont, talent really aint got nuthing to do with it. Skillz dont count anymore, what I hear on the radio is just shit, and I dont wanna insult nobody, but its all political. I mean I do hear some West Coast shit when Im over in New York, I heard Shade Sheist, but all the payola shit is killing Hip Hop. But as far as the West Coast, alotta artists are trapped in that 93 to 97 era. Alot of people are trapped in that era and they keep on doing that kinda music, and I think thats kinda hurtin cause they keep on tryna recycle that same sound. And I think thats definitely effecting the West. I say we need to move forward, try to be inovative and create a whole new sound for the West. Like I said I dont wanna insult nobody, but theres alotta artists that are still doing the same music.

wc2k - Do You plan to put the IE on the map or are you jus gonna rep tha west as a hole?

Sly - I plan on puttin the IE on the map. Im claimin and reppin it to the fullest. Its lookin real good, its almost there, but theres more work to be done to get it on the map.

wc2k - Wassup with that "Got E" mixtape coming out the Empire soon? Do you know anything about that?

Sly - Yeah, the IE mixtape, the "Got E" mixtape. I dont really know whos puttin it out and I dont really know much about it. I think it should drop soon but I dont have any info on that one.

wc2k - I heard this sick track by you and Dr. Stank called "On And ON" is that from any of your projects?

Sly - Ohh yea, that ones new, we recorded it for his album that was supposed to come out on MCA before he got dropped, but I dont know whats up with this, if they gonna use it or save it for something else. Him and Bird got alot of shit together.

wc2k - You recorded a Wake Up Show Anthem with Ras Kass and he's in a pretty fucked up situation right now. Mind give a comment about that?

Sly - Well yeah we did that song for the Wake Up Show a few years ago but I dont know Ras like that. I met him like once or twice so I cant really speak on him, plus I didnt hear the full story about what happened to him so I cant speak on this one.

wc2k - Alright, So what is the real Sly Boogy like? You got a side people didnt know or expect from you?

Sly - The real Sly Boogy? Im just a cat who loves music, I like lyrics. Just the regular cat who kicks back, have me a drink, little bit of smoke and just chill. If I had it my way, hell I would just sit in the house, watch DVDs, smoke, drink, eat and fuck, if I had it my way, but that aint reality. But I like to kick it, I like to have fun, just a regular human being. I like to talk shit over beats and shit, but it aint even like that cause Im a cool cat that you can approach and we can kick it, you know? We can kick it together.

wc2k - So what else can people expect from you in the future?

Sly - They can expect a rollercoaster ride, a variety of distinctive sounds coming from me. There is no tellin what I might do, I dont have no limit and there is no specific sound that Im tryin to do. Im tryin to be as diverse as possible. As for the new album, we are shotin for 4th quarter this year, but thats tentative. I got some collabos comin soon, I got a new one with Kardinal Offical and the tracks with Dr. Stank, then a lookout for the collabo with the group outta the I.E. alled The Outskirts. But other than that I just been workin on my own shit. But I am hoping for collabos, anybody who wants to get me on some shit, just holla. I serve a verse like a package of herb. Holla at me and I come hook it up.

wc2k - Do you got any upcoming shows?

Sly - Yeah I got a show on the Lowrider Expierence at the LA Sports Arena. Then I think Im perfomin at the B-Boy summit and thats about it so far, but Ill let you know about any other shows that come up.

wc2k - Are you planning to perform at Rhyme Night next month? Your cousin Birdy performed at the last show.

Sly - I dont think so but thats definitely a good thing for young MC's, big ups to Xzibit for doing that. Aint too many cats doing that.

wc2k - Do you got any shout outs or a message for all your fans out there?

Sly - Yeah I wanna give a shout out to the Cali Kingz, Impact Record Pool, KMEL, Big Won, Johnson, everybody in the Bay, Sway & Tech, Felli Fel, Mr Choc cause I think Choc was actually the first one to spin my records 2 or 3 years ago, Khool Aid, everybody else up at Power 106, the IE, all of LA, all of the Bay, everybody in California, Big Cain of course doing it real big out in Dallas, big ups to the homie reppin the E. And to everybody out there if you aint copped "Judgement Day" go and pick it up. If you cant find it go to friscostreetshow.com. If your homies got it just go and dub that shit, fuck it.

wc2k - You feel like bustin something over the phone right now?

Sly - Yeah sure...Peep this.."Sly Boogy drops A Freestyle".

wc2k - You just kicked that verse and I gotta ask you that question, do you think a freestyle is a freestyle if it was written?

Sly - Yes definitely, because coming off the top of the head and freestyle, alot of people say 'Ok Im coming from the top of the head, it aint written'. But some people freestyle and they dont realize that sometimes they are bustin rhymes that they have already written, pre-written rhymes. So when Im coming off the head, just naturally Im gonna bust some shit that Ive written, theres gonna be rhymes in that freestyle that Ive busted before.

wc2k - That one you just kicked was written?

Sly - Yeah that was written. I wouldnt bust no freestyle like that on something like this (laughs).

wc2k - You never do that, a real freestyle from the top of your head?

Sly - Yeah yeah I do, but I think a freestyle is when you're with the homies, or you're in a situation where you're around people who are hip hop heads, cause you can just freestyle and let it out. But not in some cases like interviews, cause if I woulda freestyle, Id be freestylin for hours man, cause you feel like you gotta keep going and goin, you gotta bust that nut all the way!

Aight thats basically it. Thanks for takin the time to speak to us and keep doin the damn thang.

Sly - Aww thank you man, I appreciate all the support and everything, much love. Good lookin out for real!




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