interview BISHOP LAMONT (December 2006) | Interview By: Nima

Dubcnn were the first online media outlet to interview Bishop Lamont back in October 2004, since then he has made incredible moves and is now signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment, is working with the Doctor on Detox as well as his debut album; "The Reformation." We managed to grab some time with Bishop as a holiday treat for our readers to discuss his debut, find out what we could about the "Area 51" that surrounds Detox, discussed what it was in him that Dre saw to sign him and much more. We also get his take on the industry, who he's feeling, records he's bought and so much more in this exclusive interview with dubcnn.com.

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Interview was done by phone in December 2006

Questions Asked By : Nima

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Dubcnn: We're here with the future of Aftermath Records, Bishop Lamont. It's about time we hooked up again, you've been very busy since our last interview. What's your current daily schedule like?

Oh man, just work. Recording, gym, boxing, sleep when I can get it!

Dubcnn: How many songs have you recorded under Aftermath Records so far?

I had songs before I came to Aftermath, so I got probably 200 something songs. When you're dealing with Dre, you gotta step your game up, your work ethic gotta be extreme, so you can be in a crackhouse the way he wants you to work, and just keep bringing out that magic.

Dubcnn: You announced two mixtape coming out soon with DJ Skee. Tell us about those.

Yeah, I can't really talk much about it, we got the joint coming with DJ Skee called "N****R Noize", we got a dope mixtape called "The Pope Mobile" with DJ Warrior, we got another dope mixtape with DJ Rafiki called "Spend Lott'n and Kim Jung Scrill Still Underground" with my homeboy Indef. We've always had records together, so it's like a Method Man & Redman type of situation. Then also the "Caltroit" album, between Cali and Detroit, with my man Black Milk from the D, so that's gonna be real fly.

Dubcnn: Are they going to be over original production like your other mixtapes?

Oh it's gotta be original production man. It don't make no sense to do anything else. Mixtapes done been oversaturated with everybody rapping to the same beats, radio playing the same beats, so why would you want to hear them on a mixtape?

Dubcnn: So it's more like street albums.

Yeah, you can say that. We always try to make albums, but they're mixtapes.

Dubcnn: So who's handling the production on those?

Man, I really can't say. It's a lot of dope cats, I just want to keep everything as a surprise. I can say Khalil, I can say Focus, I can say Diverse. I got some nice cats popping up, even some heavy hitters popping up, I just want it to be a thrill so I don't let the cat out the bag too much.

Dubcnn: So when can we expect these to drop?

"N****r Noize" is coming in January, you'll start seeing promo for it. "Pope Mobile" will be coming probably soon after that, the "Spend Lott'n and Kim Jung Scrill Still Underground" after that... Over the next months in the new year, I'm just going to dominate it from every angle. It's a lot of fresh new music, a lot of new faces, it's a lot of different scenarios, starting to get ready for my album and the Detox coming soon, so... It's just gonna be fun again!

Dubcnn: I want to get right into the album, because that's what everybody is waiting for. You probably don't want to talk about it, right?

I really can't talk too much about it, it's area 51, but we'll go in as deep as we can!

Dubcnn: This is probably the hardest question, but is there a concept behind "The Reformation"?

Oh my album! I thought you was talking about Detox.

Dubcnn: Nah I mean your album, we're going to get to Detox later.

I can talk a little more about that, that's kind of above Area 51. Still can't talk too much about it though. The concept behind "The Reformation", for people that can't read, or didn't do some type of college, The Reformation was a point in history where the people rebelled against society, against the church, against the law, against the government, because everything they got was wack. I look at it the same way musically. Everything is either wack with the things that are being done musically, corporately or street wise. Things are not correct, so the album is really about rebellion, re-establishing a new law, a new order.

Dubcnn: What's Dr. Dre's role in the record?

Man, everything! That's the crazy German scientist right there, engineering this UFO technology! *laughs* We're just coming with the meanest magic. I have the blessing of having him as a part of this situation, as well as a lot of dope cats that you haven't seen in a while, or thought that I would even be working with. I will leave it there.

Dubcnn: I interviewed the D.O.C. the other day, is he going to be involved in your record?

I hope so! He always be coaching me and giving me game every time I see him, but we'll see! I mean, that dude is busy, he's legendary status, he comes out of the clouds when he wants to! I love D.O.C.

Dubcnn: Do you feel you have evolved as a rapper since working with Dre?

Man, I was evolving before that, and evolved even way more of course, that goes without saying. Just being with him, brings you a few steps up instantly.

Dubcnn: Describe a typical studio session with Dr. Dre for us.

I think Snoop kind of touched on it in ya'll interview [dubcnn Snoop Dogg interview July 2006] *laughs* Haaa! But naw, that never happened to me. But I've seen him do that to artists! *laughs* But I've seen that! I love him though, it's really competition man, Snoopy's always going to be the big homeboy. But that was dirty! *laughs* But Dre is just disciplined man, I already know going in the studio what to expect from Dre, from all these years of seeing interviews, or reading articles, or just listening to the music. So going in there with Dre, you gotta be on your A-Game, you gotta expect to spend a billion hours if need be, and just make sure you got everything already ready! If it's not, you might have a serious problem. Seriously. People thinking it's gonna be drinking and a party, you're mistaken. The party might come later, but first it's going to be work, and nothing but.

Dubcnn: The production list you have announced is very impressive. Can you give us the names once again?

I was told to keep it quiet, to keep it exciting, but of course you're going to see DJ Khalil, Lord Finesse, Diverse, Pete Rock, of course Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, DJ Quik, Warren G it's so many dope cats, I hate to say everybody's name and let the cat out the bag. Buckwild, Clark Kent, it's a lot of dope cats. I got so much love on the East Coast as well as the West, it's just a lot of dope cats that I love working with and I always wanted to work with. I'ma leave it there. Oh of course, J Dilla, Rest In Peace, Madlib, it's dope cats. You won't expect the gumbo of how the project is coming together, but it's gonna be dope.

Dubcnn: You've been pumping up Warren G from the jump, and you worked with him a lot on his latest album. Do you know what he's up to right now?

Oh yeah, Warren G, huh. What's he's got coming and what's going on with that I don't even want to speak on that, cause it's gonna be so big. It's the return of the return of the return of the Regulator, so that's going to be interesting.

Dubcnn: You know what he's been up to?

I can't even talk about that! Cause he's out there big balling! Warren has been working on some stuff, some records for me and some other stuff. You'll see! You'll see him pop up on a couple of projects.

Dubcnn: I'ma have to get at him!

Yeah, very interesting what's going on with that guy, what he's bubbling up with, that's gonna be a lot of fun.

Dubcnn: Can you talk about the Detox sessions you've been involved in?

Area 51.

Dubcnn: What's your impression of the record so far?

UFO Technology man. *laughs* Hahaha, it's way past the justice. I can't really... I mean the MySpace is what we've been doing too much! *laughs* Believe it or not! Just letting you see inside Area 51. But Dre, he's really going all out, cause it's his last album, so to speak, and he wants everything to be correct, he knows everybody has been patiently waiting for it, so... It's gonna be magic, that's all I can say.

Dubcnn: Are you going to have the role Snoop Dogg had on The Chronic and Hittman had on 2001 for "Detox"?

Man I can't take those roles, they had their own roles. I have my own new role as a part of that, cause you never know who's going to pop up. Bishop Lamont is just playing his role.

Dubcnn: Your album is set to drop before "Detox" is that correct?

That's what I heard! *laughs*

Dubcnn: Would you prefer to drop after "Detox", to profit off the Detox buzz?

Either way, it's a win-win situation. That's why I really don't trip too much, I just let it go the way it's supposed to go. The way Dre directs it is the way he directs it, you know? If he's declaring this, then that's what it is! It's not a stress for me. A lot of people are chasing the fame, they want this and that, but I'm always good on all aspects. I'm happy off of MySpace! *laughs* I'm good!

Dubcnn: What's going to make "The Reformation" stick out from other records coming out, except for the names?

That's a good question! We're back to beats again, we're back to rhymes again, we're back to really making Hip-Hop records, and really making albums for the right reasons. Not cause we're concerned with selling 4 or 5 million records, but we're concerned with blowing niggas minds and making people go back to the drawing board, and really having something to say. Really, being able to approach social issues, political issues, spiritual issues, I mean real stuff. Instead of these 'just add water' rappers, and 'just add water' singers, these trash ass beats, these same old dummied down rhymes that niggas have been dropping for the past couple of years, the A&R mentality that's stuck in rappers minds: "I gotta have a radio single, I gotta have a crossover hit, I gotta have a club song!" N.W.A., Dogg Pound, Snoop, Wu-Tang, nobody ever thought about making singles, people thought about making the hottest shit they could make, and that's just what I brought it back to. Period. That's a long ass answer! *Laughs* And I mean it!

Dubcnn: How many tracks would you say that you have completed now that could make the cut?

Man, didn't I tell you I have like 200 records?! *laughs* Hahaha, but that guy man, we keep getting better. So they're starting to get into a glitch area where you keep making hotter records, and hotter records, those records keep competing and knocking each other off. Next thing you know, you got like 4 albums worth of material! So I can say I'm around 60% done. I was like 200% done a couple of times before, but you start really getting into a groove, and people get involved that you want to work with that you couldn't get before, but now they might be off tour, or their time has freed up, so it's a lot of dope stuff.

Dubcnn: What kind of collaborations can we expect on "The Reformation"?

It's not going to be the typical cats always on the hooks, it's going to be formulated type of stuff. I really can't get into who's going to be on it, cause I want to keep the surprises. Once you start talking about collaborations and creativity, niggas quickly run and steal your ideas and steal your style, and you're out of a job for which you've been working months and months and years on, dreaming of preparation for it. But it's gonna be some real dope innovative stuff, I can say that.

Dubcnn: What's the artist roster on Aftermath Records? Who have you collaborated with?

You know I gotta collaborate with Stat [Quo] man! Stat is my boy, he's my brother. Me and Dion did some stuff down in Miami, me and G.A.G.E. had did some stuff that was really dope for mixtapes, me and Busta haven't done anything yet but of course we gotta do something. I just met Marsha a couple of weeks ago, she's the flyest and I've always been a fan of Floetry, so I gotta work with her. I really haven't met anybody else, except Tiffany, she's a fly new R&B artist, then Joell Ortiz from Brooklyn, I met some of his people in New York. Outside of that, we're really in our own zone, people think just cause we're signed to the same label we see each other every day. It's not like that, cats live in different places, cats move at their own pace, but definitely those cats. I mean there's cats signed that I don't even know about! *laughs* Oh man, I forgot my big brother 50 [Cent], and Eminem. It's magic in the works for that as well! I talked to 50 the other day and we got some stuff we touched on. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag too much.

Dubcnn: Did you hear about the rumor of Interscope dropping a couple of artists?

Exactly. The rumor. You know, I can't confirm or deny it because I be so busy on my grind man, but for the most part it seems like it really is a rumor. So that's where we'll leave it, until I get a better investigation, because I'm not about to put my foot in my mouth without evidence! *laughs*

Dubcnn: Do you know what the feeling at the label was about the whole Game situation?

The Game situation... as far as what?

Dubcnn: As far as him getting off Aftermath?

Man, I can't even speak on that, because I wasn't a fly on the wall for that situation, or what relationships or how that was. That's a question you gotta ask Game.

Dubcnn: Game took a shot at you in a song, and later shouted you out on the radio. Have you talked to him?

Nah man. That's the funny part, I'm glad you brought that up. I never got to speak on it, because Dre was like "Don't even respond." Everybody at the label was like that, and I wasn't going to respond in the first place, because it made me famous! I was like "Woooow!! Dude just made me famous!!" I was taking a bubble bath when I got the phone call about that! I was like "Yeah? Ok, that's nice." But I never got to see dude. As a grown man, I can understand friendly competition and what he was going through at the time, so I didn't really trip. I talk to his mother all the time, his sister, his brother, his family! So I understand the bigger picture, and I didn't even trip. Then when I started seeing the interviews and what he was saying after the fact, then it became a grown man issue. Cause he was like "He better sit down and swallow it" and this and that. Then I wanted to fuck him up, and I wanted to take him pay-per-view, and we could get money and we could box! We'd get Don King, it would be fresh! *laughs*

That was pretty much that. Cause I've never been a hater on dude, and dude knows me, and I've done nothing but support him. We're trying to unify this West thing, and whatever situation there was, I was always trying to intervene. When him and Guerilla Black was going at it, I was trying to mediate that. Anything going on anywhere, I would mediate it. So then when it came on me, I had to make sure I was responsible on my decisions of how to deal with the situation. So then when I heard him on the radio apologizing, I was like "Aw chuuch, I appreciate that". But we still definitely gotta sit down and talk. But I appreciate that. Because at the end of the day, he made me more famous by saying my name. I was like "Yo, you just helped me! I appreciate that!" I wanna send him a box of wine! Seriously!

Dubcnn: Are you or were you ever afraid of becoming another Hittman?

How would I become a Hittman?

Dubcnn: I'm asking you! Were you ever afraid of being on Aftermath and having trouble getting your record out?

Why would you be afraid if you're a hustler? Was 50 afraid? Was Eminem afraid? You see what I'm saying? It's about the individual. Before I got the deal with Dre I was already on the radio with 4 singles. I already had video games, already had mixtapes, fame in the streets, I was already self contained. So combining myself with Dre just amplifies my whole situation. People always try to coin the term of getting shelved or whatever with Hittman. Hittman was doing his thing! I can't really speak deeply on that situation, but at the end of the day it was just about creative differences, and the level of what Hittman wanted to take the music to. That wasn't a picture of what Aftermath had envisioned for him, I can say that easily. Hittman is doper than what people know. So you can't even use that coin phrase "becoming a Hittman". Hittman is still dope and Hittman is still getting royalty checks off Chronic 2001 and some other stuff, that other niggas will never see! How about that? *laughs* Really though!

Dubcnn: Has Dre told you what he saw in you that made him sign you?

Yeah! We're stupid! We have fun! It's something different for the West that we haven't had in a while, since your Hieroglyphics movement, your Pharcydes, Threat, L.A. Zoo. It's just a rapping nigga, some Hip-Hop stuff. I get my MC Ren on! I don't gangbang, so I can't talk about stuff I ain't lived. But at the same time, I'm in the streets. I'm just a nigga that decided I love music. But I still sock you out, it's nothing! I keep a shank on me, it ain't about that! It's guns, but it ain't about that, that's just for protection. It's about really being positive and getting myself in a direction, so it adds a branch to Aftermath. It adds another perspective for people to buy into, for people to be a part of. Along with the madness and the craziness that is 50, along with the madness and craziness that is Eminem, and so on.

That's what it was all about for Dre to sign me. And it's West Coast, on top of that you're rhyming! It's just about this coming up in the 80's, in the era of Hip-Hop as it was, and actually seeing Wild Style, actually knowing about Beat Street, but at the same time representing this West Coast with its heritage and what the West Coast is, with Compton's Most Wanted, N.W.A., with the DJ Quik era, the Above The Law era, the Ruthless era, and combining! Then it goes across the map! That's a long answer.

Dubcnn: Have you laid out a marketing strategy yet for when the album drops? How do they plan to increase your mainstream presence?

It's already happening! *laughs* [speaking of the MySpace video] Haha. Those little stunts like that. We was just having fun acting stupid, it turned into something bigger than we expected. We were just vibing, I was like "People never get to see us together" so some people think it's not real or whatever...

Dubcnn: People don't get to see Dre period.

That's true! And that shows you how deep me and his relationship is, that he's open enough to do something like that. So it just sends a message to non-believers, to haters, to anybody who had something to say. What do they say now? We got hits all across the planet of just 5-10 seconds of me hanging with this dude, and talking crazy. And I DID get more bitches after they saw that! So thank you, to the bitches who see this interview. And I don't mean bitches in a disrespectful way. So I was just really high off rockstars, different energy drinks staying up working in the studio, so I stay ladies now! Now that you see I know Dre, give me pussy, and give me money. Yeah. Cause I don't want no feminists getting mad at me, women rights societies getting mad at me, cause I want their loving too! *laughs*

Dubcnn: Have there been any talks about a Up In Smoke Tour type of tour after it drops?

Man, I'm never really on that side of the works when it comes to the promo, the marketing, or what he has really envisioned. But I've heard of that happening, there being a Up In Smoke type of thing happening, from before. That was the plan, I don't know what the plan is now, but of course, if Dre is going to do it, he's going to go all out. He's a cake-a-holic, so he's going to hit every facade of it, one more time before he hangs it up.

Dubcnn: The West Coast is full of young talent right now. Who are you feeling?

Awww man... If I forget somebody they're going to be mad... Man... Let's see, who am I digging? I'ma be shameless promoting and I'ma name all the cats that I deal with. Indef is crazy, Friday is crazy, B-Fly is crazy, Big Fase got some shit that's foolish, he's back to rhyming. Mykestro has always been crazy, Roc C, Oh No, Lil Bam, the Bloc Boyz is doing their thing, Taje of course, Noni Spitz, Mistah F.A.B., Balance, I meet so many cats left and right. Who else... I don't wanna leave nobody out. Glasses Malone don't count, he's Mr. 1.7 million, he's already doing his thing, but his stuff is dope as usual. Young Dre is doing his thing, Young Maylay doing his thing, Strong Arm Steady Gang, I need to say Mitchy separate, Krondon, Phil Da Agony. The Snowman Cliq, Dro doing his thing... Everybody is doing their thing, I like to give props. Scipio, Mike Anthony on the R&B side, Chevy Jones, Bokie, Angie Fisher, it's so many dope cats. Oh and B.G. Knocc Out is back, I don't know if you got to hear that "No We Ain't".

Dubcnn: We did the first interview with him after he got out!

Exactly, so we hooked up, we did something real churchorama! He got down on that silly, sickness "No We Ain't" [w/ Bishop Lamont & Young Dre]. But yeah, Cavie doin' his thing, Hot Dolla, doing his thing, it's a nice situation.

Dubcnn: What's up with the War Doggz?

I mean, War Doggz is like Illuminati! That just stands for "We Are Ready to Die in Order to Glory God to Zion" so people always think that's like a Wu-Tang or something! It's actually like a secret society man, soldiers for God, it's a whole other level to that! It's just Muslims that put the church down, and do they thing within they own situations. But I got Illuminati members and like every other clique out there, so you never know who you're talking to! They'll turn around and blow you up like Jihad! But uhh... yeah. *laughs*

Dubcnn: You're crazy!

I know! Oh oh, I forgot Bing! Bing is doing his thing, what up to Prime! Man it's a lot of dope cats, that's why I hate forgetting somebody, D. Brown doing his thing, Delron doing his thing. It's a lot of dope cats man, I'm happy to see the progression of the music. Of course, I gotta say Trek Life, he's always been doing his thing.

Dubcnn: Did you say Damani?

Damani! Thank you! See? Damani and Bad Lucc doing their thing! How could I say it without saying them? They're doing their thing, congratulations on the record deal again. Them cats is doing it. It's a crew out here in Inglewood the Young Controllers, they're doing their thing, ya dig? It's cats everywhere and I'm loving it. Oo Wee doing his thang, Big Wy... all these cats. I'm done, enough shameless promotion. Everybody I missed, you know you're in my heart. Damnnit I can't say everybody's name. Church. *laughs*

Dubcnn: You've been a regular artist on the EA Sports games coming out, how did that connection happen?

Man, pimps gonna find pimps! I gotta say thank you to the commission of pimping Raphi Lima, Worldwide Music Supervisor, EA Sports; Kiley Kmiec, Worldwide Music Marketing, EA Sports; and Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Marketing over there. Raphi is in Brazil now cause she's so international. But everybody at EA, I appreciate the love and the blessing that they've continued to give me. Oh and the Scarface Game! Oh yeah! All the pimps over there! Chuuuch! *laughs* But that's a blessing. I'ma ramble on, cause I just woke up!

Dubcnn: It's all good, I got you.

It feels good to be back man, we're having fun!

Dubcnn: Definitely. We recently premiered a song off Damizza and Butch Cassidy's album which featured you and Roccett. Tell us about that song.

See? There you go. Did I say Roccett? No I didn't. Damnit. I ain't say Damizza. See? That's what happens. Roccett is another fly cat man, we grew up in the same neighborhood, he's fly. And Damizza is my brother man. What was the question?

Dubcnn: About the song "View From The Top".

Oh yeah, "View From The Top". It's just a hot song man, it was therapy. It was real for me. I mean every song is real for me, I don't believe in making up raps or making up lifestyles, what you see what you get. It was just me baring my soul and letting people know what's been going on from the beginning to where I am now. I came from the beginning with the pure vision... I can't really say that the vision is not as pure anymore, but it's just more realistic. I don't think anything is impossible, but just dealing with certain individuals that don't want it to be that way, it makes it difficult to unify the West. So that's what that reference was, when I said I was Martin Luther, I had a dream, but then I woke up, now I'm Steven King. I'm quite more on a realistic, more graphic violent tip of approaching it with the rap and the process of it.

It was a dope record though, man, very dope record. I'm glad cats is feeling it, I'm just baring my soul, and when you have a good spirit, and you tried to overextend yourself to help people, you might get fucked, but at the end of the day, God knows your heart and what you're trying to do for people. But people definitely will take kindness for weakness. God ain't got no punks on the team, so we holy water niggas, chuuch!

Dubcnn: I believe Sony Records recently dropped their urban division. Do you know what's going on there?

Man, I am not the Dame Dash business man, I couldn't tell you. It's just a lot of upheaval throughout record label and stuff, because the music business is so bad right now due to digital downloads and what not, lackluster sales, and no excitement from the fans because the music they're getting ain't really mega, so this shit is all messed up. I don't know what they're doing, they're just trying to get their money right. But Sony got so much money off Playstation 1, 2 and 3, PSP's and movies, they just savage, they want more bread, they're trying to get it right, they big ol' pimps, that's all I can see! Seriously! That's corporate America, you could never understand that unless you got a suit and tie.

Dubcnn: What's your favorite album of 2006, so far?

Of 2006? See, that's a crazy question, cause I can't really remember what came out in 2006 that blew your mind... Besides the Jay-Z album which I appreciate, cause it kind of makes you get charged again, to hear somebody rap and really have some beats. A lot of people didn't like the album, I appreciated it, and it's dope, especially "30's the new 20", the intro record, it was just fun hearing him rap again. What else did I buy man... I didn't really buy that many rap albums, dogg.

Dubcnn: Did you get Snoop's shit?

I got it. I was happy to hear Snoop rap, but it's not hot like that man. I gotta be honest, I never gonna lie about anything. I got it, I played it, I'm a fan first. Just like I got the Game album, I'm a fan first. It's like, damn! I'm never gonna be a hater, and I listened to it with a fan ear. So even if you did say something sideways about me, or dissed me, I'll still listen to the music, and support it. But I just wasn't excited by what he offered. It had a couple of dope records on it, and overall I was happy to see Damani and Bad Lucc on the record. But other than that, I was really just getting underground albums, or old records. It really wasn't much that I wanted to buy, because the excitement wasn't there.

Snoop for too long has been doing 2+2 equal 4 and freestyling. I used to be at his house everyday, so I use to see this man make records that were incredible, talking on deeper subjects. I mean the dude wore glasses sometimes and walked around with Langston Hughes poetry books. The nigga is smarter than what he appears and acts as. He's got dope ass records that he never released to the public! There was a point where he was really going hard in the paint, and really putting that pen to the tablet, and spitting some real fire. But on this album. it's like... nah! My last favorite Snoop Dogg album is like "Paid The Cost To Be The Boss", really! I'm still a Snoop Dogg fan, and I continue to support him, but that just didn't do it for me.

Dubcnn: I liked it, I thought he rapped good on it, I don't know. He sounded motivated.

I mean, you gotta interview these cats, so you gotta stay friendly with your comments! Haaaaaaaa! *laughs*

Dubcnn: Naw, it's not even like that, if you read what I say, I'm honest!

I support it, cause it's West Coast, but it didn't take me nowhere new. But that's me though, cause I'm looking to expect something greater from him, cause I know him deeper, as an artist it's a deeper thing, and fans listening, it's another thing. So I can't speak for the collective of how people feel, but for me, it didn't do it. I'm listening to underground groups and old albums. I'm listening to old Above The Law albums, old Comptons Most Wanted, I'm listening to Mausberg, Little Brother, Trek Life, Mykestro's mixtapes, I'm listening to Deftones and White Stripes, U2 Greatest Hits...

Dubcnn: Have you got the first Brotha Lynch Hung album?

Man, C-Bo, Brotha Lynch, Messy Marv, San Quinn, I listen to everything... I'm on my Spice 1 again though! Blawwww! Shouts out to Spice 1! 40 Glocc! I be getting my Coldplay on too. I'm just looking for that progression man. I like Game's album too! Surprisingly, I thought he was gonna be hating, but nah man, because dude is actually a good dude, he just sometimes goes bi-polar. But he's really a good dude, so I like the album, I was happy for him to stand on his own two feet and come with something. So support that!

Dubcnn: I think we covered pretty much all the important topics, did I miss anything?

I don't know, you tell me! You're the journalist, you're the pimp! You got me! And you ain't gonna be able to get me again once I sell 10 million records! Hahahahaha! *laughs* Better get all your questions in now!!

Dubcnn: I asked everything that I had in mind, I'm asking you if you have anything else you wanna get out.

I guess it's the support of the fans, but more so the support of artists supporting other artists when it comes to this West Coast thang. We can't achieve dominance if we're not working together. I hate saying it over and over again, but you gotta be able to not block the door, keep the door open, help more people get in, and allow everybody their equal time to shine under the sun. But people are so afraid and so selfish sometimes, that they don't want nobody else to shine. So I always go back and refer to how Atlanta works. Every other week it's like 3 or 4 artists coming out! And that's all they got, and that's why they win, because they push themselves.

For a long time, the South was looked at as only booty shaking music. Now look, they're like another Mecca of music, from every genre of it, fashion, whatever. They got it, because they put the time in to invest themselves, and push themselves. But on the West Coast, we only push ourselves, meaning only one person, or a crew. You gotta be able to embrace each other and make things work as a whole. But it's so fucked up because of the Bloods and Crips things. Fuck all that, we can make more money together, and that's why we say red and blue makes green. We do this together, that's the only way we're going to win. Too many people have died because of these kind of things to not see it now. We can do something bigger and in a more positive direction, and make this music thing so big again.

That's why I love what Suge did and what Suge had seen at the beginning with Death Row. No ones perfect so mistakes were made, but what he had done between the Bloods and Crips and the different music, he put together the new Motown! And it was black owned, so you gotta respect Suge for that. We can do that again! Because now we got a template to look at and be like "We don't want this to happen etc" we can make it better, but we can only do that as a fortified, unified movement. That's what I always try to say. You can ask anybody that knows me or meets me, they'll tell you "He's a cool ass dude." Bishop Lamont could really be a asshole since he signed to Dre. But my arms are always open, I try to give people an angle to move on, and support they stuff as much as my own. That's what has to be done. I'm not running around like "Hi, this is Bishop Lamont, I know Dr. Dre."

Dubcnn: It's good to have you back on dubcnn, I appreciate you taking the time.

It's a blessing. Hold on real quick, I'm choking!! *chokes* Ugh! Too much redbull. It's not Chronic! Don't set me up!

Dubcnn: You good?

I'm good. Excuse me. *chokes* Nah, I'm doing it extra. But uhh *laughs* I had more to say, but I started choking! Keep it all in the interview, that's hot! *laughs* But I mean, that's basically it man.

Dubcnn: So you were the class clown, huh?

Yes. When I was in school. Cause really, I was a dropout, and then I took home studies. *laughs* But kids, stay in school! I had problems, cause I was telling teachers "Fuck you, I'ma be rich. I don't know how, but I'ma be rich!" And look! I rap. And I'ma go back to these schools where the teachers hated me, and floss on them with the big rides, and rap to the kids and be like "Stay in school kids. I didn't. But, you should." But that's just it. My statement is that, to all the West Coast cats signed or unsigned, you gotta be able to see that picture and paint that picture, and it's us together! The negative energy, it doesn't do anything but creating more of it. It's all a disruptive state on the world’s scale of how people in power can fuck the world up. Let's not fuck up our own little universe we got, with this outlet of music to feed our families and to feed the streets, and to progress the art forms.

So, do it together. If I can do that, you can do that. If I can do my part, you can do your part. I ain't trying to civil rights movement in, but that's what's necessary to make it work. That's what's most important. Because so many rumors is spread, so many things is said, and people be on their own conspiracy theories. This is my mindset, and will always be my mindset, and that is pushing up the level of this West Coast music, continue to fill up peoples label rosters with more West Coast artists, not just rap, but R&B, gospel, I don't care if you do rock, whatever it is, I wanna see more of it out there. I wanna see more regional mixtapes. We gotta put more energy into the things that we putting out in the streets, we gotta get more smart about our business, and how we're doing our deals. Read the business books, don't just think music is about the rapping side. You gotta do your homework; there are no shortcuts to excellence.

Dubcnn: Those are some strong words.

And I mean that shit! That's that. We just trying to put things together man, we're trying to make it real big for next year, of course it has to be. With me coming, Dre coming, everything else that's coming down the pipelines, and once those shots go off, there have to be more shots following those, until my second album, until whoever else comes with an album. But there has to be things going on for us to get a good stranglehold if Hip-Hop. We can have a golden era again for the West Coast, from San Diego all the way up to Seattle, to Vegas, Arizona, all the way to the Midwest. We can have something again, fresh, from all these places.

Another thing that has to stop is the segregation. There's too much segregation. I guess in L.A., we're so on ourselves. Not speaking for all of us, but in L.A. there's a mentality, that if it ain't L.A., it ain't the truth. Especially Hip-Hop, where if it ain't Long Beach, if it ain't Compton... You have to respect what the I.E. (Inland Empire) is doing, what Seattle is doing, what cats in the Bay is doing, what cats in Diego is doing, what cats in Vegas is doing. Give everybody a chance, and stop trying to segregate, set people down, and act like they don't have a say or have a real meaning in this Hip-Hop thing. It's bigger than L.A.

Dubcnn: You know there has been some tension between the whole New West/Old West talk. What's Bishop Lamont's take on that?

Bishop Lamont's take is, that is invalid. I think people go from hearing the title of New West, and get it all misconstrued for what it represents. Prime example, if it's young rappers against old rappers, why am I signed to Dr. Dre? Why is Warren G looking out for me? Why am I doing tracks with Quik, AMG, B.G. Knocc Out, Dre'sta. You feel what I'm saying? It doesn't make any sense. With King Tee, trying to get MC Ren. What New West stands for, is that there's a new movement on the West, but people always thinks if it says "new", it means just the young cats. I can't speak for what every other cat has said on the records or what they're doing, but I can say for me, for Glasses, and for the cats that were immediately put in the fire when Snoop had his secret meeting and whatever he was theorizing, and that wasn't the case.

WC looked out for me, when I had a record on the Beat playing, he called me and was like "Man, what can I do to help your situation?" So Dub knows how we're going down, and Dub wasn't addressing me [WC Interview With Dubcnn, August '06], but when the New West is addressed, we're all put together, cause it's only so many cats with major record deals. At the same time, Mack 10 supports us, we're doing records with Mack 10, so how can we be against the old west, if we have those people endorsing us? How can we be against the old west, if Battlecat is blessing us? It doesn't make any sense. SO I want to make sure I can dispel those ideas out there! If we're against the old West, why is Jazzy D rolling with us? Why am I reaching out to DJ Pooh, Ice Cube, Delron...

If you're 40 and you never came out, you're New West. If you never got to say what you wanted to say before, you're New West. But B.G. Knocc Out came out and jumped on that record. If you remember he came out on Real Compton City G'z, how many years ago? This man came and blessed my record. Look at his movement, look at Dre'sta! It's a whole new mind state, that's what it really means. Other people are turning it into super hero groups, or secret societies, and comic book heroes. That's not what it's here for, it is a statement, it is a mind state of making everything better than it's ever been before. Kurupt, Daz! Why is Kurupt my OG? Why is Daz my OG? It's just some people took the New West term to heart and there it is. But if it's new vs old, why am I doing records with B-Real, with Sen Dog, Mellowman. Why is Mopreme on records? And he was rapping on Tony Toni Tone "Feels Good". E-40, come on man!

It's about us together. It's a new movement. That's the last thing I wanted to make sure I cleared up on my behalf. People can still believe what they want to believe, but it's the truth and nothing but. Snoop and me still haven't had that talk, after he said what he said on your interview, and after that.

Dubcnn: But I don't think Snoop was disrespecting you or anything.

I mean, it is what it is! Until we have that conversation, I can't look at it any other way, but I still love him. That doesn't stop, cause we have a personal relationship, we know each other very well. But again, I always have to keep it mind, it's competition for these cats. I really don't look at the niggas as competition; I look at it as Burger King. I go to work, I fry my fries, I work to the cashing register, and then I get out. I go home, and I'm just Phillip. But other cats, they play it in other ways, so I have to understand that, and understand that it's wrestling for other cats.

So that's the bottom line man. I can't speak for any other new artist out there, but I can speak for me and the cats that I roll with, and say that's how we get down. We respect the cats that came before us, because without them how could we be rapping? But for them to maintain their presence, they need us to keep selling. But they already got their money so they really don't need us! *laughs* But it's a two way street, the torch must be passed. That's why Dre continues to always put new people on. Through the new youth, he lives, and his legacy continues to be built.

The same NBA players can't play on the field forever, you know how it works. Even Jordan had to hang his hat up. But it's your job to coach these new cats, that's their responsibility, like it or not. Just like I do now with cats that ain't even out yet, I take that responsibility. But that's the bottom line, we're going to stop sounding like an afternoon special, or a trip to your counsellors office. It's just about West Coast love across the board man, far and wide. Carson, carson, carson, carson! That's all I can say. What up Ras? We doing it, it's a beautiful thing.

Dubcnn: Yo, I got one more question though!

Hit me pimp!

Dubcnn: So when are you getting Dr. Dre on dubcnn?

Hahahahahaahahaaaaa! Shameless promotion! Ay man! If I can get him super duper like he was the other night, you never know! But he really don't like to talk, that's why you saw him only say so much.

Dubcnn: He looked like he wanted to talk!

He did, cause he was feeling so good! Whenever we get together, it's stupidity, that's what we do! It's no stress, no calculating the situation, it's just having fun, and creating, making it what it's supposed to be. Ain't no egos, ain't no tough guy acts, we're just having fun. So when he gets in the relaxed state, anything is possible! But you DO need to get Warren G.

Dubcnn: We've had him on here a lot of times, so he knows, whenever he reaches out to me, I got him!

Cause he's got some new magic coming. It's gonna be some dope stuff. I wish I could really speak about the things, but if I talk about now, they won't be exciting.

Dubcnn: I just had to go through the same thing with D.O.C...

Yeah, because I wanna keep it exciting for the fans, and that forces us to keep it even fresher. I mean I could tell you about a formula right now, and maybe that formula won't work later. Maybe the chemicals wasn't right. But, I got some ideas, and some things we're working on, so I look at it all as lab testing. It's a lot of fresh stuff, though.

Dubcnn: Aight man, I guess we've come to the end of the interview, any last words for the fans?

Yeah man, Hip-Hop ain't dead. It was on life support, Jay gave it some help getting it back on its feet, Nas is giving it some help, Game gave it some help, Snoop gave it some help, but the help is really going to come from ya'll, the people that are next in line, to make more of the music. So you gotta be doctors, get your scalpels ready, and help progress this Hip-Hop music. Continue to support this West Coast thing, I appreciate the love, I appreciate ya'll supporting me, and being into the music. "N****R Noize* is coming, "The Pope Mobile" is coming, it's a lot of projects, "The Reformation", "Detox" is for real. It's about having fun, let's have some fun again, period. I ain't got no beefs, no stress. People always want it to be something crazy, but I don't got time for that.

I like hanging with my mama man, she be in the studio with me, in the streets, we be rolling, my brother. It's another mind state, if you survive the streets, you're really not trying to go back to the streets. Understand my energy is always positive, I'm never gonna be clan member, I'm never gonna be a hater. *laughs* I love ya'll for the support ya'll give Bishop Lamont. Church I say! Stay on your prayers, keep it churching.



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