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Dubcnn have recently spoken with Tha Dogg Pound's very own Kurupt as he had a few issues he wanted to address in a brief interview. With the impending release of his last Death Row recorded album from his short stint back with the label set for release [without his authority] he has been watching online in our forums and elsewhere at the talk of the album. Kurupt wanted to put on the record his feelings about the release, his reaction to the fans response to its release and much more relating to his now stable relationship with Snoop, Daz and Soopafly. We also take time to discuss the impending collaboration album between him and J Wells "Digital Smoke" due in June.
As always we have both the transcript and the audio for you to check and please feel free to send any feedback regarding the interview to: nima@dubcnn.com

Interview was done by phone in April 2007

Questions Asked By : Nima

Full Interview In Audio : Here

People on this muthafucka man, we're doing positive, we're doing our album, we're all together and we're riding out. Cali Iz Active, Dogg Chit, getting our rhythm back in this game, operating and getting this money. And all these bitch ass niggas on here with all this negative shit to say! Muthafuckas talking about "Oh I can't wait to hear "No Vaseline Part 2".. Ya'll can't wait to hear all the negative shit, huh. They just love it when me and the homies is against each other! These muthafuckas on the [message boards] ranting and raving like this [Against The Grain EP] is real cool... See them is what I call fake fans, man! We don't fuck with people like that! I was just talking to Daz, like we don't need fans like that! That shit is punk shit.

The majority of you muthafuckas that act like they riding, like they like our music or whatever... My whole thing is, if you don't like the music, don't buy the muthafuckin' record man! Period point blank. The whole shit that happened with Daz and [Hot Dollar], that shit was broadcasted everywhere! It's huge on YouTube, Daz got smashed on, all that shit... Bottom line is, we pushing a fine line here, anybody that got a problem with Daz got a problem with all of us. Period point blank. They got a problem with Snoop, they got a problem with all of us, cuzz. None of that shit is gonna work.

This [Against The Grain] shit sounds like some god damn punk ass Suge Knight shit, putting out all that goddamn negative shit man! I thought that bullshit was dead! The West Coast public was loving that shit when I dropped Callin' Out Names, but the whole game [the industry] turned they back on me. Now everybody getting rich off doing what I was doing! This is the first time I'm really speaking on this cause I was really ignoring it cuzz. Snoopy said ignore all these faggots and this punk shit these niggas is doing, sincerely. We've been doing that, keeping it cool, keeping it gangsta, making that music for our true fans, the ones that love our music, cuzz. We make music for the people who like the Dogg Pound, and the people who like Snoop, who love us. We don't make music for these [negative] muthafuckas, their opinions can suck a dick, nobody gives a fuck about their opinions! We don't make music for these fuckas! If you don't like it, don't buy the muthafucka man! Don't shoot niggas down for being positive and trying to make it happen.

Dubcnn: I'ma try to explain it to you from a fans point of view, who is on there and commenting on it. Imagine you're a Kurupt fan, and you get on the internet, and you see there's a new Kurupt CD coming out, and it's controversial. Automatically, you're gonna wanna hear it and you're gonna comment on it. I don't even think they think about it that deeply that they're supporting negativity, they just wanna hear some Kurupt music.

Kurupt: Well if you support this Against The Grain record, you're gonna hear some Kurupt music that's talking bad about Snoop, you're gonna hear some Kurupt music that's talking bad about Daz.. You know that's not the way Kurupt is going right now! So that music that you're supporting, that's not no Kurupt music to support. But if you do wanna hear it, then hey, that's more power to you. I'm not mad at it cuzz. But these same fans, that's supposed to be Kurupt fans, are talking about "Oh I don't like this about Kurupt, I don't like that about Kurupt's music." Which is not bad or whatever, but cuzz, the 90's is over! We're pushing a new line man. If you was a Kurupt fan, and right now you're like "I don't like the music he's making", don't buy the muthafucka man!

This Against The Grain that's coming out is bullshit, fuck that shit man. That's not what we're pushing homie. People who wanna support it, you have a goddamn ball, but don't shoot down our positive records, just because you ain't getting no controversy out of this muthafucka. Support the positive things that's going on on the West Coast, support that Dogg Chit, support that Cali Iz Active. So WHAT you don't wanna hear muthafuckas with Puffy cuzz? We like Puffy! We like making music with muthafuckin' Puffy cuzz! He's supporting us! We're into that positive man, linking up! We ain't into that separation bullshit man! That's just not the line that Snoops pushing, I'm pushing, or Daz! They're gonna get us to the point where we're gonna smash everybody! That type of shit ain't fly!

These is what I call false fans. Because a fan loves your music regardless. You got these guys, they love it when Kurupt is dissing Snoop and dissing Daz. What kind of fan is that of the Dogg Pound cuzz? That ain't no fan homie! That's just garbage, and it's wack! If you don't like the music, don't buy it. Opinions is just like assholes, everybody got one. But when we start smashing ya'll, with them weak opinions you throwing at people, then everybody is gonna be like "Well I ain't buying none of thir records!" Nigga you ain't been buying our records!

I know all of these internet guys, I studied they names cuzz everytime they saying something negative. Records are for different genres of people! No we aren't always going to make the records that you muthafuckas want, cuzz! We're making records to try and expand our minds, the records we like to make, for our fans. If you're truly a Dogg Pound fan, you're going to feel our music! Cause everything we're spilling out to them is coming from the heart and it's real! If that's not enough for you muthafuckas, then get the fuck out of here, we don't need no fake ass fans like that man! Back in the days our fans would beat up niggas, and we still got fans like that. Keep it positive, and support the real man! Bust a nut in yo face, put it in yo eye, and see if you can see the homies coming, you asshole!

Dubcnn: Let's get to something more positive man, what's up with that J. Wells & Kurupt record "Digital Smoke"?

That's what I'm talking about! We doing it big man, I support J. Wells and all the little young cats that I be supporting. We got plenty of things coming out, I got Y.A. that's coming out, me and J. Wells "Digital Smoke" is long overdue! The first one we did together was "Digital Master", this one we decided to go in full scale together!

Dubcnn: It sounds crazy, that "All We Smoke" is getting great feedback!

That's good man, I love that right there. We're just trying to make some good music. All the people that support that, good looking! I'm rolling with ya'll and I love ya'll for the support! All the rest of them negative guys, fuck ya'll man!

Dubcnn: You want me to stop recording?

Naw keep it going man! I'm smoking hot, Nima! I'm tired of this shit cuzz! Then these people be trying to make a profit off of people dying man! That's basically what it is man! That old shit is a done deal man! What you wanna hear Kurupt say "Fuck Snoop" for man? This shit is gone, cuzz! That ain't a true fan! Anybody that's fucking with that right there, their opinions matter nothing to us! That's what they like! We raise our kids together, cuzz! We be around our children together, Snoop and Daz is uncles to my kids! They help me raise my kids! So all that negative shit is just a game to these fucking guys! This is the shit we live cuzz!

Dubcnn: So are you saying that, for example, that at the same time, people should stop listening to "Callin Out Names"?

Listening to something is one thing, posting up on this website, which is millions and billions of people looking at this shit right here! The people who don't even know the Dogg Pound is looking at this shit, reading that punk ass shit muthafuckas got up there with their fake ass false muthafucking opinions! They calling shit we putting out bullshit, because we got Puffy on it! This is our music cuzz! This ain't New West, this ain't Old West, this is all West Coast. Anybody that disagree, fuck'em!

And fuck Suge with that bunk ass shit he putting out too, cuzz! Nobody wanna hear that shit man! You never heard me speak out on nothing negative man, Suge was cool with me, but this shit right here, fuck that man! Nobody wants to hear that shit cuzz! Now this is just the straw that broke the camels back! Everytime I get on these websites, I read all that negative shit, I ignore it. I'm not tripping, that's they opinions. But this shit is outrageous right here! Nobody wants to hear that shit! We're trying to make good music, that's it, nobody wants to see that shit, nobody wants to hear that shit, nobody gives a fuck about that shit over at this camp.

So anybody that's promoting that online, don't let them niggas get paid through ya'll, cuzz. And my legal shit is so swell right now, I got all my shit back, I've been off Antra, people can't even put out a catalogue like that! My lawyers is off the fuckin' meatrack right now, hot to death and loving it cuzz, ready to get some tickets off these idiots who's going to be releasing this dumb ass shit! Dumb ass dickhead ass niggas. I've been shook all this shit and got my shit to where I have control! They can't release no [post-Death Row] Kurupt shit without clearance from Kurupt, this is from the courts! And when we got with Koch, I told them "Cancel that Against The Grain shit man!"

Snoop was like "Fuck that record, let them do whatever they wanna do, that shit don't matter nothing! We still going to do this." So I said fuck it! But take all of that other shit off it, that is not the line I'm pushing. It's my muthafucking album homie, I don't give a fuck how negative I was, take that muthafucking shit off. That's what I loved about Koch. That's why they're [Death Row] doing this shit! Them muthafuckas was like "Fuck Koch!" because Koch was like "We ain't putting out none of this negative shit, this is Kurupt's album, he said he don't want it on there. We're doing this new Dogg Pound album, fuck that." That's what I love about Alan and them man. They rolled with a nigga. They letting us do what we wanna do, me Snoop and Daz. You see Snoop got "The Big Squeeze" cracking with Koch, that's because they're letting us do what we wanna do with it. So fuck all that negative shit them niggas is pushing.

Now this Against The Grain shit, cuzz that shit is getting cancelled, all them little things they make off it, they're gonna pay back in lawyer fees! It's just that simple cuzz. But my whole fire, is about these fans cuzz, that was loving it when me, Snoop and Daz was against each other. Loving to say "Daz is the shit, Kurupt is wack." Loving to say "Daz is wack, Kurupt is the shit." Loving to say "Snoop is wack we love Kurupt." Soon as we got back together, the same niggas that was loving me was like "This shit is wack!" What's wack? The Dogg Pound? Because we got Puffy on it? Fuck off cuzz, you're talking about our homeboy cuzz! We like Puffy, we roll with him! So what he was on the record man? That's called growth, nigga! That's called putting the East Coast with the West Coast on some big power move shit! Next thing you know Snoop and Puffy is on tour, and we right there with them, making money, getting paid, enjoying ourselves and performing for the people! This is for the people!

These internet muthafuckas, everything is so negative! Fuck that negative shit! I know that you gotta make your money, I know that this website is freedom of speech for all the people, I ain't saying cut them all off! But people promoting shit and trying to make a profit off negative shit, get that shit up out of here! Don't speak on the Dogg Pound if you ain't got nothing positive to say! Cause when we start flipping out and chopping these guys down, cuzz, it's gonna be a problem! The game is gonna start cutting us off again and shit! That's the Kurupt I'm trying to stay away from! They want that Kurupt, they love that muthafucka! The shit I'm hearing about this fucking EP bullshit, muthafuckas is ready to buy it for 14 dollars and wasn't ready to buy Cali Iz Active for the same price! And this is a fucking EP, cause they wanna hear negative shit! Fuck ya'll niggas and fuck that too, now suck a dick and beat it!

A lot of these people, they think we don't know who they are! That's where they're all fucked up at! Cause certain people out there, who you're communicating with and who you've met before on the streets and told them what your username was, and ya'll talking to each other, them niggas is giving us ya'll game! They got pictures of you muthafucking assholes! We do know who some of you muthafuckas is with that bullshit, playing both sides! That's what Kurupt got to say. Now note this right here: Anybody got a problem with anybody in the Dogg Pound, whether they were right or wrong, it shall be addressed. Period point blank. Get off Daz' dick nigga, get off Kurupt's dick, get off Soopafly's dick and get off muthafuckin' Snoopy's dick. The game is over cuzz. Period.



Full Interview In Audio : Here


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