interview DEVIN THE DUDE - Waitin' To Inhale | Review By: Eddie Gurolla

Release Date : March 20 2007
Label : Rap-A-Lot Records
Rating: 4/5


Dub Quotable: Impressively, The Dude continues to grow, delivering his most consistent work on fourth outing, “Waiting To Inhale.”

For Houston’s Devin The Dude, life revolves around chilling out. When asked about how he maintains his relaxed outlook in a recent Dubcnn interview, he replied, “It takes a little less muscles to smile than it does to frown, man, so I just take that into perspective.” It is just that easy-going viewpoint on life that keep fans anticipating more of his music, best described as a blend of blues, Hip-Hop, and life-inspired comedy. After three excellent albums, Devin has set the bar high with his carefree tunes, to the extent that his name appearing on a track elicits a certain seal of approval. Impressively, The Dude continues to grow, delivering his most consistent work on fourth outing, “Waiting To Inhale.”

The majority of “Waiting To Inhale” sticks to the winning combination of laid-back production and raunchy lyrics that proved successful on Devin’s previous records. The album opener, “She Want That Money,” is an outrageous ode to prostitution, containing vintage Devin lines: “I said biiitch, what are you smoking?/Your pussy ain’t no better than the rest, and kept strokin’.” The dark piano chords and blunt baseline of “Hope I Don’t Get Sick A Dis” create a cloudy atmosphere that’s both eerie and hilarious. However, the sound’ relatively light on the soulful “She Useta Be,” where Devin spits rhymes about a former high school bombshell that’s now a “hefty heffer.” The humor continues on “Broccoli & Cheese,” where sensual Spanish-tinged guitar licks help craft an erratic love song. The explicit track explains the frustration men experience when they get mixed signals, with Devin going as far as saying “at least let me smell it.”

At times, the subject matter on “Waiting To Inhale” goes awry, especially on the twisted “Just Because.” The Dude delivers bizarre, violent lyrics about hurting a woman who did him wrong, all over a production that sounds like a mix of Japanese anime backdrops and smooth jazz. The result is a piece that’s comparable to an over the top, mildly disturbing musical montage from “South Park.” His commendable use of double entendres on the sly pseudo-love ballad “Cutcha Up” fooled even this reviewer until Devin publicly declared on Myspace, “I am talking about a weed plant growing up, not a little girl.”

While the majority of the album is light-hearted, Devin occasionally delves deeper on “Waiting To Inhale,” exhibiting artistic growth. The most drastic mood shift occurs on “Lil Girl Gone,” a tragic tale about neglected young women. Devin, Lil Wayne and Bun-B all drop emotionally gripping verses. Bun scolds irresponsible parents with the chilling lines, “She said, “Daddy, what’s wrong?”/But he just too high/”Mommy, what we gonna do?”/She just get drunk and cry.” Mr. Copeland, Snoop Dogg and Andre 3000 all extend thanks to their fans on “What a Job,” a warm track where the trio convey the joy they get from creating music. While these tracks deviate from the overall theme of the album, they still mesh well with the rest of the material musically.

“Waiting To Inhale” is an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Devin has developed his soulful sound meticulously, and carved his own niche in the crowded hip-hop market. The time will come when Devin is faced with topping this stellar effort. If his lyrics are any indication of how he works, though, he’ll approach such supposed pressures with ease.


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