interview MOBB DEEP  (April 2006) | Interview By: Inspire

  Dubcnn recently had the opportunity to speak with Mobb Deep briefly to discuss the new album "Blood Money" which is scheduled for release on May 2nd. We discussed G-Unit, 40 Glocc, artistic integrity, touring, The Game and they shed some light on their favourite MC's. Look out for the new album when it drops later this year.

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Interview was done by phone in April 2006

Questions Asked By: Inspire

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Dubcnn: Have you guys got any solo projects in the works?

Yeah, later on after the Blood Money album drops, we’ll definitely be working on something like that.

Dubcnn: Have you decided who will feature on this, who will produce?

Nah, we ain’t even started on that yet.

Dubcnn: Are you guys going to be doing any work on Detox?

On Detox, nah we haven’t done anything yet.

Dubcnn: Who is currently signed to Infamous / G-Unit records?

Right now nobody, but were working with a few artists, it’s coming out crazy. We’re working with an artist called 40 Glocc from the West Coast, and an artist named Ninth(?)

Dubcnn: Have you started on 40 Glocc’s album yet?

Yea, we started on a bunch of stuff, were working on a whole bunch of music, so everything’s just coming along right now, were really concentrating on Blood Money right now, get that off the ground so that can set it off.

Dubcnn: How many albums are you signed to do on G-Unit?

A few albums, definitely a few. It’s just the beginning, were just getting started, so theres a lot more music about to come out, you haven’t got to worry about that.

Dubcnn: What is your response and reaction to some of the disapproval that you have received from some of the older fans who were upset that you signed to G-Unit?

Well I’m saying that if they’re a fan of Mobb Deep then they can’t be upset, you know what I mean? If they are upset then they aren’t a fan of Mobb Deep because right now their favourite group is all over the TV, all over the radio – all over the place right now, touring everywhere, they get to see and hear more of their favourite group, so that doesn’t make sense for them to be upset, it’s like they are not a real fan.

Dubcnn: Aight, what can we expect from the new album? Will it be a grimey Mobb Deep or has the influence of G-Unit changed your style?

Oh nah, Nah. We always stick to what we do, stick to our formula. So it’s the same Mobb Deep that everybody know us for.

Dubcnn: Who’s going to be on the album as far as features and production?

As far as features on the album, we just kept it simple. There’s really no features on there – just the family like 50, Banks, Buck and Yayo, and then we’ve got one special feature on there from Mary J. Blige.

Dubcnn: Are you going to have features from such people as Jayo Felony on the album?

Nah, just those people on there.

Dubcnn: What's the status on the Riflemen project; is it still happening?

That was just an idea we was throwing around, but it was just an idea – that’s it really.

Dubcnn: What is the status on the Mobb Deep / M.O.P. collaboration album, will that ever come to reality?

Yeah, we might work on that too, that was another idea that we were talking about, so definitely that idea is in the works.

Dubcnn: What is the first single from the album?

The first single for the new album is “Put Them in Their Place”, which is out right now with the video, and we also have another street single out with an uncut video on BET called “Infamous”, so that’s crazy.

Dubcnn: Aight. How would you rate it compared to your last albums?

I’d say it was like one of the best ones so far.

Dubcnn: How many records are you hoping to sell in your first week / overall?

I just want it to do real good, that’s all.

Dubcnn: How do you feel about The Game and how he’s dissing G-Unit?

Man basically, The Game is over – we told everybody that already, The Game is over.

Dubcnn: There's been some outrage on the internet from Mexican Hip-Hop fans who state that you diss them in your videos for “Get Away” and “Got It Twisted”. Did you know that you have offended some Mexican people with these videos?

Uhm, I don’t know how because they came to the video, those are our peoples, and we fuck with them all the time. That’s why they did the video with us, so you know what I mean? Whatever.

Dubcnn: Okay. Will you ever do anymore work with Wu-Tang in the future?

Uhm yea, maybe. Anything is a possibility

Dubcnn: In the future, who would you like to work with?

We’re really just concentrating on Mobb Deep right now, but there is a lot of artists out there that we would like to work with.

Dubcnn: Alright, after your album drops, what are your plans?

After the album drops, just tour everywhere all over the world, a world tour and to just get ready for the next project that’s coming.

Dubcnn: Who would you rate as the top 5 rappers of the last decade?

Top Five, I don’t even have no top five – I don’t like doing that, you know what I’m sayin? I’m a little racist when it comes to that, I’m all for Mobb Deep!

Dubcnn: *laughs* Alright. So have you got any last words for the fans?

Yea, last words for the fans, keep supporting Mobb Deep because were going to keep giving ya’ll that dope shit, you know what I’m sayin? That’s that!



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