interview BROTHA LYNCH HUNG (June 2007) | Interview By: Nima

Dubcnn recently say down with Sac-Town's own Brotha Lynch Hung to chop it up about the past, the present and the future in an exclusive interview. We talk about his previous albums and find out the details of the recording process of those records. We discuss his recent mixtape, his upcoming "Ripgut Collection" as well as two new albums in the works. We discuss the status of Madesicc crew as well as finding out how he recently got down with Snoop Dogg, 40 Glocc, Daz and Kurupt on some tracks. For all this and more read the full interview below.
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Interview was done by phone in May 2007

Questions Asked By : Nima

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Dubcnn: Today we hooked up with Sac-Town's own Brotha Lynch Hung to chop it up about the past, the present and the future. What's up with you Lynch?

What's up man, what's going down?

Dubcnn: I wanna go back in time with you man, to me you have a classic under your belt in "Season Of Da Siccness". What mindstate were you in when you recorded that album?

Well, my cousin Q-Ball had died, and out here we gangbang and at that C-Bo video man, Q-Ball died. So that album really fueled man cause I was going through a lot of stuff at that time. Besides that I had a couple of things happening, so I just kinda went off, basically started talking some crazy

Dubcnn: How did the whole ripgut cannibal shit get into your raps?

When I was young, that's all I watched! Horror movies and stuff... I do a little writing now, I'm writing a horror movie now. But that's all I've been into, ripgut cannibal. And then, basically all I do is eat meat! That's my thing.

Dubcnn: At what age did you start rapping, and what made you start rapping?

I started rapping when I was 13... I was just doing it for fun, I had never thought that somebody was going to make it from Sacramento. So we just did so I could go around everybody's high school and eat them up! So we just did it for fun, had crews and everything. But a little something happened for
Sacramento artists, so that's cool!

Dubcnn: How do you feel about Season Of Da Siccness looking back at it today?

I didn't know it was going to do what it did! It's always going to be hard to top it, but I feel like I can handle it. I don't know, while I was doing it, I was doing what I loved, so I didn't really know what nobody was going to think! I was doing what I wanted to hear if I put a CD in, you know what
I mean? I was going to drop it, plus I had a lot of subliminal messages to send out, and it just blended like that. It just worked out for me!

Dubcnn: What transition did you go through, from Season Of Da Sicc to Loaded, which was a smoother record?

At that time, it was a little smoother time in my life, I started getting a little bit of money, I wanted to relax instead of always being mad. At the time I started smoking more, and I said I'ma just make a relaxed album this time. Plus I had just hooked back up with my old school friend Phonk Beta, and those beats he provided pretty much put me in that zone.

Dubcnn: In an interview with Murder Dog, you had said that your doctor said you were a manic depressive. How did that illness influence your music?

I mean that's all part of the ripgut thang! Just suicidal... But I don't know, I don't wanna go there with anything like that, cause I'm changing everyday, but I just liked being sad. I don't wanna put too much out there about that, but the technical part of it took my family through a lot of stuff. I just liked being sad for whatever reason... I still do.

Dubcnn: I know you've told this story many times before, but how did the fallout with Black Market Records come about?

Well, I already knew somebody ain't got the paperwork tucked away right, that it was something funny. I tried to help the man, I was like "Just pay my rent, give me a couple hundred extra dollars to help me through until the company gets big, and do your thang!" But then, when the record started
selling, you know how it go, once you start getting money in your bank you don't wanna give it away! So once it gets in there you don't want to do it, I guess that's how he felt. So he didn't wanna pay out, I went to all the artists trying to get them rowdy with me cause they was getting done the
same. Nobody really wanted to roll with me so I did it myself!

Dubcnn: What happened to the Locc 2 Da Brain album that you were talking about on Settripping Bloccstyle?

Locc 2 Da Brain, after I left Black Market, basically they tried to roll with the name and put different characters under there, so it fell apart. So it never happened.

Dubcnn: So you never recorded the album?

I mean we had like 30 songs, all separated through the members that was on Locc 2 Da Brain. I don't know if they're going to use them, I'ma use mine eventually! But it ain't going to be Locc 2 Da Brain, it's just a bunch of stuff that went down with Black Market, I guess he wanted to hold on to
stuff until everything's all the way completely settled

Dubcnn: Will we ever hear that "Niggaz In Black" tape that you, X-Raided & Sicx recorded?

You know X-Raided he got his own Bloc Star label, and I'm pretty sure he'll release it. I wanna hear it though, cause it was supposed to be a full album, I wanna hear that, X got that. It's hard! We dumped on it! Some of my best work!

Dubcnn: What year is it from?


Dubcnn: Damn! What's the status on X-Raided right now?

Same... everyday trying to get out...

Dubcnn: Does he have a release date?

They working on it now, they're trying to see what's going down. He didn't wanna stir up no rumours, but it was some good news that he got.

Dubcnn: When did you speak to him the last time?

On the phone couple of years ago, but by letter probably like 6 months ago.

Dubcnn: What's the situation with Sicx?

Sicx is the type that, when he goes on a vacation, he goes on a vacation. So we don't holla too much, we got that mental connect. But as far as I know, he's doing the years. He converted, got saved, and he still does a little of writing, and he does a lot of reading, always did. I'm trying to get him to
do an album, I don't care what he's converted to.

Dubcnn: Will you ever release Sicx' album "The Deer Hunter"?

I think the police some of the cuts that he had, put them in the safe. You could probably find some at the old studio, but they ain't giving nothing out... Not unless they confiscated that. I never tried to hear the Deer Hunter album, because just before he went in, me and Sicx had separated. Then he invited to this big party, and the day after that party he was gone. We hadn't seen each other for like 3 months, 4 months, so it was pretty deep... I think he might've known it was coming...

Dubcnn: What's your current relationship with Mr. Doctor?

I ain't really talked to him in a little bit... It's been like 8-9 years!

Dubcnn: What was that beef Sicx had with Mr. Doctor/Odysea back then?

Pretty much the stuff that everybody left Doc over. But they never did get along though, it was like two pits in a cage, it was about to be a fight. Cause they both got the same attitudes, so it wasn't ever gonna work.

Dubcnn: How come you never hooked up with C-Bo back in the Black Market days?

Shit, he never wanted to hook up! I mean I never heard nothing about him wanting to hook up! I don't know, back then man, I wasn't trying to get nobody on my album really, except for my homeboys! Believe me! But times change, even though I'm going more that way with this Dinner & A Movie album that I'm doing now, but back then I was like just me. I don't really like dealing with too many other artists, until now, recently, really. A lot of artists be partying in the studio, that's why I don't really be doing all that. I be having that focus, so I ain't into partying.

Dubcnn: Can we expect another Blocc Movement?

I want to man, it's just that everything has to be right. I mean we've been talking about it for about a year now, though!

Dubcnn: Eminem was supposed to be featured on your song with Tech9ne called "My World". What happened to that and how come he wasn't on the final song?

I never really asked Tech9ne. I got my part done! I figured that if Tech wanted to tell me, he would have told me!

Dubcnn: Can we expect more music from you and Tech9ne in future?

He's gonna be on my Dinner & A Movie album, we were talking about doing the Nuthouse album, but that fool be touring so much, so I'm just finishing my album and I'm gonna get at him later.

Dubcnn: So let's get to current projects man. You recently appeared on songs with Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound, 40 Glocc... What made you hit Southern Cali?

Shit, I've been wanting to talk to everybody from the West Coast and do they thang with them. You know Snoop had hopped on one of my albums before, and we've been talking about doing some stuff, and it finally happened. How it happened was that I guess Snoop had gotten wind of my album with MC Eiht "New Season", and he got in touch with Eiht, Eiht got in touch with me. Snoop said come down! I was like "When?" he said "Today!" I was like "Man, I can't do it today!" He was like "Do it tomorrow!" and I said "I'll be right there!" It was about like 7 at night, I was going to have to rent a car and all that, or I would have went that night. When he calls, it's going down!

Then how Kurupt hopped on the album... I had made a beat with Snoop and them, and Kurupt was like "This beat is heat, who made this beat, I need it!" He was trying to grab it, so that's how me and him hooked up. Me and Daz have always been cool, you know Daz is all the time back and forth
between Sacramento and L.A.! So that's how it kinda happened, and then they just started hitting me up to get on projects, I'm about to get on Daz' new album "Only On The Left Side", and then me and him talking about doing an album, but he want me to come out to Atlanta, so I'ma finish my album and get at him. I'm just trying to get back out there man, cause my album is a three album trilogy. It's about a serial killer, same thing as the movie I'm writing too. It's a little easier to write on both at the same time, but it's a trilogy. I got the same actors through the whole three albums!

Dubcnn: How far are you done with that?

I'm done with Dinner & A Movie, the next one is called "Coat Hanger Strangler". I ain't going to disclose the third one yet, cause it might be my last album so...

Dubcnn: What happened to the Spiderman album?

I'm making that now, I'm just releasing it through another distributor.

Dubcnn: Oh so you got two albums coming out?

Yeah it's a two album record. I'ma use some of the stuff and then I just
started working back on stuff for it. I'ma drop this through somebody who
got the channels that fit that situation.

Dubcnn: In an interview I did with Snoop, he offered you to come fuck with him and put out an album through him. What did you think about that?

I was excited and everything man, but I just know that right now he's probably going to be too busy to do what I wanna do right now. So we're just going to keep hopping back and forth on each others projects, and hopefully when he got a little more time, we can do some other stuff! But right now I
got this thang that I'm doing and I wanna get it out there. That's my boy though, that's Uncle Snoop! I wish I could move with him right now, but I know he's be real busy and stuff, but I love that boy for life!

Dubcnn: Who's currently all in the Madesicc crew?

We got me, C.O.S., Tallcann, my boy Ripsta, he handles all our videos and stuff, my boy Don Rob handles all my promotions and stuff, my boy J-Nuggs, he handles all of my street teams and stuff, my boy Randy who executive produced Mr. Doc "Bloccstyle", he's down with me. We gonna rush it man, we're going to push this! You know it's Madesicc now!

Dubcnn: Yeah I've seen that, I was like "Oh okay, it ain't Siccmade no more."

Yeah, minus Art B, he went into another direction, he had to handle some other stuff. So we felt that he wasn't putting his all into the label, so instead of going through a whole bunch of court stuff and delaying everything we was trying to do, I just came with this label. Eventually, me and Art B still going to release records through Siccmade, so I gotta promote that Siccmade too!

Dubcnn: Who's going to be producing on your new record?

I got Tech9ne's producer, I got two and I'ma do about two more, this dude Seven, he's gonna hook some stuff up. Then Daz is gonna hook some cuts up, and then I'ma wait to find out who's going to do all three of the other albums. I'm shooting for Seven, and I got this young producer named Axis, a no namer but he's very talented, he ain't going to be a no namer for long. We're getting him down, he's going to be doing a lot of our new stuff. Phonk Beta he's doing a little more R&B, he did the Loaded album, so I'm going to let him shoot in that direction for a little bit, and then I'ma go dark with these next three albums.

Dubcnn: A song recently came out called "You May Be". Where is that from?

That is from the "Ripgut Collections", that will be out on May 29th.

Dubcnn: What is the Ripgut Collections?

It's my version of how Black Market used to put out them Best Of's, Book I and Book II and shit. It's got three unreleased songs on it.

Dubcnn: Yeah, this is like the fourth Greatest Hits records you got one now!

Oh man, he was doing his thing! *laughs* Money here, money there while we was in court! He was trying to do his thing, and his people on them albums, I don't even know who it is! So I deserve to put out atleast one!

Dubcnn: So which album is coming out first, Spiderman or Dinner & A Movie?

Definitely Dinner & A Movie.

Dubcnn: So what can we expect from that album, what are you going to be talking about?

If you heard the verse on Tech9ne's album, you're probably going to hear a lot of stuff like that. I don't wanna say too much cause there's a storyline to it, but you're just going to hear a lot of different type of stuff, and it's a plot to the whole story, from the beginning album to the last album.

Dubcnn: You've got a mixtape out there too right?

Yeah, it's called "Snuff Tapes".

Dubcnn: What made you put a mixtape out there?

Shoot, everybody else is pretty much doing it, doing they little thang, trying to get to one of them mixtapes awards... When we did one we said we'd do it in two weeks and we pretty much got it done in two weeks. We've got these new artists that we're messing with that's hard, we wanted to get them
on there. But it's a nice sounding mixtape, it knocks!

Dubcnn: It was funny to hear you rapping over beats like Candy and Kick Push because you usually just did your thing... What made you do that?

Well I mean, for one it ain't too many artists out there that do what I do, it's hard to go on Limewire and find that! *laughs* But like "Candy", I was in the studio while that was going down with them, so I had to hop on that! I wanted to hop on it back then! But I heard it in the studio though, so I
had to do it. As far as the other ones, I was just using what I could find! This ain't my mixtape it's the label mixtape, I got my "Coat Hanger Strangler" mixtape that I'm doing right now, trying to find the darker stuff.

Dubcnn: I heard you've been messing with Frank Nitty from Long Beach a lot, what's your relationship with him?

That's my boy! He hooked up 40 Glocc, and he just keeps my connections down south cracking! He's a real good dude man, I got a lot of love for him man! I've been talking to him for about a year off and on, but right now we're really trying to get together and do some stuff!

Dubcnn: So which artists can we expect you to collaborate with on your future projects?

You know everybody is trying to put together that Lynch an Eminem, but that's the one I'ma try. I wanna do Swifty from D-12, Crooked I, me and Daz is going to do some thangs. But these days it's hard man, when you're working underground with the type of stuff I do, it's nobody out there doing
it, cause they're either on some Down South or Hyphy!

Dubcnn: You had a dope track with Bad Azz too a few years ago.

Yeah that's a dude too that I hella respect, I'd hop on something with him too! I think I got his plug too, he's a good dude!

Dubcnn: Okay man, I think we've covered pretty much everything, is there anything else that you'd like to let everybody know?

Yeah I just wanna let them know that I'm pretty much back, you're going to see what's happening when these next three albums come out! Keep supporting, support everything, support the Black Market, them crooked muthafuckas! But this shit here, this is all me, Ripgut Collections, Madesicc for life!



Brotha Lynch Hung Gave Dubcnn a Shoutout : Here

Full Interview In Audio : Here


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