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By : Conan Milne

For as long as the genre has existed, rap music and bragging rights have gone hand in hand. However, rappers have certainly upped the ante since the origins of hip-hop were laid down all those years ago.
While it was once radical to hear rappers boast of the colour TVs featured in their limos or their unquestionable...
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The West Coast Rap Up: 2005
By : Conan Milne

With 2005 quickly becoming a fleeting memory, there seems no better time than now to assess the state of the West Coast rap scene throughout the past year and look at what we can expect from 2006. Ultimately, 05 was a year that began with a bang and closed with some clear disappointments, yet obvious hope for the future. Read more

We Got The Internet Going Nuts! But Why?
By : Rud & Lil Jay

Panic Over? The panic has not yet begun. Now we have your full attention dubcnn.com wishes to open your eyes to a new era, a different league - a whole new level of Westcoast Hip-Hop promotion. Firstly let me address the "RIAA takeover," to our loyal and steadfast following we apologise wholeheartedly for the period of doubt, uncertainty and questioning. Read more


Step Ya Game Up
By : Conan Milne

Its "Game Time," is it the westcoast's time to shine once more? We break it down and take an in-depth look into The Game, his past, the present and evaluate what the future holds. Read more


Tupac Birthday Tribute
By : Yash (June 16th 2005)

Today would have been Tupac Amaru Shakur's 34th birthday. 9 years after his death, he is still the biggest rap artist to ever live. We have put together a special "Tribute To 2Pac," where we spoke with many artists that were related to & people who worked with 2Pac and had them speak on Pac and how they knew him. Read more


By : Overseer

True digging is the art of finding deleted, rare, limited edition, obscure or just plain weird records to sample a long ago forgotten break and use it in a new way, by DJs who want something to spice up their set or by crazed beat collectors. We
look at 3 albums which sample similar artists, Dr. Dre's The Chronic, Above The Law's Black Mafia Life and Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle. Read more

West Coast... What Happened?
By : Extra Large

At one point in time, the West Coast was the center of a thriving hip hop scene, full of talent and infinitely diverse. In the late 80s and early 90s, it seemed like it was about the music and nothing else, low-budget videos and album artwork often serving as proof. We as fans didnt seem to mind that much. Over the next decade power shifted and has never recouped, we analyze why
. Read more

Diggy's Time To Shine
By : Conan Milne

Daz Dillinger has had a career of high's and low's, the rise and fall of Death Row affected everyone involved. In this editorial wee briefly discusses Daz's career thus far, and contemplates future following his recent signing to Jermaine Dupri's, So So Def imprint. Could this be the "Diggy's Time To Shine?" Read more

TQ from Westside to Angela Jones
By : Mauzip

Back in 1998 out of nowhere there was a new artist from the ghetto of Compton this was not a rapper, this was a singer that sang rap lyrics: TQ. TQs West Coast anthem Westside blew up all over the world and is now seen as a classic record. Read more



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