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Dubcnn.com had the opportunity to talk to aspiring latin rap artist Krazy Race. He talked about his up coming releases, his thoughts on Hip Hop, goes in depth on his background, aswell as all the info on his current album "New World Games" which dropped last april. You will find any info you need to know about him in this indepth interview. Please send feedback to: rud@dubcnn.com

Huge thanks to Krazy Race for taking the time to answer the questions. (Interview was done by in person in December 2004)

dubcnn.com: First I want to thank you for taken the time to answer some questions. For those who don't know about you KRAZY RACE, give us a little background on your name and how you got your start in this game

For those who don't know Krazy Race? Let's take it back to the early 90s, that's when the group started with 3 members, it was myself, as Markie Boy, Aztec and my partner Richie Rich was the other member. We performed at backyard parties, alot of car shows back in the day, and also rocked shows and shit as a group from about 91-97. When I came back from college out of state, I have taken the name and have been wrecking mics ever since as Krazy Race, the solo artist. I still keep in touch with the og members of the original group and thats why on my album NEW WORLD GAMES I brought Aztec back, who now goes by Savage Joe on the cut Toxic with me. Richie Rich and THC (another member of the crew later in the 90s) were also featured on this album on the song Hydroponic Dreams. Now in 2005, my homie Gabriel MVP has stepped up too the plate to help out when I hit the stage as my hype man. For those who dont know what the name of Krazy Race means, Krazy Race the name is bigger then me as a solo artist, Krazy Race stands for all the people in the struggle, its a movement. Its all of us coming together as one big movement. LA RAZA LOCA.

I got my start in this in 1973 when I took my first breath, but for real beyond all that bullshit, I was only 6 years old when I first heard Sugar Hill Gang with Rappers Delight, that joint was the birth of Hip Hop, RUN-DMC was the birth of hip hop, all that shit, I can take it back and name a lot of names but that's beyond the point, that's where I got my first influence, since then, there has been so many artists in my lifetime that have influenced me musically and lyrically in all genres.

dubcnn.com: New World Games, dropped in April who are some people featured?

New World Games! I got a few heads on this album, actually I have some tight live musicians as well like my man Maylon Hawk plays some sick live bass on Fact or Fiction and Eric Mondragon from (DW3) who plays a live Rhodes and sings on Hydroponic Dreams. I have 8 ill producers on this album who bring different flavors to the table. Let me name some of them off and what they did. Dj Quad and F. Escobar from 5th Battalion produced the political heatrock illuminati. I got Eric C., a local producer from my city of Whittier produced and rhymed with me on Fact or Fiction. Ringleader DJ Ace from RPM a sick producer who has worked with people like Ice-T and more produced my single off the album City of Angels, Toxic and Hole In His Soul. Who else? This is just off my head I got my man Matrix who rocked the fuck out on Dedicated which is the street classic for L.A., and Beelo produced Blood, Sweat, & Tears and Operation Lockdown. As far as other M.C.s that got down with me on this album are Savage Joe,THC, Richie Rich, and Eric C. No big name features, just kept it local on this album, being that its my first full length LP that dropped!

dubcnn.com: I did a review on New World Games, what I got from your album although its hip hop to the fullest, within that I found something different and very much needed, street politics with a slight sense of East coast beat influence, would you agree?

Most definitely, the east coast gave birth to hip hop, even though the west coast is where my heart is at. I am a West coast emcee but as far as roots and what I put down I cant help from being influenced by music from the east, even though all my producers are all West Coast cats, they bring all flavors to the table.
They basically cater to what I am looking for, with this New World Games album, it was just a street reflection, something I wanted to represent, I wanted to put it on paper but at the same time there wasn't many tracks on there on that whole album that I even said, you know what, let's go ahead and write about this" naw, I got the beat first, I vibed with the beat that I chose and I went with it. Whatever the beat talked, is what I talked, and that's how it came about. My lyrics are story line driven and they will always rep the streets as well
as social issues at hand and whatever political issues are going on at the time.

dubcnn.com: Who and what influences you as an artist

My influences, fuck I got so many, rock and roll, motown, jazz, hip hop. As far as in the streets making news and influencing me in my life, musically? You taken me there?, I'm going to take it back on ya going to keep it real ... people like Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield to the heads that influence me currently are Immortal Technique, Psycho Realm, Global City, NAS, Rakim, Paris, Canibus, Fat Joe, Big Pun (r.i.p) I wish he was still alive cause that latino was droppen some knowledge and spiting fire at people, who else is influencing me? Myself! Other Influences to keep me writing are the daily rituals of life, my seed, the bullshit media and bush adminstration, my people who are caught up in the struggle, the streets, my city, my fans. Just to know that one head may view something differently after hearing a KRAZY RACE joint, thats influence all by itself.

dubcnn.com: Who would u like to work with?

I want to work with I-Man from the Mexikanz on a track, that's been talked about before, I would like to get a Sick Jack track and collabo on a track with him and it would be even sicker if we can get some of Dukes vocals also just to make it an L.A. Classic. My man Kemo, I'm definitely gonna rock with one day soon. Immortal Technique, Holla, we already talked about doing something, lets make it happen. I would like to work with Alchemist, Dj Premier, Zach De LaRocha, Dr. Dre, Nas. Just finished up a collabo with Global City, all i can say is heatt-rockk.

dubcnn.com: What do you think makes your style of Latin Hip Hop unique and different from what's out there? And what do you think you bring to it?

My style is unique in terms of what I spit and how I spit it. Alot of us latinos/chicanos in the game put ourselves in categories by the shit we write about. Fuck a category... I bring hip hop to the forefront. My music is very diverse, I touch bases on all topics and Im not afraid to talk about world-wide politics or what I think of our government or someone elses government. When you pick up a KR album to bump, your gonna hear some battle rhymes, politics, some street hop, repping for the people, social issues and just life.

dubcnn.com: New World Games has gotten good Reviews, with that I know you have been on countless Hip Hop Radio & T.V shows, countries like Spain and Italy are feeling you, your tracks have been on various Hip Hop Dvd's like Pass the Mic for your track Dedicated and compilations such as The Never Ending Battle featuring the track Illuminati and Up to Us, any other DVD's or comps we can find you on? And what do you got going on now?

Krazy Race is going to be bringing some fricken fire to you in 2005, I really am not bull shitting, I said it in Dedicated by the year 2005, were going to lock this cali crown and I meant it. Lets talk bout what I am going to be releasing and what I will be on, A new compilation I'm going be on is being put out by Ringleader Dj Ace called The Ring Leader Files and its going to have some heavy hitters from the west & east like Ice-T, Sen-dog, Rhyme Poetic Mafia,King -T, South Central Cartel, Guttafame and more. I'm also working on my kids album right now and when I say kid I mean I got a protege he's bringing some heat & going to show the hip hop world what it means to be 15 in 2005, he goes by the name of Mic Mc, the album is going to be called On Campus to be released on my label MCR Productions this year. I am currently working on my new album thats untitled and I already started recording for it, be on the lookout for it, its dropping late 2005-early 2006. I got a book titled Desde El Barrio: Revolutionary songs and poems from our Chicano Streets to be published in the next few months. The book idea came into play by myself and Pancho McFarland a professor who brought it to my attention as a fan that we needed to do something for the youth. I agreed that we needed to give back, So we basically took over a 100 submissions from mostly youth and some adults that wanted to submit their works about social issues by way of poems, songs, raps and short stories. Were currently finalizing the book and then its going to be published this year. Also be on the look out for that Dj Warrior Latin Hip Hop Mixtape being put together with the help of my man SGV from dubcnn.com. I submitted some heaters for that and also the track titled The Last Hour which is collaboration with Global City and myself, let me tell you, this track is fucken heat! Beatseekers.com is a site that Im launching in late Feb of 2005 that will showcase producers and sell/license their production to other labels, artists, music-supervisors, etc. An off the hook site and a one stop shop when looking for beats of any genre. For producers interested hit me up at mcrprod@aol.com Also being sought after for the kick-off of the Latin Hip Hop Tour which will touchdown in 30 cities across the United States in 2005.

dubcnn.com: Do you have any old tracks or albums you have put out back in the days with the group Krazy Race??

Thats a good question and to be honest with you, No I dont. In those days we were just doing it you know. Having fun and just flipping scrips. We used to bust rhymes over everyone elses beats and we never really thought about going into the studio and recording our own.
I have alot of older stuff recorded with the group on 4 track cassettes and the infamous sing along machine that we used to bust on. I just had a flashback.

dubcnn.com: Talk a little bout the Ollin Project

The Ollin Project to me is one of the illest compilations ever put out when it comes to Latin Hip Hop. Digital Aztlan and Brownpride.com released it back in 2001, I believe.

dubcnn.com: Who was on it?

Psycho Realm, Street Platoon, Aztlan Underground, Incognito, O.T.W. Blunts LLA, Voodoo Click, ILL Fame, Rhyme Poetic Mafia, myself, and many more! So many people represented and blessed that album, It's just sick, it's a classic. For those who don't know go pick it up.

dubcnn.com: Where can we get that at?

KrazyRace:That's something u can pick up at BrownPride.com straight up!

dubcnn.com: Who have you performed with and where?

I have performed with Iris Science of Dilated Peoples at Gabah, The Who Ridas in Pico Rivera, Street Platoon at Coconut Teaser, Tony Touch in LA, Delinquent Habits @ Music Revolution, Psycho Realm at The Chino Fairgrounds, Visionaries at MacArthur Park and numerous other shows with artists from all coasts .

dubcnn.com: Didn't you perform at the Chicano Rap Fest?

Yes I did, Psycho Realm performed there also, that was in 1993, that's taken it back, hip hop is a beautiful thing. Shows the world Ive been in this game for a decade plus.

dubcnn.com: What do you got going on right now in regards to second album?

No album title yet, going to grow off it, gonna make some music and see what comes out of it. Im already tracking for a new song off the new album titled I DO, with the producer DJ ACE. The track is very political, thats all I can say for now. Im also lining up the features that will bless this album with me and let me just say, theres going to be some sick features on this one. Whether it be raw, political, positive, street, it doesn't matter, I am gonna bring it!

dubcnn.com: What advice do you have for solo artists coming up? Any tips or suggestions they should know about in this business?

First and Foremost, Im gonna be straight up, just because youve made an album and you think your shits hot, dont ever be intimidated by constructive criticism. This shit doesnt happen over night. All those in any profession have to practice and practice, so keep grinding. Stay focused and dedicated with what you want out of this business. Dont let no one, even your own friends and fam tell you that you cant do it. You can do whatever you put your mind too. I am proof of that. This is off the radar but theres a good book out there called Everything you need to know about the Music Business by Donald Passman. That will give you some inside scoop to the real music biz.

dubcnn.com: I know you got a lot of supporters and sponsors in a sense how we can be down to check them out?

No Doubt, I got alot fam that support what im about. big upp to all those who support or sponsor me, thats shits ill. Check out HUSKEE WEAR www.huskeewear.com coming mid 2005, FIRME WEAR at www.brownpride.com, Joint Clothing, Chicano Nation, Urban Xclusive Clothing, DIVINE FORCES RADIO, L.A Onda TV, JDUBS and The Roof, MUSIC REVOLUTION in Whittier, STACKS VINYL in Cerritos and SD, THE HIP HOP SHOW and WWW.DUBCNN.COM for representing another underground soldier. Beatz and SGV much love!

dubcnn.com: Where can someone buy your CD?

www.krazyrace.com has various CDs for sale directly... or you can go to my site to see the list of stores in Cali where its available. Other sites to buy at: www.cdbaby.com, www.towerrecords.com, www.brownpride.com, www.stacksvinyl.com

dubcnn.com: How can someone contact Krazy Race; for bookings shows and any other info? Drop that contact

Booking/Sales info: mcrprod@aol.com

Fan Email : krazyrace@krazyrace.com

Website: www.krazyrace.com

dubcnn.com: Any last and final comments , shot outs?

Too many heads to shot out, so ill keep it simple. Shots to the whole KRAZY RACE MOVEMENT. Like I always say bigg upp and respect to all my peoples doing it! Lets make history!

Last but not least, get off your ass and Go cop that New World Games album!



dubcnn.com: No doubt Thank you for sharing with us all that info! We look forward to hear more and catch that KRAZYRACE!




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