interview YOUNG GIANTZ (June 2009) | Interview By: Jose Ho-Guanipa

   Dubcnn recently linked up with the up and coming duo from the westcoast who have certainly grown up around the right people to hone their talents. The Young Giantz are brothers Bigg Joe West and Duece Mac, the sons of Playa Hamm. In this exclusive video interview the pair sit down to discuss their upbringing and the unique life that has seen them spend time alongside artists including DJ Quik and the Penthouse Playas Clique. Their father Playa Hamm also spoke during the interview on his opinions of his sons following in his footsteps. Young Giantz go into detail about their debut mixtape G'Qcality and the production you can expect on there from Battlecat, Qluso and many more.

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Interview was conducted in May 2009
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Dubcnn: What’s up everyone this Jose with Dubcnn right here with Young Giantz. You might have first seen ‘em when we dropped a couple of their tracks on Dubcnn on the website. You guys did a freestyle I think right?

Bigg Joe West: A couple freestyles, we put our single on there, which is “West”, produced by my boy Qluso, him right there. That’s the first thing they put on there then we just been dropping stuff every now and just gon’ keep comin’ hard with new songs. We got the “G’Qcality Mixtape Volume 1” coming out me and my bro. Just goin’ hard for the West Coast you know what I mean.

Dubcnn: Alright so yeah we kinda gave you an introduction to them but this is kinda gonna be the formal introduction to Young Giantz. These guys have hip-hop in their family. They grew up with it. Their father’s Playa Hamm and he was in Penthouse Player’s Clique.

Playa Hamm: For life, it don’t stop.

Dubcnn: So you know these guys were raised around music, raised around hip-hop. They’re Deuce Mac and Bigg Joe West.

Bigg Joe West: I’m Bigg Joe West.

Deuce Mac: I’m Deuce Mac.

Dubcnn: And Qluso, he’s their producer, he does some of their beats, very talented dude. So yeah this is the introduction to Young Giantz. First off, let’s talk about how you guys got into this. When did you decide that you guys wanted to be rappers?

Deuce Mac: We been doin’ it for a minute. I can’t really recall a year but this is what we been doin’ since we was kids, chillin’ with the homies, just doin’ our thing, just rapping. It came from Pops so we really had no choice but to just get into it. But I think I was about like 15,16 when I really like wanted to go hard and Pops was like, “Let’s take it to the next level, let’s go hard with this, let’s do this.”

Bigg Joe West: Yeah once we realized this is what we really want to do we just went hard with it. I started serious. Like I said we been doin’ it cause we grew up around it watching Pops watching Quik, Tweed Cadillac and being around it and then once we got older and we started getting good at it we just felt like this is what we really want to do. We felt like we kinda like born to do it. Cause at one point I didn’t even want to rap, cause I’m a real laid back dude, I’m shy. But once I started gettin’ it, gettin’ good… Pop’s use to be on me. One time I tried to come spit something, he’d let me know, ”Son you ain’t ready.” Then one day we just went in and got hard and came with the Young Giantz man and we’ve been goin’ hard ever since. And we brothers, you know what I’m sayin’, so it’s real family, it’s just a beautiful thing. It’s what we do. We didn’t just wake up like, “Yeah I wanna rap cause we see everybody doing it.” This is what we really do and it’s really from the soul or from the heart.

Dubcnn: This question’s actually for Playa. You had two kids, you were in the industry, you were in the rap game for a minute. Did you want them to follow in your footsteps or did it just kind of happen?

Playa Hamm: Sorta kinda both ways. I wanted them to do whatever they wanted to do. I never forced it on them. I let them pick what they wanted to do and I was gonna support whatever they chose but at the same time it’s like anything when you establish a family business you want your kids to get involved in it and hopefully take it further than you. So based on my folks I was already gettin’ down with and things we was tryin’ to make happen I basically allowed them to grow at their own pace, never forced it, never expected them to be what I want them to be I just wanted them to be whatever they wanted to be. And the opportunity presented itself for them to start really doing it. When I basically semi-retired, I started putting all mine into theirs. Basically that’s how it went from there.

Dubcnn: When do you first remember being around hip-hop music?

Deuce Mac: Man I can’t not remember being around it, birth, birth.

Dubcnn: It’s part of your life.

Deuce Mac: I was born into it. At the first Penthouse, 84, I was born in 84, the first Penthouse was “Mom’s House”. I just been in it. I can’t recall not being around hip-hop. I can’t recall it not seeing Pops rapping or Quik doing his thing. Ever since I can remember, I remember I was about four years old and I was rapping some shit that Pops had wrote for me. Did you write that for me that time?

Playa Hamm: Yeah basically.

Deuce Mac: Yeah Pops had wrote me something I was four and I spit it, it’s on my myspace page, and ever since then it’s been music everyday, that’s all he do [Playa], I ain’t never seen him do nothin’ else.

Bigg Joe West: Like I said it’s in us, it’s not on us. It’s what we do. It’s hard to just really pinpoint when, we just been around it, and we stay around it, all day everyday. And we live it.

Dubcnn: So did you have any advice to give them when they decided that this is what they were gonna do, from your experience?

Playa: Yeah I just wanted them to stay giving with their music. I didn’t want them to be comin’ to get something without giving back. So my main advice to give them everyday is, “While you havin’ fun and you entertainin’ stay givin’ something with your music. Cause if you expect to get the most out of it, you gotta give the most to it.” So when they get down, they represent theyselves with they lyrics or in they presentation or whatever they tryin’ to get down with, I make sure that they, from my perspective, move me, from being an original in the music from way back when hip-hop first started. So I try to make sure that they can move me, but at the same time, be themselves. So I sprinkle here and there, just give them ideas and concepts. I don’t ever force them to do it my way, but what I do is just be like, “Man if I was you I’d do it like this.” Hopefully they take a piece of that, keep it themselves and then keep mashin’ in they direction. But the main thing is stay giving. Always give with your music. The music gives so much to us. You know I’m a blessed individual because of this music so I make sure they understand the responsibility that comes with them blessings.

Dubcnn: F’sho. You guys are part of a West Coast tradition. What do you guys think about the state of West Coast hip-hop right now?

Deuce Mac: I’mma take it back to what Pops said, it ain’t a lot of giving. Everybody, like he said, it’s people takin’. I feel like West Coast is cool, I don’t feel we ever fell off or anything, but I do feel like we need to give more. Give more to our people because rapping is so much bigger and stronger than what we make it to be, what people seem like. Everything you say it goes a long way, it’s like a ripple effect. I only see really the lack of like he just said, the giving. I don’t see nobody givin’.

Bigg Joe West: The unity, you know the unity sucks over here due to a lot of immature reasons, personal reasons, so you know we feel like we should really all come together and really go hard for each other. Cause we powerful man, we possess a beautiful thing in this music. I feel like we looked up to, as far as the West Coast, by everybody, the most. You look at everybody on TV, you see things, you see this, you can see our influence in almost everybody. But once we start tryin’ to doing what other people are doing, and what’s hot and what’s not and, “This is what it’s suppose to be,” and it’s not coming from the heart and you just trying to rap like this because you see he gettin’ it doing it like that, that shit suck. Like he said we just need to give more and come from the heart and be more thought-provoking rather than just, “That’s what I’mma do cause the homie doing it.” Ain’t really no content or nothing. We just need to come together. And unity, I can’t stress that no more man. If we can all get together, I mean everybody, just come together and really work together, and get off this bullshit, this shit could be so much bigger. So that’s a message to whoever on that dumb shit. Let’s come together with that. No matter what type of problem you got with somebody, let’s get over that shit and get this West shit crackin’ man.

Playa Hamm: to elaborate a little further, not to cut you off son. You know the greed and the politics is involved in everything that you do. So basically you can respect and understand when certain individuals have to do certain things to please those that’s allowing them to eat. But at the same time there’s so much money to be made all over the world. There’s so many different things we can do as far as making things happen with this music. And it seems like a lot of cats just get caught up in them little niches or whatever them little traps where they feel like they can only do this or only do that or they can’t get with they folks or they can’t get down with they folks for whatever reason cause whatever else they into. And it’s like you gotta give him another alternative, give him another option. You know it’s really the greed and the politics, but at the same time it’s the individual himself who gotta take it upon himself.

You know most cats who really get down and make things happen, they respected for doing that. When they say, “You know what, I know it’s going down like that over there, but I’mma still involve my people, I’mma still get down.” We know we can’t make everybody see what we see but if we represent what we represent from this family perspective, stay down with those that been down from the very beginning. And if cats keep pullin’ they own weight and playin’ they position then we can win you know. But a lot of cats homie they just get caught up in what people think that don’t know ‘em or what people say that only try to take advantage of ‘em, then you see what happen, and that’s where the West is at right now. You know you got your boy Dre, you got Snoop, you know them cats is the top of the game right now and everybody in the West got to be aspiring to be where them brothers is at. At the same time you got powerful cats like Battlecat and even Quik and other powerful producers, you got E-40 up North, or Short, you got the niggas that I know, who in positions to make more things happen and they just not doing it. And I think they need to be doing more because you know where we come from with this, the things we can make happen, we cheatin’ ourselves if we don’t do something different, and them cats know exactly who they are you know.

Dubcnn: So you guys are coming onto the scene right now and people are just starting to get to know you. What are you trying to say or do or show with your music? When you drop that mixtape what do you want people to get out of it?

Deuce Mac: We just want ‘em to get it’s real. We just displaying like he said, the unity, the loyalty. Loyalty is big with us because it’s all family with us. This my brother, that’s my pops, we got the same moms, we grew up in the same houses, we been living together all our lives. That’s basically what we display homie just the truth really, from the heart. We don’t really got nothing else to give but ourselves. We just givin’ you the uncut the truth, the loyalty that we possess.

Playa Hamm: And have fun. Like he said the unity. But mainly have fun, be real to yourself, be real to those that’s real with you, be honest about who and what you are without puttin’ no airs. You know you wanna get somewhere in life, it’s okay to speak on that. You look at where the rap game is now, a lot of them cats prophesized the things that have occurred before they occur. They spoke on ‘em and then they came into being. That’s another thing I try to give these cats is make sure they understand that what they say is very powerful and it might move other individuals too. So if you speak on something that you want to occur, speak on what you want to occur. You look at the game and a lot of cats speak on negative shit before it happen and then bam it happens. Niggas gotta recognize what they power is. So that’s what they music is about too homie, about being real with yourself, staying loyal and unifying with those that’s loyal and unified with you and at the same time enjoy life and have fun. It’s full circle, we inspired by everything we live. That’s why even when cats ain’t around they still inspire us. And even though we might not say names, we might not holla at those niggas directly, we know them niggas feelin’ us, from all over the world.

We inspired by the Eminems and Jay-Zs, we inspired by the Little Waynes, we inspired by the things these cats do. So when we holla back at ‘em, the same way we take some of the shit they say personal. We definitely are trying to make music that we feel, and because these cats is my seed, I try to make sure that yeah I move, like I said before, and they still do they thang. But I wanna be able to reach way further than just they demographic, they peers. So we try to make music that’s more mature than they actually are sometimes, and at the same time touch the world with it. Feed us and enjoy it. We got a long way to go but at the same time we a lot further than a lot of niggas we see out there eatin’. It ain’t no disrespect, it’s just the truth. We eatin’ too though. We enjoyin’ ourselves.

Bigg Joe West: Just enjoying life. That’s what it’s about, it’s about us enjoying ourselves and just presenting us and just having fun and being positive and just speaking on the real. We not saying or putting ourselves in one genre like backpack or gangster rap, we global, we’re whatever. We understand, we live life, so we deal with everything. And that’s how we coming, we coming with life. That’s our music; it’s life, just like that. You can’t put no, you can’t sugarcoat it. You can’t put us in no segment or nothing, even though that’s what people do, and that’s most likely what’ll get done. But at the end of the day that’s not what it is. And when you hear the music and you listen to us and you really listening you gon’ understand that and you can see that. It’s real, it’s life, Giant Life. That’s why we Young Giantz. We bigger than all that bullshit. You come at us with the bullshit around us with all that bullshit you gon’ understand that we don’t fuck around with the bullshit. So that’s just how it is.

Dubcnn: Where’d you guys come up with that name? You were talking about it, Young Giantz.

Bigg Joe West: My father actually came with it. One day we was chillin’, ‘cause I use to be in a rap group with my homies before me and my brother was actually a rap group. I was rappin’ with my homies we had a little group called Young Ps. Shout out to my boy Ralph and Fresh Miguel, wassup my nigga? We doin’ our thang or whatever, we just doing whatever, this when pops used to be on my head dissin’ me and shit. I come home and my brother you know, cause I was in LA still and my brother had moved away for a minute, and we just, he let me hear what he was doing, and I’m lettin’ him hear what I’m doing and then I come out there.

Deuce Mac: We had young Gs with our old boy Mike. I think it was Young Gunz at first, then you know Jay-Z and them had they thing going. But this was way before then I think, it was. We had YG it was Young Gunz. But then one day when me and my brother brought it together, like he said when we got together to do our thing Pops stepped in and was like, “Well I want y’all to be YGs but I don’t want it to be.”

Playa Hamm: No negative context.

Deuce Mac: So we was trying to think, “What ya’ll want it to be, Young Gangstas?” He was like, “Nah.” So we kept guessing and he was like, “Young Giantz.” So once he said Young Giantz it kind of stuck with us and, shit, we been pushing it ever since, and that’s what we do.

Bigg Joe West: When he said it, it was bigger than life. As soon as you hear YGs you think Young Gangstas we was like, “Hell naw! YGs?” But then he was like, “Naw nigga Young Giantz.” And we was
like, “That’s fire.” And that really represent us.

Deuce Mac: This was way before a lot of the youngs. We been pushing this name for a long time before everybody was Young Jeezy, Young Dro, and Young Whoop de whoop. A lot of youngs coming out. We was already pushin’ that young line, but you know we ain’t gon’ stop what we doing because of what everybody else doing.

Dubcnn: You guys are fairly young so you got that.

Playa Hamm: Yeah it’s a state of mind too you know, it’s a way of life. Young Giantz; Giant Life. It’s how we livin’, just like the Players Clique was. It was more than just niggas rapping, it was niggas comin’ together with somethin’ other than whatever else was in the streets crackin’. It was how we was livin’. That Penthouse Players Clique was the way we thought, and it still is the way I think and that’s why we continue to push the line with these cats. It ain’t gon’ stop they just the PPC all over again as far as I’m concerned.

Bigg Joe West: And it’s still PPC, still Penthouse. You gon’ hear it and that’s still here, we still pushin’ that.

Deuce Mac: Shout outs to Tweed Cadillac, he out there doing his thang up North. Wassup my main man? Much love man.

Bigg Joe West: Rest in peace Eazy E, Mausberg.

Dubcnn: F’sho. So who’d you guys work with on the mixtape “G’Qcality”?

Deuce: We worked with Qluso of course, we got Pops on there representin’, we got Battlecat, we got a producer called AM, Antonio Martinez, a producer out of San Bernandino area. Who else did some beats on there? Siege, Bookie Loc, Bookie Loc from Compton, that’s our folks man, much love to Bookie. Who else, Siege, a cat named Siege, where he from LA?

Bigg Joe West: Siege, from Detroit, holla at me man, hot as hell.

Deuce: Andre Wilson, he part of the Gat-Band family, Andre Wilson, Dre Boogie.

Playa Hamm: Polo.

Deuce Mac: Oh, Polo, Toke. Lokie the YG. A lot of the people we dealin’ with is from where we come from. It’s much more of a family thing with us. Just ‘cause he’s hot we don’t just go run and deal with him. We deal with people that we chill with, we deal with on a regular basis. As far as producers I think that would wrap it up right there.

Bigg Joe West: As far as features, we got Pops on there, we got Tweed Cadillac, we got a track with the Penthouse Players Clique, it’s hot.

Deuce Mac: We sent something to Maestro and G Malone, they should get back to us.

Bigg Joe West: G Malone, we tryin’ to get them on something. Like he said we just keepin’ it all in man and just makin’ good music ‘cause we doin’ it everyday. You know we wake up in the mornin’ we eat, go into the studio. It’s just family, it’s like we chillin’ right now when we makin’ music. And that’s just how we doin’ it, you know what I mean. And that’s pretty much gon’ be on there. We just gon’ keep droppin’ em. You know after this one we’ll hit it with the streets, you know, they gon’ love it, and we gon’ keep feedin’ em, “G’Qcality”, California.

Dubcnn: You guys have worked with some people with experience in the game, obviously, your father, Battlecat…

Deuce Mac: We even worked with Quik before.

Dubcnn: Yeah, Quik too. What kind of input did they give you on how to make it in the game?

Bigg Joe West: Stay humble, a lot of times they want us to stay humble, stay truthful. You know stay true to ourself, just make good music and work hard.

Deuce Mac: One thing we get from Pops, work hard everyday. Read and write, really fundamental shit, read and write. That’s what Pops always tell us. But everybody else, like he said, “Be humble, stay smashin’ and never give up.”

Qluso: School’s always been an important factor for y’all. That’s another thing that’s important too. These are cats that sacrificed their education to do the movement for what they doin’. They actually followed the process of school. They finished school, they still have aspirations to go to college and things like that ‘cause you don’t wanna ever say that you’re substituting one for the other. You gotta have both because the reason that they’re articulate and able to speak and actually say things that makes sense because they’ve been in school. So all of that is part of being able to understand what it is that’s going on. ‘Cause if you can’t speak you never know, like how they say, “Those who hungry gotta speak to be fed.” If you don’t know what to ask for, how you ever gonna get successful? So that’s part of what it is, and they’re not, just letting people know that, just because they’re doing what they’re doing, they’re not substituting education, that’s part of it, that’s what makes it work. That’s why their pen, it keeps your pen game tight. ‘Cause the more words you know the more ideas you come with and the more ways that you able to put sentences together that make sense and not just put together a whole bunch of words that don’t mean anything together.

Bigg Joe West: We really with sayin’ something. We want you to know us through our music, we really with that.

Deuce Mac: We ain’t tell you to pick up no gun and shoot nobody unless that’s some shit we into doin’. We ain’t into the bullshit, we ain’t into that, we just displayin’ real game and hopefully
everybody can use it and move on forward in they life to something better.
Playa Hamm: Damn sure gotta recognize where you at if you got to have your protection with you though.

Deuce Mac: Oh yeah most definitely.

Bigg Joe West: South Central LA baby, be careful (laughter).

Dubcnn: So yeah when do you think the mixtape’s gonna drop? ‘Cause I know we were talking to you guys earlier and you know some other stuff happened.

Deuce Mac: Well you know we just got two songs in from our cousin Bugsy to really finish the album up. Shout out to Bugsy out there in Vegas, that’s our cousin too, our real cousin at that, not just talkin’ nephew and cousin talk you know. We really finished right now so we should hopefully be droppin’ it early June, early June we should be finishin’ up. We got our boy Michael Frank, wanna shout out Michael Frank he mixin’ it down for us, getting’ it together for us, pullin’ everything tight. He been workin’ with Pops from back in the day. You probably heard him on some of the “Bangin’ on Wax” shit from back in the day, he did a little work on that. But man by the beginning of June w should be done with the mixtape and hittin’ the streets with it, hittin’ the streets real hard.

Bigg Joe West: Hittin’ the streets with it, everywhere, shows, Dubcnn.

Deuce Mac: Wherever we can put it we gon’ put it.

Bigg Joe West: Most definitely shout out to Dubcnn too man, ‘cause you the first website that we reached out to and actually embraced us. You know shout out to Rud, y’all lookin’ out and we appreciate that ‘cause a lot of websites they be kinda bougie, “Ah, we don’t know, who are you?” So we really appreciate that and we understand that y’all got a genuine heart and a genuine love for the West Coast.

Dubcnn: Yeah definitely. So yeah let’s talk about shows. What have you guys been doing to get your name out there and build some buzz before the mixtape drops? You guys doing shows or what are y’all doing?

Deuce Mac: Street, really been beatin’ the pavement. We had pressed up like a little 8-song like kinda CD that we was pushin’ on the streets. We probably pushed about 2000 of ‘em on the streets as far as out there where we livin’ at right now in the Inland Empire area and shows, we doin’ shows. Some of ‘em we sell tickets to get down, some of ‘em we just get down based on the fact you know people feelin’ us and all that. But really the shows and beatin’ the pavement with the music that’s really what we been really doin’ as far as to get the buzz goin’. But now the CD that we puttin’ together now should be the one that’s gon’ let everybody know. It got it all on there, it’s the whole streets, the global; it’s global.

Bigg Joe West: It’s not like an average mixtape, we got music on there. We ain’t on there just rappin’ about gang of shit. We really got good songs and it’s really good music.

Playa Hamm: We just tryin’ to make records, records that’ll stand forever, you know, that’ll be timeless.

Deuce Mac: Timeless, timeless.

Dubcnn: So after the mixtape drops are you guys thinking about full-length stuff or an album? What are your plans on that, what do you think about that?

Deuce Mac: Right now we workin’ with Battlecat, he doin’ some production for us, he just sent us a couple of new beats and stuff, all original. All our music is original too, even the mixtape music. Everything is original. We not really using everybody else beats to rap over so we gon’ be makin’ it happen like that.

Bigg Joe West: We definitely plan on doing that, but at the same time we just gon’ keep hittin’ y’all with hot shit until… We ain’t gon’ stop, we just gon’ keep comin’ with music. And when the situation presents itself, we gon’ come with that album, and, you know, another classic. We tryin’ to drop classics no matter what. We ain’t gotta wait until we drop an album that’s actually in the store or with a label or anything, we droppin’ classics. We are classic. Pops is classic.

Playa Hamm: Yeah and we also tryin’ to do our own thing as far as the label is concerned and the worldwide web is concerned. So when the people out there demand the album or something like that, a package on that level, we’ll do that. It really basically depends on what happens with the mixtape and what happens with the individuals that we tryin’ to reach out and touch right now ‘cause we lookin’ to align ourselves with some individuals that wanna see us with it too. The same way that they seein’ theyselves, the same way we wanna see them with it. So based on, you know, anything can happen type of attitude, at the same time we just gonna keep makin’ music and keep mashin’. You know I’m even thinkin’ about, you know, comin’ out of semi-retirement if the motivation strikes me and the inspiration is there, you know, and the people wanna hear something after they hear what we done done together. I still get down, I still got that gift. But the main thing is pushin’ the line with them and makin’ sure they ready to do whatever the opportunity presents itself ,you know we get down with it.

Deuce Mac: Still talkin’ that shit, servin’ it up. Still servin’.

Dubcnn: So yeah what are your guys’ goal in the game? Where do you see yourselves in five, ten years as artists?

Bigg Joe West: Man we got kids, I got a daughter on the way, comfortable. Ballin’! (laughin’).

Deuce Mac: You know just chillin’ man, and just comfortable, music.

Bigg Joe West: Comfortable doin’ music. Puttin’ music out, puttin’ other people out. And just feedin’, feedin’ ours. As long as everybody eatin’ we cool. Getting’ ours is gettin’ mine, see that’s the sayin’ so if we all eatin’ then that’s all we need. We not really trippin’ off all that other shit, we just wanna eat and be comfortable and make sure everybody we with. If I got a Benz, they got a Benz. If I got a Phantom, they got a Phantom. Not them niggas that want to pull up and be the only nigga with the Phantom.

Deuce Mac: If I got a rag deuce, he got a rag deuce (laugher).

Playa Hamm: Even if there’s only one Phantom, it’s like it’s everybody car. Even if there’s only one lolo you know. We eat with one fork sometimes.

Bigg Joe West: We let you borrow it, that’s how we do it.

Deuce Mac: Like he said what you see is what you get man. It’s a family affair, even Qluso man, it’s family. We all family up in here man. That’s what you get with us man, family. We ain’t trippin’ on nobody, we don’t give a fuck what colors you got on, you see we wear whatever the fuck we wanna wear. So it’s really just a family thing with us homie that‘s all. So five years from now I see myself sittin’ in the little Chevy, at the stoplight bangin’ my shit livin’ good. On my way to the studio to keep puttin’ in work. Like I said raisin’ our kids man. I got a son, he got a daughter on the way.

Playa Hamm: And we wanna make movies and shit. We write little shit, we be doin’ little comedy shit around the house sometimes. So we might put together a movie or something. If we see them cats do it we can do it. I mean, ‘cause basically by us being regular folks, we see what the game do to a lot of people. And the riches and the fame and all that, and even though we aspire to that, at the same time we kinda don’t wanna sacrifice. I don’t wanna sell our souls or our manhood for what’s out there in the world homie. We kinda make ourselves comfortable with a little bit. We ain’t tryin’ to do the most but at the same time we tryin’ to do everything to try and make things happen. So we with all the forms of creativity that we blessed to be a part of. We gon’ make some things happen, but in five or ten years I wanna be in a boat somewhere and these niggas callin’ me on the phone and I’m basically callin’ in directions. That’s what I wanna do. You know I wanna be able to relax all day everyday, change the weather like them niggas say, whenever it’s possible. Just steady eatin’ man and steady givin’ with what we doin’, it’s all about the givin’, it’s all about the givin’.

Dubcnn: Alright man, well we’re about to wrap up. Is there anything you wanna say just to close out?

Bigg Joe West: Just be lookin’ out for the “G’Qcality Mixtape”. Shout out to Chino, our boy that do the clothes you know what I mean.

Deuce Mac: Yeah “G’Qcality” in effect, that’s also the name of the mixtape comin’ out. G’Qcality Clothing Line, official hustler’s apparel, original California wear. We pushin’ the line with this shit man.

Bigg Joe West: Yeah West Coast. Shout out to the homie Big Fella, Young Hyenas, y’all know what’s up. G-Notes, Kwan, G-Rock, told you I got you boy, y’all niggas keep smashin’ man. And we just gonna keep doin’ this music man. West Coast, Penthouse Players Clique, we still here. So now y’all get to see us and be like, “Who is these niggas?” Yes.

Deuce: Mac: Whenever you see that Giant Life imprint, that’s us man.

Playa Hamm: Giant Life. Eternal.

Bigg Joe West: Rough Dog, what it do? Battlecat what it do man? Basically that’s what it is man. Shout out to all the West Coast artists man. ‘Cause we like what everybody doin’. Everybody comin’ together, y’all on the forefront, y’all representing, so that’s enough for us.

Deuce Mac: We gon’ have to bring it together. If niggas wanna change all this bullshit that’s goin’ on man we gonna have to bring it together and change it ourselves homie and come together as a powerful force man and make this shit happen you know as far as this West Coast revival, how people say that’s what you need or whatever. You know as far as that, if we can all just come together and get along homie we can make it happen. Because like he said man we one of the, if not the, we are the most influential coast that I feel to every do this. Much love to everybody from everywhere ‘cause G’s up, and you know the rest of the story.

Dubcnn: Alright man, well thanks for the interview, thanks for the time. Be on the lookout for the mixtape, Young Giantz, thanks to Playa Hamm for coming out, Quloso, Qluso, my bad. You know what, it’s all love and fam out here, it’s West Coast.

Playa Hamm: Chuuch.

Deuce Mac: Dubs up.

Dubcnn: Alright. Let’s get back to the basketball game, and see the Lakers in their game seven. See what happens, see what happens.

Bigg Joe West: LA, whoopin’ y’all ass nigga.

Dubcnn: Peace.


Young Giantz // Exclusive Video Interview // Dubcnn

Download The Video: Windows Media


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