interview YOUNG BUCK & 50 CENT  (October 2006) | Interview By: Lil Jay

It's been a little bit over a week since we posted Part 1 of our exclusive interview with Young Buck and 50 Cent. We won't tease you any further and present you Part 2 of the interview today.

This time, 50 Cent checks in with Dubcnn and speaks his mind on various topics, including Young Bucks talent and the South's takeover, bringing the West Coast back, his past business relationship with Game which was followed by the infamous beef and the mixtape disses, as well as his opinion on "The Doctor's Advocate". Hate him or love him, Fifty always says things that will get people talking, and this time is no different.

Young Buck also speaks his piece on rap feuds and trying to keep it peaceful in the future, as well as his upcoming project "Buck The World". Buck also keeps it entertaining by adding some comedy to this indepth interview. Another Dubcnn classic that you shouldn't miss!

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Interview was done in October 2006

Questions Asked By: Lil Jay

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Part 1 of this Exclusive Interview can be found Here

Dubcnn: Does beef keep G-Unit in shape? Because sometimes it seems that some of the beefs could have been avoided.

Young Buck: Naw, because I think at the beginning the only beef that we had was the Ja Rule situation, and everything that you already got from outside of that was just good music. It was just so many other different situations coming about that the beefs started to overshadow the good music part. So that is another reason why I chosed to move on with that because let's get to the good music and see who can make good music without that shit.

Dubcnn: But on the other side, sometimes beef brings the best ouf of an artist!

Young Buck: Yeah, yeah. I think where it goes to see who it can bring the best out of... cause either you can make it through the beef or you get killed through the beef. In a sense like.... I don't know Canibus but at the end of the day you don't see Canibus like you see LL. You can do the math of who took the down end of the beef, Hip Hop beef wise when it's just lyrical battle more or less. Whether it's a financial hit or just destruction from the god damn music itself! So you can see who can stand through it and who can't! *laughs*

Dubcnn: You talked about the different producers on your album, and from what I heard you started producing too, is that right?

Young Buck: Yeah I've been doing the damn thang!

Dubcnn: How's that coming along? How far are you from being the next Dr. Dre?

Young Buck: Oh you know what, he know I can get down! He been giving me little tips like "Yo, just stick with it bro!" or "Maybe you should try this right here". Little does he know, but when I be in that motherfucka, I have a little more knowledge than Dre even know! So I'd be looking at all the equipment and everything, see what is running and everything. But I'm trying to get on Dr. Dre's level with this shit! But it's just something that I've been doing, I just been feeling that I ain't good enough to present yet them to the world. I got a million beats but I wanna make sure that I'm good enough and be ready to give it to the world where it's response coming back like "Yo, let me come work with you!". So I'm still growing, I'm in a development process, but I'm coming with that god damn heat though!

Dubcnn: Where do you see the main differences between Young Buck the rapper on G-Unit, to Young Buck on Cash Money, as far as MC skills?

Young Buck: As far as MC skills, it's a big difference. Voice tone very much changed, I was younger around them so I had more of a high pitchered tone. My voice got a little bit stronger, and at the end of the day my whole lyrical pattern changed because of being in a competition from my surroundance. It's so much competition and success that comes along with 50, Eminem, and Dr. Dre, then you got Banks and shit like that, that I'm almost forced to stay on top of my game. So just that right there, I was put in a position where I was given an opportunity. So that's all I ever wanted when I was with Cash Money, a chance.

50 Cent: My prediction is... this year I predict that 615 Cashville Records will be the biggest new rap label to emerge this year. I don't think everybody sees how much talent... like when you look at an artist like T.I. and you see his space that has grown around him, like you see Young Dro coming out and other artists in Atlanta with his position through Grand Hustle, then you understand the capabilities and the interest generated through Young Bucks project in the Southern based market.

And when they say that New York's coming back, I don't see them coming back. I see a lot of really strong efforts from South artists coming out. Music is changing, you see a lot of new artists out there, like they're dancing. For me, a lot of projects that we've been a part of, it's not really a part of our basic Hip Hop artists from New York City. That's old school Hip Hop the fact they're out dancing. If we look back to any artist in Hip Hop, the older the music video gets, the more you start seeing the actual artists dance. So the fact is that in Hip Hop where it becomes more entertainment and more fun period. I believe you can grant that to the South that they brought that back.

Dubcnn: What's funny is that I told Buck earlier that the South has taken the spotlight from New York and Cali, but G-Unit is still holding it down on y'all own!

50 Cent: Yeah I mean when you know what it is, is being able to have good creative energy around you. Buck is definitely, by far, one of the strongest artists, not just G-Unit, but out there period. Personality wise, his charisma when you meet him... some people are born stars, others are manufactured. They get around people and they clone them to the point that they become a certain way, but just being in the right environment and having good creative energy around at the same time. Buck is a monster. He's venturing off in producing records, and when I hear the music some of these people producing I say "God damn, don't be surprised when you hear music that was produced by Young Buck on 50 Cent's next album!".

It's serious and it gets scary when it's that much positive energy coming from a place. And when they look what G-Unit was, G-Unit was Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, and 50 Cent. It was 50 Cent and his homeboys. Until I ran into somebody who had so much talent that it didn't make sense for me to just stay in that pocket. I had to venture out. Buck gave me interest in working with artists who wasn't from where I'm from and who have a whole other perspective on things. It was still interesting, it was still compatible to what we was doing at the same time. But he never left his roots. If you look at the boy back, his back says "Dirty South" across it!

Dubcnn: When you look at Buck, are you hoping you'll see the same in newer artists like Hod Rod or 40 Glocc?

50 Cent: I look at Buck and I see 50 Cent. I think Buck could potentially be the face of G-Unit. What 50 Cent is to Shady/Aftermath, now there's other artists that are signed to Shady and artists signed to Aftermath, but they're not of the same caliber of 50 Cent. And I think Buck could potentially be the artist at this point. So I'm kinda just anticipating to see how the general public embraces his performance on this new record. When his mixtape comes out and it's better than people's serious efforts because his creative level is that high, then you can just sit back and just wait for it all to unfold.

Young Buck: Daaamn that was real 50, that's how I get down! That's some real shit my nigg! *laughs*

50 Cent: That's it! I mean if you look at the other artists that you got out there right now from the South, they're releasing material in that time span and it isn't as strong as that. I'm sitting here and I see it flat out and I haven't actually even said anything. Cause the way you gotta sit and watch it unfold, I gotta sit and watch it too. But I'm saying it ahead of time, so everybody knows, I fucking knew!

Young Buck: Yeah you damn right nigga. And that's what I've been explaining mothafuckas. Me and 50, I'm so hands-on with him, my direction is from 50. In a sense of everyday that I'm learning in the business world, I do see myself in a sense as a real true protégé of 50, because I walk in 50's footsteps fully. Not outside of them motherfuckas, I fully walk behind these motherfuckas to the fullest. So whatever energy that you get from 50, you gon' honestly get that shit. For me, natural character wise, it matches! He really don't give a fuck!

50 Cent: And this is the thing they don't actually get though: Everybody around, you see they all watch the energy. It's a blessing when you have a project that sells 11 million records, and then your follow-up album is at 9.8 million records. And we're going to the third album now. And that happens, but you can't find a lot of artists out there that can honestly say "My next album, I'ma do 10 million records!". And I can say that to you, and you can't say I'm a lier. Like "Oh shit, that nigga did do 11 and then 9.8 on the next one!". You say he gonna do 10, we gotta wait and see what happens.

But in Bucks case particularly, and I speak about him like he's not even on the phone when he's right there, but he has everything! He has the full package. It's nothing for me to tell this nigga, it's nothing for me.... The only thing I can show him is the things that I require in the meetings, as far as hands-on learning, being in circles that he wasn't physically in the room to understand that portion of it, because he was busy doing everything else. So there's points when you look at an artist and you say "Damn, I wish I said that!"

Dubcnn: So you're not just speaking MC skills, but business, and everything else?

50 Cent: Naw, the whole shit man! If you have him around you and you can look at him and say "Damn, I wish I did that! I wish I said that!", and you're fucking 50 Cent! At that point, that's when you recognize he got something that these other niggas don't got. And listen, I love my camp, I take care of everybody. But he specifically, he's seperate. I'm telling you, it's a different situation. And it's gonna grow, it's definitely gonna grow. My whole shit, when you got them there... you don't... personally them niggas is dead talented.

I think Lil' Wayne is talented! I think his relationship with Baby makes him look a certain way that wont a lot of people to look at him like a grown ass man. And I don't think that they intentionally did something to destroy him, and I'm not making a reference to Buck having a affiliation with Cash Money prior to that. But I watch him, and when Wayne comes out on a record I go "Oh shit! They go Wayne!". Look at him, I see what he's doing. He's got some shit to him too, but it's not quite what I see from Buck, I'm telling you. And they gonna see that he's gonna be able to lead his own path the way I lead G-Unit. And he has what he sees from me to use as his protocol for how he should develop his G-Unit. While G-Unit South is 615 Cashville Records, you gonna see it turn into its own G-Unit in its own respect. You gonna see credible artists come out that you can't look at like it's just a offspin of 50 Cent or Young Buck.

Dubcnn: Do you think some rappers gonna be jealous when they hear "Buck The World"?

50 Cent: I don't think they gonna be jealous. I just think they gonna hear it and say "God Damn!".

Young Buck: Yeah honestly, I feel that way too. I've been working for a long time with a lot of different shit, and then just being with 50 bro, even when we put out albums, it's still so much different material that's left over from working so much, that I can honestly see and tell you that it's not a piece of blood in my body that don't feel like I know I'll shock the world this time in a sense of what I've done with this album. I honestly know that I got it. It's just following up and making them understand the business aspects of Young Buck and everything else that comes along with Young Buck and what I'm trying to do as far as the company goes, Cashville Records, and maintaining and pushing my whole label.

So as far as the music, I got it. I feel like I'll be here a long time fucking with that shit. Now growing the business and catching that end, like 50 told you, the only thing that I did miss from that end was not being in the room cause I was handling something that I was supposed to handle on the other side. But I was there on top of whatever the business was going on in that room, 50 always kept me a part of that business. Not just me but everybody in the circle! I'm not just excluded from Banks and Yayo, cause this nigga is hands-on with every fucking body! That's what I was just telling you. You asked me what I learned from 50, I learned how to be hands-on with everything that comes around me, you remember I told you that? Cause that nigga fucks with everybody from the heart and not from the hands.

And then you would believe in checking report cards! Man you gotta have all A's and B's, cause at the end of the day you find yourself with a lot of mothafuckas in the middle that don't have a report card. Finding out, sometimes a mothafucka can be around you so much that it could never hurt you, but it can become a problem. At the end of the day I'm blessed to have a motherfucka like 50 around me, that's why I'm telling them this shit. Every fuckin' day I'm seeing it in his face he'll tell you "Man, thank you!". Like I said I been in a situation where I was always ordered to have a chief mind which I'm carrying out now. At the end of the day with me playing my ideal role, the chiefs that I was always placed in front of, they always had good leaderships but they never had knowledge about what they had around them.

50 Cent: Yeah! If you listen.... this is real shit right here: Ain't no such thing as generals that haven't ever had to be soldiers. You gonna move up in ranks. So it's like, what Buck does in this particular situation, I pay. Everything that niggas fight to get, like.... if I had to go against you. This is the problem, I mean how much do you help a person?

In Game's situation, I couldn't help Game more than that. I just came out selling 11 million records, and I did all 3 of his first singles. I can't help more than that. And even after that much help, it wasn't enough, because I couldnt actually help him be me. He was physically being me. To this day. So the only way to be me is to go against me and win. So he actually has to do what you see. So, that right there, everything that he's trying to establish, I would have been physically available! I'm not trying to be 2Pac and have my niggas be The Outlawz. If something happened to me tomorrow, these niggas would be able to function in business, they would still be able to feed the rest of their families, period.

Dubcnn: Do you think Game would still be where he is today and signed to a major label if it wasn't for you?

50 Cent: Listen, Game's project was being dropped when I decided to be a part of it. I told you, when I got on I created the 3 records that was his 3 first singles. So no, it wouldn't even exist. But that's the thing, you gotta watch people and their character. And that's even for Buck, because when he starts picking new people to deal with. We've had an experience with an artist that came around, and I seen it in his character. I said "You know what Buck, this guy can't be around here unless he goes directly under you".

Young Buck: Yep, you god damn right!

50 Cent: Yeah, because the guy felt he was as good as Buck, when he wasn't! He was nowhere near as good as Buck! But in his heart he really felt he was as good as Buck. He wanted to be under 50 Cent and not under Young Buck, while 50 was co-signing and developing.

Young Buck: Yo, just off the record yo, that same nigga you're talking to cuzz, that nigga was in the club one last night begging a nigga to get that nigga a shot at this shit.

50 Cent: I'm sure he is!

Young Buck: That's real talk, on my momma. That nigga was running up to me. You know how that goes on that level bro. And despite what I had to even do to the boy, it was funny to me to see the approach was still there with the nigga still trying to do that, and me even having to put hands on the boy.

50 Cent: But look, Buck, that's the inspiration. That's like once someone shows you something like... I don't accept history, I don't start a war. This is a quote from Makaveli: 'War starts when it [happens], not when you please'. So when you decide you don't want anymore, its not just "No it's OK, its over". Who said it's over then? So in every case, anybody who has any intelligence avoids those altercations and situations. When you destroy, you have to destroy completely. I know a guy who destroyed, but not destroyed completely. That doesnt exist. That was a guy who was responsible for me being shot.

See what happens when you let a nigga get up? You turn them into 50 Cent! You give them all the passion and all the drive till you say you know what, it doesn't matter anymore. If I gotta kill, I kill. I do whatever I gotta do, but I'ma end up on top to the point that he starts saying things like "Ima get rich or die trying". And as the mentality goes during the record, it's irrestible to have a positive outlook at the understanding and passion and where it's coming from.

Dubcnn: Did you hear Game earlier this month say that he's trying to get it together with G-Unit and keep it peaceful now?

50 Cent: Well you know...

Young Buck: Yeah I've been hearing about homeboy pushing the line and trying to do that. But you know what, at the end of the day, we not devoted no energy towards homeboy. 50 always directed, not just me but the whole camp, like "That shit there is done, let it go, let it do whatever they need to do." If Game did come back after a while where he'd be like "Yo, man I'm through with this shit. I don't want no beef", and then after a while, 2 or 3 weeks later, you would hear another fuckin mixtape record coming out with some bullshit. And it got to the point where it was so consistent like that, I was the one that came to 50 and be like "Yo 50, my nigga chill, let's just chill with this shit! The boy acts like he don't want no problems".

And you know what 50 would tell me? He would say "You know what Buck, watch this, I guarantee you, I give the boy a week and he gonna be on some other shit, like right back on some Fuck G-Unit shit!". Well, nigga wouldn't even make it to a week, it would be more or less one or two days, and the nigga would be right back at it! So for me that was like "Ugghhhh!". And that's just more and more to see how a nigga is trying to contradict himself to the fans, and is still pushing line on a underground sense of trying to get his beef across.

50 Cent: If you know a person's character is unstable, they're not valued. No matter what information he delivers to you, tomorrow you don't know if he can stand by his word. And a man that has no word is not even a man!

Young Buck: Yeah fa sho, so like I've been telling you, for me it ain't no sense of devoting no energy to this shit. It ain't no energy to it. At the end of the day it's enough push from the nigga end and from my end, you can do the math who's real and who's fake. So for a nigga to push that out, man it's nothing. I'm on some straight get money shit, but if a motherfucka continue to push the line and do what he do, shit gonna get handled in a sense. We gonna pull the shit away, and we'll do it all the way in the streets, cause a nigga is so close enough to them sections where niggas call home, that if it's about that, the nigga can make it happen and go and see if it's about that. But if a motherfucka knows what's going on and I tell you "Yeah I'ma do this and shit..", if you know about it, the police knows about it. Straight up.

So we're fighting that end too when it comes to 50. 50 is a gangsta for real! And we deal with the fact that we have to deal with these niggas that get out of line, and then at the end of the day keep yourself grounded where he ain't gotta see that penitentiary yard too. Cause a nigga real life a nigga hands-on with it. And niggas not gonna let nothing get too close where he gonna either hurt a motherfucka, or even feel like it's close enough where he can hurt a motherfucka. So you know, shit gonna always be in a protective mode. And 50 is his own god damn gorilla. He do what he do, he gonna get it done. I'm another gorilla and I mean that, so everything that 50 does I feel like, OK, I'm a part of it. I don't give a fuck whether it's right or wrong. But everything is right, so I totally feel good about all these situations when they pop off whether it's The Game or Fat Joe. Cause I been around my nigga to watch this shit, and watch it have bubbles and be like "Damn, this is some crazy ass shit!"

50 Cent: You know what it is? Nobody is paying attention to these people enough to see what they're doing behind the scenes, even if I'm in the scene. But because they don't generate as much interest as me, it seems like I'm damn near the brawl street bullet. Because they only see me responding to their behaviour. They don't see them doing what they do to upset me. They miss the part when a nigga doing what he doing, they're like "Why is 50 talking about Puffy?". Like you don't see that we done took Mase on a world tour!

Young Buck: Yo, I just seen Puffy in L.A., I had to roll the window down, I think I spooked him a little bit bro! *laughs*

50 Cent: *laughs*

Young Buck: Yeah bro, he wouldn't even come up the window bro! I was just like "Hey nigga, wassup?" I caught him in Beverly Hills running up the street the other day. Yeah, I pulled up on him bro. He had 5 or 6 security guards with him, they stopped and paused though. Cause if I wanted him I had him, but it wasn't on some love. I'm like "Hey man!", and he saluted me, but it was from the sidewalk! I wish I could have–

50 Cent: *laughs*

Young Buck: He saluted me from the sidewalk. But it is what it is from that end. I just caught up to him in L.A. But you know how it goes!

Dubcnn: But 50, do you think that some of these beefs are really on some personal shit, or are they just trying to get your attention?

50 Cent: I think to be honest, the music business, not just them, the music business in general is so close knit that Buck is a part of their lives. The conversation they listening and they go "Yo, that new Buck record is getting ready to come out". They're already anticipating what it could do, cause they feel the enegery around him right now. It's crazy out here right now! Instead of them being "Hey 50, 50!", screaming cause it's 50 right there, they're screaming at me like "Where is Young Buck?" right now. That's how the energy feels right now because the record has that type of energy around it.

Right now a Southern based artist is growing faster than a New York City based artist. That's the bottom line. And it doesn't mean that there's a great debate, they have shown that they have a lot of good artists coming out the South. And the South is fucking huge! How many places are you talking about? When you say New York we're talking about the city, 5 boroughs. But we're talking about 8 cities. So there is a lot more talent that is gonna be showcased.

This is what they don't see, a lot of the music has to be co-signed by somebody. So when you say West Coast right now, that was co-signed by 50 Cent that got that going. Game knows ain't anything been out there in the last 10 years!

Dubcnn: So did 50 Cent bring the West Coast back?

50 Cent: If anybody brought it back, it was 50 Cent and Dr. Dre, because we collectively created the Game project. And it ain't been nothing out there for 10 years.

Dubcnn: So do you think Game is taking the credit by saying that he brought the Coast back by himself?

50 Cent: Can you blame someone who [lies] regardlessly to where the credit goes? Everybody knows man, and if you check the money thrill it shows. The money goes back to the people who actually encounted and created it. So you can say what you wanna say. He says he sold 5 million records. He ain't sold 5 million records!

Dubcnn: How many

50 Cent: Almost 4! Almost 4!

Dubcnn: So why he keeps saying 5 then?

50 Cent: Because it makes him look better! And I ain't had to answer that question for you to know!

Dubcnn: So he was lying about the record sales?

50 Cent: Yeah. He ain't sold no 5 million records. Come on man. But you'll see it, it's all visible.

Dubcnn: Yeah, so what do you expect from his next record? I mean he did it by himself without your or Dre's help.

50 Cent: I'm already seeing what I expect. I see Game writing a song without a hook for "One Blood". I said he's a good rapper, he's not a good songwriter. I see Game making a record where he's totally mimicking 50 Cent and Dr. Dre for the follow-up single ["Let's Ride"]. He mimicks Dr. Dre vocally on each verse on his new single, and he's copying my style on the chorus. If you can't hear that when you listen to that record, I don't even wanna talk to you cause you don't even know Hip Hop. When you hear "One Blood", what you'll hear is rap verses. It's like, this kid's M.O. is to make 300 bars. He can rap! Can he write a song? No! And when it comes the time to write a song for his single, he does what he thinks 50 Cent would do.

Dubcnn: You think he didn't make the transition from being a mixtape rapper to a real artist and songwriter?

50 Cent: That's a hard transition to make, my man. Cause he didn't make the first record, that first record was built. He been in the studio over a year and a half. Prior to that, creating material that they felt like they was still gonna drop him. You know what I'm saying? This ain't The Game show, this is about Young Buck, actually. And Buck's project, "Buck The World", is definitely gonna shock a lot of people if they sleep because everybody is paying attention and it's really well anticipated and everybody is looking forward.

Young Buck: I'ma give them exactly what the fuck they been looking for. And a little bit more too, partner!

50 Cent: Word!

Part 1 of this Exclusive Interview can be found Here


Young Buck Gave Dubcnn A Shoutout! Check That Here

Full Interview Audio Here [Part 2]




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