interview LUNI COLEONE & COOL NUTZ  (June 2007) | Interview By: Eddie Gurrola

Dubcnn recently spoke to veterans Luni Coleone and Cool Nutz to discuss their first collaborative effort, "Every Single Day," which hits stores on June 5th. In this exclusive interview, Luni and Nutz go into detail about the making of the album, and their strategy for making sure this record blows up. They also give us their take on the ever-growing Hyphy scene, and deliver news about future solo projects.

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Interview was done in May 2007.

Questions Asked By :
Eddie Gurrola

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Dubcnn: Weíre here with Luni Coleone and Cool Nutz. Howís it going guys?

Luni Coleone: Cool man, sunís shining!

Dubcnn: All right, so you guys have an album coming out together. How did you originally link up?

LC: Through some homies out in Washington, vibiní. I already knew Cool from a couple of years back, and it just became a cool idea.

Dubcnn: Definitely. How long have you guys been recording together for this album?

Cool Nutz: We actually got together and did the album in a two week period of time. We both work pretty fast, not because we were trying to throw the album together real quick, but thatís just how into it we both [are.] So, we probably did it in a two week period, where he started to put some stuff together, [and] I started to throw some ideas together, and then we brought in some other people that came up with ideas as well, and it turned out to be a dope album.

Dubcnn: All right, so you guys are known for having more of a traditional Bay Area/Northwestern sound, but now hyphy is dominating the sound for most people in your area. So, whatís your opinion on hyphy music?

LC: I mean, hyphy is hyphy. My brothers from another mother started all of that, so Iím glad itís grown to how itís grown. Personally, itís cool music, but I still do my thing. Iíve got my style, and Cool Nutz got his style. I donít take nothing away from hyphy Ė even my kids is on it.

But on another token, itís dope. Iím glad weíve got a chance, as being [from] Northern California and hardly getting recognized, to having a style that people across the globe can recognize.

Dubcnn: So, are you guys gonna have any sort of hyphy sound on this album?

CN: We donít really have any proverbial hyphy style, so to be truthfully honest, we donít. With what we do, being so synonymous with the Bay, weíve got more of an independent West Coast sound, and we really did the album as, kind of like, us coming together, like the classic, kind of like Dogg Pound shit. Like he was saying, our kids was on the hyphy movement, and it actually did a lot for the Bay and the West Coast, so shouts out to everybody. But, itís just not what weíre doing.

Dubcnn: So youíre trying to bring back the old school sound with this one?

CN: Yeah, with a breath of fresh air. Itís a classic, good album that, no matter who you are, if youíre in the West Coast, if youíre into Bay rap, whatever, you can listen to this album. Thereís club songs on there, thereís stuff with meaning on there, thereís some stuff with a down South feel. But, itís not us trying to be somebody else. Itís us doing what we do, and trying to make it relevant to what happened in todayís music. So, you can put it on, [and] it still sounds fresh and up to date.

Dubcnn: So, who else do you have on this album, as far as guest appearances and production, and all of that?

CN: Weíve got the homie Key Loom from Sac, weíve got Maniac Lok from Portland, weíve got E-Dawg from Tacoma, and, from Seattle, Mr. D.O.G. Weíve got Rocafella, weíve got Bosko on there, [and] Syko, who did the Thizzle Dance.

The majority of the album is produced by a new cat named Kuddie Mak, from Seattle, who is just insane. Out of the 15 songs, I think he did 11 of them, and you canít even tell that he did that many on there. These are cats that are so talented that ainít even out there yet, thatís what we prayed on, and it worked. Thereís a lot of cats out there that donít get a chance that are really talented, and it worked out.

Dubcnn: Thatís great to give somebody else their shine. So, how did you hook up with Kuddie Mak?

CN: The cat that actually got me and Luni together for this album had already had us working with him, and getting beats from him. I already knew Kuddie, but it just so happened that Kuddie turned in enough stuff that worked for the album. It actually made it easy, because we didnít have to go looking for a bunch of different producers. Heís got stuff on there thatís that classic West Coast sound, [also] the UGK type sound, the sample type stuff, [and] the heartfelt [style.] His beats are just live, and they made it work, and made it easy for us to get in there and be creative. The beats inspired us to come up with the songs.

Dubcnn: So, when you guys were recording the album, did you do all the tracks together in the studio, or were you guys going back and forth, sending them to each other? How did that come about?

LC: Most of the tracks were done together. Iíd say a good 80 percent were done together, probably more than that, probably like 90. I think Nutz was coming off a tour on probably one or two of the songs, but other than that, everything else was done together.

CN: This ainít no e-mail album. It was actually where we was in the studio together, coming up with the ideas, with the producers, and making it. We actually did this album together, where he would come up with ideas, run it by me, Iíd be like ďThatís dope,Ē do my verse. Iíd come up with an idea, run it by him, heíd be like ďThatís dope,Ē do his. When we were in there, it just came together. Iíd put something on there, heíll come up and put something on there, and just make it happen. Weíd have some singers come in, and they would come up with some stuff, and we would just get down. But, the majority of the album, we were there together, doing the whole thing.

Dubcnn: OK, good. Thatís what we like to hear, because weíve heard a couple of other duo albums, not from you guys, but from other people, where you can tell that it was just put together at the last second.

LC: Yeah.

Dubcnn: Are you guys planning on going on tour to promote the album at some point?

CN: Yeah, most definitely. Weíve already been doing shows, we did a run of dates with Too Short, and I just got back from doing something with Tech N9ne. But the whole movement is to support this album. Weíre trying to do a whole lot of stuff that people arenít doing for albums nowadays, especially independent West Coast albums, in terms of the promotion side of it. Weíve got street teams in all the major West Coast markets and the Midwest markets, where Luniís had really strong numbers. Weíve got a TV campaign, weíve got a publicist. Weíll be in the new Source, weíre in the new Murder Dog, and then all the Internet stuff. Weíre trying to do everything to sell this record that we can.

[To Cool Nutz]

Dubcnn: Whatever happened to that Goon Sqwad album that was supposed to come out a couple of years ago? Are you still working on another one, whatís going on with that?

Yeah, weíre still gonna do the Goon Sqwad album, me and Maniac. Weíve just been doing as many shows as possible, and then really focusing on this me and Luni album, and then once that comes out, then weíve got the Goon Sqwad, weíve got the Cool Nutz album, the DJ Chill album, and a gang of other stuff. So, the main thing is, weíre just trying to get all the business right and everything, because we were gonna put that album out on West Coast Mafia, and then, it didnít have nothing to do with them, but just other business things that changed in the industry that held that back or whatever.

Dubcnn: OK. So, tell us a little bit about the solo album youíre working on right now. Do you have a title for that yet?

Iíve got a couple [of solo albums.] One of them is the ďSo PortlandĒ album, which weíre putting out primarily in the Northwest. Iíve got [E-]40 on there, Iíve got Tech N9ne on there, Iím gonna have Luni on there, Ras Kass, Bosko, and of course all my guys from the label. The other album is the ďMiracleĒ album, which will be coming out on Sic Wid It, and that will be later this year, or maybe 2008. We just finished that up with 40.

Dubcnn: Nice! That sounds great. So, are you still working with Bosko a lot? Whatís going on with him?

Yeah, weíre still doing a lot of stuff. Bosko actually did the single for [this duo] album, and then heís working on his solo album right now. Heís been out in Atlanta a lot, just to see some new scenery and introduce himself to some new people.

[To Luni Coleone]

Dubcnn: So, what else have you been working on besides this duo album? Do you have a new solo album coming out too?

Yeah, Iím working on something solo right now. I ainít really got no name for it right now, Iím just playing with it real quick. Weíre doing the new Doja Click Album with me, Killa Tay, and K.J., weíve got that coming out, itís a hood classic. Iíve got ďRapperís Delight,Ē two DVDs that Iím putting out in November and December every year, just showing some crazy shit with all the rappers in there cooking and burning up shit if they canít cook, being with their families and everything. [Iím] trying to show a little lighter shade of brown for this situation that the media portrays us to. Outside all this shit, niggas do have heart, and children that they care for. Iím trying to shed some light on that, with the whole rap game, especially out in California.

Iíve got a couple little things going. Iím about to head to Missouri this weekend, go out there and get some promotion started for this album that me and Cool Nutz is doing...and just basically staying in the game, and staying afloat. [Iím] trying to keep everything moving.

Dubcnn: Is there anyone else youíve been working with? Are you going to be on other peopleís albums, guest appearance wise?

Iím in love with the whole game, and Iím entwined with the entire game. There ainít no telling who Iím gonna have on my album. Me, Iím an opportunist. We in there, we in there, we ainít, we ainít. Iím doing my travelling like I can, and Iím gonna get anybody I can to do something. Iím basically cool with the entire game, so everybody knows me and I know everybody. So, it ainít gonna be a problem, but it will be a surprise.

Dubcnn: So, the album [ďEvery Single DayĒ] is dropping June 5th, right?

Both: Yep!

Dubcnn: What can the fans expect to get out of the album when they go buy it?

LC: Everything from Cool Nutz and Luni that they expect out of an album, and not just no put-together album. Iím talking about a real, live classic - to where theyíre gonna ask us to make the second one. This is a real, classic album, and I feel good about it myself. Iíve done a lot of albums, and this right here will be my 25th one. You know, and I feel good about it! This right here is completely entwined with everything that I love in life itself. This is it, and itís gonna go to work. Trust me.

Dubcnn: Weíre definitely looking forward to it. Is there anything you guys want to say to all the fans, all the readers at Dubcnn?

LC: Oh yeah man, yíall keep it cool, and do what you do. Support this album and the movement. Luni Coleone and Cool Nutz. Get this love, much love! Yíall survive like we tryiní to survive, ya undadig?

CN: Yeah, just go out and support this album June 5th, go pick it up, itís dope. Itís gonna be something new to the entire West Coast, not just the Bay or whatever, because Iím from the Northwest, and heís from Northern California. But, the album, itís incredible, and cats from all walks of life, you know, Iíve been letting people hear it, and people have been getting a taste of it, and from unbiased opinions, different people like the album. So, make sure you run out and get it, and look for all the new stuff that weíve got coming Ė the Cool Nutz album, the Maniac album with DJ Chill, Luni Coleone, everything. Support the whole movement.



Full Interview In Audio For Download : Here


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