interview BISHOP LAMONT  (March 2005) | Interview By: Nima

Dubcnn.com recently sat down to speak with rising Carson representative Bishop Lamont. He spoke on alot of different topics, including his new album, the New West Order, and much much more. We have both the transcript and audio for you to check and feel free to send any feedback regarding the interview to: nima@dubcnn.com


Huge thanks to Bishop Lamont for taking time out to answer the questions fans wanted to know! (Interview was done by phone in October of 2004)

Questions Asked By : Nima

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Bishop Lamont Spit An Exclusive Freestyle Over The Phone! Check That Here

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dubcnn.com: Whassup Bishop, what are you up to right now?

Man I ain't doin' nothin' but grindin' man! Ain't nothin' changed! I'm just out here trying to make shit really pop for this West Coast movement and this Hip-Hop shit man, period. It's just about real niggaz be it street niggaz be it true MC's, whatever be the case, we gotta make real powerful music to make a come back and be successful in the game. So that's my whole spirit man, just letting all the niggaz that ain't never got a chance to be heard, all them niggaz is gonna be heard now, period.

Radio showing us love, the streets is showing us love, the internet is showing us love, you know? All the doors is open and that's what the people want, that's what the street want, so that's what we're trying to give them, period! So that's what's going on with me. Just keeping it moving along with the other constitutors that's in on that. It's alotta niggaz down, you already know cause I always say they muthafucking names! I can say them again if you want me to!

dubcnn.com: Yeah go 'head!

Shit man, Young Drizzle [Dre], Maylay, Spitfiya, Tracklife, KO, Scipio, Ras [Kass], I mean it's so many niggaz man! Guerilla Black, Hot Dolla, Young Khaki, Pop Gates, you know? Mykestro, Glasses [Malone], its alotta niggaz out there doin' they thing. I'm just about them, and I hate to leave anybody's name out. So, I'm stop right there... Cavi! Diverse! Tajei, Day-1, it's so many cats man! Mike Anthony, Chevy Jones, L.A. Krock, it's so many dope niggaz, so that's my whole focus man! We kickin' the door down and we all coming through that muthafucka, unified! So it's a gorgeous thing right now man, I'm just happy to be a part of it!

dubcnn.com: Everybody wants to know about the Dr. Dre thing... So he said he might be working with you in future... Have you talked to him lately?

Oh yeah definitely man! I mean it ain't even about the Dre thing. It's a blessing man, that man blessed me like that, and we gonna make some things happen. I ain't like to speak on stuff till everything is what it's sposed to be, but that definitely blessed man, and that dude went out of his way, he didn't have to do that on the radio, and he just churched me out! It's already family, all them cats up there, and for this to happen was just an unexpected thing. And it's a blessing!

The Game blessing it, just everybody man, Sha showing me love, 50 showing me love, so it's just like it's being apart of a team anyway, it's all like family, with Denaun showing me love, it's gorgeous. And I'll leave it at that, cause it's not even about that. I was here before that, and I appreciate Dre doing that, but that don't change nothing for me, I'm still me at the end of the day. All that does is make me more eager to work harder and really push this shit to the next level since Dr. Dre gave me an even louder voice and gave me a stamp for other people to pay attention to it than before.

That's the man, and for him to have that time, you know, he kept his word! He got the CD, he was like "Ima listen to this shit". And I was like okay, I know this dude gets CD's all day long, this nigga can get in the car and throw it out the window or something. So I told him that before, blessings for that! Thank you for giving me the opportunity. Real niggaz on top of the game, we gonna keep doing it, and I'ma run with that shit, let niggaz know about everything that's going on out here besides me. It's alotta nice niggaz besides me, it's alotta niggaz nicer than me in my opinion, that's how I sound nice. I run around with nothing but nice MC's.

dubcnn.com: Hypothetically though, would you sign to Aftermath?

Hell yeah nigga c'mon! *laughs* Hahahaaaaaa, nigga! You serious? That's the answer to your questin, are you serious!? *laughs* Hell muthafuckin' yeah! And God willing that's what we gonna do, so I'm just gonna keep it at that. Comon man, that's a dream team, to bring a new West Coast movement with the man on the West Coast? With all the niggaz I'm fuckin' wit? And all the niggaz he been had? That's like Neo getting with Morpheus man! You know what I mean?

dubcnn.com: Are you gonna put out a new mixtape too?

Yeah man, it's all kinds of crazy shit going on right now.. Of course you got me and Tyrese, aka Black Ty, "Best Of Both Hoods", alter ego's. I got "Who I Gotta Kill To Get A Record Deal Vol. 2", I'ma keep putting those out even if I do get a record deal, it don't fucking matter, I'm still putting out volumes and volumes until I can get it up on the level of a compilation I can just use to expose new live niggaz.

So aside from my situation, I'ma be A&R'ing, I mean I already A&R any fucking way, I'ma keep pushing that shit. Me and Scipio, we doing a mixtape produced by Red Spyda all the way through with Whoo Kid and DJ Warrior. Whatup Warrior! Also me and Glasses Malone doing a mixtape with DJ Vlad, whatup Vlad? So I'm just trying to stay busy man, with alotta dope shit.

dubcnn.com: So how did you hook up with Tyrese?

Man, through my man Guerilla Black! He was out there they was at his house fucking around making alotta dope shit, and he played a mixtape that I was on, Guerilla Blacks mixtape, and Tyrese was like "Yo I need that dude out here!" and my boy Pop Gates, holla'd at me with the dude on the phone, and I'm like "Who the fuck is this?" but I'm hearing some nigga named Tyrese that raps! I wasn't thinking Tyrese the singer! Nigga was like "Yo it's me!" I was like "Fuck it I'ma come fuck wit you!" and the rest is gonna be history now! It's been coming out so dope.

And I'ma clear it up right now, that nigga writing all his own shit! The nigga been rapping for years! He just never really got wit niggaz to really give him the truth and support and put him on the right page! So it's coming out lovely!

dubcnn.com: So it's gonna be a real record or just some mixtape shit?

Well it's a album! But we doin' it in the streets. Dealing with the label politics and how that goes, it's gotta be in the streets. That's how we gonna do it. It's a mixtape, politically to say, it's a mixtape. But it's really an album. Just trying to ---

*phone cuts off*


dubcnn.com: Yo!

Yo what was that?? haha!

dubcnn.com: I don't know what happened?

It was too much pimpin' for them! *laughs*

dubcnn.com: Hahaha! So who's producing on the Tyrese & Bishop Lamont collabo?

Oh shit man, Battlecat, Pete Rock, of course Tyrese himself, this dude S-Man, Diverse who did Bonafied Hustler, I'ma get DJ Quik for some shit, DJ Premier, Jay Dee, I wanna get Madlib, of course Redspyda is on there, shit dogg.. Damizza is gone do some shit on there, cause that's my nigga. Alotta niggaz man. My dream team basically of niggaz that I fuck wit despite whatever coast. Who the fuck else.. Day-1, I know I'm forgetting some niggaz.. I'ma holla at Denaun so I can get another heater from him, some shit from Hi-Tek, it's gonna be some good shit.

dubcnn.com: Did ya'll do the Pete Rock record yet?

Nah not yet, I just seen him in New York so he's like "Holla at me" he got some shit he cooking up, oh also Just Blaze, I finally met Just Blaze out there, and that was a blessing. All the niggaz I look up to, I'ma holla at Easy Mo Bee. It ain't about names, it's about niggaz that I love, it's a gang of unsigned and up and coming producers that's more important, like a Diverse, and the Day-1's, and the Soundwaves, and Dru from San Diego. I met this nigga in New York, he cuts hair for Interscope, nigga named Reality, he's originally from Carson, but he's in New York to keep his hustle up. It's alotta dope niggaz. I know this nigga named Protest with beats, oh and of course Theod, he's for sure gone be on that muthafucka. Oh I gotta give E-Swift, and of course J-Wells man, come on!!!! You know that!!!

I mean it's just alotta niggaz, it's alotta features but I ain't gone say shit till we got everything locked in. So just watch and see it's gone be some real shit though, definitely another notch in the belt on some Hip-Hop shit. Niggaz like "yo I guess they doin' a bunch of club shit" but niggaz on some real savage, West Coast, Hip-Hop shit. I mean we got some shit for the bitches, I mean Tyrese is a sexy nigga, so it's gonna be some fly ballads on that muthafucka, it's for the ladies, it's for the bitches, it's real hot though! It's gonna be a monster man. My nigga got bars man, I ain't writing shit, my nigga writing his shit, he's sounding nice, that's all him.

dubcnn.com: So when do you think we're going to be able to cop that record?

Shit, I wanna drop that in the summertime man, cause it'll be perfect. Look for it hopefully in the summer! That would be perfect for the streets to have it in summer to ride around in Cali with the top down, or with your walkman on the bus, I don't give a fuck. We do this for ya'll, we do this for us, and that's what it's about, it's a whole new breed of niggaz and I'm excited. You can tell by the way I'm running my muthafucking mouth, I'm excited man! *laughs* My nigga is doin' it man!

We working with Warren G on his album right now, so of course Warren G is gonna do some shit too. Niggaz forget about Warren like Warren ain't the man! See niggaz forget that none of this shit would be going on right now if it wasn't for Warren! There wouldn't be no fuckin' Interscope or none of that shit because if Warren didn't bring Snoop and all them to Dre, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now! So I gotta give it up for Waren, the return of the Regulator, once again, is back, and we doin' some hot shit for his album, of course hes gonna contribute some shit for us, it's beautiful man!

dubcnn.com: Yep Warren is my boy, we just did a piece on him too!

Yeah that nigga is the truth, niggaz forget that none of these muthafuckas would be here right now, there would be no 50 Cent, there would be no Game, none of that stuff. That's a real ass nigga, he knows what it's about. Without Warren, none of this shit would be in motion! You know how that story went, at the bachelor party where Warren gave Dre the demo and that's it! That man is an architect in this situation and I gotta give it up! So I'm testifying right now for that nigga! *laughs* So, you know, anyway, on with the story!

dubcnn.com: Did you get down with Bad Azz yet?

Oh man, we actually did get to do some stuff, but I didn't get to see him! Him and Ras already had a song popping. Oh shit I forgot about Da Riffs man, Da Riffs is the shit, they gonna be on my shit too, that's my people, what's up Abby! But yeah, I jumped on a mixtape joint with him [Bad Azz] and Ras [Kass]. It came out real hot! But I haven't seen Bad Azz in years man, we all know each other by face but it's gonna be a pleasure when we finally hook up officially.

dubcnn.com: I'ma set that up.

Oh yes, please. That's a real nigga and that's always been a good nigga. And niggaz gotta give him his proper due. So I'm here to do that shit! I'm not with that Hollywood shit! I'm a MC. I'm a street nigga but I'm a MC at the same time. And I ain't a hater if I here a nice nigga I love him. I congratulate him. Cause that nigga makes you nice.

So all you fuckin' hatin' ass rap niggaz out there, embrace niggaz that's nicer than you. Embrace niggaz that's nice, cause it's only so many nice niggaz. It's alotta trash niggaz. So step your game up, and let's all be happy together and get this shit crackin for the West Coast man, so we can be like Atlanta and everybody on the muthafuckin' radio and we got this paper circulating!

dubcnn.com: What about Bishop Lamont and Crooked I?

Aw man that's my nigga! Crooked I is gonna be on that muthafucka! Big Wy, Relativez, it's real shit! But c'mon, that's my nigga man, I'm glad you said his name, I keep forgetting niggaz names, I got Alzheimer early! Crooked I is my man, that's one of my favorite niggaz. We was at The Game's video set a couple of months back doin' the Love It Or Hate It video. We got to chop it up, and he fucks wit my boy Mykestro real tough, that's how I got to know him.

Glasses, and actually WC had called in The Beat when he heard the "Its Bishop" joint and that was like the biggest honor. I still gotta give him a call and make sure I get down with him. So it's alotta dope niggaz man and I gotta get with them. We gotta get it together. That's what's been missing, just real niggaz from top to bottom just combining and making this shit shine!

dubcnn.com: What about Sly Boogy?

*laughs* Man you can keep dropping names! Sly Boogy! Damani! All these niggaz is live! Western Union! So many dope ass niggaz man! We just did a joint to that New York New York beat called LA, LA, it's on DJ Rampages mixtape right now and I think it's on MTV.com, they played it on Power a couple times. See I'm a fan of this game as much as I am an artist myself, so I'm loving to collaborate with these niggaz. Sly, Damani holding down Ingelwood.

dubcnn.com: I'ma drop one more name... Planet Asia!

Oh man! Me and Planet been doing shit! You can keep going! Real niggaz recognize real niggaz! Me and Planet Asia hooked up a long time ago man through my boy Walt Liquor! So I mean you know, apple don't fall far from the tree, it's so many dope niggaz. Al Black, Royal Blue, it's so many dope niggaz man, I'll be here all day long but if you got the time I got the time to put these niggaz names out there, Lassic, it's so many niggaz, the Inland Empire doing they thing, Don Diego.

Lovely niggaz everywhere. Since I got a nice buzz going, I'm out here to voice my opinion on this shit, let niggaz know about the other live niggaz that's out there besides myself. My niggaz Styles, Stylistic Jones, J. Wells, so many of them. I'm excited! I ain't never seen so many dope niggaz in one place moving on the same accord! It's Hip-Hop niggaz it's gang banging ass niggaz! It's all that. Cause at the end of the day, that's nothing.

I appreciate the interview to get this shit across to niggaz. Finally and for the fuckin' last time, stop that underground shit talking about "Oh this is real Hip-Hop" "that's that gangsta shit". Look dog, NWA is as gangsta as it came and that was Hip-Hop. Rakim will kick your ass and he will spit lyrical shit. Threat, L.A. Zuu, niggaz was on that! Lench Mob, but it was still Hip-Hop. The only difference between this and that is good and bad music. That's how I look at Hip-Hop. So when you got a Young Dre, you got a Young Maylay, you got a Glasses Malone, a Tracklife, a Spitfiya, all live, all real. All Hip-Hop. So let's stop acting like these muthafuckin' racist muthafuckas segregating shit and put it all together! That's how it's live! It's all fucking Hip-Hop! Niggaz all fuck wit each other!

We need to support this shit cause we're all we got! Instead of dividing shit. Only thing I don't fuck wit is wack shit. I don't fuck with bitch ass niggaz and wack shit. If you a bitch ass nigga and you got some hot shit, well hey, I'll listen to it, but I ain't fuckin witchu! *laughs* So we really gotta get that across. I wore backpacks when I went to high school homie, and I really never went to class, I was always ditchin' and I barely graduated, so I been outta high school so no backpacks man. But you'll see me at the Hip-Hop spots, and then you'll see me on the block, you'll see me on the corner, you'll see me wit niggaz.

We're all in the same gang like Michel'le say man. I know niggaz that slang dope and shoot guns and will kill you with bars! Ill MC's! And I know backpack niggaz, since they got titled like that, that would beat your ass that gangbang like a muthafucka! And you never know it! They all conscious and shit eating vegetables, and they'll whoop your ass! Cut that shit out man!

dubcnn.com: Alright man, that's a perfect way to end the interview!

Hell yeah! I'm serious about that shit though! Niggaz need to cut that shit out! Niggaz need to stop the hating man! It's too many fucking haters in L.A.! I got niggaz on both sides and we all get down together! I ain't never gangbanged a day in my life, but guess what, I'm in the streets with all these live niggaz, cause real recognize real. Just embrace this shit and let's ride together, it's a whole new West Coast, so support this shit and stop the hating!

Hating on Game, hating on the homie Guerilla Black, stop that shit. Cause you hating on them is you hating on yourself. It's the first two niggaz with major label deals that are opening the doors that's making these A&R's come back over here to give us the opportunity to make this shit pop. So think about that. Ya'll don't like, don't listen to it. But don't be out there fucking hating! Just wait for your turn to be in the public eye and let's see how you handle this shit.

And I'll end it on that, you know what I mean? And I appreciate being here brother. All my niggaz out there man, I'm living proof of grinding and doing it the right way. I ain't never had to be no fake ass nigga, I hustle, you see me in the streets, ask about me. So any nigga can make this shit happen if you stay true to it, and you put God first. I talk alotta shit, I fuck bitches, and I love riding around, I like causing trouble, but I'm a blessed nigga at the same time. God is definitely in my life, ain't nothing wrong with that, I'ma leave it at that though, all my Hip-Hop niggaz, fuck wit me! I'm no Hollywood ass nigga, you can holla at me in the streets, you got some beats, you got some vocals, whatever the fuck you do, holla at ya boy man, and let's get this muthafuckin' money and let's get this muthafucka back on top!

And I ain't even got no sugar in my system! I ain't drunk, I ain't high! I'm just excited! Hahahahahahahah!

dubcnn.com: Haha for real! Would you spit a verse on the phone?

You know, you, you, muthafucka! Talkin' about spittin' a verse, damnit! Your ass got me spittin' a verse! Let me find a beat to put on since you fuckin' wit me! Last time you had me on there all greedy with a raggedy ass freestyle accapella. You know I gotta make it right for you my nigga, let me find something to spit over, you're lucky I'm in the car, cause other than that.. You know me, I don't kick written man, it's gotta be off top! If I ain't got a beat, I'm fucked! *laughs*

Let me get something here... A nigga out here driving reckless and shit, about to crash, trying to find a beats and shit.. Ain't got insurance in my moms car and shit. You got me fucked up homie!! Hahahaha! Ahh nigga I think I got something here! I got it... Yeah, here we go, we got something pimping! You tell me when man and I'll get it going, remember this is freestyle! Now let's do this straight freestyle, you taping?

dubcnn.com: Yeah I'm taping.

You taping? Alright, all you niggaz out there talking about "I freestyle, I freestyle", listen, that's not freestyle if you kicking bars and you been rapping that already on mixtapes and shit. Here we go:

-=| Bishop Lamont Exclusive Dubcnn Freestyle |=-

dubcnn.com: Ohhh shit!!!

So yo! That's all freestyles though!

dubcnn.com: Oh my god!

See it's better with a beat! I don't freestyle no written shit! All off top. So keep that shit, it's real, fuck it!

dubcnn.com: That was sick.

Bless you man, it gets better, I was driving and shit so I couldn't really focus!

dubcnn.com: Okay man, that's about it for the interview man.. Good looking out!

Fo sho man, oh I can't forget my nigga Logic, my nigga Manson, my nigga Hootie! All these niggaz out here in the streets. MC'ing is back in a major way! This was your boy Bishop Lamont you know what I'm sayin! We doin' it big! Representing that real Hip-Hop, from the streets to the suits, with Dubcnn.com, this is where Hip-Hop lives, breathes, fucks bitches, gets money, smokes weed, reads the Bible, all that shit rolled in one! Dubcnn, Bishop Lamont, Chuuuuuuuuuuch!



Bishop Lamont Gave Dubcnn.com A Shoutout! Check That Here

Bishop Lamont Spit An Exclusive Freestyle Over The Phone! Check That Here

Full Interview In Audio : Here


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