interview FRED WRECK  (October 2006) | Interview By: Yash

  Dubcnn had some time recently to speak with hit producer Fred Wreck. In this brief Part One interview we discuss his background, what made him move into producing, meeting with Snoop Dogg & the DPG for the first time, why he has been silent on recent DPG related releases as well as his views on the war and fighting in his homeland of Palestine. Remember there will be a Part 2 of this interview, answering many more questions.

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Interview was done in September 2006

Questions Asked By: Yash

Full Audio Interview Here (Part 1)


Dubcnn: What everyone wants to know is like where have you been these past DPG releases that have been coming out? Why havenít you had a beat on there?

Which one? Like the Dogg Pound?

Dubcnn: Yeah.

Well one of the songs I did...I did a couple of songs for The Dogg Pound. One of them we umm...half of the time they were working on it, I was working on something else so I figured I will come in on the back end and contribute. So when I got to the end of it, one of the songs that I had did had Nate Dogg on it and since they were on Koch they didnít have enough money in the budget to pay for Nate Dogg so they had to take that song off.

So that was one that got taken off and the other one me and Kurupt decided that we were going to keep for his album so thatís why I didnít get any and it wasnít nothing more than that.

Dubcnn: What made you get into producing back in the days?

Just DJ'ing and Break Dancing and all that stuff that goes along with hip-hop.

Dubcnn: Okay and who influenced you to start?

Just some of the people that I used to listen too when I used to DJ like Mantronix and Dr Dre, Marley Marl, The Bomb Squad Hank Shocklee and them. Umm Sir Jinx, DJ Pooh, Mugg. All them you know those are the cats that I used to listen to that I used to like say ďDam homes, thatís dope how they make them beatsĒ. I wanted to learn how to do that shit too.

Dubcnn: Where you born in the United States or Palestine?

No I was born in Flint Michigan.

Dubcnn: And have you ever been to Palestine?

Yeah, Iíve been there like 3 times.

Dubcnn: Whatís your views on people who talk about like how rough it is and how gangsta they are, when you come from a region that has people who have been courageously fighting for their lives against the brutal oppressive regime of Israel?

Uh hmmm

Dubcnn: So whatís your views on that? Like you donít act tough and people from there donít act tough like that.

I wouldnít tell you that people were acting tough out there. People are just...Thatís just their natural reaction to their environment that they live in. You know what Iím saying?

Dubcnn: Yeah

Theyíre not trying to be tough, theyíre not trying toÖ

Dubcnn: Yeah I know but when you hear people talk on records and shit bragging about shit, do you think about it twice like ďwhat are they talking aboutĒ?

I mean I donít think about it twice, this is just for every person and the environment that they come from. Thatís their environment, from Compton and you grew up in a project. Their ainít really no outlook for it. You donít get a job because where you live at there really ainít nothing for you and the police is on you for doing whatever little thing you can do to make money then thatís the environment that you grew up in and thatís how your reaction is going to be. You know what Iím saying?

Dubcnn: Yeah.

In Palestine and in the Middle East you know not just Palestine but Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon, you know people live under a constant aggression and threat not just from the police I mean military oppression. Bombs, airplanes and helicopters, missiles you know from a government thatís a state sponsor of Terrorism. So itís just a different environment.

Dubcnn: Yeah man, have you ever worked with any Middle Eastern rappers or singers?

Yeah, Iím working with this group called Dam. They are from Palestine and Iím going out to Jordan on October 23rd to do some music out there and to DJ this peace festival out there too.

Dubcnn: You know that they built a wall around the entire state of Palestine and many people donít even know about that shit and what can we do to keep peoples mind open?

What you could do is go on the internet and read about it on the internet, about the real things thatís going on not what you see on the news. I mean theyíre building a wall around a peoples country and America is just standing by just letting it happen pretty much.

Itís like apartheid all over again you know what Iím saying but worse.

Dubcnn: Exactly.

Theyíre just stealing peoples land out there and the people fight back they want to ask ďoh theyíre being terroristsĒ you know saying ďtheyíre trying to attack usĒ but you know who attacked who first?

You know who occupied whoís country? Israel and like this week you have the United Nations here and the United Nations have not one timeÖJust any country from the United Nations was too let happen too them what has happened in Palestine, I donít know what does countries would do so itís a really sad situation out there.

Dubcnn: You did at least your part. You released 2 songs, you had rappers talking about it The S.T.O.P. movement. You know what Iím talking about?

Yeah the anti war songs?

Dubcnn: Yeah and do you have a part 3 coming up?

Yeah we got a part 3 weíre working on right now.

Dubcnn: Whoís on there?

Iím not going to say any names until we get it all situated but itís going to be a star studded cast like the last time.

Weíre going to try to do that once a year too.

Dubcnn: Okay tight, letís go back in timeÖHow did you hook up with Dogg Pound and Snoop?

I hooked up with Dogg Pound and Snoop throughÖ Me and Xzibit used to be roommates and Xzibit was working on his album, Soopafly was producing some of it so Soopafly was coming over to the house and I met Soopafly and gave him a beat CD.

He took my beat CD to Daz and Kurupt and told me to come down to the studio and that was the first time I ever met them all.

Dubcnn: Where they cool and shit, like how was Snoop first time you met him?

They were hella cool. Like when I walked into the room they were all writing to my beat and Snoop pulled me aside and Soopafly and Daz was like ďThatís Fred Wreck, heís the one that did that beatĒ. This was like when he was leaving No Limit and took me aside and he was telling me ďhey man, you know Iím going to start a new record label called Dogghouse Records and I want you to come produce for me if you ainít doing nothing, come over to my house this weekend so I can holler at you about itĒ and I was like aight cool.

So I went out to his house that weekend and shit weíve been going strong ever since.



Full Audio Interview Here (Part 1)




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